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June 2007 Newsletter!

We have readers from all over the world...

Last month we added our 5000th subscriber to this monthly email! Hooray! I had a quick look and people from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Crete, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, The UK and , of course, every state in the US subscribe. Welcome everyone!

New Books:

Abercrombie catalogs are always popular because of the wide range of fine firearms they carried and their close relationship with the VonLengerke family. This Abercrombie & Fitch 1920 goes nicely with the 1904, 1930 and 1935 issues we carry. Service Armament Company 1958 and Service Armament Company 1961 are in demand for those interested in military weapons. This month I added a copy of Hy Hunter's American Weapons 1957- Machine Guns. This company specialized in dewats (deactivated war trophies), a word we don't hear much any more.

European firearm collectors are rewarded this month with quite a few additions Beretta 1956, Beretta 1963, Ducasse 1885 (French), Fiocchi Ammunition (Italy) 1951, Fiocchi Ammunition (Italy) 1961 are complimented by two US catalogs specializing in Eurpopean imports: Euroarms c1950 and Firearms International 1969. I also want to note that I added a lot of new pages to the August Stukenbrok c1912.

I didn't overlook the British contingent with Greener, W.W. 1917, Greener W.W. (UK) 1918, Webley Sporting Guns 1958, Webley 1958 Air Guns, Garden Guns and Westley Richards Modern Gun (Ovendu) 1915

Our buddies from down south in Ontario, Canada (Detroit, which is 45 miles east of us, is the only place in the US where you go south into Canada!) will enjoy the big Ellwood Epps 1965 (Ont., Canada) catalog.

High Standard is always in big demand and I added three: High Standard 1957 Conversion Catalog, High Standard Handguns 1960, High Standard 1969. Also a fabulous collection of Remington Field Service Manuals from 1950 on loan from Lanny Magee and I finally did the Remington 1964 and corrected the date on the Remington 1963 (I had it as a '64). The Hubley Cap Guns Comic 1958 brought back some great memories and the Iver Johnson 1912 although not a perfect reproduction has illustrations worth careful examination.

Malcolm Rifle Telescopes 1936 made me think about two brothers in SoCal who wanted information about rifle telescopes from the 30s a couple of years ago. Now that I have plenty to offer them I cannot remember who the brothers are! Andrew Michalowski sent us a huge Sears Roebuck catalog from which I reproduced the gun section: Sears Roebuck Guns, Camping & Fishing 1904. I also bit the bullet so to speak and reproduced two huge Stoegers, the Stoeger, AF 1944 wartime edition, and the first post-war Stoger I have done, the Stoeger, AF 1947. I have most Stoegers from 1942 through 1970 so let me know if you need one processed. Any one of the Stoegers is an excellent resource for most any gun or related object you can imagine at the time the book was published.

Last but not least I borrowed a Winchester Gunsmith Manual Models 69A, 72, 75 to compliment all the other AA Arnold manuals I offer.

Pricing of catalogs

Some people have asked how I set prices (usually just before they ask for a discount!) and I think I'll take a moment to try to answer the question. Basically, prices are a reflection of the book length and the cost of materials and ink to make it but other things can influence the price. Books that rarely sell are priced a bit higher to help pay the extra advertising it takes to sell them. Poor quality books are usually priced a bit lower. Books that cost a lot to buy (the originals, I mean) are a bit higher. I hope all this makes sense. Over all I try to price my reprints at just enough over cost of advertising, acquisition and productions to pay for the operation of the project and make a little profit for my labors. If you knew how little per hour I make from my project I would be embarrassed!

INDEXES for Every Catalog...

Every catalog we offer has an index at the bottom of the page. This is true of listings on our website, Ebay, Gunbroker and Auction Arms (we greatly prefer you buy them at the website though, where we don't have to pay listing fees or sales commissions... shipping is cheaper too!)

NEW Brochure...

I put together a new brochure of our catalogs for sale. Unlike the old one which simply listed everything alphabetically the new brochure is divided into sections for:

      1. U.S. Manufacturers
      2. British, Canadian & Commonwealth
      3. European
      4. Ammunition, Reloading, Sights and Telescopes.
      (let me know if you want one or more)

Must Read:
If you haven't yet done so, please read the About Us link on the website. It explains a lot of things such as why graphics vary in books, why I do this in the first place, errors and mistakes, guarantees, loans and more. Also, if you see something in the Coming Soon page you want, let me know and I'll move it up the list for you.

There was an article in The Week* recently saying that Paypal had revised its firearms policy. I checked with Paypal and indeed they have relented and except for automatic weapons, explosives, chemical weapons and nukes they seem to have softened their previously hard stance. You do, however, have to be an pre-approved vendor- see below.

*The Week is an excellent news magazine that reprints the best articles and bylines of the past week from around the world- great for people on the go for a balanced quick read of what is going on:

Reprinted from Paypal:

You may not use PayPal in the purchase or sale of firearms or ammunition unless the seller has received prior approval from PayPal. PayPal reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to permit its payment services to be used for the legal purchase and sale of certain firearms and ammunition regulated by this policy. Approval to use PayPal for the sale of certain firearms or ammunition will only be permitted after a thorough review of the procedures and controls the seller has in place in order to ensure transactions and shipments are conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you or your business requires approval to engage in the sale of firearms or ammunition in accordance with this policy, please send your contact information and a brief summary of your business to: ."

Special thanks to...

Lanny Magee, Ken Long, Nick Niles, Mark Foster, Andrew Michalowski and Colon Chapman for catalog loans this month.

For Book Authors Out There:
Our latest authored book is Tom Quigley and RH Chamberlain's Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past. These new books are copyright 1998 and are a must for any collector of old tools. We won't challenge Borders for top spot as a book seller but we are selling them so if you have a book (especially self-published books) that you think will fit in with my listings please give me a call at 810-225-3075.

Website Change:
I changed the front page of the website again to (I hope) make it easier and more intuitive. As usual, I invite any comments you may have.

Also, as usual, the recent addition links are below.



(Please let me know if you have any problems with the website where I confess to an occasional bug.)

Listed by date placed on the website (clicking on the name should get you there):

Abercrombie & Fitch 1920 5-31-07

American Weapons 1957- Machine Guns 5-31-07

Beretta 1956 5-31-07

Beretta 1963 5-31-07

Ducasse 1885 (French) 5-31-07

Ellwood Epps 1965 (Ont., Canada) 5-31-07

Euroarms c1950 5-31-07

Firearms International 1969 5-31-07

Fiocchi Ammunition (Italy) 1951 5-31-07

Fiocchi Ammunition (Italy) 1961 5-31-07

Greener, W.W. (UK) 1917 5-31-07

Greener W.W. (UK) 1918 5-31-07

High Standard 1957 Conversion Catalog 5-31-07

High Standard Handguns 1960 5-31-07

High Standard 1969 5-31-07

Hubley Cap Guns Comic 1958 5-31-07

Iver Johnson 1912 5-31-07

Malcolm Rifle Telescopes 1936 5-31-07

Mossberg 500 Takedown 5-31-07

Remington Field Service Manuals 1950 5-31-07

Remington 1964 5-31-07

Sears Roebuck Guns, Camping & Fishing 1904 5-31-07

Smith & Wesson 1852-1952 100 Years 5-31-07

Stoeger, AF 1944 5-31-07

Stoeger, AF 1947 5-31-07

Webley Sporting Guns 1958 5-31-07

Webley 1958 Air Guns, Garden Guns 5-31-07

Westley Richards Modern Gun (Ovendu) 1915 5-31-07

Winchester Gunsmith Manual Models 69A, 72, 75 5-31-07

August Stukenbrok c19125/10/07

ALFA (German- Eng, Sp, Fr, Eng text) 1911 5/2/07

ARMI San Marco 1964 (Ital) 5/2/07

Colt Woodsman Manual (came w/ gun) 5/2/07

Darne c1917 (French) 5/2/07

Ferlach (HANAK) 1962 (Austrian) 5/2/07

Gallyon (UK) 1964-65 5/2/07

H&R 1966 5/2/07

H&R 1967 5/2/07

H&R 1971 5/2/07

H&R 1975 5/2/07

H&R 1976 5/2/07

High Standard (Big) Component Parts 1964 Catalog 5/2/07

Jaeger, Paul Engraving 1963 5/2/07

Kleins 1946 (Chicago) 5/2/07

Rigarmi (Italy) 1954 5/2/07

Three Barrel Gun Co 1908 5/2/07

Three Barrel Gun Co 1909 5/2/07

Webley Full Line (Guns, Greener, Air Guns etc.) 1967 5/2/07

Winchester Model 37 Gunsmith Manual (Arnold) 1959 5/2/07

WUM 1932 (German- Eng, Fr, Sp, & Ger Text) Gun & Sports 5/2/07

WUM 1932 Arms, Accessories & Reloading (text as above) 5/2/07

Winchester 1946 Small 4/9/07

Winchester 1948 Price List 4/9/07

Winchester 1948 Small 4/9/07

Winchester 1967 4/9/07

Wells, RH Beginners Guide to Handloading 1960 4/9/07

Webley History 1790-1953 4/9/07

Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past- Quigley & Chamberlain 1998 4/6/07

(27) British Servie Manuals 4/1/07

Westley Richards 1912 100 Years 1812-1912 207pp $18.95 4/1/07

Burgsmuller & Sohne Jagd Waffen 1961 (German Guns & Acc) 4/1/07

Akah 1953 (German) 4/1/07

Dyer & Robson 1882 (UK) 4/1/07

O'Hare, PJ (Accessories) Big Bore Edition 1932 4/1/07

Winchester Models 47 & 43 Announcement Flyers c1949 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1936 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1937 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1938 4/1/07

Ferlach c1950 4/1/07

Griffin & Howe c1951 4/1/07

Griffin & Howe c1925 4/1/07

Hubley Guns 1955 4/1/07

Ideal No37 1950 4/1/07

Manufacture Liegeoise D'Armes c1910 (Belg) 4/1/07

Redfield Sights 1937 4/1/07

Webley Shotguns 1972 4/1/07

Webley Shotguns 1955 4/1/07

UMC 1896 4/1/07

UMC 1890 4/1/07

Westley Richards 1912 List G Export Catalog 4/1/07

Redfield Sights 1963 3-5-07

Knickerbocker, Schoverling, Daly and Gales 1927 3-5-07

AYA (Aguirre Y Aranzabal) Guns 1960 3-5-07

Churchill Guns (UK) 1922 3-5-07

Davis, NR c1912 3-5-07

Marlin 1941 3-5-07

Marlin 1945 3-5-07

Marlin (color) 1946 3-5-07

Standard Arms 1909 Advance Catalog A 3-5-07

Standard Arms 1912 (last one) 3-5-07

U.S. Rifle Model of 1917 (Enfield) 3-5-07

Thompson 1940 M1928 Handbook 3-5-07

Thompson Technical Manual M1928A1 1942 3-5-07

Thompson Ordnance Manual M1928A1 1942 3-5-07

Thompson Infantry Manual (UK) 1940 3-5-07

Thompson Field Manual M1928A1 1949 3-5-07

Meine Waffe 1918 3-5-07

Winchester c1950 Salesman's Handbook 3-5-07

Winchester 1964 Salesman's Gunology 3-5-07

Winchester 1946 Guns Price Catalog 3-5-07

Winchester 1934 Component Parts Catalog3-5-07

King Sights c1939 3-5-07

Colt Firearms 1941 3-5-07

Baker, Wm- New Gun 18793-5-07

Colt 1948 Component Parts 3-5-07

Heiser Leather 1940 3-5-07

Optische Anstalt-Karl Kahles Telescopes 1937 3-5-07

Smith & Wesson 1903 3-5-07

Winchester 1200 Gunsmith Manual 3-5-07

Smith, L.C. (Fulton) 1939 Stoeger Catalog

Powell, Wm (UK) Shotguns c19112-15-07

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works 1871-1993 by WE Goforth 2-5-07

American Arms 1878 (Fox Patent) 2-5-07

BSA Rifles and Sights c1922 2-5-07

Jeffery 1910-11 Guns, Ammo, Access. (UK) 2-5-07

Fiala Arms 1920 1-29-07

Galilondo Y Cia c1925 (color) 1-29-07

Gemmer, JP (St Louis) 1898 1-29-07

Handbook for Gunpowder 1888 (UK) 1-29-07

Gatling Gun, Handbook for the 1903- .30 rev 1910 1-29-07

Hi-Standard Handguns 1958 1-29-07

Hubley Cap Guns 1957 1-29-07

Ithaca 1886 (by Baker) 1-29-07

Ruger Mark I Target & Standard Manual 1952 1-29-07

Rifled Infantry Arms- 1855 (UK-abridged) 1-29-07

U.S. Rifle Model 1898 Manual (Krag) 1-29-07

Browning Shotguns (Liege) 1953 1/2/2007

Manual of Sights and Rifling 1864 1/2/2007

Nieder Custon Rifles 1936 1/2/2007

Mexican Rurales Regulations and Illustrations 1880 1/2/2007

Stevens 1877 1/2/2007

Stevens 1896 1/2/2007

Stevens 18971/2/2007

Stevens 19001/2/2007

Stevens c1902 1/2/2007

Stevens No. 51 c19041/2/2007

Stevens No. 54 c19141/2/2007

Stevens c19201/2/2007

Stevens 19371/2/2007

Storrs & Candee 1894 (Hartford, Ct., Guns, reloading, ammo & supplies) 1/2/2007

Winchester 1891 Catalog1/2/2007

Winchester 1893 Catalog 1/2/2007

Winchester 1907 #73 Catalog1/2/2007

Winchester 1910 Catalog 1/2/2007

Winchester Model 54 Color Flyer 1/2/2007


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