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September 11, 2006

Hi Customers,

I have some nifty new additions for the collection and they are listed below- we managed to add about 30 new-old catalogs.

Last month when I wrote it was over 100 degrees and today it is cold and clammy, a sure sign winter is on the way. It's almost time to put the garden to bed and settle in, but first we need to plan a quick trip to have a look at the ASSRA archives. Perhaps there are some treasures hidden there for me to reproduce for you. By the way, if you want something from the Coming Soon list, please let me know and I will try to move it up the list for you. The students I mentioned last month did some work but not too much and not too fast and now they are into track and soccer and are really slow! Oh well.

Please have a look at the Note Cards and Posters. I think they are really beautiful and make super gifts. I can make cards or posters from just about any catalog cover so if you have a favorite, just give me a call. I am thinking of introducing a line of Christmas Cards featuring the catalog covers. Is anyone interested?

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Best wishes,


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Available but not yet added to website:

Bourne & Bond 1934 82pp $13.95

Winchester 1887 Guns & Ammo 160pp $15.95

Listed by date placed on the website:

Colt 1933 Component Parts 8/26/06

Hawes Mfg. 1969 8/26/06

Iver Johnson 1927 8/26/06

Marbles 1938 8/26/06

Marbles 1953 8/26/06

Remington UMC 1918-19 8/26/06

Savage 1934 (color) 8/26/06

Smith & Wesson 1952 8/26/06

Smith & Wesson 1961 8/26/06

Springfield 1868 Original Manual Reprint 8/26/06

Winchester 1898 8/26/06

Stukenbrock, August 1912 8-20-06

Ideal No. 25 1914 8/17/06

Bannerman 1936 Full Catalog 8/17/06

Lever Bolt Rifles c1931-2 (Newton offspring) 8/17/06

Greener- The Gun 1835 8/17/06

Frank Hall 1910 (Ohio) 84pp (Guns, Traps, Fishing, Sports etc) 8/17/06

Hopkins & Allen c1903 parts 8/17/06

Hopkins & Allen c1905 8/17/06

Kynoch 1905 (on Axtite Powder) 8/17/06

Scott, FC 1910 (UK- Gunmaker) 8/17/06

Hollifield Dotter 1921 8/17/06

Ideal 1898 No.10 8/17/06

Ideal 1901 No.13 8/17/06

Ideal 1948 No35 8/17/06

Marbles 1905 (Lots of knives) 8/17/06

Marbles 1910 (Lots of knives) 8/17/06

Browning 9mm Hi Power Manual c1935 7-21-06

Browning Automatics Manual 1960 7-21-06

BSA 1915 Air Rifles 7-21-06

Colt 1855 Pocket Pistol (Roots type) 7-21-06

Colt 1936 Catalog - A Century of Achievement 7-21-06

Colt 1948 .45 Auto to .22 Conversion Manual 7-21-06

Colt 1955 (Catalog and Fancy Engraving) 7-21-06

Husqvarna 1929 (Swedish) Guns Catalog 7-21-06

Pavey, C & Sons (UK) 1925 7-21-06

Remington 1877 (Revised and enlarged) 7-21-06

Smith & Wesson 1932 80th Anniversary Catalog 7-21-06

Winchester 1920 #82 7-21-06

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