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Hopkins & Allen Arms Co. Fifty Years of Gunmaking 1867 - 1917; Vorisek

Joseph T. Vorisek

Item #1306: $19.95
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Hopkins & Allen Arms Co. Fifty Years of Gunmaking 1867 - 1917; Vorisek

158 pages, about 8 1/2" x 11" glossy soft-cover in full color. Reprinted with permission from Joe's estate. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated with photocopied images.

Has H&A, Merwin Hulbert, Davenport and Forehand Arms serial numbers and models. A really useful book for the collector. (Some of the rarest guns are depicted with low quality images)

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 158
  • Hopkins & Allen Arms Co.
  • Fifty Years of Gunmaking 1867 1917
  • By Joseph T. Vorisek
  • History of Hopkins & Allen
  • The Early Guns
  • Bacon Mfg. Co.
    • Acme Hammerless Revolvers
    • Blue Jacket and the Ranger
    • Chichester Rifle Co.
    • Dead End Kids
    • Export Models Model 412, Sidelock, Three Shot, Model 100
    • Falling Block, Duck, Single, Goose Gun, Forehand Model, Hammer Double
    • Fashion Model, Smoker, Kitemaug, Engraved, Defender
    • Five and Seven Shot Double Action
    • Hopkins & Allen Full Size XL Series Army, Navy, XL Police
    • Illustrations of Models with Serial Numbers
    • Patent Drawings
    • Pepperbox, Pocket Revolver, The Dictator
    • Persons associated with Hopkins & Allen
    • Rifles Model 8, 8 Loop Lever, Model 9 Round and Octagon Barrels
    • Rifles the 7, 8, 9 and 29 and 39 Series Schutzen
    • Saw Handle, Pocket Army
    • Serial Number Ranges
    • Shotguns/Davenport
    • Sidelock Model, New Model BoxLock
    • Solid Frame Revolvers
    • Spur Trigger Revolver
    • Spur Trigger Revolvers
    • Thayer, Robertson, and Cary
    • The Bulldog Models
    • The End of the Road
    • The Folding Trigger single shot, Tip-Up Revolver
    • The Forehand Model, Universal Double
    • The Forehand Revolvers 1902
    • The Marlin Rockwell Corporation, The Junior, The AEF American Expeditionary Forces, Large Frame, Junior, Offhand, Model 722
    • The Merwin Hulbert Series
    • The Mossberg Connection
    • The Pioneer, Sterling,
    • Three Piece Single Gun, Taxidermist or Woman's Single
    • Top Break Revolvers and the Thames Arms Company
    • Trade Marks
    • Trade Names Used by Hopkins & Allen
    • Triple Action Safety Police,
    • US Arms, NYC, VETO, Leader, Sterling, Tiger
    • XPert, XL Pistol
    • YouBet, XL, Tramp's Terror, Capt. Jack, White Star, Czar, Bang-up