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Ithaca 1951 Guns Catalog

Item #907: $14.95
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Ithaca 1951 Guns Catalog

25 pages, about 8" x 11". Reprinted IN COLOR from a very nice original with little touching up necessary. Printed on super-white 20# acid free paper with heavy full color, glossy covers.

Interesting prologue to this catalog:

Ithaca Double guns not available in 1951.

The only available guns will be the Ithaca Featherlight repeaters, Models 37, 37R, 37s and 37T and a few Ithaca Single Barrel Trap Guns.

Shotgun demand exceeds our production even though we have been producing at top speed since the war.

All Ithaca Double Guns have been discontinued for 1950-51 in order to put every production effort toward catching up the excessive demand for Featherlight Repeaters.

Double guns are still shown in this catalog to illustrate the type of work turned out the Ithaca Gunmakers and for purposes of identification.

There will be very limited number of Ithaca Single Barrel Trap Guns available with delivery in about 6 months after the order is accepted.

Lefever Guns and Western Arm Doubles have been discontinued.

Orders must originate with our jobbing distributors. Thousands of orders have been offered to us monthly by dealers and consumers. We have had the very disagreeable job of refusing these orders.

Please do not ask us to accept dealers or consumers orders direct. Consumers should contact their local dealers and dealers should contact heir jobbing distributors. We will be glad to tell you your nearest distributor. Deliveries will be speeded up if you give permission to substitute reasonably in grades, gauges and barrel lengths.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 25
  • Ithaca, New York
  • Ithaca Aluminum Base recoil Pad
  • Improvements
  • The New Repeater
  • Ithaca Featherweight Model 37
  • Ithaca Model 37R
  • Ithaca Skeet repeater Model 37S
  • Ithaca trap Grade repeater Model 37T
  • The $2,000 Ithaca
  • Custom Made No. 5
  • Ithaca No. 4 Ejector custom Built
  • Ithaca No. 2 Ejector with Bird scene engraving
  • Field Grade Ithaca
  • Custom Built $2,000 grade Ejector with Beavertail forearm
  • Ithaca Custom Built No. 7
  • Ithaca No. 5 One Barrel trap gun
  • Ithaca No. 4 One Barrel Trap Gun
  • Keeping your gun in good condition
  • Proper choice of load
  • How to keep your hound happy
  • Ten Commandments of safety
  • Tips on Shooting