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Coombes Company Ltd., Rangoon, Burma-Guns, Firearms and Ammunition c1925 Catalog

Item #173: $16.95
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Coombes Company Ltd., Rangoon, Burma-Guns, Firearms and Ammunition c1925 Catalog

87 pages, about 8" x 11", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice copy. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 87
  • Coombes Company Ltd. Firearms and Ammunition Catalog c1925
  • Rangoon, Mandalay, Thaton and Moulein India
  • Special Line of British, German, Belgian and American Guns
  • Stevens
  • The Bandoola Made In Birmingham
  • The Eclipse
  • Raick Frere Nitro Proved Special Order
  • The Burma English Made
  • The Yan GYI Aung Conqueror German Made
  • The Vectis
  • The Moke Soe Ball and Shot
  • The Improved Vectis
  • Webley and Scott DB Hammer Guns
  • The Westley Richards 12 Bore
  • Jeffery's Hammer Gun London Pattern
  • The Chinthay
  • Super Magnum
  • Ball and Shot for Fun and Feather Made to order
  • BSA Shot Guns Improved
  • Suberb Model Hammerless Gun
  • Pegu Hammerless Guns
  • Bedford Hammerless Gun
  • Needham Hammerless Gun Greener Finish
  • Jeffry's Hammerless
  • The NEW Webley Hammerless Cross Bolt Gun
  • Webley and Scott Proprietory
  • Greener Hammerless Use only Eley and Kynoch Cartridges
  • Westley Richards New Model and "The Special"
  • Special Duck Guns by Pavey and Sons
  • German Made Hammerless Shot Gun
  • Wilton Ball and Shot gun for fur and feathers
  • Westley Richards Ball and Shot the Explora
  • Three Barrels Gun and Rifle Combination
  • The two Shot Single Barrel 12 Bore repeater
  • Greener Gaffer Guns
  • Webley New Model 12 bore semi-hammerless
  • Single Barrel take down most suitable for village headsmen
  • H & R Model 1908
  • Winchester Repeating Model 1912 and 1911
  • Small Bore Shot guns and Walking Stick Guns
  • Muzzle Loading Sporting Shot Guns
  • Cartridges for Shot Guns English Made
  • Standard Loaded Cartridges
  • Firework Cartridge "The Latest Novelty"
  • Gun Powder and Capes
  • Abbey Improved Chilled Shot
  • Mauser Sporting Magazine Rifles
  • Jeffery's High Power 404 Four Shot
  • Genuine Mannlicher Steyr Austrian Made
  • BSA Sporting Rifles and Miniatures
  • Savage High Power
  • Winchester Model 54 and 1892 and Carbine
  • Remington Miniature 15 Shot
  • Mauser Miniature Rifles
  • BSA Air Rifles
  • BSA Sectional Illustration
  • Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers
  • Webley and Scott Revolvers
  • Sure Shot Revolvers made by Raick Freres with Colt Pattern
  • H & R Revolvers
  • Webley and Scott Pistols 320 and 380
  • Colt Pistols and Waist Coat Pocket Model
  • F N Browing 38 and 32 and Baby Browning
  • Mauser Pistol/Rifle and New Model
  • Winchester Breech Loading Cannon
  • Big Bang Cannons Makes a Loud Noise for Celebrations
  • Gun Boats
  • English High Velocity Rifle Cartridges
  • Mauser and Mannlicher Cartridges
  • Black Powder Cartridges
  • Holsters,Cases, Slings
  • Durbar Awards and Presentations, Signet rings, Medals
  • Durbar Award Burmese Silver Bowl, Certificate Tubes in Silver
  • Presentation DAH with Silver or Ivory
  • Picket and Wristlet Watches
  • Distinctive Designs in Medals
  • Flasks, Baskets
  • BSA Scientific Cleaners
  • Taxidermy Department Mounting of all Shikar Trophies