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Magazines- Arms and the Man 1908 to 1919 (most are 15-22 megs)

Arms and the Man was one of the predecessors to The American Rifleman. The first in their history was The Rifle: May1885–June1888 then Shooting  and Fishing July 5, 1888–Dec 6, 1906 then Arms & The Man: Dec 13, 1906–May 15, 1923, and finally the American Rifleman as of June 1, 1923.


If you would like to have a hard (printed) copy they are available from us for $13.95 each- just send us an email to Abby or use our contact form (click on the words "contact form"). Make sure you tell us which ones you want (cut and paste is a nice way to do it) and we will send you a bill.