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Mark Field Collection - reviewed by Sawyer - 1911

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Mark Field Collection - reviewed by Sawyer - 1911

Appraised and described by noted 19th Century arms historian and author (Firearms in American History) Charles W. Sawyer, 83 pages. Foreword by Mr. Sawyer.

Mark Field was a noted gun collector of the 19th century whose weapon collection was sold at auction during December, 1911 by CF Libbie the premier firearms auctioneer of the time. Charles W. Sawyer was the top gun expert in the country at the turn of the last century. He wrote, among other things the definitive "Firearms in America " series of three books (ask about availability of this book too). In this catalog he introduces the collection and then identifies and describes each weapon for the book. The sale included the Harvey Collection of early American percussion arms and two other smaller collections, some 870 lots in all. All the lots were photographed and reproduced herein along with the sale prices in 1911. This book is a collector's resource of information and interest. It was re-printed. on super-white paper and wrapped in heavy beige paper. It is printed in black and white and is not a photocopy. All type was reset and photographs were restored.

New York,C.F. Libbie, softcover, New Book Re-issue. Digitally Restored, Cleaned and Enhanced 8. 5" x 5 1/2" 83pp.