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American Guns Quarterly 1956 3rd ed. Great Guns Famous Military Inn Magazine (Detroit) Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer

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American Guns Quarterly 1956 3rd ed. Great Guns Famous Military Inn Magazine (Detroit) Andy Palmer

81 pages, about 8 1/2" x 11", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 92 bright acid-free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Dr. Leo Speer bought the Inn in the '60s from Andy Palmer. He ran it until 1968 when he sold it to Shell Oil. The Inn burned and the building was demolished.

Great Guns started as a monthly magazine in 1952. In late 1955 it became Great Guns Quarterly Magazine and later, starting with this edition, American Guns Quarterly

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 81
  • Andy Palmer's Famous Military Inn 1956 Gun Catalog
  • Dearborn Michigan
  • From Great Guns
  • History of the Andy Palmer Collection
  • Views of the Inn
  • Flintlocks
  • Pistols
  • Colt and Smith & Wesson
  • Pepper Boxes
  • Indian Weapons
  • Signal Guns
  • Muskets of the Civil War
  • Carbines of the Civil War
  • Winchester Rifles and Carbines
  • Visitors: Annie Oakley ( Gail Davis), Jim Thorpe, John Tucker
  • A tour of the inn in photographs
  • The evolution of Firearms
  • Boutet, Gunsmith and Goldsmith
  • Guns of the Civil War
  • Charter Oak
  • Rigdon and Ansley
  • Rare Smith & Wesson Pistols ( Volcanic and James Packard's Gun)
  • The Le Mat Revolver
  • Oake Cutlass Pistol
  • Swords, Sabers and Daggers, Dirks and Indian Weapons
  • How Cowboys could shoot all day
  • Annie Oakley's Guns
  • Odd Civil War Firearms
  • Hammond Bulldog
  • Signal And Gas Guns or Very Pistols after Lt. Very of the Civil War
  • Hi-Standards developed from Early Fiala
  • The Fire of 1955
  • Weapons used by President's Assassins
  • The World's most valuable Rifle Mauser 1823
  • Kentucky Rifles and Plains Percussions
  • The Pennsylvania Rifle
  • German Schuetzen Rifles
  • Double and Triple Barrel Shotguns and Rifles
  • Early Long Arms, Snaphaunces, Matchlocks
  • Shooting the Matchlock Firearm
  • Muskets of the Civil War
  • British Weapons of the Revolutionary War
  • Illegal Slaughterers of Wildlife
  • The Volcanic to the modern Winchester
  • Henry Ford's Engraved Winchester 1903
  • Cartridges and their Development
  • Restoring a Gatling Gun
  • Famous Gunfighters I Knew by Roy Scates
  • Billy the Kid
  • Pat Garrett
  • Wyatt Eurp
  • Bill Tilghman
  • Wild Bill Hickok
  • Doc Holliday
  • The Detroit Arsenal in Dearbornville Michigan