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Daisy c1925 Air Rifles Catalog

Item #1167: $11.95
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Daisy c1925 Air Rifles Catalog

23 pages, about 4" x 8" (slightly larger than the original), glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced. Printed in color on colored paper to match the original. Fully Illustrated.

Youngsters: This is a catalog reprint not a crate of guns!!

PLEASE NOTE: These Daisy catalogs are color laser REPRINTED from original scans with the permission of the Daisy company. These are NOT ACTUAL GUNS for sale. They are pretty good copies and each is bound or folded and stapled at the spine. They are NOT, however, perfect forgeries of the originals and are sold for the information they contain.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 23
  • The Daisy Pledge
  • "To the Boy"
  • How to Become a Crack Shot
  • What you can do with a Daisy
  • A Daisy Drill Company
  • Officers
  • Parts of the rifle you should know by their proper names
  • Daisy Pump No. 25
  • Daisy Military Model No. 40 with Bayonet
  • Daisy 1000 Shot Daisy magazine Repeater No.3
  • Daisy 500 Shot Magazine Repeater No. 30
  • Daisy 350 Shot Magazine Repeater No.11
  • Daisy Single Shot No.12
  • Little Daisy Single Shot No.20
  • Drills
  • Drill Regulations
  • Commands
  • Manual of Arms
  • Marching Regulations
  • Care of your Daisy
  • How You Can Own A Daisy