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Bannerman 1936 Surplus Full Catalog

Item #940: $24.95
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Bannerman 1936 Surplus Full Catalog

363 pages, about 8" x 11", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 363
  • Bannerman Military Goods Catalogue 1936
  • New York City, New York
  • Blowing our own Horn
  • Stone Age and Savage Weapons
  • Flint Saws, War Clubs etc.
  • Bows and Arrows from Savage Tribes
  • Cross Bows, Suffolk Cross
  • Ancient Bows Continental Crossbow
  • Matchlock Guns
  • Flintlock Guns and Hand Cannon
  • Wheel Lock Guns
  • Rare Collection pieces, Napoleon Double Barrel, Scotch Fowling piece
  • Flintlocks Rampart Guns and Snaphaunce
  • Ladies Wheel Lock, Spanish Blunderfuss
  • The Ferguson Rifle
  • Seven Barrel Twigg Pistol
  • Afghan Flint, Four Barrel Flint Lock Pistol
  • Willmore Breech Loader
  • Percussion Lock Guns
  • Double Barrel Flintlocks
  • Kentucky Flint and Percussion Guns
  • British Flintlock and Muskets
  • Letter by Sitting Bull's Son
  • Pellet Tube Guns
  • US Military Small Arms
  • French Percussion Muskets and assorted
  • Colt revolving guns
  • Civil War Muskets
  • Elephant Guns and Harpoons
  • Island Views
  • Inventor Models -Perry, Laidley, Lee, Finney, Rikkers,
  • Baudle, Beckwith, Bernard, Wesson, Enfield, Lambin
  • Modern High Power Arms
  • Springfield, Karaig, Mannlicher, Sedley, Sedley Cannon Line Thrower,
  • Army Breech Loaders
  • Carbines and Rifles
  • Relic Rifles from the USS Maine
  • Carbines and Rifles
  • Sharp, Milbanks, Warner, Wesson, Palmer, Harpers Ferry, Ball
  • Jenks, Whitney, Remington, Peabody, Lindner, North Hall, Scott, Triplett,
  • Principle Weapons of the World War
  • Mauser, Mannlicher, Model 1917, Mondragon, Sniper
  • Enfield, Lee, Carcano
  • Gun Parts and Appendages
  • Flintlock Pistols from all over the World
  • Patent Illustrations
  • Forsyth Memorial
  • Flint and Ancient Pistols
  • Invention of Gun Powder
  • Colt revolvers
  • How to load and take apart
  • Pepperboxes
  • Allen, Sharps, Egg, Starr
  • The Hall Breech Loader or North? North was the first official gunmaker for the government
  • Cartridges
  • Cival War Cannon Ammunition
  • Powder Horns and Ancient Powder Horns
  • Artillery Projectiles and Books
  • Civil War Grenade and Hotchkiss Machine gun and Gatling Guns
  • Filipino Lantakas Cannon
  • Army Navy Cannons
  • Cannon projectile ammunition and torpedos
  • High Power Gatlin Guns
  • James Puckle's revolving Gun 1718
  • Spanish War Relics
  • Hot, Shell, Canister and shrapnel Ordnance Material
  • Swords Daggers and Battle Axes
  • Carbines U.S. trials 1865
  • Cutalsses
  • Bayonets and Scabbards
  • Rapiers
  • Scotch Swords
  • Philopino Bolos, Kirs and borongs
  • Spanish Swords
  • Scimitars and Daggers
  • Fencing Outfits
  • Historical swords
  • Asiatic Weapons and Swords
  • Congo Knives and Indian Knives
  • Congo Weapons of the Natives
  • Indian Ghoorka Knives
  • Pikes and lances
  • Halberds, Lances and Spontoons
  • Military decorations
  • John Brown and Georgia Pikes
  • Armor and Helmets
  • War Shields from Asia and Africa
  • Military Trophies
  • Magazine repeating Rifles and carbines
  • Hats and Uniforms
  • Epaulettes and sporrans
  • Belt Buckles
  • Symbols and Coats of Arms
  • Buttons and souvenirs
  • War Medals and British kings and queens
  • Revolver Equipment
  • Holsters, Holders
  • Cartridge Belts and equipment
  • Canteens and cooking outfits
  • Cartridge Boxes and equipment
  • Cadet Equipment
  • Flags
  • Musical Instruments
  • Medical Equipment
  • Naval Lamps and Battle Lanterns
  • Sleighs and Ice Saws
  • Sun Dials and Printing Presses
  • Saddles and Bridles
  • Bridles and spurs
  • Equipment for Camping, tents, etc.