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Daisy 1974 Catalog

Item #1181: $14.95
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Daisy 1974 Catalog

24 pages, about 8 " x 11", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print. Printed in color to match the original on high quality 28# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Note to Youngsters: This is a catalog reprint not a crate of guns!!

PLEASE NOTE: These Daisy catalogs are color laser REPRINTED from original scans with the permission of the Daisy company. These are NOT ACTUAL GUNS for sale. They are pretty good copies and each is bound or folded and stapled at the spine. They are NOT, however, perfect forgeries of the originals and are sold for the information they contain.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 24
  • Daisy Air Guns,BB Guns 1974
  • Your First BBGun
  • Model 102 Cub
  • Model 1105
  • Model 104 Golden Eagle
  • Daisy Model 8670 Safari
  • Daisy 111 Western Carbine
  • Daisy Model 95 Woodstock
  • Daisy Model 25 Pump Gun
  • Daisy Model 1938 Red Ryder
  • Daisy Model 98 Monte Carlo
  • Daisy Model 1894 Spittin Image
  • Daisy Model 99 Champion
  • Daisy BB Pistols
  • Six Gun Spittin Image
  • Daisy Wells Fargo Commemorative
  • Gold Bull's-eye BB Ammo
  • Daisy targets
  • Daisy Pellet Guns
  • Model 7404,7454,453
  • Rota Clip Ammo Pellets
  • "So you want a BB Gun?"
  • History
  • Learning to be a Marksman
  • Aiming and Sighting
  • Trigger Squeezing
  • Daisy Power Line Air Guns
  • Power Line Model 770 Super Spring Air
  • Model 880 Pneumatic Pump-up
  • Daisy Model Pellets and scopes
  • Daisy Model 881 Pump up
  • Power Line Model 882 Pump up
  • Co2 Semi Automatic
  • Daisy/Feinwekbau "Choice of Champions" Model 4301 Air Gun