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September 2007 Newsletter!

Newsletters are available online:

If you missed a newsletter or want to look up an old one, please go to my website www.cornellpubs.com and look on the top of the first page for a link to old newsletters. You may view them online and in color with pictures. Also, on the subject of newsletters, I send out the newsletter in both HTML and plain text format. This means that if your browser is not set up to view pictures and colors, you automatically get the plain text version. I hope this explains why some of you don't see the pictures referred to in the letters- I know it caused some confusion last month.

Advertising in Double Gun Journal as well as Man at Arms, ASSRA Journal, Single Shot Exchange and Double Gun and Single Shot Journal.

Earlier this year I asked you, dear readers, to recommend where I should do print advertising thereby sidestepping the ever increasing costs and anti-firearms atmosphere on Ebay. I really expected a consensus of opinion but I should have guessed that even as there are thousands of gunmakers, thousands of you have, at least, dozens of opinions. A few of you did agree on a few publications and I have followed your advice and placed ads in those publications. Look for us:

Gun Report ad

Meanwhile, World Champion Shooter and Double Gun and Single Shot Journal contributing editor, Ross Seyfried, was kind enough to write a piece about Cornell Pubs that we were able to convince Dan Côté, the chief honcho at DJG, to run as an advertisement. We are excited about this exposure because DGJ has terrific circulation and a well healed readership, which I think, matches my customer profile. Look for it next month.

By the way, when I spoke with Dan he told me he started DGJ the same way I started my little project- pasting together covers in the kitchen.

New Image for the Website:

Following the loss of my fortune during lunch in July (see the August Newsletter) I worked feverishly to redesign the website to be more friendly to search engines and bots and worms and stuff that wiggle through the netherworld indexing websites. This effort was again aimed at trying to get away from the great expense of Ebay. The new webpage you see is the visible result of those efforts. The rest is imbedded in undecipherable and unfathomable code invisible to the human eye and probably the same if you could actually see it. I have no idea if it will work.

You may also notice that new pages devoted to the latest reprints are also different. I changed them to make them simpler to understand and easier to see all the parts without as much scrolling. I hope this is an improvement.

Google Stuff :

Starting in mid-August I also invested in the terrifically complex world of Google ads. These are the little boxes you see on the right when you do a Google search. The way it works is you choose a keyword (or about 750 of them in my case) and bid for how much you will pay if someone clicks on your advert. The click takes them to my website. All this is supposed to happen after the prospect does a search for a gun related word.

I began with my huge list of keywords and a confident bid of $.20 for a click with a daily limit of $10.00. That worked great for the first few days but then I started to get notices that I had to bid more for each word to keep it "active" and more... and more.... and more! Hmmm, I thought, now they want $10.00 or more PER CLICK, way out of my league. So I settled back to watch each of my carefully selected keywords snap off to inactive.

But wait, the bills didn't stop coming and through some very clever marketing, despite the inactivity of my keywords, I still get the occasional click, web traffic is slowly increasing and I guess I have been welcomed among the ranks of inactive folks who have the privilege of paying anyway. Ain't it the way? I'll take a deep breath and try Yahoo next month.

Special thanks to :

Emerson Hoblit and Mark Foster contributed some Alcan catalogs, of which we now have three completed- 1956, 1962 and 1967. Mark Foster also came up with the terrific Civil War Ordnance books (Vol 2 is missing two pages- my fault - but I hope to get Mark to make copies for me for next month- meanwhile read Vol 1). Rudi Prusok, Bill Hoffman, Jim Sowell deserve thanks for their loans that became available catalog reprints this month. Perennial catalog loaner Al Carleton was responsible for the Bausch & Lomb Handbook from 1954. It is loaded with good period stuff. Special thanks to Doug Elliott for his endless supply of Ideal catalogs (this month- No. 4, No. 14 and No. 15) and to Tom Quigley who from Phil Wahl managed to get us a copy of the elusive No. 9 Ideal catalog which you will find in this month's list. I have heard about this rare book for so long and from so many people I expect that every single one of you will have to buy a copy!

Joel Black is the owner of the Greer and Laing catalog from 1914- another rare bird! Jim Hughes loaned us French Model 39 Rifle Manual and a beautiful original Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon 1885 catalog. Don't miss it. Peter Mikalajunas found a report to Parliament from 1906 that examined the Arms Industry of Liege. This fascinating investigation examined all aspects of the gun business in Belgium and its competition with British gun makers from the mid 1870s to the date of the report.

New Books:

For those of you who were busy this summer and didn't have a chance to read my newsletter, please have a look at the Recent Additions page- I added a lot of new books during the lull this summer! My daughter and her boyfriend visited during August for my birthday so I confess to fewer new reprints this month, but as I said, check out the ones for June, July and August. I did add some requests though. I finished the three Daisy Handbooks with the addition of the No. 1 from 1946 and the No. 2 from 1948 to go with the No. 3 from 1955 I did some time ago. I also bought a beautiful Fox 1937 catalog which I reprinted in color. Someone asked for a CVA 1861 Colt Assembly Manual which I did for him, but he never called back so if you have an old CVA kit hanging around... I have the manual!

INDEXES for Every Catalog...

Every catalog we offer has an index at the bottom of the page or in the case of new listings on the right. This is true of listings on our website, Ebay, Gunbroker and Auction Arms as well as our website (we greatly prefer you buy them at the website though, where we don't have to pay listing fees or sales commissions... shipping is cheaper too!)

Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen...

Starting immediately, any of our catalogs that we send to a serving military man or woman in any of the coalition forces using an APO (or foreign equivalent) address will get a 50% discount. This small gesture of support of our troops reflects our gratitude and has nothing to do with politics- pro or con, just a little thanks for a tough job. (Will service members please remind me when you place the order?)

Must Read:
If you haven't yet done so, please read the About Us link on the website. It explains a lot of things such as why graphics vary in books, why I do this in the first place, errors and mistakes, guarantees, loans and more. Also, if you see something in the Coming Soon page you want, let me know and I'll move it up the list for you.



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