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A - AK Type, SKS, Arcadia, Armalite, AR, Astra & Automatgeva

These are owner's manuals unless otherwise noted as being a gunsmith manual!

To SEARCH FOR A PARTICULAR WORD on a webpage hold down your Control Key (Ctrl) while pressing the "f" key. This gives you a search box in the lower left corner of the screen in most browsers. Use the up and down arrows to move from one selection to the next. This same technique works on most web pages and can be used anywhere to search the page you are on. At this website it is also useful for finding things in the item index on a catalog. book or manual page.

In most cases these are modern manuals even though the guns may be old. Few 19th century weapons came with what we would consider today as a "manual". BUT, these reprints are NOT to be considered to be the latest information available for any one gun and are offered for research purposes only! Note: Some older gun manuals are included in the catalog sections of this website - Use the seach box above and enter the maker name and the word "manual" only. Do not enter a bunch of models or numbers.

These manuals are offered for informational purposes only. Many are old and outdated in light of modern information.
Please use them at your own risk.

Each manual may be returned for a refund... no questions asked. Also, each manual is graded from "a" to "d" with "a" offering the best reproductions of graphics. Please remember that many of these books were reproduced from very old and flimsy originals.
We do our best to restore them, but some are not perfect.

Also, you can possibly get the manual FREE from the manufacturer if it is still around and their lawyers are cooperative. Try going to and entering the manufacturer name to see if you can get free manuals.
Good luck, Abby