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April 2007 Newsletter!

New Books:
I hope you will be pleased with this list of new additions- it contains lots of new books. Why? Because it is Easter here in Michigan and has been snowing for the last five days! And it is freezing too- hasn't been over 30 degrees since sometime in late March when we have cocktails on the porch for the first (and maybe last) time this year. Global Warming is happening elsewhere.

To start you off this month we have a collection of British Service manuals- twenty-seven in all and mostly from WWII era. I won't list them all here because it would take up too much space but suffice to say they cover the Webley Service Revolver, Enfield Rifle, .303 Machine Gun, Grenades, Bren Gun, Mortars, Owens and Austin Machine Carbine, Bayonet Drill, as well as how to get the troopies to use all the hardware. It is really a remarkable collection and our thanks to Razz Rassmussen in Down Under for lending them to us. You may look at them all by clicking British Service Manuals.

We did a pair of Westley Richards catalogs from 1912, a List G Export Catalog and the Westley Richards Centennial 1812-1912 catalog. Also, two Webley additions, a 1955 and a 1972. For ammunition collectors we added the UMC 1890, UMC 1896, Ideal No37 1950 and the Ideal No. 32 which was the same for 1936, 37 and 38. For Sight and Accessory folks, Redfield 1937 and P.J. Ohare Big Bore Edition 1932 (Tip 'O the Hat to George Ekins) . Another treat for the Ammunition/Reloading crowd is Tom Quigley's book written with RH Chamberlin called Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past- 1998 . If you don't have one, you are missing something! Also I added the RF Wells Beginner's Guide to Handloading from 1960 (thanks to Doug Elliott) and some Winchesters... Winchester 1948 Small, 1948 Price List, 1946 Small and a 1967 Full Line catalog (mostly from the Carleton brothers).

European collectors are not left out because we have the AKAH 1953 Katalog, Ferlach c1950, Burgsmuller & Sohne Jagd Waffen 1961 and Manufacture Liegeoise D'Armes c1910 (Belg).

The Griffin & Howe 1930 catalog is so popular we added a Griffin & Howe c1925 and another c1951 to give a broader perspective on the company. We also re-dated the 1963 Hubley Catalog to 1953 (sorry for the error) and added a Hubley 1955 and last but not least we have available the Winchester Models 47 & 43 Announcement Flyers c1949

Must Read:
If you haven't yet done so, please read the About Us link on the website. It explains a lot of things such as why graphics vary in books, why I do this in the first place, errors and mistakes, guarantees, loans and more. Also, if you see something in the Coming Soon page you want, let me know and I'll move it up the list for you.

Caution I Posted Last Month:
Remember last month I said; 'I recently forwarded a question about Ross rifles to a Ross expert. It had to do with a Ross sniper rifle my customer had bought from a London auction firm. Turns out the rifle was not authentic and the expert had told the auction house about it before the auction but they went ahead with the sale anyway. My customer bought the gun relying on the fanciful description and now there is trouble brewing in them thar hills. Caveat Emptor.'

The Latest on the Ross Gun:

Immediately after I sent out the above blurb I got an email from a chap in the UK whose subject was 'Defammatory (sic) Comments'. He, a chum of the auctioneer, went on to label my comments 'libellous (sic)' and demanded I 'take them down forthwith' (I hope he was referring to my comments not anything else). Then he went on to say that I 'stand into danger if (I) continue to publish this libel'. He also named the auction house. Something I feel is unnecessary

Well, I was busy getting my Colonist, Minuteman spirit churning (after talking with my son, the attorney) when wouldn't you know it, I got a note saying that the auctioneer had capitulated and refunded the entire amount of the sale to my customer… but not without a rather petulant paragraph defending the sale price of their 'made up' rifle. I think they missed the point. My customer thought he had made a good deal on a real Ross sniper rifle, not an ok deal on a 'composite' rifle as it was called.

But wait, that's not all! All this started when my customer who bought the rifle asked me a question. I forwarded the question to another customer who is a Ross expert. It was that fellow who's efforts to clear the air endured the wrath of the auction house. He received a letter informing him 'I wish to inform you that your custom is no longer welcome. I have instructed my staff not to accept any bids, consignments or in fact to have any further correspondence with you.' Then as a final insult they twisted the knife a bit more… 'As is standard practice in these instances, I will be informing my colleagues at the other major auction houses of my decision and the reasons behind it.' As I said before… Buyer Beware!

Great publication, new ideas and no trash to throw away!

John Campbell, Editor and Publisher of Double Gun Classics, has been a free-lance gun writer for over 37 years, and is currently an Associate Editor of Gun Digest.

John's feature material has also appeared in, Rifle, Handloader, The Accurate Rifle, Precision Shooting, Field & Stream, Single Shot Rifle Journal, and host of other shooting enthusiast publications. In addition, John is the author of two highly respected books: The Winchester Single-Shot, A History & Analysis and The Winchester Single-Shot, Old Secrets & New Discoveries … both available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

John's interest and passion for double shotguns began when he was a youth. He saved for a 16 Ga. Savage Fox B-ST and hunted small game with it for years. As an adult, he moved up to Parkers, Winchester M-21s and the Browning Superposed. Finally, sporting clays, combined with an intense sense of history, drew him into British and continental doubles.

Collaterally, John spent over 29 years in top-tier advertising, working with clients such as Pontiac, Cadillac, GM Parts & Service, Bendix, Detroit Diesel Allison, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Fruehauf, Budd, Michelob, Johnson Controls, Whirlpool and more. John has worked in all mediums: film, TV, print and the internet… and has won scores of awards for his work. These include two Clio Awards, widely recognized as the 'Oscar' of advertising. A few of John's more notable achievements include Mr. Goodwrench, Genuine GM Parts, and Cadillac's 'V-Series' of performance automobiles.

His current passion, Double Gun Classics is the world's first on-line gun magazine and has subscribers from all over the globe.

Double Gun Classics e-Zine: 'The best double gun publication out there.'

Subscribers call Double Gun Classics 'the best' for good reason. DGClassics gives you information you won't find anywhere else. Like how great double guns work, how they were – and are – made… plus how they can be maintained and rejuvenated to perform for decades to come. You also get features on big events, like Game Fair and the Safari Club convention, show reports, historical insights, news, and tips from some of the most knowledgeable double gun professionals in the world. The only thing they won't get is paper in your mailbox. That's because DGClassics is delivered through the internet instead of the post office. It's an e-Zine… that you can print if you want.

DGClassics is firmly rooted in American, English and Continental double guns of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and examines these guns with historical insights that have rarely been printed elsewhere. We also offer a 'look inside' the actions and mechanicals and guide our readers to the proper 'insider' sources and services they'll need.

Maybe they're right. Double Gun Classics could well be 'the best double gun publication out there.' But judge for yourself. Visit today.

For Book Authors Out There:
Our latest authored book is Tom Quigley and RH Chamberlain's Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past. These new books are copyright 1998 and are a must for any collector of old tools. We won't challenge Borders for top spot as a book seller but we are selling them so if you have a book (especially self-published books) that you think will fit in with my listings please give me a call at 810-225-3075.

Gun Prices :
Last month I wrote: 'I get two or three calls a day from people who want me to tell them how much Pappy's old gun with the wooden stock is worth. I usually tell them to go to Barnes and Noble of similar bookstore and look in the Standard Catalog of Firearms by Schwing or the Blue Book of Gun Values to get an idea. If any of you can think of a better suggestion I could make please let me know.'


'Sorry, couldn't resist - you asked what to tell folks on the phone who want to know what grandpa's gun with a wood stock is worth... We have been in retail guns for many years, and I  wait until I am exasperated (usually) and then tell them to hold it closer to the phone, because I can't see it well enough to tell... That usually gets one of those "duh" pauses, and if they are polite I tell them somewhere between $10 and $10,000, and it might be more or less than that.  If they are still 'with me' they tend to understand, and I ask if they have been to the library to see if there is a value book they might look at, without having to buy one.  I figure that since they want a free phone appraisal, they aren't interested in paying for the book, either.  The local bookstore has the Blue Book, but they are shrink-wrapped.  When we used to offer them for sale, we shrink-wrapped them, too.  When someone would ask me why, I explained that folks who were buying a new book wanted the book to be new, not paged through or with bent corners on the cover. And then I gave them my best 'dumb-blond' look - pretty easy to do, though nowadays it is more of a blonde-gone-grey look, I guess. Thanks for the smile!' Barbara

'Saw your query as to how to handle callers who ask what the value of grampa's mystery gun might be.  Along with buying a book I ask if they are web geeks then give them the names of a couple of auction sites.  Punch in everything they know and see what happens------------you're welcome',  Ron, Bend, OR

Tell them to check the auction houses for similar sales to get an idea of value... BC

Website Change:
If you have any problems or questions related to the changes I made in late October please let me know. I changed the entrance of the website to make it simpler for computer novices. Those of you who are more computer savvy can still select the old front page by going to the More Advanced Computer User link. All the links splitting the collection up by era, maker, nation, ammo, reloading etc are accessed through the Advanced link.

Also, as usual, the recent addition links are below.



(Please let me know if you have any problems with the website where I confess to an occasional bug.)

Listed by date placed on the website (clicking on the name should get you there):

Winchester 1946 Small 4/9/07

Winchester 1948 Price List 4/9/07

Winchester 1948 Small 4/9/07

Winchester 1967 4/9/07

Wells, RH Beginners Guide to Handloading 1960 4/9/07

Webley History 1790-1953 4/9/07

Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past- Quigley & Chamberlain 1998 4/6/07

(27) British Servie Manuals 4/1/07

Westley Richards 1912 100 Years 1812-1912 207pp $18.95 4/1/07

Burgsmuller & Sohne Jagd Waffen 1961 (German Guns & Acc) 4/1/07

Akah 1953 (German) 4/1/07

Dyer & Robson 1882 (UK) 4/1/07

O'Hare, PJ (Accessories) Big Bore Edition 1932 4/1/07

Winchester Models 47 & 43 Announcement Flyers c1949 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1936 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1937 4/1/07

Ideal No 32 1938 4/1/07

Ferlach c1950 4/1/07

Griffin & Howe c1951 4/1/07

Griffin & Howe c1925 4/1/07

Hubley Guns 1955 4/1/07

Ideal No37 1950 4/1/07

Manufacture Liegeoise D'Armes c1910 (Belg) 4/1/07

Redfield Sights 1937 4/1/07

Webley Shotguns 1972 4/1/07

Webley Shotguns 1955 4/1/07

UMC 1896 4/1/07

UMC 1890 4/1/07

Westley Richards 1912 List G Export Catalog 4/1/07

Redfield Sights 1963 3-5-07

Knickerbocker, Schoverling, Daly and Gales 1927 3-5-07

AYA (Aguirre Y Aranzabal) Guns 1960 3-5-07

Churchill Guns (UK) 1922 3-5-07

Davis, NR c1912 3-5-07

Marlin 1941 3-5-07

Marlin 1945 3-5-07

Marlin (color) 1946 3-5-07

Standard Arms 1909 Advance Catalog A 3-5-07

Standard Arms 1912 (last one) 3-5-07

U.S. Rifle Model of 1917 (Enfield) 3-5-07

Thompson 1940 M1928 Handbook 3-5-07

Thompson Technical Manual M1928A1 1942 3-5-07

Thompson Ordnance Manual M1928A1 1942 3-5-07

Thompson Infantry Manual (UK) 1940 3-5-07

Thompson Field Manual M1928A1 1949 3-5-07

Meine Waffe 1918 3-5-07

Winchester c1950 Salesman's Handbook 3-5-07

Winchester 1964 Salesman's Gunology 3-5-07

Winchester 1946 Guns Price Catalog 3-5-07

Winchester 1934 Component Parts Catalog3-5-07

King Sights c1939 3-5-07

Colt Firearms 1941 3-5-07

Baker, Wm- New Gun 18793-5-07

Colt 1948 Component Parts 3-5-07

Heiser Leather 1940 3-5-07

Optische Anstalt-Karl Kahles Telescopes 1937 3-5-07

Smith & Wesson 1903 3-5-07

Winchester 1200 Gunsmith Manual 3-5-07

Smith, L.C. (Fulton) 1939 Stoeger Catalog

Powell, Wm (UK) Shotguns c19112-15-07

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works 1871-1993 by WE Goforth 2-5-07

American Arms 1878 (Fox Patent) 2-5-07

BSA Rifles and Sights c1922 2-5-07

Jeffery 1910-11 Guns, Ammo, Access. (UK) 2-5-07

Fiala Arms 1920 1-29-07

Galilondo Y Cia c1925 (color) 1-29-07

Gemmer, JP (St Louis) 1898 1-29-07

Handbook for Gunpowder 1888 (UK) 1-29-07

Gatling Gun, Handbook for the 1903- .30 rev 1910 1-29-07

Hi-Standard Handguns 1958 1-29-07

Hubley Cap Guns 1957 1-29-07

Ithaca 1886 (by Baker) 1-29-07

Ruger Mark I Target & Standard Manual 1952 1-29-07

Rifled Infantry Arms- 1855 (UK-abridged) 1-29-07

U.S. Rifle Model 1898 Manual (Krag) 1-29-07

Browning Shotguns (Liege) 1953 1/2/2007

Manual of Sights and Rifling 1864 1/2/2007

Nieder Custon Rifles 1936 1/2/2007

Mexican Rurales Regulations and Illustrations 1880 1/2/2007

Stevens 1877 1/2/2007

Stevens 1896 1/2/2007

Stevens 18971/2/2007

Stevens 19001/2/2007

Stevens c1902 1/2/2007

Stevens No. 51 c19041/2/2007

Stevens No. 54 c19141/2/2007

Stevens c19201/2/2007

Stevens 19371/2/2007

Storrs & Candee 1894 (Hartford, Ct., Guns, reloading, ammo & supplies) 1/2/2007

Winchester 1891 Catalog1/2/2007

Winchester 1893 Catalog 1/2/2007

Winchester 1907 #73 Catalog1/2/2007

Winchester 1910 Catalog 1/2/2007

Winchester Model 54 Color Flyer 1/2/2007


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