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Clabrough & Golcher 1895-6 Catalog (San Francisco)

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Clabrough & Golcher 1895-6 Catalog (San Francisco)

Measures about 8.5" x 11" with full color covers and contains 64 pages of pictures and text. This is a top notch reprint printed on super-white paper.

John P. Clabrough was born in England and migrated to San Francisco California in 1863. He learned the American gun trade by working for various gun shops in San Francisco and in 1867 he opened a gun shop of his own at 630 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.

By 1870 John P. Clabrough had taken his two brothers, Joseph and George, as partners; the business became known as Clabrough & Bros. In 1871 or 1872, John P. and Joseph left George in charge of the store and John returned to England to manufacture guns and pistols in Birmingham, England for export to his (now larger) store in San Francisco. Eventually he added sales offices in New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago, and then in other countries. George Clabrough of the San Francisco store became ill about 1876 and died in 1879.

In 1877 John Clabrough met William Golcher who had retired from the gun business in Minnesota, and persuaded Golcher to take a look at the San Francisco store. In 1878 Golcher took charge of the store, liking the area and the climate so much that he purchased half interest in the operation in 1883. After this date the guns were marked Clabrough and Golcher. In the late l880s, Clabrough reached its peak production of 10,000 to 12,000 guns a year, produced in factories on Birmingham's Whittall Street and the now-legendary St. Mary's Row.

When the l890 US Tariff was enacted, English exports to America began to decline. In l893 Clabrough sold his company to an employee named Douglas Johnstone and retired to San Francisco. Johnstone added another line of guns, under the name Clabrough & Johnstone, and he carried on the business until World War I. Like many English gunmaking firms, C&J was forced to amalgamate with other firms. In l9l4, they joined forces with Hollis, Bentley & Playfair, which were all under the management of John O. Redgrave, a lifelong Clabrough employee who became the proprietor in l9l8. In l937, battered by import taxes, then the Great War and finally the Depression, Clabrough & Johnstone closed its doors. All that remains today is the unique legacy of a gunmaker that had roots both in England and the American West Coast."

One of the most unusual and least known of all English gunmakers, J.P. Clabrough built high-quality guns in Birmingham specifically for the American West Coast.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 64
  • J. P. Clabrough & Bro's Automatic Ejector Hammerless Gun
  • Plain Ejector Hammerless Gun
  • "Field" Hammerless Gun
  • W.W. Greener Treble Wedge Fast
  • W.&C. Scott & Son's Hammerless Guns
  • L.C. Smith Automatic Ejector Hammerless Gun
  • The L.C. Smith Hammerless Gun
  • Parker Bros. Hammerless Gun
  • The Colts Hammerless Guns
  • LeFever Automatic Ejector Hammerless Gun
  • LeFever Hammerless Gun
  • Ithaca Hammerless Gun
  • Remington Ejector Gun
  • Remington Hammerless Guns
  • Baker Hammerless Gun
  • The New Hollenbeck Hammerless
  • J.P. Clabrough & Bro's Breech Loading Gun
  • W. J. Golcher Breech-Loading Gun
  • W. & C. Scott & Son's Breech-Loading Gun
  • Parker Bros. Breech-Loading Gun
  • Remington Breech-Loading Gun
  • L.C. Smith Breech-Loading Gun
  • Baker Breech-Loading Gun
  • Daly Three barrel Breech Loading Gun
  • The Buckland Hammer Gun
  • E.D. Parker Breech-Loading Gun
  • J.C. Smith Breech-Loading Gun
  • Belgian Made Shot Guns
  • German Made Shotguns
  • Winchester Repeating Shot Gun
  • Winchester Model 1893
  • Spencer Magazine Shot Gun
  • The Burgess Repeating Shot Gun
  • Remington New Single Barrel Breech-Loading Gun
  • Remington Single Breech-Loading Gun
  • Davenport Single Breech-Loading Gun
  • Davenport Ejector Single Gun
  • Champion Single Breech-Loading Gun
  • American Semi-Hammerless Single Breech-Loading Gun
  • Ideal Single Gun
  • Hopkins & Allen Single Breech Loading
  • X.L. Single Breech-Loading Gun
  • X.L. Combined Shot Gun and Rifle
  • Stevens' New Style Single Barrel Breech-Loading Shot Gun
  • Zulu Single Breech-Loading Gun
  • Shattuck 8-Gauge Single Breech-Loader
  • Muzzle Loading Shot Guns
  • Remodeled Muskets
  • Winchester Repeating Rifles
  • Winchester Model 1873
  • Winchester Model 1886
  • Winchester Model 1890 (Take Down)
  • Winchester Model 1892
  • Winchester Models 1892 and 1892 (Take Down)
  • Winchester Model 1894
  • Winchester Carbines
  • Winchester Single Shot Rifles
  • Marlin Model 1891
  • Marlin Model 1893
  • Marlin Model 1894
  • Marlin Model Take Downs
  • Marlin Model Ballard Rifles
  • Colt New Lightening Rifles
  • Remington No. 4 Single Shot Rifles
  • Merwin Hulbert & Co Junior Rifle
  • Quackenbush
  • Flobert
  • Wernant Actions
  • Stevens Rifles
  • Pieper Rifles
  • Cadet Mushets
  • Springfield Rifles
  • Sharps Rifles
  • Chicage Air Rifles
  • Daisy Air Rifles
  • King Air Rifle
  • New Dandy Repeating Air Rifle
  • Saluting and Yacht Canon
  • Lyman and other sights
  • Targets and Trap Shooters' Supplies
  • Smith and Wesson Revolvers, Hammerless, DA, SA, Gallery, Target etc.
  • Colt's New navy, New Army and New Pocket DA, Army DA, SA
  • Merwin, Hulbert & Co's Revolvers, DA
  • X.L. Bulldog
  • Harrington & Richardson, Bulldog, Baby Bulldog
  • Forehand & Wadsworth Revolvers, Auto Ejector, Improved British Billdog
  • Marlin DA Automatic Revolvers
  • Hopkins & Allen DA, Automatic Hammerless
  • Thames Automatic
  • Remington Revolver, Single Shot, Double Derringer
  • Stevens' Heavy Shooting Gallery Pistol, SA Revolvers
  • 12 pages of ammunition, reloaders, powder and supplies
  • Shot Pouches and Powder Flasks
  • Gun Cases, Ammunition Belts, Money Belts, Ammo Cases, Game Bags, Holsters
  • Hunting Coats, Vests, Hats, Rubber Boots, Waders, Golcher Hunting Boots
  • Boots, Shoes, Leggings, Ladies Bicycle Leggings
  • Oilers, Gun Oils, Whistles and Calls
  • Drinking Cups, Canteens, Dram Flasks, Key Rings, Corkscrews, Match Boxes
  • Magnetic Compasses, Magnifying Glasses
  • Animal Traps, Hatchets, Decoys
  • Razors- Hinkle, Wostenholm, Strops, Shaving Brushes, Hair Clippers, Barber's Shears
  • Cutlery, Pocket Knives, Carving Knives, Scissors, Shears, Butcher Knives
  • Playing cards, Dressing Cases, Trunks, Lunch Cases, Police Clubs, Billies, Hooks and Nippers
  • Handcuffs, Leg irons, Metal Gloves, Lanterns
  • Dog Collars (whole page with 2 illustrations)
  • Dog Collar Locks, Dog Remedies, Dog Chains, Dog Leads, Whistles, Whips, Muzzles, Combs & Brushes