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Winchester 94 Gunsmith Manual


FGA 1974

Savage Stevens Fox 1951

Barber Lefever 1875

Sears 1928

A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms

Bear Archery 1955

Marlin 1952

Fisher 1880

Winchester March 1898

Hopkins and Allen 1909

Hubley 1958

Ideal No. 3 1893

Ithaca 1928

John Lovell 1890

Mauser 1895

Peabody 1873

Ross Handbook 1913

Schoverling Daly and Gales 1912

Webley 1922

We reprint over 6000 old gun catalogs, books and manuals dating from before 1850 to 2000+ and covering all aspects of firearms including Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers - Firearms, Sights, Telescopes and Ammunition of all sorts. Military and Civilian.

Our gun catalog reprints are the real thing.

They are scans of the pages of actual old catalogs that have been electronically "cleaned" and assembled into modern, individually bound catalogs printed on high quality, acid free, white paper. The covers are, except as noted, heavy, shiny cover stock and are printed in color. Some catalog booklets are folded and stapled; others are heat bonded with matching, adhesive fabric tape. We offer a money back guarantee. If you don't like it send it back for a refund, but get permission first! But the best part is that our catalog reprints are easily affordable; in a marketplace where originals can sell for hundreds of dollars, many of ours cost less than $10.00 and few are over $20.00.

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The Recent Additions page deserves a glance. It features a chronological list of books we have added in the last six months or so. That way if you are only an occasional visitor to this site, you can check out what we had added since your last visit without plodding through all 6000 of the ones you saw before. Also, if you subscribe to the Monthly Newsletter it lists recent additions too.