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Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Company Shooting Guide 1904 (London, England)

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Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Company Shooting Guide 1904 (London, England)

73 pages, about 8 1/2" x 11" glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice photocopy. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. Note: there were seven pages missing from the copy I used to make this reprint. Two pages appear to have been rifle cartridges and five of leather items.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 73
  • Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Company Shooting Guide 1904
  • London, England
  • Arms and Ammunition renowned Breech Loading Guns
  • No. 1 Hammerless
  • No. 2 H Hammerless gun for Hard wear
  • No. 1 R The Popular Hammerless Gun
  • No. 78B Double Barrel Center Fire
  • No. 31 A Central Fire Double Barrel
  • No. 327 Farmer's Gun
  • No. 1BA Bolt Action
  • No. 2BA
  • No. 3BA with Safety Bolt and extra Quality
  • Winchester Model 1894 and 1890
  • Smith & Wesson Revolvers Single action, Double Action, Army and Gallery
  • Winchester Model 1897 Solid Frame
  • Winchester Take Down and repeating
  • Winchester Brush Gun Model 1897
  • American Breech Loading Single Barrel
  • Olympia, BL Duck Gun
  • Lee Metford Sporting Magazine
  • Lee Metford Magazine and Infantry
  • Rook, Rabbit and target Rifles,
  • Hammerless, Martini, Side Lever, Martini Pattern
  • Hammerless and Side Lever
  • Breech Loading and Single Collectors Gins
  • Drop Barrel Collectors Gun, Patent Fold and Every Day Gun
  • Webley Revolvers
  • Morris Patent Aiming Tubes for Rifle Training
  • Mauser Magazine Rifle as used in South Africa
  • Mauser Sporting Rifles
  • Light Handy Rifles
  • Martini Pattern, Cadet, and The Crown
  • Miniature Martini Cadet
  • Crack Shot
  • Knockabouts
  • Remington Pattern Rifle
  • Superior Saloon or Rook Rifle
  • Winchester Model 1900
  • The Tranter Saloon Pistol
  • Drop Barrel Saloon Pistol
  • Pocket Pistol
  • Crown Pocket Pistols
  • Walking Stick Guns and High Class Stick Guns
  • Walking Stick and Revolver
  • Bull Dog Revolvers
  • Novelty Revolvers not Toys
  • Puppy, Pocket, Perfection,
  • Constabulary Revolver
  • American Iver Johnson and H & R Revolvers
  • Forehand and Wadsworth, Libery, Bullseye
  • Air Guns
  • The Nipper, the Giant
  • Ball Trigger Air Rifle, Daisy, Dolphin, Quackenbush, Gem
  • Shot Cartridges and ammo
  • The OPH Air Pistol
  • Gun Cases
  • Pouches, etc.
  • Go Bang Targets
  • Sporting Ammunition Dagger, Nitro, Best, Eley, Britannia, Kynoch, Monkey