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Original Catalogs for Sale


  • There is no way to buy these catalogs online. Please send me an email or call me at 810-225-3075 (9-5 Eastern Time please) to check for availability. Please let me know the Box Number your selection(s) came from. I will send you an email invoice that you must pay with your credit card or you may call with your credit card. I cannot accept money orders, cash or checks for these catalogs because it is too time consuming and confusing to hold them aside waiting for your check to arrive. I do accept checks and MOs for my reprints because I print to order after your check arrives.
  • These are the originals from which we may or may not have made the reprints we offer for sale. This is where you may find some real bargains for original catalogs. In many cases you can learn more about individual originals for sale by looking at the indexes of the reprints I offer. Prices indicated are what I paid for the catalogs or, in some cases, much less.
  • Prices do not include shipping.
  • Some of these are are not originals, but reprints themselves so look for the word REPRINT in the advertisements below. (No checks or MOs for these reprints.)

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