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November 6 , 2006

Hi Customers,

46 new old catalogs this month and just before the first snow we made a 1400 mile trip in four days during which we were fortunate enough to be allowed to borrow over 140 terrific old catalogs including many German treasures. You may see the list in Coming Soon but we have already prepared 18 for your pleasure and these are available in the general listings and Recent Additions pages. Please note that each catalog has its' own index of sorts at the bottom of each catalog page.

I have changed the entrance of the website to make it simpler for computer novices. Those of you who are more computer savvy can still select the old front page by going to the More Advanced Computer User link. Oh yes, I think I fixed the link problems in the last email- please let me know if they don't work for you.

Many thanks to all my writer friends who generously gave me write-ups in Guns and Ammo (October), Gun Digest 2007 and the Thompson newsletter this fall. I cannot tell you how much help that is for me; over one third of the retail price of my catalogs goes to advertising and any free publicity is a real boost. So please, please tell your friends about me so I can hold my prices and cut back on Ebay advertising and fees. The over $800 cost for a set of color ink cartridges is one thing but ad prices really hurt!

Another big thanks goes to all of you who have sent me your valuable catalogs to scan and return. I have never had a complaint about how I take care of these wonderful loans and every loan enhances our collection. This benefits every one of us and will for years to come, even those youngsters you have coming up who are not yet collectors and have no interest in history today. This wonderful treasury of our history belongs to them most of all.

Please keep your suggestions and corrections coming. I really appreciate them and remember to send me your old catalogs and share this wealth with all your collector friends.

Happy Thanksgiving,


(Please let me know if you have any problems with the website where I confess to an occasional bug.)

Listed by date placed on the website (clicking on the name should get you there):

Stevens no52 1907 11/6/07

Stevens no52 revised 1909 11/6/07

Stevens 1924 11/6/07

Bridgeport Gun Implement Co 1882 11/6/07

Bridgeport Gun Implement Co c1912 11/6/07

Browning FN Shotguns 1925 11/6/07

Colt 1872 11/6/07

Sears, Henry 1879(Chicago) 11/6/07

Stoeger 1930-31 11/6/07

Colt Police Handbook c1920 11/6/07

Colt Police Handbook c1932 11/6/07

Ithaca Parts 1974 11/6/07

Iver Johnson 1938 11/6/07

Jeffery, WJ 1930 (UK) 11/6/07

Manufrance- Gamme 80 c1965 11/6/07

Marlin Arms Co 1915 11/6/07

National Target Supply (Col. Whelan) c1936 11/6/07

Remington UMC 1910 11/6/07

Stevens-Pope 1901 11/6/07

LePersonne & Co (UK) 1925 11/6/07

Burgsmuller & Sohne 1910 (German Text) 11/6/07

DWM 1904 (German Text w/ some English Translation) 11/6/07

Sharps 1859 11/6/07

Sharps 1864 11/6/07

Sharps 1875 11/6/07

Sharps 1876 11/6/07

Sharps 1877 11/6/07

Sharps 1878 11/6/07

Sharps 1879-80 11/6/07

Brenneke Munitions (German) 1936 11/1/06

Colt Co- Makers of History 1926 11/1/06

Colt Firearms 1930 11/1/06

Colt- 1934 11/1/06

Dornheim Munitions 1936 (Germany) 11/1/06

GECO Munitions 1939 (Germany) 11/1/06

Greener (UK) 1939 11/1/06

Iver Johnson 1936 11/1/06

Lyman 1926 11/1/06

Lyman 1933 11/1/06

Lyman 1940 11/1/06

Lyman 1946 11/1/06

Lyman 1952 11/1/06

Mahrholdt (German-mail order catalog) 11/1/06

Marlin 1885 11/1/06

Marlin 1886 11/1/06

Marlin Arms 1911 11/1/06

Smith & Wesson D Catalog c1918 11/1/06

Stevens 1889 36pp $11.95 11/1/06

Stevens 1898 80pp $13.95 11/1/06

Sedgley 1932 #36 10-4-06

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website: (double click this link)


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