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Lyman made its first telescopic sights starting in 1929 after they bought the telescopic sight businesses from both Stevens and Winchester.

Began in 1864 as J. Stevens Co. In 1872 began to make breech-loading shotguns. New England Westinghouse Co. In 1885 J. Stevens was operated as Incorp (Incorp was also associated with Stevens, Marlin, Meriden, New England Westinghouse and AH Fox). 1915 Incorp sold them to the New England Westinghouse Co. which also bought the Meriden Fire Arms Co. In 1916-20 Savage bought the J. Stevens Arms Co. which had been associated with Harry Pope, the barrel maker. in 1927 Savage bought the Page-Lewis Company. Later, Davis-Warner was bought by HD Folsom then traded as Davis-Crescent (Crescent was created out of the Beacon Arms Co,- 1892) and in 1932 was bought by Stevens. In 1930 Savage bought the AH Fox company. (More history below.) Also, the trade name Central Arms Company was used by Crescent Arms Co. for shotguns that were retailed through the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis.

STEVENS VISIBLE LOADER TAKEDOWN (From: The American Rifleman)- Free Download

REFERENCE BOOKS (after 1950 see SAVAGE):

CATALOGS (after 1950 see SAVAGE):

1853-1854 Bacon & Co.
1855-Name changed to Bacon Manufacturing Co.
1858-Name changed to Bacon Arms Co.
1888-Bankrupt. All production stopped.
1890-Amos Cobb, Receiver died. All tools and fixtures sold to George W Cilly
1892-Plant becomes Crescent Firearms Co.
1893-Taken over by H&D Folsom Arms Co.
1930-Bought by J. Stevens Arms Co. (Savage owned Stevens since c1924) name changed to Crescent-Davis Arms Corp.

Hopkins & Allen (Norwich, CT) bought Forehand & Wadsworth in 1902.
Hopkins & Allen bought the assets of Davenport after Mr. D died in 1903
Hopkins & Allen was bought by Marlin-Rockwell in 1916.
Crescent Arms Co. (of Norwich CT- formed 1892) was bought by
HD Folsom Co in 1893 (merged with Davis Warner in 1930) then trading as
Crescent - Davis until bought by J Stevens in 1932.
Davis-Warner was formed by merging of NR Davis and Warner Arms in 1917.


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