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Our customer Pete Shirley has a new website: Pete's Vintage Guns and Ammo LLC Take a look, you may find something interesting!

Dogs are smarter than you think

Well, some are...

Good News:

After the government of Colombia signed an agreement with FARC- The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia ending a 52 year war there are effectively no wars waging in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Bad News:

The U.S. Military has lost track of some 700,000 of the 1.45 million assault weapons, machine guns and other firearms provided to allied security forces, militias and police in Iraq and Afghanistan during the long wars there. Many lost weapons are available from arms dealers on the internet.

When You Are Serious About Open Carry

wet saveWoman's Wet Escape Attempt

Two lady inmates ran away recently from our local courthouse. One, in her infinite wisdom, stumbled into the Mill Pond at the back of the building to make good her getaway. Here is a funny video of her rescue (after the inevitable commercial). Prompts one of those "what were you thinking moments".

Constitutional Amendments

First ten are the Bill of Rights

Man gets jail for road-rage shooting

Ok, you are driving along on the way to work and oops, your car bumps into the Billy Joecar next to you. You mutter under your breath (put away your damn phone) and prepare to pull over to exchange information about the incident with the other driver when all of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye, you see a handgun! Then you hear a report. The other driver took a shot at you!

Time passes and the guy goes to court and is convicted, not of "reckless use of a firearm" but with a lesser charge. He gets 10 days in jail, but because Billy Joe Jackson is really a nice guy or something, he gets to serve it on weekends. Bad boy, don't do that again. Does that sound right to you? Remember, with a better aim, he might have killed you. What do you think?

Road Rage Killer Gets Stiff Sentence

This guy, Martin Zale, was a better shot and killed the guy he was ticked off with. Martin is serving 27-50 years in pokey. By the way, these are local news stories, not pulled from across the country.

He cut off another fellow and they did a bit of a honking dance to the next light. Zale was sitting in his truck, when the other fellow walked up to the side window. Zale rolled down the window and shot the victim in the face. Derek Flemming dropped like a sack of potatoes.


Rob Mouat

Gun Violence-

What to Do?

We are all gun owners here so I hope I can talk freely without angering anyone. I want to talk about gun violence and what we can do to help improve our gun owning image in the media. The gist of my idea is that I think gun owners should make a greater effort to condemn gun violence on a local level. This is something we can all do and I believe speaking out will go a long way to dispel the largely negative image gun owners have in media and, I believe, it will also make some otherwise normal gun owners think twice before doing something stupid. After reading this do you think writing to media would help or confuse?

We all know that people are basically sheep, they do what other people do. If they think they can behave badly and get away with it they will. Local society was generally more civil in the 20th century because people did what others did, they conformed. But as soon as boundaries started to bulge, public behavior generally worsened. I believe we can push back some of those boundaries and at the same time protect our rights.

There are plenty of gun laws on the books, let’s make that point in a letter to the paper every time there is an illegal use of a gun. So, when we read about a gun crime in our local paper, write a letter to the editor, stating that we are a law abiding gun owner and that we condemn the illegal use of any gun in the strongest terms… and hope they “throw the book at the perp”!

The crimes I mentioned above (Messers Jackson & Zale) are from our local paper. Sadly, there were few letters to the paper expressing outrage that the crimes were committed in the first place and that the perpetrators used a gun. We should have condemned their bad behavior publicly.

It is my hope that reading our messages in the paper will take gun owners out of the shadow of the “Second Amendment” rights statements (aren’t we all sick of people exclaiming their “rights”?) and show the anti-gun folks that we are just like them and, in fact, are on their side when it comes to punishing and stopping gun violence.

Perhaps a letter campaign would remind fellow gun owners to keep their guns locked and unloaded and behave responsibly. What do you think? Would such a campaign help? Perhaps as a side benefit it will reduce the pressure for more gun laws and encourage better enforcement of those we do have. Please let me hear from you. We are all sickened by gun violence so what ideas do you have to curb all this aberrant behavior before we end up in a police state? Of course, in a small community like ours, a letter to the editor notifies crooks that we have a gun in the house. What about that problem? I will keep replies private if you wish.

Rob Mouat

Say, Buddy, Ya Got The Time?

Time was when time really wasn’t, that is to say time wasn’t very accurate from one place to another, or was it? Back in the early nineteenth century when all travel was by foot or carriage or horseback, there was no organized or “official” time. Time was said to be when the sun reached its zenith overhead and that was “high noon” and clocks were set to coordinate with that event. Church bells pealed at noon and people in town set their clocks to coordinate, all very efficient and a lot of faith was placed in the church clocks in more ways than one because those very clocks became the source of bitter debates not many years later.

An unrecognized, looming problem was that noon in each town varied slightly from one town to another as the sun moved from east to west. When it was noon in Boston, it was only 11:56 in Worcester, MA (slightly to the west). Noon in Chicago was 12:06 in Indianapolis (slightly to the east). This earthly movement presented little problem to people in those days and people were generally less punctual than today. Ben Franklin listed thirteen “virtues” he valued in his Autobiography. He included such things as “sincerity” and “cleanliness” but he never mentioned punctuality.

Around the mid-nineteenth century railroads came into being all across the settled United States. By 1860 there were more than 30,000 miles of track laid and the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869 at Promontory Point Utah (the Golden Spike). With the railroads came a problem, many operated on a single track Steam engineand as Newton discovered, “what goes up must come down”, a train that goes one way has to come back. If you have two trains approaching one another one of them better know when to pull onto the “lay by” track before the other train arrives or a nasty crash may occur. Telegraphs helped but the railroads quickly established what became known as “railroad time”, a standardized time for a given track or rail line that engineers could depend upon to keep schedules. But, naturally, different rail lines kept different times for a while which made central hubs like Chicago, where you might change lines, a challenge.

Note the varying times across the country:

Railway Guide

Meanwhile, to help keep local townspeople informed of when trains were arriving and departing, stations began to signal noon which often clashed with the church time. Pastors and churchmen across the country were enraged that the railroads would dare challenge “God’s time”. And, of course, they had a point, nature and by extension God arranged for the sun to be overhead at exactly a certain time. Eventually, an uneasy peace developed and many towns, and even homes, kept two times, church time and for those who traveled by train, railroad time. Things were better but with so many different railroads each with its own timetable and times things were still confused.

Marking up the map of the United States into four time “zones” came next, although it took many years. And ex-engineer named William Frederick Allen devised the concept of “Railroad Standard Time” and in 1883 four time zones were implemented across the country. The change came on November 18, 1883 and there was an uproar of dissent, not everyone was happy. “It’s unconstitutional,” exclaimed Mayor Dogberry of Bangor, Maine, “being an attempt to change the immutable laws of God Almighty and hard on the working man…” A minister in Tennessee smashed his pocket watch on the pulpit.

People finally got used to the idea and slowly towns across the country switched to time zone time but it wasn’t until 1918 that Congress finally gave the Interstate Commerce Commission legal power to mark off time belts. Whew!

Rob Mouat

Arms Heritage Magazine

Early German Powder Flasks

The German flattened cow horn flasks of the late 16th and early 17th centuries are a unique bit of folk art.  Transforming a utilitarian item into a personalized work of art is the true definition of folk art.

What makes them especially interesting is the fact that so many were dated, usually between 1575 and 1610.  They were produced largely in Nuremberg and Augsburg.  The highly stylized, cartoonish engraving often depicted scenes from the Old Testament and German folklore.  Simple floral images and standardized emblems are also found.  Whether the images were ordered by the individual musketeer or were engraved at the whim of the maker is not known.  The reverse side of these flasks is usually a series of concentric circles.  The sides generally have a version of the pattern shown in Figure 11.

These flasks would have been suitable for either matchlock or wheel lock arms as their dates of manufacture span the period of transition between those two systems.

Presented below are a couple of examples.  

With the help of Cornell Publications we have produced “Annual Compendiums” of our first five years of publication. We have removed all commercial advertising and redundant material and the volumes are now pure articles on arms and related topics.

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine

New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to our website.

Buttweiler 1999 Collector Ammunition Vol XII No3

Dupont 1972 Handloader Guide- Smokeless Powder

Dupont 1978 Handloader Guide- Smokeless Powder

Howa c1985 Rifles

JC Higgins (Sears) Mod 20 Pump Shotgun (High Standard M200)

Lyman 1975 Black Powder Handbook

Marlin c1985 Parts Catalog- Exploded Views

Marshall-Wells Co 1948 Catalog of Guns and Etc. - Spokane WA

Rifles & Shotguns 1917 by Warren Miller (Field & Stream editor)

Ruger c1961 Carbine Manual

Savage 1951-2 Stevens Fox Component Parts

Springfield Armory Springfield cal .30 M1903, M1903A1, M1903A3 & M1903A4 Ops/Ord Manual


These are brief manuals or firearm descriptions reprinted from the Basic Manual of Small Arms and made available cheaply and individually:

Ariska Model 38 6.5mm Rifle Manual

Ariska- Japanese Model 99 (1939) 7.7mm Rifle Description & Notes

Astra- Spanish 9mm Long Model 400 Automatic Pistol Description

Barrett M82A1, 95 c1995 Flyer

Beretta 1934 9mm Automatic Manual

Breda 6.5mm 30 Machine Gun Manual

Degtyarov (Russian) 1938 7.62mm Light Machine Gun

Fiat 8mm 35 Machine Gun Manual

Fiat Model 15 Machine Pistol (Villar Pelosa)

Frommer 7.65 Auto Pistol Description - Hungarian

Glisenti 1910 9mm Automatic Manual

Glisenti Service Revolver 10.35mm - Notes - Italian

Italian c1950 Machine Guns- Breda M37, Moschetto 9mm, Beretta 9mm SMG etc.

Italian c1950 Service Revolvers 10.35mm - Notes

Japanese Heavy Machine Gun 7.7mm type 01 -Desc & Stripping

Japanese Hotchkiss Heavy Machine Gun Model 92

Japanese Light Machine Guns (WWII)

Japanese Revolver 9mm Model 26 (1893) Koishikawa Arsenal

Johnson 1941 .30 Light Machine Gun Description and Stripping

Johnson Light Machine Gun Model 1944 .30-06 cal Manual

Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle & Notes on Italian Rifles

Maxim (Russian Maxim) 7.62 HMG, Tokarev & Degtyarov machine Guns

Mendoza (Mexican) 7.7mm Light Machine Gun Description

Moisin- Russian 7.62 Rifle Manual

Nagant- Russian 7.62mm Revolver

Nambu 6.5 1922 Japanese Light Machine Gun

Nambu 8mm 1914 Japanese Automatic Pistol

Nambu Model 14 (1925) 8mm Auto Pistol Manual

Nambu Model 94 (1934) 8mm Japanese Automatic Pistol

Pieper (Russian Pieper) 7.62mm Revolver Description

Remington c1970 Target Rifles Flyer 40-XR, 540-XR, 540-XRJR. 40-XC

Revelli (Italian Fiat 1914) 6.5mm Machine Gun

Russian AVS Simonov SLR M36 & M38 Tokarev 7.62mm Description

Russian Machine Pistols M34-38, M40, M41, PPSH-41

Star- Spanish Automatic Pistol .45 Cal

Tokarev 40 Russian Semi-Automatic Rifle Manual

Tokarev 7.62mm Russian Automatic Pistol Manual

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Letters from Readers

Do you offer, or have you ever considered offering, digital versions of your products, say as locked pdf files? I would like to order several of your reprints but am trying to reduce my print library. Thanks.

Brent, Currently we offer only a few Winchester Manuals in PDF form:WINCHESTER ARMS CO - ALL CATALOGS & SOME TAKEDOWN MANUALS. There are many problems associated with doing digital versions not the least of which is that old guys tend to forward everything they get to all their buddies and that would severely compromise all the work and expense we have gone to over ten years to establish this trove of over 5000 old gun publications. Human nature is not to pay for what they can get for free! Another problem is OCR software's inability to read a lot of our files thereby making searching difficult. Furthermore, our website is not really set up to handle and other type of sale and it, for example charges shipping on everything. Finally, converting our files will be an enormous undertaking.

Anyway, we are currently involved with updating the website and the new one will have the capability of selling digital files. We are considering Amazon type files as well as Android tablet files and possibly pdfs. If you subscribe to the newsletter it will keep you up to date with our progress. Cheers, Rob Mouat

Greetings Rob & Abby -- I read 16 August issue about your dilemma over digitizing the mass of vintage print & graphics media in your collection, prospects of making end products searchable. A retired radio & TV engineer, I'm sensitive to the desire to retire. You know graphics are virtually impossible to search using current tech other than thru abstracts, summaries. Digital thumbnails might help users review images of objects online but scanned text, diagrams, graphics are more problemmatic, even if "watermarked." A possible strategy you might consider is to affiliate Cornell Publications with a larger umbrella organization. Perhaps NRA would have organizational depth and resources to not only handle the digitizing challenge but maintain and expand your current marketing program. I enjoy your Website content, welcome the personality you inject into dealings with a world wide clientelle. Thank you for your service to our country and to the firearms collecting community at large. Barry Potter

Thanks Barry, Right now we are in the process of updating our website and making the sale and transfer of digital copies possible. From there I will tackle the problem of trying to make them searchable. I'll keep everyone informed. Thank you for your ideas, I appreciate your help. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) Fisher, Homer - 1880 Catalogue (NY, NY), Does the catalogue have anything concerning Belgian-made parlor pistols, parts, etc? Thanks. Wbkcol3 (Ebay)

Dear wbk… I think you are talking about Flobert pistols and rifles. There is an index at the bottom of the Fisher advertisement you can check but I think you really want this publication: The Flobert Gun - History by Joe Vorisek: FLOBERT - ALL CATALOGS. Regarding parts, Floberts were made by lots of "cottage" shops in a load of models so parts for any one gun are going to be hard to identify. Rob Mouat

Dear Abby, Thank you, the quality is very good especially considering what you had to work with. What a fascinating look into the past in firearms history. I plan to order from you again. Thanks, Jeff Lewis

Dear Abby, Thank you so much for helping out with this :-) It was a pleasure to do business with you... Sincerely; Bob Heath

(Dear Rob), I like to buy and pick up. John Deyarmond

Dear John, Thanks for your note. We don't do personal pickups mainly because we don't want to be tied down to appointments and coordinating the printing and availability of our books with folks schedules. We get several requests a week for that service and it is just something we don't do. I'm sorry to turn down your request and hope you don't take offense. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) Colt 1990 Python Manual Hi, might find the label gold colt python (sticker) ,to apply to the box? nick19743486 (ebay)

Hello nick197…, I don't understand your question. Are you asking if there is a gold sticker included with the paper manual? If so, no. Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Do you have access to the gun CLEANING AND ASSEMBLY MANUAL for a ITHACA DOUBLE BARREL –SIDE BY SIDE –SHOTGUN. SERIAL NUMBER 67109—MADE IN 1902? If you can make a copy, please let me know. Jerry

Dear Jerry, I have never seen a detailed manual similar to modern ones for guns of that age. The catalogs: Ithaca c1901 Gun Catalog: ITHACA GUNS - ALL CATALOGS did give nice cutaway drawings of the mechanism showing parts locations but cleaning was up to the buyer and probably any modern shotgun cleaning instruction would also apply to the old Ithacas. So, the best suggestion I can give you is to start with the catalog. Cheers, Rob

Rob: Can I order that from you or do I need to go through e-bay?

Jerry, If you follow the link I gave you, you can buy it at our website which we would much prefer to save Ebay fees and commissions... same price to you. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) Ideal 1937 Hand Book No. 32, - Ammunition & Reloading does this handbook have load data for 9.3x53R Swiss thanks john

Dear John, No, I checked a few Ideal catalogs: IDEAL - ALL CATALOGS (New Haven, CT) from the 20s-30s and none carry such a round. I would guess it is Swiss or German. Perhaps the International Ammunition Association could help you. Rob

(Dear Rob) Astra Cub c1972 Pistol Manual I have this gun in it's original box. Is this manual the original size? You have it listed at 11x8 and my box is 3.5x5.5. I believe the original manual should fit in the box without being folded. I have an Astra Firecat in the box with the manual and it is about the same size as the box. I don't mind this being a reprint as long as it still looks to be original. Thanks, Ed

Hi Ed, No, I am sorry, because of limitations of printing so many different types of catalogs and manuals (over 5000) and because there are only the two of us we cannot possible make all the different manuals the size of the originals. It is just too difficult. So, we make them available for the purpose of information only, not for display. Again I am sorry to disappoint you. Rob Mouat

Rob, I would very much appreciate you mentioning my site in your newsletter. I am planning to add a links page to my site next Tuesday or Wednesday (August) and certainly would be happy to list Cornell Publications right at or near the top of the list. I have found your books very helpful and your prices to be quite reasonable, I was using the Hopkins & Allen book by Carder just yesterday. Have a great day and thanks for helping to get my name out, Pete Shirley

Pete's Vintage Guns and Ammo LLC

(Dear Abby), Did you also reprint the Ben Pearson 1943-1944 Catalogs? I've noticed that the 1942 catalog featured Howard Hill. My question is....If you printed those 2 catalogs, is there a picture in either one, (or any thereafter) of Howard Hill and the mule deer he took called "Big Blue"? Thank you for your assistance. Tom Jenkins

Dear Tom, ARCHERY CATALOGS: Grover Gouthier is pictured with a mule deer. They don't mention the deer's name. Best, Abby

(Dear Abby) Very pleased with the reprint of the Russian M1910 manual I received. So much so I posted a link to your website on the Facebook page I maintain for 1910 collectors. Facebook. Will be ordering other books soon. Thanks, Jim Kindred

(Dear Abby) I appreciate what you do with the vintage publications. I have made 4 or 5 purchases from you and in all cases the publication is displayed with the actual gun in my collection. It adds a lot. Brian Long

(Dear Abby) I am interested in any material specific to Strong Firearms Signal Cannons, RH Brown Signal Cannons, LT Snow. Anything marine signal cannon oriented. I tried to search, but you all probably have better visibility into your inventory. So any additional suggestions on available materials is appreciated. Txs. Joel Gardiner

Dear Joel, Many of our catalogs do offer signal cannons. Unfortunately, few mass merchants identify all individual makers and even if they did I am afraid when doing contents pages I did not include every maker of every item; with over 5000 publications I would have still been working on the first few. So, I am afraid unless you know which merchants carried the brands you are seeking I won't be much help. I am sorry. Of course, the Winchester cannons are ubiquitous. Please let me know if I can be of further help. Best, Abby

(Dear Rob) re: THOMPSON SUB-MACHINE GUNS - ALL CATALOGS & MANUALS Thompson c1925 Guns - Models 1921 & 1923 Catalog. Hey what difference between this catalog and the 1923 catalog with 30 pages that you have sale ? bossscj (Ebay)

Dear bosss… Well, we reprint old gun catalogs. Companies offer a new catalogs usually once a year. One catalog is circa 1925 the other is a 1923 catalog. As far as exactly what is different about the catalogs why not buy both and see? Rob Mouat

Dear Rob and Abby Mouat. Thank you for the message and I am glad to see that there are people who work to keep our old weapons. I have recently bought a carbine Remington 582 and here in Spain is not easy to find information and spare parts. Your page has been a joy for my. Thank you, Saludos. Julio Freire

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Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is not really a Rant, just a plea from us to use our website not the auction sites where we pay through the nose:

(Dear Abby) Just purchased Bannerman's 1936 Surplus Catalog from abbybooks@cornellpubs com for $24.95 + $7.24 S&H = $ 32.19. Afterwards I go to your website CornellPubs & the price is the same for the book but the S& H is only $5.25 for a total of $ 30.20. Would like an explanation. Than you. rx407 (Ebay)

Dear rx… Ebay charges a boatload of fees and commissions for listings and sales that we don't pay at our website. The easiest way for us to recoup those extra costs and to keep prices affordable for everyone is to manipulate shipping. Hope this answers your question. Save money, buy at the website: Cornellpubs.com. Cheers, Abby

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At the Cornellpubs website, you will find many gunmaker "master pages" listing all the catalog reprints of one brand. To the right of each "master page" are names of catalogs by merchants who carried that brand of firearms. For example, we reprint over 60 Remington factory gun catalogs but we also reprint over 160 gun catalogs from merchants that sold Remington firearms such as Sears or Abercrombie & Fitch or Spalding. Those are the listings on the right of the page.

Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and we are adding more all the time.

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Many folks call me to give me an order over the telephone because they "don't like to use their credit cards on the internet". Well, every time you use your credit card at stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants or anywhere else, the transaction is recorded on the internet! Do you trust the company you are giving the info to?

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