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If you own a gun made between 1901 and 1976 you may be able to research the original purchaser through the records on file at Griffin & Howe for Abercrombie & Fitch and Von Lengerke and Detmold - Click Here for more information and a list of available makes.

In 1888, Remington was purchased by Marcus Hartley and Partners, a major sporting goods chain who also owned the Union Metallic Cartridge Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Around 1910, Remington and Union Metallic Cartridge were combined into a single entity, called Remington UMC.

Union Metallic catalogs we reprint

MANUALS FOR OLD REMINGTONS - Some pre-1900 Remington Catalogs contained operation manuals for some guns including cutaway drawings and component parts pictures. Identify when your gun was made and then buy that year catalog to get the manual.

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