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Bannerman 1927 Military Surplus Goods Catalog

Item #939: $24.95
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Bannerman 1927 Military Surplus Goods Catalog

382 pages, about 8" x 11", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Of all the Bannerman catalogs we reprint, this is the largest and, in our opinion, the best. If you own only one Bannerman, this is the one!

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 382
  • Broadway, New York, New York
  • Stone Age and Ancient Savage Weapons
  • Ancient Bows
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Match and Wheel Lock Guns
  • Furgeson Rifle
  • Rare Collection Pieces
  • Forsythe Magazine Pistol
  • Snaphaunce, Flintlock and Grenade Guns
  • Blunderbuss Guns and Musquetoons
  • Flint Lock Fowling Guns and Poachers Flint Alarm Guns
  • Sharps, Brunswick, Allen Jenks
  • Guns
  • British Martini
  • Mauser
  • Henry
  • Manton
  • Indian Rifles
  • Civil War Guns Springfield, Milbanks, Garibaldi, French, Green's
  • Whale Guns and Harpoons and Elephant Guns
  • Sharpshooter's Rifles
  • Canadian Ross, Snider Enfield, Rein, Hall,
  • Nowotony Curious Rifle
  • Albini Tersman Belgian Breech Loading
  • Schuloff Magazine Rifle
  • Percussion Lock Guns
  • Jenke, Gibbs, Green's, Powell, Maynards, Monton
  • Bayonets
  • Inventor Model Guns Howard, Geiger, Cochran, Wilson, Perry, Gevelot,Ballard
  • Military Rifles
  • Keene, Joslyn,ANdle Snuffers, Mauser Albini Braendlin
  • Krag Jorgensend Rifles
  • Canadian Ross Double Rook
  • Bullet Moulds
  • Gun Appendages
  • Major Pirrcairn's Pistols
  • U S Calibre 45 Springfield Rifle
  • Prussian Needle Gun
  • Spencer Civil War
  • ReLic rifles from the U S S Maine Havana Harbor
  • Breech Loading Army Rifles
  • Carbines and Rifles
  • Confederated Army Enfiled ML
  • Enfield Cavalry
  • Hall Carbine
  • Werder and Triplett and Scott
  • Ball's
  • Parker, Ward Burton, Sharp, Hankins, Whitney, Lindner
  • The Principal Weapons of the World War
  • Mauser, Model 1898, Sniper, Mondragon, Mannlicher, Lebel
  • Model 1917, Enfield, Short Lee Enfield, Italian Mannlicher
  • Greene, Gallagher, Burnside, Sharps Starr, Brooks,
  • Cosmopolitan, Winchester Volcanic, Ward Burton
  • Bethel Burton, Merrill Peabody, Chassepot, Martini
  • Gun Parts
  • Ancient Pistols
  • Bullet Moulds and Parts
  • Hand Cannon Pistol
  • Match Lock Pistols
  • Wheel Lock Pistols Flint Firelighters and Powder testers
  • Blunderbusses
  • Side arms and Antique Flint Locks
  • Pairs of Dueling pistols
  • Army Pistols
  • Waterloo, Cooper, Sharps, Moore, Old Dragon House, Holland
  • Pairs Smith Percusssion Pistols
  • Pair of Parker Field 7 Son Pistols
  • Pistols and Revolvers
  • Pettengill, Pond, Morse, Union, Bacon, Wesson, Leavitt, boalen, Deane Army officer Relover, Whitney, Tranter, Starr, Colt Walkers
  • Knuckle Duster or My Friend
  • Mendenhall
  • Schedule of Gun Proof Marks
  • Captured Brigand Pistols
  • Pepper Box and Inventor Model Pistols
  • Flintlocks and Cartridge Type
  • Cartridges
  • Powder Horns
  • Single Shot carbines
  • Jenks,Schroeder, Cosmopolitan, Starr, Smith, Gibbs, Symmes
  • Artillery Projectiles and Bookes
  • Hotchkiss One Pounder
  • Howitzer Pack Saddl
  • Civil War Grenade
  • Cannons Gatling guns
  • Hotchkiss Mountain Cannon and Outfits
  • Army Navy guns And Projectiles
  • Machine guns
  • Swords Daggers and Battle Axes
  • Spanish and Filipino Wood Covered Cannons
  • James Puckle's Revolving Gun of 1718
  • Spanish War Relics
  • Ancient cannons
  • Shot Shell, Grape, Canister and Shrapnel and Ordance Material
  • Gunners Implements
  • Breech Loading Carbines Us trials
  • Howard, Maynard, Richardson, White, Ryder, Peabody
  • Straw Ryder
  • Swords and Sabres
  • Daggers and Scabbards Javelins
  • African Congo Weapons
  • Weapons from Savage Nations
  • Skene, Dhus, Knouts, Kings Sceptre and Side Arms
  • Story of the Bowie Knife
  • Carbines at the US Trials 1865
  • Starr, Laidley, Wolcott, Snider, Cochran
  • Warner, Palmer, Howe, Jenks
  • Military Decorative Trophies
  • Suits of Armor and Battle Shields
  • Chain Mall
  • Shields and Scotch Targes
  • Helmets Hats and Caps
  • The Story of the Krag
  • Civil War Army and Navy Uniforms
  • Uniforms of all types
  • Belt Buckles and Military Insignia, Chevrons
  • Lodge equipment
  • Bronze Medals
  • Military Books
  • Revolver Equipment
  • Holsters
  • War Relics and trophies
  • Drums and Musical Instruments
  • Medical Equipment
  • Naval relics and Boats
  • Saddles and Horse goods
  • Horse Equipment
  • General George Washington Pistols
  • The Iron for Parrots Guns