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1849 began operations as Dimick & Folsom in St. Louis, MO. Name changed to Henry Folsom & Co in 1853. Branch opened in Memphis, TN in 1862 (closed 1866) and in New Orleans in 1864. Branch opened in New York City in 1877 as H.&D. Folsom Co. Main office moved to New Orleans in 1879. Henry Folsom died in 1887 and his son took over. c.1890 begins to import and distribute guns. 1893 took over Crescent Fire Arms. Frank Foster designed new Crescent models in 1895. Folsom bought Baker Gun & Forging gun business in 1919. Merged with Warner-Davis iin 1930. Sold Crescent to J. Stevens Arms Co. in 1932. Folsom continued to sell Crescent-Davis guns.1954 - Folsom sold to Universal Sporting Goods.

Hopkins & Allen (Norwich, CT) bought Forehand & Wadsworth in 1902.
Hopkins & Allen bought the assets of Davenport after Mr. D died in 1903
Hopkins & Allen was bought by Marlin-Rockwell in 1916.
Frances H. Audley (Holsters) died on May 10,1916. Subsequently, his business was acquired by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Co

Crescent Arms Co. (formed 1892) of Norwich CT was bought by
HD Folsom Co in 1893 (merged with Davis Warner in 1930) then trading as
Crescent-Davis until bought by J Stevens in 1932.
Davis-Warner was formed by merging of NR Davis and Warner Arms in 1917.

SHOT BY HIS EMPLOYER; Head of H. & D. Folsom Arms Company Under Arrest. Says Second-Hand Revolver Was Accidentally Discharged --- Peter Koller, Wounded Man Now in Hospital.

New York Times, July 3, 1900, Wednesday. While examining a pile of old revolvers lying on a counter in the store of the H. D. Folsom Arms Company, at 314 Broadway, yesterday noon. Henry T. Folsom, the head of the firm, accidentally, shot and fatally injured Peter Koller, one of the salesmen. Koller, unconscious and in a dying condition, was taken to the Hudson Street Hospital. (Ruled an accident) Read the whole story.




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