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May 2007 Newsletter!

New Books:
Has anyone heard of The Jefferson Corporation, 112 Quinnipiac Ave, North Haven, CT? I have a flyer from them - pre '62 (no zip code) but no information- European actions, American barrels.

Ok let's get started. Although there are not as many new books on this month, the volume of pages is huge because of the books I did do. Starting with the 480 page 1911 ALFA (German- text in Eng, Sp, Fr, Eng) catalog if you have an unusual European piece from this period, here is where to look and I named everything in the index at the bottom of the webpage. ARMI San Marco 1964 (Ital) made some nice shotguns as well as early Italian reproductions of old Colt revolvers. Finally, I got around to the Colt Woodsman Manual (came w/ gun) for those of you who have been asking (actually, I just found it, it's been missing for months).

Darne guns have always been good sellers and we were able to borrow a 1917 Darne from Steve Bodio (thanks!) and it is really a beauty Darne c1917 (French). Ok, before everyone writes to me, I will concede that it is probably a c1914 catalog made before Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated but it was mailed to the US in 1917! AG Hanak imported some beautiful Ferlach guns to Sussex, NJ and I am happy to offer this Ferlach (HANAK) 1962 (Austrian) catalog. Also at about that time Gallyon still had showrooms in Cambridge, England and issued the Gallyon (UK) 1964-65 catalog.

I had a pile of Harrington and Richardson catalogs on my desk one morning and just did them all. Actually that doesn't do them justice. H&R was making some wonderful new (old) guns during the 60s and 70s and their 1971 centennial catalog is a nice one: H&R 1971 also: H&R 1966, H&R 1967 , H&R 1975, H&R 1976.

I have had a lot of requests for a more complete High Standard parts catalog so here is the 263 page High Standard (Big) Component Parts 1964 Catalog (if you need a gun that is not in this catalog, send me an email and I will try to dig out a parts list for it- I have most of their component parts lists on file. Also, this catalog covers a lot of Sears JC Higgins guns.

Jaeger fans will appreciate the Jaeger, Paul Engraving 1963 catalog which shows examples of engraving they did at the time. I did the Klein's for a faithful customer who fondly remembers the company from his childhood: Kleins 1946 (Chicago). Rigarmi made a broad selection of shotguns, revolvers, automatics, carbines percussion arms and air guns during the 1950s and here is a rare catalog from them: Rigarmi (Italy) 1954.

The Three Barrel Gun Co of Moundsville, West Virginia wasn't around for long but they made a unique gun for the time in the US: Three Barrel Gun Co 1908, and Three Barrel Gun Co 1909. We already reprint a nice 1967 Webley catalog featuring their fine shotguns, but they also made excellent air guns and had recently acquired the Greener Company. This is the Webley Full Line (Guns, Greener, Air Guns etc.) 1967.

Winchester Model 37 will be glad to know that the AA Arnold Gunsmithing Manual is now ready; Winchester Model 37 Gunsmith Manual (Arnold) 1959. I also have an Arnold manual for the Models 69A, 72 and 75 .22 bolt action rifles. If you need one let me know and I'll do it for you.

And now for the BIG one. This is a reprint of the 1932 German WUM (Waffen und Munition) catalog. It has text in English, Spanish, French and German and at 738 pages it sells just about every sporting good available at the time WUM 1932 (German- Eng, Fr, Sp, & Ger Text) Gun & Sports. I reprint it in two volumes however and you can also buy just the Guns and Accessories portion with a mere 382 pages of just about every European gun and a lot of US guns made at the time WUM 1932 Arms, Accessories & Reloading (languages as above). All the common names and such more unusual names as Aga, Arma, Astoria , Astra, Aydt, Bayard, Beldo, Buechel, Cana Pistol- shoots orange peel and potatoes bits, Centrum, Champion, Delu, Donton, Ergo, Erma, Filu, GEHA, Gilling, Gilling, Gras, Hallo, Herkules, Hindu, Hubertson, Jupiter, Kommer, Leda, Lignose, Liliput, Melior, Menz, Ori, Paatz, Pfiel Air Guns, Pro Ranger, Remo, Roux, Royal, Ruby, Ruvo, Simson- with TONS of Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, Sit, Star, Ultra, Union , Venus, Zenith appear in this catalog. Take a look at the index for these books, you will be impressed.

Must Read:
If you haven't yet done so, please read the About Us link on the website. It explains a lot of things such as why graphics vary in books, why I do this in the first place, errors and mistakes, guarantees, loans and more. Also, if you see something in the Coming Soon page you want, let me know and I'll move it up the list for you.

Most first time buyers are impatient to get their books and I spend considerable time each day answering phone calls and emails asking when books were or will be mailed and when they can be expected by the buyers. Well, first off, please don't be impatient. I would get my work done much faster if I didn't have to answer such questions all the time.

For those of you who are interested, I work on a five day cycle. I start printing every five days and that takes about a day. Loading the printers with files takes about eight hours. The printers (all three of the big ones) run about 24 hours after they are loaded. Then binding takes around a half day and packing takes about a day spread over the five days. I go the post office six days a week. What time I have left over goes to correspondence, making new books and the ever present maintenance of the website and auction sites.

You can see from this that it takes time to print, assemble and package new catalogs after all the paperwork is done- sometimes as long as a week or ten days after the order is placed. I mail everything either Priority or First Class but the PO can take a week or more to deliver. I am really sorry but that is the way it is when you print to order.

Now, the first question that will pop into everyone's mind is "Why do it that way?"; "Why not just print ten or one hundred of each and put them on a shelf for when I order? That way all you have to do is run over, pick it up and pop it in the mail and Bob's your uncle!" Well, the reason is quantity. I reprint over 1500 old gun catalogs and manuals. Even if I had as few as 15,000 catalogs on hand I would have a big problem, several big problems actually. First is storage; 15,000 catalogs, each a different size from the next, would take a heck of a big area to store. Then, naturally I would be out of the one you ordered and have to print it anyway. Finally there is the problem of shelf wear, warehousing, staff, insurance, forklifts and then how much to increase the price to pay for all this stuff. Better I do it my way, and you just be patient... please!

Thanks to Vic Ventors, John Campbell, Rudi Prusok, Doug Elliot, Brett Boyd, Don Herbers and Jas van Driel:
Vic wrote an article about us in Shooting Sportsman and the phone rang off the hook. John did the same in Gun Digest and whoopee, another great response. Rudi Prusok did the same in the American Single Shot Rifle Association Journal, Brett Boyd for the Single Shot Exchange and Don Herbers for the International Ammunition Association, Jas was kind enough to write an article about us in Wapenfeiten, the beautiful color Netherlands collector's magazine. Wow! Thanks a million guys... you are each terrific!

I cannot be more grateful to these men because advertising in great national publications like these is just out of reach for me right now. Soon maybe, but not right now. Which brings me to Ebay. I have to advertise on Ebay because it produces a steady stream of new customers, but please when you reorder, do it at the website-, it is really much cheaper for me than paying Ebay fees and the postage is almost always a bit less. Also, I only advertise about half my collection on Ebay, the rest are on the website. I just do not have the time or funds to put them all on Ebay.

For Book Authors Out There:
Our latest authored book is Tom Quigley and RH Chamberlain's Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past. These new books are copyright 1998 and are a must for any collector of old tools. We won't challenge Borders for top spot as a book seller but we are selling them so if you have a book (especially self-published books) that you think will fit in with my listings please give me a call at 810-225-3075.

Website Change:
If you have any problems or questions related to the changes I made in late October please let me know. I changed the entrance of the website to make it simpler for computer novices. Those of you who are more computer savvy can still select the old front page by going to the More Advanced Computer User link. All the links splitting the collection up by era, maker, nation, ammo, reloading etc are accessed through the Advanced link.

Also, as usual, the recent addition links are below.



(Please let me know if you have any problems with the website where I confess to an occasional bug.)

Listed by date placed on the website (clicking on the name should get you there):

ALFA (German- Eng, Sp, Fr, Eng text) 1911 5/2/07

ARMI San Marco 1964 (Ital) 5/2/07

Colt Woodsman Manual (came w/ gun) 5/2/07

Darne c1917 (French) 5/2/07

Ferlach (HANAK) 1962 (Austrian) 5/2/07

Gallyon (UK) 1964-65 5/2/07

H&R 1966 5/2/07

H&R 1967 5/2/07

H&R 1971 5/2/07

H&R 1975 5/2/07

H&R 1976 5/2/07

High Standard (Big) Component Parts 1964 Catalog 5/2/07

Jaeger, Paul Engraving 1963 5/2/07

Kleins 1946 (Chicago) 5/2/07

Rigarmi (Italy) 1954 5/2/07

Three Barrel Gun Co 1908 5/2/07

Three Barrel Gun Co 1909 5/2/07

Webley Full Line (Guns, Greener, Air Guns etc.) 1967 5/2/07

Winchester Model 37 Gunsmith Manual (Arnold) 1959 5/2/07

WUM 1932 (German- Eng, Fr, Sp, & Ger Text) Gun & Sports 5/2/07

WUM 1932 Arms, Accessories & Reloading (text as above) 5/2/07

Winchester 1946 Small 4/9/07

Winchester 1948 Price List 4/9/07

Winchester 1948 Small 4/9/07

Winchester 1967 4/9/07

Wells, RH Beginners Guide to Handloading 1960 4/9/07

Webley History 1790-1953 4/9/07

Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past- Quigley & Chamberlain 1998 4/6/07

(27) British Servie Manuals 4/1/07

Westley Richards 1912 100 Years 1812-1912 207pp $18.95 4/1/07

Burgsmuller & Sohne Jagd Waffen 1961 (German Guns & Acc) 4/1/07

Akah 1953 (German) 4/1/07

Dyer & Robson 1882 (UK) 4/1/07

O'Hare, PJ (Accessories) Big Bore Edition 1932 4/1/07

Winchester Models 47 & 43 Announcement Flyers c1949 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1936 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1937 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1938 4/1/07

Ferlach c1950 4/1/07

Griffin & Howe c1951 4/1/07

Griffin & Howe c1925 4/1/07

Hubley Guns 1955 4/1/07

Ideal No37 1950 4/1/07

Manufacture Liegeoise D'Armes c1910 (Belg) 4/1/07

Redfield Sights 1937 4/1/07

Webley Shotguns 1972 4/1/07

Webley Shotguns 1955 4/1/07

UMC 1896 4/1/07

UMC 1890 4/1/07

Westley Richards 1912 List G Export Catalog 4/1/07

Redfield Sights 1963 3-5-07

Knickerbocker, Schoverling, Daly and Gales 1927 3-5-07

AYA (Aguirre Y Aranzabal) Guns 1960 3-5-07

Churchill Guns (UK) 1922 3-5-07

Davis, NR c1912 3-5-07

Marlin 1941 3-5-07

Marlin 1945 3-5-07

Marlin (color) 1946 3-5-07

Standard Arms 1909 Advance Catalog A 3-5-07

Standard Arms 1912 (last one) 3-5-07

U.S. Rifle Model of 1917 (Enfield) 3-5-07

Thompson 1940 M1928 Handbook 3-5-07

Thompson Technical Manual M1928A1 1942 3-5-07

Thompson Ordnance Manual M1928A1 1942 3-5-07

Thompson Infantry Manual (UK) 1940 3-5-07

Thompson Field Manual M1928A1 1949 3-5-07

Meine Waffe 1918 3-5-07

Winchester c1950 Salesman's Handbook 3-5-07

Winchester 1964 Salesman's Gunology 3-5-07

Winchester 1946 Guns Price Catalog 3-5-07

Winchester 1934 Component Parts Catalog3-5-07

King Sights c1939 3-5-07

Colt Firearms 1941 3-5-07

Baker, Wm- New Gun 18793-5-07

Colt 1948 Component Parts 3-5-07

Heiser Leather 1940 3-5-07

Optische Anstalt-Karl Kahles Telescopes 1937 3-5-07

Smith & Wesson 1903 3-5-07

Winchester 1200 Gunsmith Manual 3-5-07

Smith, L.C. (Fulton) 1939 Stoeger Catalog

Powell, Wm (UK) Shotguns c19112-15-07

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works 1871-1993 by WE Goforth 2-5-07

American Arms 1878 (Fox Patent) 2-5-07

BSA Rifles and Sights c1922 2-5-07

Jeffery 1910-11 Guns, Ammo, Access. (UK) 2-5-07

Fiala Arms 1920 1-29-07

Galilondo Y Cia c1925 (color) 1-29-07

Gemmer, JP (St Louis) 1898 1-29-07

Handbook for Gunpowder 1888 (UK) 1-29-07

Gatling Gun, Handbook for the 1903- .30 rev 1910 1-29-07

Hi-Standard Handguns 1958 1-29-07

Hubley Cap Guns 1957 1-29-07

Ithaca 1886 (by Baker) 1-29-07

Ruger Mark I Target & Standard Manual 1952 1-29-07

Rifled Infantry Arms- 1855 (UK-abridged) 1-29-07

U.S. Rifle Model 1898 Manual (Krag) 1-29-07

Browning Shotguns (Liege) 1953 1/2/2007

Manual of Sights and Rifling 1864 1/2/2007

Nieder Custon Rifles 1936 1/2/2007

Mexican Rurales Regulations and Illustrations 1880 1/2/2007

Stevens 1877 1/2/2007

Stevens 1896 1/2/2007

Stevens 18971/2/2007

Stevens 19001/2/2007

Stevens c1902 1/2/2007

Stevens No. 51 c19041/2/2007

Stevens No. 54 c19141/2/2007

Stevens c19201/2/2007

Stevens 19371/2/2007

Storrs & Candee 1894 (Hartford, Ct., Guns, reloading, ammo & supplies) 1/2/2007

Winchester 1891 Catalog1/2/2007

Winchester 1893 Catalog 1/2/2007

Winchester 1907 #73 Catalog1/2/2007

Winchester 1910 Catalog 1/2/2007

Winchester Model 54 Color Flyer 1/2/2007


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