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Merry Christmas -- Happy Holidays Everyone!

I've worked hard this month to bring you about 25 new/old catalogs including quite a few unusual German issues to add to the ones I did last month. Chris Scott in New Zealand sent us the Gustaf Zink Catalog and he promised a Carl Zink Catalog after Christmas. The rest are from Rudi Prusok. The Akah catalog is certainly impressive and we now have a 1929 Steyr catalog in German to match the one we offer in English. Ammunition collectors will appreciate the GECO, Braun & Bloem and RWS catalogs.

I also filled in some holes in the Remington line with eight oldies. Remington is getting pretty complete now. The Hodgkins and Haigh c1883 catalog deserves a special look for those of you interested in the 19th century U.S.. It features imported arms as well as a nice selection of reloading tools. Many people have been looking for a manual for the Webley Mk I Air Pistol and I am pleased to now offer that. Anyone remember the O'Hare company from New Jersey? Check out the '35 I did for you. The King Sights '31 is unusual too. All of them have links below.

I am going to sell some of our original copies of gun catalogs starting next month. We will use our Ebay account “catchme248”. A list of titles we will be selling follows this month's recent additions below. But first, please read the next section, it is important.



Briefly put, I am attempting to place together a definitive collection of old gun catalogs for future generations to use as a reliable source of information about relic firearms and for related historical research. I, in no way, want to reproduce “forgeries” of existing ephemera. What I currently print in my basement to support the business is, necessarily, in such small quantity that there is no chance my meager efforts will, in any way, adversely affect the now global marketplace for originals. Only a moron would mistake one of my reprints as being an original, the reprints only preserve firearm information. One day, it is my intention that my files be made available to historians and collectors in .pdf format on-line for them to download and print themselves.

But here is the catch. I need your help. The only reason I can offer as many catalogs as I do today is because of the generosity of collectors like you from all over the world. Al and Dick Carleton, Rudi Prusok, Tom Quigley, Ross Seyfried, Doug Elliot, Joel Black, Mike Carrick, Jim Buchanan, Bob Snapp, Rob Lucas Dean, Ken Georgi, Angus Murdoch, Paul Milligan, Don Crowe, Paul Breakey, Tom Seefeldt, George Fram, Barry DeLong, Bill Lewis, Bill Hoffman, Ron Bennett, George Layman, John Tarka, Jim Hughes, Dave Fellingham, Paul Beitler, Peter Mikalajunas, Ron Bennett, Gary Greene, Kurt Rathjen, Gordon Jackson, Ed Muderlak, Andrew Cruickshanks and many others have all loaned me their, in some cases, huge collections of valuable old catalogs. Recent articles by Holt Bodinson, John Campbell in Guns Magazine and Gun Digest sure helped too!

Now, chances are you know some of these fellows. So here is what I'd like you to do. Go down to your gun room today, open that old file cabinet and take out some treasures to let me scan. If you have any doubts about me call any one of these guys and they will tell you I do no damage and return your catalogs promptly. Please help support my efforts to preserve our firearms history!

Call me at 810-225-3075 and I will gladly talk with you about any concern. Right now I only reprint catalogs before 1980 and the older the better- remember, they disappear right along with yesterday's LL Bean catalog when our executors come in and throw away all that “trash” we seem to collect during our lives!

In late October I changed the entrance of the website to make it simpler for computer novices. Those of you who are more computer savvy can still select the old front page by going to the More Advanced Computer User link. All the links splitting the collection up by era, maker, nation etc are accessed through the Advanced link.

The darn email program has been driving me up the wall but the programmer thinks he worked ou all the kinks. Please let me know if you experience any problems.

My best to you all and to your families for a healthy and happy holiday and new year.


(Please let me know if you have any problems with the website where I confess to an occasional bug.)

Listed by date placed on the website (clicking on the name should get you there):

H&R 1923 Parts 12/5/06

Hodgekins & Haigh c1883 Guns & Access. NY 12/5/06

USCC 1908 12/5/06

Webley MK1 Air Pistol Manual c1920s 12/5/06

Gustaf Zink (German) c1924 12/5/06

Akah Katalog (German mail order) 1932 11/29/06

Braun & Bloem Munitions (German) 1933 11/29/06

Gecado Munitions Preisliste (German) 1934 11/29/06

GECO Pistolen Schiefen (German) 1932 11/29/06

King Sights 1931 11/29/06

Marlin 1963 23pp (color) 11/29/06

O'Hare, PJ (New Jersey) 1935 Guns and Accessories 11/29/06

Remington 1882 11/29/06

Remington 1887 11/29/06

Remington Magazine Gun Manual 1889 11/29/06

Remington c1890 11/29/06

Remington 1894 11/29/06

Remington 1904-5 11/29/06

Remington 1906 11/29/06

RWS Ammo c1908 German, Color (Brass shells) 11/29/06

Steyr (German) 1929 11/29/06

Steyr (German) 1935 11/29/06

Steyr (German) 1973 11/29/06

Remington 1899 11/29/06

Savage 1971 11/29/06

Savage 1973 11/29/06

Stevens no52 1907 11/06/06

Stevens no52 revised 1909 11/06/06

Stevens 1924-short 11/06/06

Bridgeport Gun Implement Co 1882 11/06/06

Bridgeport Gun Implement Co c1912 11/06/06

Browning FN Shotguns 1925 11/06/06

Colt 1872 11/06/06

Sears, Henry 1879(Chicago) 11/06/06

Stoeger 1930-31 11/06/06

Colt Police Handbook c1920 11/06/06

Colt Police Handbook c1932 11/06/06

Ithaca Parts 1974 11/06/06

Iver Johnson 1938 11/06/06

Jeffery, WJ 1930 (UK) 11/06/06

Manufrance- Gamme 80 c1965 11/06/06

Marlin Arms Co 1915 11/06/06

National Target Supply (Col. Whelan) c1936 11/06/06

Remington UMC 1910 11/06/06

Stevens-Pope 1901 11/6/07

LePersonne & Co (UK) 1925 11/6/06

Burgsmuller & Sohne 1910 (German Text) 11/6/06

DWM 1904 (German Text w/ some English Translation) 11/6/06

Sharps 1859 11/6/06

Sharps 1864 11/6/06

Sharps 1875 11/6/06

Sharps 1876 11/6/06

Sharps 1877 11/6/06

Sharps 1878 11/6/06

Sharps 1879-80 11/6/06

Brenneke Munitions (German) 1936 11/1/06

Colt Co- Makers of History 1926 11/1/06

Colt Firearms 1930 11/1/06

Colt- 1934 11/1/06

Dornheim Munitions 1936 (Germany) 11/1/06

GECO Munitions 1939 (Germany) 11/1/06

Greener (UK) 1939 11/1/06

Iver Johnson 1936 11/1/06

Lyman 1926 11/1/06

Lyman 1933 11/1/06

Lyman 1940 11/1/06

Lyman 1946 11/1/06

Lyman 1952 11/1/06

Mahrholdt (German-mail order catalog) 11/1/06

Marlin 1885 11/1/06

Marlin 1886 11/1/06

Marlin Arms 1911 11/1/06

Smith & Wesson D Catalog c1918 11/1/06

Stevens 1889 36pp $11.95 11/1/06

Stevens 1898 80pp $13.95 11/1/06

Sedgley 1932 #36 10-4-06


Last month:

See the recent Additions page at the website and scroll down

To be sold on Ebay starting next month. These are ORIGINALS, not reprints:

A HISTORY OF BROWING GUNS browning Arms 1942 sixty pp



CHAMPION LIBRARY No. 11 Vol. 1 paper Boston Bill 14 pages Dec. 1881


COLT 1935 Jan. GOOD 40 pp

COMPLETE GUIDE TO HANDLOADING Philip Sharpe 2 nd ed. $35

CROSBY FRISIAN FUR CO 1928 exc. Cond. 28 pages

FACTS ABOUT HUNTING SIGHTS by Baush Lomb 67 pp 1934

GUN & RIFLE FACTS Capt. Crossman 1923 100 pg

GUNSTOCKS by BISHOP 8 pages 50s?

HERTERS 1952 96pp

HERTERS 1955 65 pp

HUDSON Sporting Goods 1936 Paper 32 pages rough

NRA COLLECTORS Series 188388,1906-23 by Gun Digest

OLTs Game Bird Calls no date 30s? 20 pages small

SAVAGE MODEL 99 Paper Fold flyer

SHOOTING FACTS by Outdoor Life Aug. 42 94 pp small Bklt

SHOOTING TIMES paper magazine on THE Marlin no date (40s?)

SPORTSMAN'S BOOKSELF Rifles Past &Pres. 1950 128pp

TILLINGHAST No. 4 Cartridges 60s

WILD WEST Newspaper style Magazine No. 1 1902







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