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February 7, 2007 Newsletter!

New Books:
It's been below 0 degrees for days Brrrr! I've got some goodies for you this month. Rodney Storie loaned me a c1922 BSA Rifle catalog that is one of the nicest I've ever seen- A beauty. He also had a Jeffery 1910-11 that is almost new too. Mike Carrick came up with a really nice Gemmer 1898 catalog along with a couple of others. Many of you have asked about a manual for the Krag rifle and that is now available, the Fiala flyer is rare as is the one on the Gabilondo. Ammunition people should like the Handbook of Gunpowder from Jim Buchanan and the Gatling Gun handbook revised by the government in 1910 was kind of a surprise in the era of Maxim and Browning. The Baker designed Ithaca shotgun from 1886 is a rare bird and Jim Buchanan also sent us a fascinating UK government publication covering Rifled Infantry Arms in 1855. High Standard Handguns 1958 too. Not bad! Next month will be even better. Oh yes, I have WE Gorforth's- Iver Johnson book (1873-1993) for $34.94.

Advice Received- Thanks:
Thanks to everyone who wrote with advice as to where I should advertise. I had 36 different advertising places suggested by 55 people with a total of four people suggesting the ASSRA Journal and four the Single Shot Exchange (those were the most people agreeing on a venue) so I guess I don't have a consensus. I do, however have a lot of leads and I really appreciate the thought that went into the responses.

Must Read:
If you haven't yet done so, please read the About Us link on the website. It explains a lot of things such as why graphics vary in books, why I do this in the first place, errors and mistakes, guarantees, loans and more. Also, if you see something in the Coming Soon page you want, let me klnow and I'll move it up the list for you.

Originals For Sale:
Continuing this month I am selling a collection of old gun catalogs for a friend in New England on Ebay. They will be available under the Ebay name Catchme248 which is an account I use for things like this- less confusing than adding them to my regular listings. Some of the originals I'm selling this onth are High Standard manual sheets so check the Ebay store. Also, Colt 1948, The Sporting Goods Dealer 1911, Savage parts 1955, Kleins '46, Ford Model T Manual 1922, Meacham reprint 1884, Folson 1920, Abercrombie 1930, VL&D 25-6, Belding & Mull c1933 etc.

For Book Writers Out There:
We have done pretty well with Bob Elliott's book on Lefevers and Art Phelps book on the Merwin Hulbert, we won't challenge Borders for top spot as a book seller but we are selling them so if you have a book (especially self-published books) that you think will fit in with my listings please give me a call at 810-225-3075.

Website Change:
If you have any problems or questions related to the changes I made in late October please let me know. I changed the entrance of the website to make it simpler for computer novices. Those of you who are more computer savvy can still select the old front page by going to the More Advanced Computer User link. All the links splitting the collection up by era, maker, nation, ammo, reloading etc are accessed through the Advanced link.

Also, as usual, the recent addition links are below.


(Please let me know if you have any problems with the website where I confess to an occasional bug.)

Listed by date placed on the website (clicking on the name should get you there):

BSA Rifles and Sights c1922

Jeffery 1910-11 Guns, Ammo, Access. (UK)

Fiala Arms 1920 1-29-07

Galilondo Y Cia c1925 (color) 1-29-07

Gemmer, JP (St Louis) 1898 1-29-07

Handbook for Gunpowder 1888 (UK) 1-29-07

Gatling Gun, Handbook for the 1903- .30 rev 1910 1-29-07

Hi-Standard Handguns 1958 1-29-07

Hubley Cap Guns 1957 1-29-07

Ithaca 1886 (by Baker) 1-29-07

Ruger Mark I Target & Standard Manual 1952 1-29-07

Rifled Infantry Arms- 1855 (UK-abridged) 1-29-07

U.S. Rifle Model 1898 Manual (Krag) 1-29-07

Browning Shotguns (Liege) 1953 1/2/2007

Manual of Sights and Rifling 1864 1/2/2007

Nieder Custon Rifles 1936 1/2/2007

Mexican Rurales Regulations and Illustrations 1880 1/2/2007

Stevens 1877 1/2/2007

Stevens 1896 1/2/2007

Stevens 18971/2/2007

Stevens 19001/2/2007

Stevens c1902 1/2/2007

Stevens No. 51 c19041/2/2007

Stevens No. 54 c19141/2/2007

Stevens c19201/2/2007

Stevens 19371/2/2007

Storrs & Candee 1894 (Hartford, Ct., Guns, reloading, ammo & supplies) 1/2/2007

Winchester 1891 Catalog1/2/2007

Winchester 1893 Catalog 1/2/2007

Winchester 1907 #73 Catalog1/2/2007

Winchester 1910 Catalog 1/2/2007

Winchester Model 54 Color Flyer 1/2/2007


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