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Bell & Black 1930 Scottish Gun Catalog

Item #82: $15.95
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Bell & Black 1930 Scottish Gun Catalog

56 pages, about 8 " x 11", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice photocopy. Printed on high quality 20# 92 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 56
  • "Windsor" Single Barrel Ejector Gun
  • Useful Hints for "Shooting Men"
  • Some Hints on Handling and Cleaning the Gun
  • About Wing Shooting
  • How to Become a Dead Shot
  • Shore Shooting
  • Mauser Conversions
  • "Farmer's" Cross Bolt Double Gun
  • Side Clip Hammerless Gun
  • Gamekeeper's Nitro-Proof "Windsor" Hammer Gun no. 104
  • The "Challenge" All British Hammer Gun
  • The "Super Windsor" Keeper Hammer Gun
  • "Windsor" Trap and Wildfowler's Guns
  • The Gold Medal High Grade "Windsor" Hammerless Goose or Trap Gun
  • Latest British Hammerless Guns
  • The Anson & Deeley pattern Hammerless Guns
  • Anson & Deeley hammerless Gun
  • "Ideal" Hammerless Gun
  • Handy Guns for Farmers, Keepers and Gardiners. .410 folding guns
  • Double Hammer and Hammerless 410 bore &c.
  • "Marie" Hammerless 410-bore side lever, automatic safety
  • "Craig" Hammerless 410-bore top lever
  • Remarks about the New Windsor "Winner"
  • Rat, target and Rabbit shooting with .22 ejector gun
  • How to become a "Prize Shot"
  • The New "Prize Shot" Dead True Gun .22
  • Rats! Rabbits! Hares! The Silent Rabbit Gun
  • "Windsor" BB Silent Rabbit or Target Cartridge Gun
  • "Bull's Eye" Non-permit guns
  • Special 9mm Garden Gun
  • The Gun Without a Report
  • Windsor garden Guns
  • Windsor 410 bore
  • How to become a pistol "Prize Shot"
  • Ratting Pistols
  • Deadly "Little Nipper" pistols
  • Modern Hiker Guns
  • The New Pocket Weapon for Pot Shots
  • Prize Shot Mighty Atom
  • Game Shooting with "Bantam" Hand Gun
  • What our customers say about our Windsor Bantam, Cowboy, Bull's Eye and Mighty Atom Pistols
  • Cowboy, Choke and Rambler's Pistols
  • "Mauserlin" and "Little Duck" Pistols
  • Hints on Rat Destruction
  • The Trapping of Wild Rabbits
  • The Call Notes of Birds
  • About Ferrets and Ferreting
  • Rabbit Bolters, Draw Game "Stay-at-home" etc.
  • To Make Rabbits Lie Out
  • Hot to set rabbit snares
  • Game and Sporting Nets and netting
  • Netting and Snaring Grouse, Partridges and Plovers
  • Game Decoy Calls
  • Revolvers and Pistols
  • Alarm Revolvers and Small and Tiny guns
  • Sword Sticks, Life Preservers, batons, defence rings, knuckle dusters, handcuffs etc
  • Gun Cases, cartridge belts, game bags etc