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Merwin, Hulbert & Co. - 1889 (NY)

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Merwin, Hulbert & Co. - 1889 (NY)

Big catalog of Guns and Sport Goods

158 pages. About 8" x 10", new reprint on super white paper with glossy full color covers. This catalog was reproduced from a copy and while the text is very clear some of the illustrations lack detail. The pictures of the revolvers, however, were carefully restored to great detail and it carries our standard money back guarantee. The other Merwin Hulbert (1887) has better firearms graphics but does not feature the items listed below. This is a very rare, unique catalog.

Joseph Merwin's partnership with William Bray's began in 1853. He then went through several Civil War-time gun making enterprises until his famous and long-lasting partnership between himself and the Hulbert brothers.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 158
  • "Youth's Premier" Bicycle, Springfield Roadster Safety Bicycle, Cem Tricycle, Velocipedes (3 pages)
  • All revolvers made by M-H in 1889, all clearly illustrated.
  • Allen's Decoy Duck Frames
  • American foot ball
  • Ankle, stick, leg, wrist, finger, shoulder, bench and bottom split machines
  • Attachments for cleaning rods
  • Bacon's home gymnasium, sand bags, swinging bags, air-sac etc
  • Bags and Belts, cases and chests
  • Bags, bases and unpire's scoring keeper (celluloid)
  • Ballard Rifles
  • Baseball shoes, Breast protectors, show plates, Caps, shirts, pants and uniforms
  • Baseballs (six pages)
  • Black Bird Shooting
  • Blue Rock Pigeon Shooting
  • Blue Rock trap
  • Boating goods, Rowing shirts, shoes etc
  • Bright's turn stile (turnstile)
  • Calisthenic Googs
  • Caps, primers
  • Cartridge Vests, Caps, Leggins, Pants, Chaps and Chapparejos
  • Cartridges loaded with shot for rifles and revolvers
  • Catcher's masks, supporters, catcher's gloves, bandages
  • Center fire paper shells
  • CG Bonehill
  • Chamberlin Cartridges
  • Cheeseman's Field Companion and Perfect Loader
  • Cleaning rods and implements
  • Climbing apparatus, trapeze, mattresses, horizontal bars, vaulting and jumping
  • Colt Lightening Magazine Rifle
  • Colt's Hammerless Shotguns
  • Columbia Bicycles and Tricycles (3 pages)
  • Contents include:
  • Croquet sets and balls
  • Cyclometer, combination locks. Bicycle locks, bells, bags and bike luggage, wall brackets, whistles, flag staff, Bicycle stands, saddles, Foote's anti-header, tire tape, rubber handles, Acme wrench, spoke wrenches etc, spring hooks, bike lights, lanterns, bicycle uniforms, sundries!
  • Danz's Double Decoy Ducks and Profile Geese
  • Decappers, recappers and shell cutters
  • Decoys (illustrated)
  • Dr. Whither's dog food
  • Duck and Turkey Calls
  • English model japanned Iron Quiots
  • Everlasting Shells
  • Everthing else for reloading
  • Fencing equipment and foils
  • Fishing lures (6 pages beautifully illustrated), floats, sinkers, nets etc, etc
  • Fishing rods (3 pages), Reels (6 pages), fishing gear, stoves, line, tackle boxes, creels, spears, flasks etc
  • Football Jackets
  • Forehand & Wadsworth Breech Loader Double Guns
  • Gallery and Squirrel rifle
  • Gallery Targets
  • Glass balls and Traps
  • Glover's Imperial Dog Remedies
  • Grandstand cushions
  • Hammocks and canopy of all kinds
  • Hunter's and target rifles
  • Hunting and sportsman's knives, Bowie, clasp etc
  • Ice Skates (2 pages)
  • Ideal Reloading Implements
  • Implements for athletic games
  • Indian clubs, boxing gloves, dumb bells
  • L.C. Smith Breech Loaders
  • Lacross balls, tennis sets, lawn tennis, shoes, manuals. Balls, tennis bats and clothes
  • Lilliwhite's rugby foot balls
  • Lyman's Patent sights
  • Manhattan Arms
  • Manhattan three barrel
  • Metallic ball cartridges
  • National Arms Company- New Style Guns
  • Neck, Waist, YMCA, intercoastal machines
  • OK Wall machine and OK rowing machine
  • Parallel bars, weight machines, rowing machines
  • Perfect model working engines (2 pages)
  • Pin fire paper shells
  • Polo balls and sticks, goals, caps, shin guards, etc
  • Quackenbush safety cartridge rifle
  • Remington rifles
  • Saloon of Flobert rifles
  • Scorebooks and rule books
  • Section of Spalding Sporting Rules for every game imaginable from Archery to Walking and Wrestling
  • Shavers and shaving kits, safety razors, strops etc
  • Shooting Coats, Jackets, vests and hats
  • Sights
  • Snowshoes, uniforms, cushions blanket suits
  • Spalding baseball belts
  • Spencer repeating shot gun
  • Standard Chest Weight
  • Star Patent Toboggans (2 pages)
  • Ten pin balls for bowling alleys
  • The Buffalo Home trainer
  • The Charles Daly Gun, hammer and hammerless
  • The Ithaca Gun
  • The Marlin Loader
  • The Parker Gun
  • The Petmecky cleaner
  • The pneumatic parlor rowing machine
  • The Remington shotgun
  • The Smith Gun
  • Various air rifles
  • W & C Scott & Sons guns
  • W. W. Greener
  • Weeden upright steam engine
  • Westley Richards Top Snap, Bar Lock
  • Winchester repeating rifles
  • X.L. Shot Gun for Boys
  • XL Shotgun