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Double Gun Classics Magazine

A Feast for the Aficionado... from Cornell Publications!

Volume 1: 2005-2006  •   Volume 2: 2006-2007  •  Volume 3: 2007-2008

Do you revere the classic doublegun? Then you’re going to love Double Gun Classics magazine. It’s all about this wonderful genre of sporting arms, as made and used during the Golden Era of field sport, prior to WWII.

But unlike other doublegun publications, Double Gun Classics takes you to a new depth of understanding regarding these wonderful instruments of art and sport. You’ll find articles on repair, refurbishment, refinishing, cases and accoutrement repair, and history. And what history you’ll find!

Double Gun Classics goes to a level of detail and background that you won’t find anywhere else. Especially with regard to English and European doubles. Why? Because the makers of these guns kept more meticulous records of the original owners. And, despite the ravages of two World Wars, many of these records have survived. What’s more, the personal stories you’ll find behind those names are fascinating. From English Lords and statesmen to captains of industry and politics, the lives and intrigue are riveting. Fine guns were often the proud possessions of fine men… and some who were not-so-fine.

But Double Gun Classics also offers a "look inside" the actions and mechanicals. Readers learn how to preserve these old guns and their accoutrements through clear, step-by-step instructions and photos. You’ll also find the proper "insider" sources and services that you’ll need. Gun dealers, color case hardening, barrel blacking, engraving, stock work... all that and more.

In fact, one of the most popular columnists for Double Gun Classics is British gunsmith Kirk Merrington… a master of the craft who is formerly of Churchill’s in the UK. Kirk’s no-holds-barred insights and commentary will stun, contradict, and certainly change the way you think about shotguns in general, and doubleguns in particular. He is an expert’s expert of the trade.

Now Cornell Publications has now partnered with Double Gun Classics to offer color printed copies of both the current and past issues!

We will even bind multiple issues into one "book" with gold gilt on the spine for no extra charge. Now you can have a Double Gun Classics "Annual" if you wish.

Individual issues, are printed on high quality 92 bright, acid-free stock, paginated left-and-right like a book, and perfect-bound with special cloth tape process at $19.95 each. For a multi-issue book, just email us which issues you would like bound together or give us a call at 810-225-3075 (9-5 Eastern US Time, please.

Volume 1: 2005-2006  •   Volume 2: 2006-2007  •  Volume 3: 2007-2008