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Automatic Pistols & Revolvers Manuals c1940 (UK)- Manual

Lieut. H. Douglas

Item #4167: $15.95
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Automatic Pistols & Revolvers Manuals c1940 (UK)- Manual

37 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Wartime booklet written for the civilian population to familiarize them with the operation of various allied handguns "upon which his life may sooner or later depend"

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 37
  • Automatic Pistols & Revolvers Manuals c1940 (UK)
  • Cartridges for the Guns/Pistols
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning, Loading, Firing and Exercises
  • Colt Army Model Cleaning, Firing and Practise
  • Colt Army Special Models
  • Colt Assembly, Loading, Cleaning
  • Colt Military Model. Target and Government
  • Colt Pistols Described
  • Firing at Moving Object
  • How To fire
  • Musketry Regulations
  • Pistols Colt, Webley and Savage
  • Rapid Firing
  • Savage Automatic Pistols
  • Savage Models, Cleaning and Firing
  • Shooting in the Dark
  • Webley Auto Pistols Ammunition
  • Webley Auto Pistols Royal Navy
  • Webley Cocking Actions
  • Webley Fosbery Cleaning, Loading and Firing
  • Webley Fosbery Revolver
  • Webley Pistol Exercises
  • Webley Pistols Actions and Mechanisms
  • Webley Pistols, Specifications