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These folks are the people who keep me going!

Greetings, RE the two Winchester books I purchased. Both are extremely well done and I am enjoying them very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you folks. Cheers, Rich

Hi Abby! This is just a quick note to let you know that I greatly appreciate your efforts to preserve, and make available, good quality copies of these old gun catalogs. I'm very pleased that so many people have been generous in opening their collections to you so copies can be made, and I hope that most "collectors" don't get their nose out of joint about it, since your copies clearly state that they are reprints. I've found your catalogs extremely informative, and you are exactly right: when the "collectors" kick off their heirs will, by and large, not care one whit about Dad's old junk. By and large, the collections they lovingly assembled will be tossed into a dumpster without a second thought, and then a lot of good information may be gone forever. Take care of yourself, and I hope that you keep up the good work for a long time to come! Sincerely, Fritz H.

Abby, I received my 1939 Stoeger Friday. Just wanted to let you know what a super job you did on this reprint! I am not an old book collector.I use these reprints for reference only.Thanks again for a super job! Jack

I just got the 1888 Colt catalog reprint (my first from you) and all I can say is Wow! What a great idea, sharing these pieces of history. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks! Vic K.

Hi Abby, Many thanks, these catalogues arrived safely yesterday and I'm very pleased
with them! Kind regards, Mike

Life ! When that cataloguepassed through my hands I was about 17 yrs old. I saw no reason to keep a catalogue when archery was such a big part of my life. I was too busy competing for a slot on the US Olympic Archery team to dwell on anything but functionality of archery equipment. Then ahead of me from there were many life changes. Thanks for the opportunity to see it again! Mark

Thank You. A friend showed me your list and you are providing a most valuable assistance for shooters and firearms historians! GOOD SHOOTIN' AND GOD BLESS, JOHN

Hi, Abby, THANKS so much for your understanding!! I sure appreciate it, and am very glad to send the extra money for your trouble. Your not accepting it shows a level of gracious class and refinement that almost forgotten in this day and age, and I appreciate your kind reply more than you will ever know. I do have one good bit of news, though. I am a writer for ******** magazine, which is read by many of the most serious gun buffs in the country, and will be using the Jeffrey manual as a reference for an article. I would have listed you as a reference for the readers and mentioned the manual prominently anyway, but it will be extra nice to know I am referring our readers to someone of your caliber, and I will be sure to give you a glowing reference. Hopefully that will be helpful to your business. Sincerely, John F.

Hi Abby, I assure you I was more than happy to order more catalogues from you. As for any catalogues my friends may have, which you do not have, I will certainly ask. I will also write a letter to the *********** in order to draw greater attention to the gun catalogues you produce, as the piece I read about you was incorporated into a larger article on other things, and could have been missed by someone who merely browsed the page. All the best to you, Carl.

Abby, Could easily have spent double or triple the amount purchased! Am having trouble with a back injury. If the darn pain ever subsides I will go thru my accumulation of firearm and related equipment catalogs and compare same to your Internet website. Feel for certain that my hoard contains many that will be of interest to you. From the Land of Enchantment, Howard S.

Abby, I received the book today. It looked great. Not like the other repro books with the copied pages. I will be buying more books from you in the future. Thanks...Ken

Hi Abby: All items have now been received, and the quality of them is fine. I do have to note that after going through the originals that I have, all of them are either already available from you, or are on your "coming-up" list. Sorry I cannot be of further help. I think you are doing a great job, and an important one, and I wish you every success. Thank you. Wayne

Dear Abby, Wow, that was lightning fast! Your package arrived today. Thank you for the wonderful Winchester catalogues/manuals. It has been a pleasure doing business with you! I am sure to be back for more. I will post positive feedback tonight on Auction Arms and hope you can do the same for me. THANKS AGAIN very much! Jens W.

Hi Abby On Saturday I received the Abels Catalog, Flobert 1915 and Merwin Hulbert & Co. 1889 in one package. You’re doing fine so far. I should have written to you sooner but I spent some time doing a page by page perusal of all three of them. Fascinating!! Thanks, John B

I received an email from my brother in Arizona and he had nothing but good things to say about the catalog. Said its as close as you could possibly get to an original--except it isn't as beat up as an original would be! Great information, I owe you a great deal of thanks. We just my have to deal again on ebay. Thanks again, Bob

Yes- I do wish to receive 2 copies. I appreciate your e-mail. Few companies go the extra mile like that. Thank you, and have a Happy New Year!!

Abby: The catalogues came...they are GREAT MANY THANKS !!! TQ

Abby, The books arrived as I was leaving town for 3 weeks so I took them with me and have finally had some time to read over several.. I'm a happy camper !! Thanks again, David

Hi Abby, Received the Bannerman book in record time! We have been snowed in here in northern Maine. I will put your payment in the mail tomorrow, Friday. Thanks again for the great service! Fred G.

Hi Abigail, Just to let you know the catalogue arrived safely today, and I'm very pleased with it. Thanks for a very smooth transaction - I have left positive feedback. All the best, Rob, Nottingham, England.

Abby-I recieved the book today-Thanks! It's great. I already identified an old No 180 shotgun I have. It's a great reference! Check your feedback. Dave P.

Thank you Abby - the book arrived yesterday. Excellent quality reprint. Thanks again, Vern

Hello, I have received the reproduction Hubley Cap Gun and Holster Set 1958 Catalog. Thank you for this nice catalog. It will come in handy as reference material, trying to identify some of the rare Hubley Sets. Sincerely, James T.

Hello, Just a note to let you know I received my copy of Astra-75 owner's Manual the other day and I am thoroughly Happy with your work. I will keep your address on hand for future needs of mine and give it out to my friends. Bob M.

Abby, The catalog arrived today in perfect shape due to your careful packing. I'm happy with the purchase and have posted accordingly... Per H.

Abby, my catalog arrived yesterday and it looks great!! Thanks for the follow up!! John T.


Abby--I have an upcoming article coming out in ********* magazine on the Peabody and Peabody-Martini rifles. May I (we) have permission to reproduce the covers and some of the Peabody mechanism pictures from Cornell Publications' Peabody catalog reprints in ********** magazine if proper credit and Cornell contact information is given? Many thanks, H B

abby you have made this first time purchase a painless and most pleasant experience.thank you and i look forward to shopping with you again. william

Abby, Catalog arrived today...thanks much. Just what I was looking for and I appreciate the list of other manuals you have available. Thanks again, Old Tom

Thank you, Abby. I hope I didn't sound pushy. I didn't mean to if I did. I plan on being a longterm customer. You have quite a few things that I want. I just have to pace myself. I get so caught up in it, I forget that it can add up quickly. You do incredible work and should be proud. Quality workmanship is getting harder to find. Anyhow, you'll hear from me either at your website or at the auctions. Take care. Til next time, Derek

hello Abby, I Just wanted to let you know I received the book today. Both my dad and I say thank you very much. and fast shipping Thanks again, Mark

Abby, The Catalogs arrived today and look great. They bring back many fond memories of the times, as I was just a kid then. Thanks again, Matt D.

Abby, Received booklets today. Super! Left feedbacks for you. Thank you for the great booklets and the excellent communication. Mike

Abby, You are offering rare catalog reproductions at extremely reasonable rates. The information enclosed in these catalogs is priceless. In years past I have had to pay substantial sums for catalogs I used for researching magazine articles. All Good, Bill W.

Abby, I received the Thompson booklet today. I am very happy with it. thank you for such quick service. Doug

Received the book today...... WAY above expectations.Gene

Hey, abby i have a very rare gun, seems no one can help me i saw ya on ebay and You even had an illustrated page in your book displayed with a picture of my gun. Way to go!!! Thanks again! Barry

Hi Abby, The Purdey booklet arrived in fine shape this am. Very nice catalog and quick shipping, can't ask for anything better! Thanks........Ray


Abby, I got the catalogs today they are great! Thanks, Eric

Abby, I will be in touch. Your service is a wonderful historical endeavor, the likes of which I have not encountered before. Chris

Abby, Just a quick message to advise you that the two Browning publications arrived in great shape yesterday, and once again you've made me a very happy guy! Thanks for all your help. Tom H.

Howdy Abby! This is just a brief note to let you know that the 7 catalogs arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thank you so much for sending them! I am greatly enjoying reading through them. They are very nice reproductions. Sincerely, Fritz H.

Hi Abby, received the catalogs yesterday and was Blown Away with them. They are Fabulous!!! I will call you soon to discuss sharing my other catalogs with you. I have several you might be interested in. Best Regards, John S

Got them today. Boy, I have I died and gone to heaven. They are so good, THANKS a million times over. ROBY

The .32 cal Model 94 in question was originally purchased by my great-grandfather, passed down to my grandmother. My grandfather, 2 uncles, and father hunted with it, as did I, in my teens. My elders never believed in any sort of gun lube, so the only maintenance the rifle ever received was Hoppe's #9 swabbed inside the barrel and a wipe-down of the exterior with the same solvent. They thought 1/ the smell of gun oil would alert the game to their presence, and 2/ it would thicken or freeze in cold weather (Pennsylvania). Lubricants HAVE come a LONG way since the days of using bear grease. Needless to say, the action had gotten extremely stiff.

I received the rifle as a wedding present in August, and took my new bride to the range this past Sunday to teach her to shoot some of my hand-guns and the rifle. Three times during our shooting, the magazine did not feed a round to the elevator to be chambered. I had to strike the magazine with the heel of my hand to coax the next shell out. The magazine spring and follower weren't doing their job. Turned out there was so much gunk built up on the follower and magazine tube that the spring couldn't overcome. Yuck.

After cleaning the magazine tube and follower, I saw that the same sort of build-up had occurred inside the receiver, so I disassembled it to give it a thorough cleaning/lubing. As I'd always feared with lever action, I can't remember how to put it back together. This left me three choices. 1/ Chalk it up to bad experience and have a hulk of a gun lying around. 2/ Take it to a pro, so he/she could charge me higher rates as a penalty for working on it myself, before coming to them. or 3/ Find some sort of instructions and finish what I started.

Well... I found a web site entitled Winchester Model 94 Disassembly and printed it out only to discover that it wasn't a COMPLETE disassembly, and it said NOTHING about REassembly. Needless to say, happening across YOUR site was a bonafide miracle for me! This was EXACTLY what I'd been looking for. I didn't know anyone was reproducing original smithing manuals for older guns AND with illustrations, at that! Dennis, PA

Recieved the Tranter book and have compared it to the original in Roger's Library and it is FANTASTIC, our customer will be happy and we will be ordering MORE.
Thanks Pauline


I know I really shouldn't highlight the gripes these folks had because their comments could reflect on me, but I just cannot resist showing how unreasonable some people can be- mean and nasty too. Actually, with over 40,000 mostly happy customers having couple dozen whiners isn't too bad. That's something less than a quarter of one percent. So here you go- hope you don't take these the wrong way! (I haven't corrected their spelling and grammar on purpose).

Abby Image


This is the second time you have sent me this newletter. The first time I asked why since you locked me out from bidding on your auction, for saying they were not worth the money I spent.  Now I have to think the is harassment. Shall we find out or will you stop sending. Bob Ensor

Bob, I locked you out of future Ebay auctions when you left me bad feedback. I'm not so stupid as to invite that to happen twice! I also removed your other email address when you first asked. You signed up twice and used different addresses. I'll take this email address off the newsletter mailing list, too. Abby

But I am still entitled to what I fell, and to say it was the worst catalogs I ever bought, and if you don't like it- tough. So to be safe take me off you list.  Besides It would be a cold day in hell before I would buy from you. If you due keep sending your flyers, after being requested to stop, we will find out if it is considered harassment.   Bob Ensor

Oh Bob, you don't want to go around threatening people. That's a notch over harassment and can lead to big trouble. And Bob, you're off the list! Abby

If I don't here from you I will have a nice day. I did not put myself on your list. you did, you can take me off! Bob E

Bob, you are off the list! Be calm! Abby


I recently purchased two publication from Cornell and used the check out and provided my credit card# for payment.  I then received a email receipt from paypal indicating a paypal payment?? I did not authorize nor did I log in to paypal so how did this happen.  Anyway I would like to cancel this order in as much as it seems Abbybooks and paypal are somehow taking it upon themselves to collect payment in a form dictated by them.  Nor will I be ordering any publications from Abbybooks in the future! Larry L.

Larry, In order to accept credit cards over the internet it is necessary to use a clearing house. Sometimes this is a bank or credit agency but, naturally they all charge a fee to the user- us. We use Paypal as our clearing house because it is cheaper than any other source we looked at for the comparatively small volume of business we do. If we were L.L. Bean or Victoria's Secret we would have more choices. Using Paypal helps keep costs to to our customers lower.

Somehow, I think your dislike of Paypal is wrapped up in the old belief that Paypal is anti-gun. You should be aware that Paypal changed its’ policy toward and in favor of handling gun and part sales last year. Please read my newsletter from July, 2007. I will refund your payment as you requested, but would humbly suggest that you have made too much of this whole business.Abby


I am very disappointed. I ordered two catalogs from you on Monday. I paid immediately and it is now Friday and I still don't have what I paid for immediately. If you don't respond to this email within 12 hours I intend to file a complaint with the Netter Business Bureau and the Attorney General in Michigan. Craig P, Okla.

Steady Craig. I did a print run on Monday before you ordered the catalogs and another on Thursday. Your order was shipped Saturday by Priority Mail you should get it on Monday. In between, I looked after a family member who had heart bypass surgery, also on Monday. FYI, it takes, on average, 4-7 days to record, process, print, bind, pack and ship orders so you should expect delivery within 10-14 days to be on the safe side. Good luck with the Netter Business Bureau. Do they trap live game? Abby


I am engorged with flame! I odered book from you. Has no picture as you decribed me too on phonic! Have wasted precios money on scam to you will not stand tomorow. Winchester not being the way you want for me to buy you item ever! Serge, Russia

Dear me, Serge, sounds painful! You pressed the wrong buttons when you ordered. I'll send you the correct catalog. I hope you are able to stand tomorrow even if you are engorged with flame. Abby


I must respectfully and honestly say that I am very disappointed in the quality of the catalog. The artifacts and pixellation are noticeable and this makes it hard on the eyes.  If you are scanning from originals, your scan resolution is clearly insufficient--you should scan at 300 dpi minimum.

If you want to see an absolutely beautiful catalog reproduction, see "B.S.A. Rifles &Rifle Sights," which is a reprint of their circa 1910 catalog as offered by  Skennerton. The production values are outstanding: the interior line reproduction is stunning in clarity, it is in 2-color (with green), and is on beautiful heavy, smooth paper that is truly "art quality." This book (and the "Munitions of War" reprint they also offer) were so well done that I ordered two copies of each, simply because of the production values. This is the quality of reprint I was expecting from your company, and it is a standard I encourage you to emulate. Jeff E

Although the Skennerton book you describe sounds luscious, the catalog you ordered is clearly marked as being from a photocopy which is probably closer to 75dpi. I do not make forgeries of originals. My project is to preserve the information before it is gone. Please read About Us. I will send you a replacement and if you don't like it, I'll refund your money. Abby


My Friend has a Whitney Kennedy Rifle with the patent of January 7, 1873. Does the 1873 Whitney gun catalog reprint give an estimate of what it is worth? Lillian

We reprint old gun catalogs. In other words, we might take an 1873 catalog, which was essentially advertising made by a company to sell their products in advance of manufacture, and make a digital copy that we can then reprint and sell to you. I believe it unlikely that a hundred and thirty five years ago, the makers of Whitney firearms would think to anticipate the value of their weapons in the 21st century. Especially the value of guns not yet built, and then to publish those clairvoyant imaginings in their advertising catalog. Don’t you agree? :-) Abby


Before I leave negative feedback detailing bait and switch and fraudulent sales I'm contacting you for an explaination as I understand mistakes can happen. I bought and paid for a Stevens-Pope 1902 catalog. You sent a Stevens Fire Arms c1902 catalog instead. 22 pages not counting the covers. The cover is green and white with black lettering. There is NOT one word about Harry Pope. The title page says Stevens Fire Arms Abridged Catalog. What happened? How are you going to fix it? Please advise ASAP. Lee M

Wow, I sure now how to get you excited don’t I? What happened? Well, I sent you the wrong catalog so now when I send you the right one you will have 2 catalogs from 1902. I’ll try to get it out today. Keep the other one, with my compliments, I don’t want you to have to bother sending it back.By the way, it is unnecessary to open your comments with a threat and nasty allegations. I am one retired person basically doing a service for gun collectors and historians. I don’t make any significant money out of this project and I must admit I am a bit touchy when people begin a conversation by hitting me in the stomach. Abby


Thanks for your Manual. I’m gutted. I was sure, you will send me an ORIGINAL. Keep now your dirty money but be sure, I never again will order something at your address. And if this is the way, American people make business, don’t wonder, if Swiss people does not like Americans. Kind regards, Walter S., Zurich, Switzerland

A fish is gutted, not a person (unless you used the manual reprint I sent you to remove your intestines). Such venom from a resident of an otherwise sophisticated and respectful country is unexpected! And you condemned all Americans because you failed to read the description of the reprinted manual. It said in plain and simple English: “Please remember that many of these books were reproduced from very old and flimsy originals...” I suggest before you arrogantly presume that you speak and understand English you return to school to study a while longer. Besides, 11 CHF isn’t enough money to become as rude and derogatory as you were in your email to me. Abby


I have purchased the following items on eBay from you. Please send me the total amount I owe you. Send me combined total. I found in your other listings where this Walther book sells for 2 dollars I'll pay for these auctions and not bother you with future purchases for I find this practice less then ethical. Same book different prices...yep buyer beware and now I am. Had won another auction yesterday and will combine them. I WAS going to buy more from you but AFTER buy it now on this copy here for 15.95 I saw where you also list same book for buy it now of 13.95. I'll end my purchasing from you now and make payment on what I owe you for I think doing this is not very ethical of you and I'll cut my losses and learn a lesson. I'll request total.

Thank you for your note. What you don't realize is that Ebay auctions are extremely expensive, much more so than the "Buy it Now" listing fees. I reprint over 1500 old gun catalogs and in order to attract customers and because of the way Ebay is set up I am forced to run the expensive auctions where about 10% sell. In order to pay for the 90% that don't sell at auction, I am forced to charge a premium for the auction listings.

The "Store, Buy it now" listings cost about $.05 cents a month compared to about $1.25 each per week for the auction listings. My problem is that the auction listings are easy for buyers to find and the "Store" listings are buried and hard to find when compared to auctions.

I hope this explanation helps you understand why the auction listings are more expensive. By the way, all my listings on my website (over twice as many as on Ebay) are at the lower price with reduced shipping because there are neither listing fees nor selling commissions to pay at the website. Call me at 810-225-3075 if you have any other questions or want more of an explanation. Cheers, Abby

Thanks for explanation ...probably right...I don't understand...both the listing I bought and other buy it now were both buy it now and I do fail to understand the reason. Have bought few times from you on Ebay and also from your I-net store. Been an ebay buyer for years and am getting real tired of the occasional price gouging that goes on there regardless of reasons. Think ebay has gotten just to rich for their breeches and some sellers too imaginative with their pricing structures...just not worth the costs anymore. Thanks for your time though. I'm processing payment now.


I won and paid for an auction for item ******** on Oct. 23, and still haven't received the item. Please advise before I leave negative feedback. T. Dorsey H., New Jersey

Your item was shipped to you on Wednesday Oct. 31st. I expect you will receive it today or tomorrow. Although I did not have your name to add to the address, it was sent to (address), Gillette, NJ. A negative feedback is a harsh threat when it has only been 5 Working days from my receipt of your purchase to shipping. If it is not received by Saturday, I will be happy to either ship again or refund your money. I actually wish everyone I purchase things from were as good at timely shipping as I am. Abby

Frankly, I expected that the item would have shipped immediately, not five days later.  With over 100 eBay purchases, I've yet to buy from someone who ships later than the next day, so while you might think five days is reasonable, I do not. Unfortunately, I have had to threaten some sellers as I did before they would respond, as there is no other real recourse to me, even when I've politely requested a response, and for all I know, you might have done the same. By the way, had you sent me shipment notification, I still wouldn't have been happy about it, but at least would have known where we stood. When I've sold things on eBay, I probably send my customers more information than they want, but I haven't heard any complaints. It didn't come in today's mail, and I'll let you know if it arrives tomorrow.  If not, I will happily accept a refund and return the item to you when it does arrive, but it might take me five working days to do that. T. Dorsey H.

T. Dorsey, Thank you for your note. Let me tell you a couple of things to put all this in perspective for you. First, you may note that I have over 5000 positive Ebay comments and only two negatives, both years ago from really rather ignorant and impatient old men. Second, this “business” is actually a hobby for me in my retirement. It is my objective to save as many of these old sporting catalogs as I can and to share them at the lowest possible price that keeps me from losing money in the venture. Eventually I will donate the collection to share with future generations for free.

Now, not surprisingly, I print to order because I offer over 1500 different old gun catalogs and, as you might imagine, it is logistically impossible to stock so many different titles without warehousing, employees and significantly higher prices considering such limited circulation. Next, I naturally wait until I get a couple of hundred orders to do a print run which requires considerable time and preparation. Print runs usually take about 20 hours on my three large HP printers run by two large computers because of the size of the files being processed. When the runs are complete, the printed matter is collated and bound, then trimmed, orders are assembled and packed, addressed, stamped either first class or priority mail and finally delivered to the post office for them to do their part. Up to the PO part I do it all myself along with all the clerical work… and pretty much without compensation.

I have absolutely no control over the speed with which the Post Office operates nor any control over delivery of what I entrust to them… they lose about 1% of what I mail. Sometimes they deliver in a day or two sometimes they take a week or ten days. If you don’t like their service write to your congressman or woman.

Preferring to refund or replace lost orders, I don’t charge enough postage to buy tracking services nor do I choose for a mere $10 item to waste the time writing to everyone to discuss when I will ship their order. I waste enough time each day writing to people who whine that their $10 item took ten days to get to their sweaty little hands shaking in anticipation.

To that end, you will forgive this form letter. Yes, I send it to every impatient and threatening buyer along with notification that I have refunded their money and blocked them from further Ebay purchases from me. I invite you to keep your order, if and when the PO delivers it, with my compliments. If you want any other books from me you will have to buy them through my website where you may expect the same leisurely service unless you politely request faster shipment in which case I will go out of my way to accommodate you.

Good day,
Abby Mouat

I don't really care or want to hear about your logistical problems.  I paid for my purchase immediately; I didn't wait five days to pay you.  I expect  you to turn my order around the same way and not offer "dog ate my homework" excuses.  I'm not complaining about the post office, my complaint is with  your poor policies and procedures.  It's too much trouble to send notification for an item that "only" costs $10?  How much does a customer have to spend so that it's not too much trouble?  Don't answer - I don't care.  I hesitated to purchase a reprint of any kind because the quality is usually poor, but I took a chance with you.  I made a mistake in doing so.  Please feel free block me if you wish, as I will not purchase from you again in any case.  I have already blocked you from appearing in my search results as a seller, and I will hardly go to your website for the same poor service. If you want the item back (if it ever arrives), refund my payment and I'll return it five days later. I will not leave negative feedback because buying from you was my mistake, not yours.  I will, however, warn others that I know in the gun fraternity to beware of doing business with you. Dorsey 

Had you bothered to read or understand my letter, you would know that I already refunded your money. I have no desire to do business with rude and impatient people like you. You belong to and exemplify the greedy and needy fast food gobblers of our society. Fortunately your type is a tiny minority in the firearms fraternity- crude and nasty. AM

And you're the kind of eBay seller who misrepresents her goods and takes money before delivery.  Good riddance to you, too. Another example of your poor practices:  I received a refund confirmation from PayPal time-stamped AFTER the message below, so here's more confirmation that you are untrustworthy of doing business with.  If you send me any more hate mail of the sort, I will file a negative feedback message and let eBay examine your correspondence and your policies.  How would you like that?

whaaat? AM

T. Dorsey returned the catalogs I sent him, unopened but wrapped in toilet paper. For this touch of sophistication I replied:

Thanks for the catalog back. Because we print to order I have no use for it and will add it to the donation box for the ASSRA archives, the keepers of which will doubtlessly be more gracious about accepting it than you.

I did like the toilet paper touch though… shows real class! I suppose it reveals your petulant, childish inner self but I am not an expert on these matters, thank God. But you are not alone. In response to your threat to “bad mouth me” to your friends down at the local gin mill, I posted your prior comments on my Rants and Raves page at my website, one of my most popular pages, where they will be seen by around 30,000 people a month worldwide. So there, now we are both childish. Abby


Wher is the book I ordered? I have waited an entire week and I still don't have it yet. Jon M.

Jon, the book was mailed the day after you ordered it by Priority Mail. Sometimes it takes longer than it should for the PO to deliver things- sorry for the inconvenience. Let's give it a few more days and if you don't get it I'll send you another. How's that? Abby

I still don't have it and now I don't believe you ever sent it. Is this some sort of scam? Am I out of luck. I'm going to contact Gunbriker about your ethics. Jon M.

Jon, Stop worrying. I will ship you another for free, then if the first shows up you can return it. I sent the first to **********, Hicksville, NY. Is that you correct address? Abby

Abby, That is a false address I use at Gunbroker to protect my identity. My real address is ********* Salem, OR. You should have confirmed the correct address before you miled my catalog. Get it right! Jon

Oh geez! AM


How long does it take you to place a few papers into a envlope and mail it???

I am not even sure who you are or what you ordered but I can tell the auction closed on the 31st of August. It is only 5 working days since that time. All my orders for the week have been shipped. I print to order each of the 1500 catalogs and 500 manuals I offer. You order it, I make it. Otherwise I would have a house and garage  filled with stock. If you are displeased with your transaction please return it - and don't be a customer again.  Better yet, go buy reprints of these old catalogs somewhere else.  All my best, Abby

Like I said,how long does it take to place some papers into a envlope and mail it??If you can't take care of business GET OUT! Maybe warn that shipping may take a week or two. Don S, Channahon, Il


Abby, I have not been at the Hobart Address for nearly four years. I llive in Port Orchard, WA. Obviously, I will not receiver the mailing. If you can't do the job correctly, what in the hell are you doing selling on ebay????? Don K.

I mailed the package to the address provided by Ebay. Don evidently failed to change his address on Ebay after he moved, four years ago.- am


I demand perfection in everything I buy and the catalogs you sent are far from perfect. Plrase refund my money immediately or I will cantact my attorney. Charles VonL

Faced with that horrible fate I refunded his $8.95-am


Abby, if I don't get the book I paid for you simply did not fullfill you obligation as seller. I requested secure shipping and you did not oblige. You cannot prove you mailed the book, you cannot prove Italian or US Mail lost it; I can prove I paid for that manual. And I just paid U$ 3 for insured shipping of a gun spare. Regards Walter, Italy

(I sent him another copy for free-am)

Dear Abby, I still got nothing. In the Universal Mail jargoon printed matters and greetings cards translate as "expendible-trash-nobody-could-prove-we-lost-it". After the first delivery failure (an Ebay purchase) I expected from you a fully traceable shipping. Shall I request full insurance and delivery confirmation for a f*****g manual reprint?  I have about one hundred vintage service rifles, two of them are Ross. Regards, Walter, Italy

Walter, The USPS charges over $20.00 for Registered Mail and $25-30 for Express. If you want to pay that I will ship again. 50% of what I send regular mail to Italy, Greece, and the Middle East is lost. I will send you a pdf file of scans of the manual if you wish or I will send it for the price I gave you above, by mail. You decide, but please do not imply I am a cheat or use bad language when writing me... No More F****!. Thank you, Abby (I sent him a third... he got it-am)


I bot this books from you with good faith you would answer my problems with the gun I am trying to ident and I thought your books would have iit in it but it dontand I am very disapointed. I want my money back or I am going to complain to Ebay and they will take away your lisenese to do your bad business! Billy T


Would you consider a payment plan towards the items I have won from you. I should be able to send you somewhere in the area of $100 next weekend if I don't get anymore medical bills coming in. I really want those books to fill in to my collection that I have started. Please advise if you are willing to give me time to make payments on the amount I owe you. Ron S

(Later...) I just got back from my business trip and noticed that there were no deliveries made from you. I will have to go to the post office to see how I can get my money back that I snet you and figure out how I can get a new payment to you since I am on a fixed income but I will try to get the payment to you somehow. Please alow a little extra time to see what the post office has to say in regards to lost money orders and I will try to devewrt funds towards you just as soon as I can. Thanks, Ron S, St. Louis

(Later...) I wish that I was away. It so happen that I fell and injured my hip that I severly shattered in an auto accident in '04 and was in the hospital for a while. Now I got those big hospital bills that the insurance doesn't cover 100% and have to dig deep into my pocket to pay them. Send me a total for what I owe you and let me see what I can do to get you the money. Thanks, Ron S

This poor fellow had an addiction to auctions and continued to buy my books at auction for months running up huge bills. I couldn't get him to stop. Above is just part of the correspondence... AM


Sirs, I have waited since last Sunday for my book. That is five days! What is the holdup? Why didn't you send me a confirmation like everyone else on Ebay does. Do you intend to hold up your end of the bargain or are you just a cheap crook. Ted B. Allentown, PA

Ted, I mailed your catalog by Priority Mail on Wednesday, three days after you ordered it. I print to order and sell for the lowest price I can as a service to collectors and historians. Please be patient and I hope it will arrive today. If you write back don't use threatening language, it spoils my day. Abby

I don't care about your day, I just want what I paid for and unless it arrives today I am going to tell all my friends not to buy from you. You can go to hell. You must be blonde. Ted B.

Oh jeez. AM


Hello, I don't have my book yet and it has been 10 days since I ordered it. Bill

Bill, I am a bit embarrassed because I don't seem to have a record of your purchase. Please email me your full name and address and what you bought. Is this the email address you usually use? Abby

My Full name is Bill T****** and my address is ********, Johnson City, MO. and I bought an LC Smith 1917 catalog reprint.

Bill, I still cannot find any record of your purchase. How did you Pay? I sold an LC Smith to a Jim B in Oxnard, CA but he hasn't responded to my emails. That isn't you by any chance is it? Abby

Abby, that is a name and address I use on Auction Arms. I'm sorry I dibn't tell you but I forgot. Please send the catalog to my real address. Bill T.


Abby, It has been one week since I payed for this copied publication thru Paypal. I feel that you should place a notice in you description that you re-print these items as they are needed and that it takes you five days to accomplish this feat. It is not fair to the buyer to be informed of this after the fact. It would be a little easier to swallow if you gave a little information such as, when you intend to make the copies and when you are going to mail the copies. Stating that it will be sent in ten that after the five days it takes to
 copy? Please let me know. Marc M.

Marc- You catalog should be in your hands shortly. To make you feel better I refunded your money so when you get the catalog you will have paid nothing for it. AM

Dear Mrs Abigail Cornell Mouat, I had emailed you twice (I never received the emails-am) to inquire about other publications after making my initial payment for the first. They were both ignored or you felt they did'nt deserve a reply, whatever. It's to bad that I had to resort to this form of Tact to rustle a reply, I guess I will never understand. I feel no anguish, I was just trying to get a reply. Thank-you for the reply and refund. Marc M.


The book I received is defective!!!!!! The cover shows the destroyer carbine, but the inside is 4 pages are illustrations of the AYA shotgun line. Absolutely nothing about the destroyer!!!!. You listed it as a copy of the 1938 destroyer manual outlining care, takedown, facts, ect. on the spanish destroyer carbine. Obviously the internal pages do no match the cover. I would like a replacement please.  Mike B, Goodyear, AZ

Mike, I sent you the wrong catalog. I'll get the right one in the mail today. AM


I am writing to Ebay to appeal to, thier business sense to, ban your mass deceitful advertising that is clogging the catalog sections as though you are selling original items. Ebay would see alot more action if the whole section wasnt clogged with your purposely misleading in and day out...YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT...How about putting the word repro in your heading...not some whacky code wont, because that may cost you the occasional sucker who thinks they are buying an original item...I hope to appeal to ebay about the mass deceipt you routinely run to the degree that your deceiptful listings downright dominate these sections...HOW ABOUT THE WORD REPRO IN YOUR HEADING rather than buried in the fine print...yor deceiptfulness does nothing to promote a sense of fair play...I plan to contact the other catalog collectors and appeal to them to write to ebay to have your auctions banned until you can HONESTLY list your items...shame on you.

Oh jeez, AM


I am researching Stetson hats from 1910-1930.  I see that you sell  a lot of reproductions of catalogs - can you recommend some that  have Stetson hats pics and prices from that period?  Thanks. (not signed)

I am sorry, I don't have time to look through the thousands of catalogs we reprint for individual items. I suggest you contact the Danbury, CT historical society where the company was based. Abby

?????  I wasn't asking you to look through every single catalog.  I've seen your reprints on ebay and often thought about picking some up, but if you can't answer questions and aren't willing to take a little bit of time to make a sale, then I'll stay away, and make sure to relay your attitude on to other researchers. Scott

Scott, Thanks for the snotty reply! I get hundreds of requests for research each week. People collect everything you can think of: guns, ammunition powder horns, camping gear, knives, hatchets, books, whistles, clothing, sports gear, auto accessories, tools (including several who collect plumb bobs!) food containers, kitchen accessories, watches, glass balls.... you name it. It is quite impossible for me to take the time to satisfy each person and if I do, the end request is usually "can you just send me that page? I don't need the entire catalog and I will give you a dollar or $.50!" They are then petulant when I refuse. Actually, once I give them the name of the catalog they usually lose interest and I have wasted 15 minutes or a half hour.

Now, in your case, there are probably 150 catalogs that could have hats, most of which are not identified as being Stetson. I could spend a half hour or an hour looking at them and come up with nothing. How much are you willing to pay for my time? Abby

Thanks for being so customer-oriented. When you behave like a tyrant, you will lose your potential customers immediately.  I read the word 'snotty' and stopped reading.  I'm only responding to you at all because I'm bored, but thank you for encouraging me to make costing you business, a priority. I will be posting on any research forum I can find to make sure no one purchases any of your material. Scott Forest - Ebay name: "runscott"

Your ill-mannered attempts to threaten and berate me have earned you a free trip to the Rants and Raves column at my website and, as a special bonus, a featured position in my newsletter that goes to over 11,000 people. Yours must be a misogynist la-la land, bored, stupid and mean is no way to grow old! Abby


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