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ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE - Volume 6, All Six Issues

Item #5561: $44.95
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ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE - Volume 6, All Six Issues

238 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New COLOR, printed on high quality 24# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Arms Heritage Magazine is a treasure trove of factual, obscure and fascinating information, excellent photographs and magnificent trivia assembled by a distinguished troop of very well respected collectors and experts. All articles are meticulously researched and carefully reviewed by our panel of experienced collectors. In addition to feature articles, each issue contains features on cartridge collecting, blades, accoutrements, a question and answer forum, book reviews and a summary of recent auction results as well as a story aimed at the beginning collector.

Cornell Publications has been selected to publish a hard copy as a permanent and nicely produced book of all the fine articles and features from the first year of Arms Heritage. This book needs to be in your library if you are a serious enthusiast or collector. Additional years will follow.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 238
    Arms Heritage Digest Vol. VI 2016 -2017
  • A Contrast in the Histories
  • A Documented Pre-War Sharps Carbine of the Ist Dragoons
  • A New Model 1863 Sharps that Fought in Two Wars
  • A WWI German Imperial Navy Training Device
  • An Enigmatic Dutch Vickers Luger
  • Austrian Lugers
  • Civil War Flying Machines
  • Civil War Machine Guns
  • Civil War Rockets
  • Collecting .22 Shooting Gallery Guns
  • Confederate Torpedoes
  • Cupfire Article Followup
  • Dasch in Gratz
  • Early Slings and Swivels for Hall’s Carbine Part I
  • Early Slings and Swivels for Hall’s Carbine Part II
  • F. B. Loney Colts and the Baltimore Street Riots
  • German Drill Rifle
  • German Indirect Firing Devices WWI & WWII
  • Grotesque Butt Caps in the 18th Century
  • Mauser Katapulitergewehr Grenades
  • Rough for a Reason
  • Samuel Pauly and An Ignition Odyssey
  • The Australian Government’s Favorite Revolver
  • The Cupfire Revolvers
  • The Philip Creamer/Jim Bridger Story Part 2
  • The Philip Creamer/Jim Bridger Story Part I
  • The Shot Tower
  • The Sisterdale Revolver
  • The Toepperwein Patenet Rifle
  • Those Kriegsmarine Navys

  • Authors:
  • Charles Pate
  • Chip Goddard
  • Dick Herman
  • Frank Graves
  • Fredrick Gaede
  • Jason Baldwin
  • Larry Hannusch
  • Matthew Schneiderman
  • Michael Heidler
  • Paul Breakey
  • Peter Bower
  • Robert Jordan