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A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms 1945 (WWII All Country Manuals)

W.H.B. Smith

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A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms 1945 (WWII All Country Manuals)

Measures about 8 1/2" x 11", has glossy, color, soft covers and almost every page is illustrated. 351 pages.

A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms was first published in 1943 by the Military Service Publishing Company. In 1945, when this edition was printed, it was revised and enlarged to include new World War II weapons. This amazing manual covers in detail virtually all the hand fired weapons used during the war from 1800s vintage pistols through the latest recoiless rifles and bazookas. Comprehensive photographs, diagrams and directions are given about the statistics, ammunition, operation and stripping of every weapon. Any soldier could, after studying this manual, pick up any discarded gun in the field, strip it, clean it and fire it safely. So could any modern collector or enthusiast handle a variety of weapons and discern the subtle differences of model and make.

No collector should be without this classic manual. The original was printed on cheap wartime newsprint but this edition has been printed on heavy super-white paper after careful digital restoration. It is not a photocopy.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 351
  • By W. H. B. Smith
  • Austria Rast-gasser revolver 8mm
  • Austria Roth Steyr 8 mm Pistol
  • Austria Steyr 9mm
  • Austria Steyr Mannlicher 8mm Rifle Model 95
  • Austria Schwarzlose 8 mm machine gun
  • Belgium Browning Long 9mm Automatic Pistol
  • Belgium 9 mm Hipower Browning Automatic
  • Denmark Madsen 8mm Machine Gun
  • Finland Suomi 9mm Submachine Gun
  • France Modele D'Ordonnace 1892 revolver
  • France Ruby 7.65 mm Auto pistol
  • France Star 7.65 MM
  • France Mas Machine Gun
  • France Chauchat 8mm Machine Rifle
  • France Chatellerault 7.5 1924 Machine Gun
  • Germany Dreyse 7.65 Auto Pistol
  • Germany Luger Parabellum
  • Germany Mauser 7.65, 7.63 Automatics
  • Germany Sauer Automatic
  • Germany Walther 9mm
  • Germany Bergman 9mm 1934 Machine pistol
  • Germany Erma 9mm
  • Germany Neuhausen 9mm
  • Germany Schmeisser Machine Pistol
  • Germany Volksturm Geschuss
  • Germany Ghwehr Rifle
  • Germany MG 34
  • Germany Maxim 7.92 Machine Gun
  • Germany Bazooka Raketon Panzerbusche
  • Germany Faustpatrone
  • Great Britain Enfield .380 pistol
  • Great Britain Smith & Wesson 38 pistol
  • Great Britain Webley .455 Pistol
  • Great Britain Smith & Wesson 455 revolver
  • Great Britain Colt 455 Automatic Pistol
  • Great Britain Sten 9 mm Submachine Gun
  • Great Britain Austen Machine Gun
  • Great Britain Lewis 30-06 Light Machine Gun
  • Great Britain Lanchester 9 mm
  • Great Britain Owen 9mm
  • Great Britain Besa 15 mm and 7.92 Machine Gun
  • Great Britain Vickers 303 Machine Gun
  • Great Britain Hotchkiss 303 Machine Gun
  • Great Britain Piatt Projector Anti-Tank Mark 1
  • Hungary Frommer Automatic
  • Italy Glisenti Service Revolver
  • Italy Beretta 9mm
  • Italy Fiat Model 15
  • Italy Mannlicher-Carcano
  • Italy Notes on Italian Rifles
  • Italy Breda Machine Gun
  • Italy Fiat Machine Gun
  • Japan Nambu Automatic
  • Japan Arisaka
  • Japan Model 38 Carbines
  • Japan Type 01 heavy machine Gun
  • Mexico Mendoza Light Machine Gun
  • Soviet Union Nagant Revolver
  • Soviet Union Pieper Revolver
  • Soviet Union Tokarev Pistol
  • Soviet Union Moisin Rifle
  • Soviet Union Tokarev Semi Auto
  • Soviet Union v Light Machine Gun
  • Soviet Union Maxim Machine Guns
  • Spain Tokarev 40 ZF
  • Spain Astra Auto Pistol
  • USA Colt 45 Automatic Pistol
  • USA Smith & Wesson
  • USA H H Reising Cal 45
  • USA Springfield 30-06
  • USA Enfield 30
  • USA Browning 30, machine gun and auto rifle
  • USA The Rocket Launcher
  • USA 57 MM and 75 Recoiless Rifle