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Joseph Thomas Vorisek was born June 15,1944 in New Milford, Connecticut. Joe graduated from Central Connecticut University with a B.A. in Business Administration and received his MBA from the University of Connecticut. He was employed by the Travelers Insurance Company for 26 years before retiring and starting his own business as an Insurance Consultant. Married for 40 years to Shirley Vorisek, he was the father of two daughters.

His enthusiasm for firearms began when he was a teenager. He was interested in firearms marks and makers, finding them fascinating and an art form. As a young man living in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut he hunted deer and birds. He continued his love of the sport throughout his life. His in-depth research began early and lasted his lifetime. His studies made him an expert in the field of antique firearms. Joe was a lifelong member of the NRA, as well as many local gun associations. As the years passed, his active involvement in shooting waned while his dedication to research grew. In addition to his many books, Joe wrote the Shotgun Newsletter for many years and had articles published in various gun magazines. He was a friend and colleague of Charles E. Carder who researched many of the same subjects. Joe's death on December 25th, 2005 left a deep void for family, friends, collectors and history buffs.

Joseph Vorisek, author