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Breda c1975 Gemma-Atlas Shotgun Manual

Item #4656: $14.95
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Breda c1975 Gemma-Atlas Shotgun Manual

28 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. Text in English, Italian and French.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 28
  • Breda Atlas Shotgun Manual c1975
  • In Italian, English and French
  • Atlas and Gemma Same but Different Models
  • Assembling an Atlas barrel on a Gemma will leave Space
  • Ammunition
  • Assembly
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Choke Tube
  • Disassembly Barrel
  • Firing
  • Loading the Gun
  • Operating Instructions
  • Parts and Systems diagram
  • Parts on Gemma and Atlas not interchangeable
  • Removing barrel
  • The Automatique Gemma
  • Unloading the Gun
  • Parts List
  • Breda c1975 Gemma-Atlas Shotgun Manual
  • In English, Italian and French
  • Ammunition
  • Assembly
  • Barrel Recoiling
  • Barrels of Gemma and Atlas not Interchangeable
  • Barrels standard and Quick Choke
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Diagram of Parts and Placement
  • Disassembly of Barrel
  • Gemma new for Sport and Hunting
  • Loading the Gun
  • Magazine Extension
  • Operating Instructions
  • Parts List
  • Remove Barrel and Trigger Plate
  • Unloading