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Bonehill, CG 1888 Guns, Rifles, Revolvers, Ammo etc. Catalog

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Bonehill, CG 1888 Guns, Rifles, Revolvers, Ammo etc. Catalog

165 pages, about 8 1/2" x 11", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice copy. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. There were two pages missing from the copy that produced this reprint.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 165
  • C. G. Bonehill Illustrated Price List 1888
  • Birmingham, England
  • "Contractor to Her Majesty's War Department and the Russian, Turkish and other foreign governments."
  • Top lever double barrel Breech-Loading Guns
  • Cheap Quality Center Fire DB Breech Loading with Double Grip
  • Snider Shot Guns in 12, 14, 16, 20, 24 and 28 bore
  • Duck Guns
  • Muzzle Loading Guns
  • Single Muzzle Loading Guns for Seal Shooting
  • Fore End Fasteners for Breech Loaders with fancy Checkering
  • DB Central Fire Rifle and Shot Guns for Cape of Good Hope, India and other countries
  • Example:"Back Work", Percussion, Fence, Best Quality Double grip with lever under guard, English extra fine Damascus barrel, field and finished in the best style, finely file cut rib with "Doll's Head" extension, Fish tail Bridle Locks, Lock of rifle Barrel Detanted, Fancy Hammers out of line sight, Wrought Furniture, Beautifully Figured Walnut Oil finished, Chequered stock and fore-end, Pistol Hand, Silver's Patent Anti-recoil Rubber butt plate fitted to stock Deely and Edge Patent Fore end fastener, Gold thumb piece, Beautifully engraved and finished in the newest style, best quality six fold flush and long range platina lined sight with wind gauge slide. Hair Triggers extra"
  • DB Express Rifles
  • Bonehill Deer Stalking or Kangaroo Express Rifle
  • Single Barrel Long Range Rifle
  • Martini Rifles
  • Snider Long Range Rifles
  • Swinburn Sporting Carbine and Long Range Rifle
  • Long Range Rifles on the Westley Richards Patent Falling Block
  • Single Barrel Express Rifles
  • Swinburn express Rifles
  • Express Rifles on the Westley Richards Patent
  • Swinburn Cape Sporting Rifles
  • Martini Cape Long Range Sporting Rifles
  • Winchester Rifle Model 76 and 73
  • Colts Lightening Magazine Rifle with Diagram of parts
  • Martini Rook and Rabbit or kangaroo Rifle
  • Snider Rabbit Rifles
  • Sharps Rabbit Rifle
  • Martini Zeller
  • New Pattern Hinge Spring Block Action
  • Flobert Action with Extractor
  • New Pattern Flobert
  • Snider Military Rifles
  • Martini - Henry Rifles
  • Bonehill's Special Match and Target Rifles with Metford Rifling
  • Elephant Guns
  • Muzzle Loading Cape Carbines with Whitworth Rifling
  • Manufactured in great quantities for the Cape of Good Hope
  • Shooting gallery Rifles
  • Morris Patent Aiming And Shooting Apparatus
  • Pin Fire Revolvers
  • Guardian and Top Strap revolvers
  • "Fist" center Fire Revolver
  • Bull Dogs
  • Baby Bull Dog
  • Puppy Bull Dog
  • Irish Constabulary Revolver
  • Police revolvers
  • Self Extracting Revolvers
  • Army Service Pattern
  • The Jewel Revolver
  • Colt American Cavalry Revolver .450 cal.
  • The National Breech Loading Deringer
  • Machine Made Revolving Saloon Rifle
  • Bonehill's United Service Companion Revolver Cases
  • Air Pistols, Champion, Victor, Gem, Excelsior
  • Air Rifle Targets
  • Walking Stick Guns Powder
  • Air Guns and pumps
  • Alarm Guns 9 illustrated Patterns
  • Loading and reloading Machines
  • Brushes and Cleaners
  • Bullet Moulds
  • Moulds for Express and Martini, Air Guns, Enfield
  • Recappers
  • Wind Gauges and Sights
  • Eley Ammunition for all guns
  • Military Paper Cartridges
  • Kynoch Ammunition, Gatling Gun, Fog Signal
  • Westley Richards Ammunition