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When we lived on Long Island we always thought the local car thieves could steal your wheels in seconds-

but these guys do it on the run, so to speak!


thanks to Jim Buchanan

How WWI Planes Fired Through a Propeller

Ever wonder how those WWI planes shot through the propeller without striking the blades? It used an interrupter gear synchronizer

This is a clever illustration of a simple gear mechanism to help keep you from shooting off the propeller. It can be seen at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

D-Day Landing Sites, Then and Now

70 years ago last month on June 6th 1944 soldiers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Free French Forces landed on the Normandy beaches of France to begin the liberation of Northern Europe from the Nazi grip. It was the greatest sea invasion of all time. This website has some remarkable photos of the beaches and towns of Normandy then and now.

Normandy, France 1944 - 2014

E-Fan Electric Trainer Aircraft!

(Be sure to click on the little movie towards the bottom of the page)

Now, that is a sweet ride.

Ed Reynold's scans of Arms and the Man Magazine 1908-1919

available now for free download from our website:


The Wraith of Ballylinan

Seamus O’Flaherty was hitchhiking along the side of the road just outside Ballylinan, Ireland one cold, dark and stormy night.

The night wore on and nary had a car gone by. The storm was so strong it blurred his vision. Then a car slowly approached, it was barely moving. Seamus, desperate for shelter, leapt into the car and slammed the door only to realize there was nobody behind the wheel and the engine wasn't running. The car moved slowly along the road. Seamus stared at the road ahead and saw a curve approaching. Frightened, he grasped the seat until his knuckles turned white.

Then, just before the car got to the curve, a white hand reached through the open window from nowhere and turned the wheel. Seamus, now paralyzed with fear, watched the hand steering the car but not yet threatening him.

Just around the curve Seamus saw the lights of a pub down the road. Gathering strength, he jumped from the car and ran toward the light. Soaking wet and out of breath, he rushed inside and blurted out the story of his alarming experience.

The pub fell silent then suddenly the door burst open and two dark figures were silhouetted by lightning in the doorway. One looked at the other and said, “Look Paddy....isn't that the damn fool who jumped in the car we were pushing?”

and now for something completely different...

Anatomy of an online scam

On June 26th we received the first of several emails that turned out to be a nascent scam. The first one looked a bit odd because the email address attached to the name of the sender was unusual. Later the email address of the “shipping Company” was a Yahoo email so we Googled the shipper name and came up with interesting comments on websites called Scamguard-Eric Anderson and KTMO Books-Eric Anderson (read the comments when you click on the links). A further check for the shipping company revealed little about the company.

This is the correspondence so far (I'll let you know if he writes back):


From: "Eric Anderson"

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 12:28:55 PM

Subject: Inquiry,

Good Morning, I want to place an order in your store,I will like to know if you ship to Singapore. Do you have credit card facility? Get back to me with your website.I will await your prompt response. Best Regards, Eric Anderson


Eric, Thanks for your note. We ship worldwide and the shopping cart at the website calculates shipping reasonably accurately, it also takes credit cards. We will let you know if there have to be any adjustments for shipping before we send you the package. Cheers, Rob



From: "Eric Anderson"

To: "Cornell Publications"

Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 4:09:34 AM

Subject: Re: Inquiry,

Do you charge credit card manually?

Dear Eric, Yes, but every time you use your credit card it goes "on the internet", whether it be a gas station, restaurant, shop or us. The trick is to trust the people you are dealing with. In our case, as with every other merchant who accepts credit cards, if you were to give it to us on the telephone, we would enter it at our website for you, just as you can do. Cheers, Rob

email (note the description of the first item!):


From: "Eric Anderson"

To: "Cornell Publications"

Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2014 8:35:58 AM

Subject: Contact shipper

Hello Rob, Good to read back from you . below are the Items I want to order:

Mens Handmade Beaded Necklace - Lava Rock and Black Coral (sic)

#3334 - Arms and Armour In Antiquity & the Middle Ages 1869 Desc. of Modern Weapons, 50 qty

#947 - Bear 1947-48 Archery Catalog, package of 1 items @9.95 each. 100 qty

#952 - Bear 1955 Archery Catalog, package of 1 items @13.95 each. 100 qty

Concerning the shipment,the likes of UPS,FEDEX and POST OFFICE always don't take care of the charges down here. Charges like handling,customs duties,tax etc. I have experienced such situation before and I don't want to be the victims of such a thing again. I will be glad if you contact this freight forwarder Anchor Star Ltd for shipping quote.The shipping company will arrange the pick-up of my order from your store,so you don't have any stress to face in shipping processing at all.Here is their email address (anchortechltd@yahoo.com) ,Not that I can't deal with the shipper directly,but they always prefer to deal with the store where they will be doing the pick up in other to reduce the customs duties and other charges.They have a way of preparing their shipment documents whereby the custom duties payment on this goods will be reduced and if I wanted to pay for the custom duties and other charges, at times it is 40% of the whole package amount.I do trust Anchor Star Ltd ,if not I wouldn't have recommend them for my shipment.They are very reliable and fast.They will take care of everything including Handling, Customs duties,Tax, Insurance etc.Contact them to obtain a quote and get back to me in the format bellow:




Once I have these details from you, I will get back to you with my credit card information,so you can charge and make the necessary shipping arrangements. Regards, Eric

NOTE:The freight company will need these 5 information to get you a quote,so provide them with the details bellow:

1)My Customer's ID # :IOPBYTRGET

2)Delivery Full Address: Level 12, 50 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049321 Singapore

3)Pick Up Full Address : PROVIDE YOUR ADDRESS

4)Weight Of The Consignment : PROVIDE ORDER WEIGHT

5)Momentary Value Of The Consignment : PROVIDE ORDER TOTAL COST

Note: even if the rest of it didn't seem suspicious, when he gave the contact email of the "shipper" as a yahoo.com address that was enough to confirm the whole thing is a scam. We did respond, though and this is what we said:


Eric, I think you should order one each of the items you selected through our website. We will ship them USPS so you can see what we produce. I don't want to get involved with a shipper until after you see our product. Best wishes, Rob

Rob Mouat

Jane C. Bannerman died May 25, 2014 at age 104

Jane was the widow of Charles Bannerman, the last of the line to run the venerable Bannerman Company of New York that so many of us remember fondly. Jane was a renowned artist in her own right and was well known in New York society, but she was also responsible in a big way for the gun catalogs we offer and in that lies a story.

Ten or twelve years ago and shortly, after we moved to Michigan from Connecticut, Abby and I were in the basement sorting through scores of boxes of books we brought with us. In addition to our own library of books we brought almost 1000 books that comprised the library of Emily and Graydon Walker, dear friends who had left them to us when they died.

Graydon passed away in 1975 and Emily in 1992. They left behind a considerable collection of wonderful memories. Emily was the daughter of a prominent Kokomo, Indiana lumbering family who attended Smith College in the 1930s. She married art patron Nate Davis and was friends with many prominent writers and artists of the era, Hemingway, Pollock, Rothco, Ferber and others. She later married Graydon, a newspaperman from Meridian, Mississippi who want on to create some well know advertising campaigns including Luck Strike Goes Green when the red dyes were needed for the war effort during WWII. Graydon was also a noted expert of naval conflicts and development and of the Civil War. His library reflected those interests and contained scores of respected histories.

While we were unpacking the library we came across a 1955 Bannerman catalog. I recognized it by a stain on the cover as being mine from my youth. Graydon must have borrowed it decades ago! I was soon enthralled by that venerable catalog and spend days reading every page all over again. During that time it dawned on me that other people might share my thrill at reading about all Bannerman had to offer and an idea began to form in my mind, I would reprint the catalog for others to enjoy. At the time I had never seen a reprint of the Bannerman catalogs and had no idea how to go about making a reprint, but being retired I had the time to find out.

After some research I determined that Jane Bannerman was the last of the line with a direct interest in the old Bannerman firm. I found that she lived on Park Avenue in New York (the high rent district) and I called her on the telephone one evening about 6pm. The telephone rang a long time but eventually a faint and weary voice answered “hello”. “Hello, Mrs. Bannerman?” I asked. “Yes”, the weak voice answered. At this point I was convinced my call had dragged this poor dear woman from her cozy chair by the fire, where she was sipping her nightly glass of sherry, all the way across the cavernous townhouse to the hall telephone leaving her breathless.

“Oh, Mrs. Bannerman, I do hope I haven’t disturbed you”, I stammered. “Nonsense young man, I was moving the piano. The damn movers put it in the wrong spot, what do you want?” she replied, suddenly much stronger. She was very interested in our plans to reprint the catalogs and told me some stories about the old Bannerman Company. On reflection though, it was a funny conversation with a delightful old lady who was very gracious.

The Bannerman catalog took us three months to painstakingly “clean” prior to offering it for sale. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that it occurred to me that our copy of the Bannerman catalog was better than the originals by a long shot. You see, by 1955 the company had repeatedly cut and pasted their old catalogs from as far back as 1925, so many times in fact, that their then “new” 1955 copy looked terrible with loads of cut marks and smudges that we carefully removed for our reprint!

Our 1955 Bannerman catalog was the very first thing we offered for sale and it was such a success that it led us to our current task of preserving as many old gun catalogs and manuals as we can, over 5000 to date. That is our retirement task and we can thank Jane Bannerman for giving us the go-ahead to begin our enterprise. She will be missed.

Rob Mouat

Brighton, MI

Arms Heritage Magazine

Confederate Civil War Grenade Warfare

Confederate General Gabriel J. Rains was a highly imaginative innovator of nefarious weapons during the Civil War. He devised land mines to impede Union advancement, seagoing mines a sink ships and blockade ports and hand grenades as defenses to storming earthworks. The fact that his inventions did little to effect the war was not as important as seeing how an inventive mind was able to adapt the technology of the times to warfare.

In his book "Confederate Torpedoes", written after the Civil War, Rains describes his "Dart Grenade", conveniently omitting the fact that it was probably never significantly used:

"DART GRENADES (liberally synopsized from General Rains Treatise).

They are made as indicated in the drawing, having a cast-iron shell which is filled with gunpowder. A tin tube is soldered and fixed with lead so a sensitive primer can be passed in and held in place. For security the under surface of the primer is coated with tallow so that when forced in by the fingers it is protected from wet. Another opening is closed by the shaft, fitting tight and having glue just around it. Diagonally through the other end of the shaft, vanes are passed and glued and afterwards greased. A strap is attached to the end and is glued and wrapped with string.

Soldiers selected to use hand grenades should be of fine form and athletic. A company of soldiers armed with dart grenades would certainly be more effective than armed with any other weapons.

To defend forts, earthworks or reveted works there is nothing equal to the dart grenade at close quarters. The efficiency of this weapon on shipboard none can doubt who have witnessed their effects. Upon bursting 21 to 23 pieces, each with killing force fly outward.

Dart grenades are carried by the soldier in a special belt with pockets for 14 grenades."

ED. Note: As positively as General Rains describes his dart grenade, few if any saw service. The Rains Grenade differs from the Ketchum in that a strap is attached to the tail giving the grenadier the ability to throw the weapon much further than simply by hand.

A forthcoming issue of ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE will cover Civil War Hand Grenades in detail. Remember, subscriptions are available for only $19 per year and current subscribers have access to all previous twenty one issues. Subscribe at www.armsheritagemagazine.com.

If you prefer the in print version, We offer bound Annuals for years 1, 2 and 3 at $39.95plus shipping. All ads and editorial material has been removed from the Annuals and what remains is pure content.

Arms Heritage Magazine – A Little History and Background

Several years ago when it became obvious that Gun Report Magazine was defunct and when offers of assistance or buyout were rejected, it was decided to start a new magazine from scratch. It soon became clear that the startup cost of a print magazine was higher than any of the principals were willing to commit investment, further, it is increasingly obvious that the future is, like it or not, on-line publication.

Many of the former readers of Gun Report and current readers of Man-at-Arms have indicated dissatisfaction with the on-line format. We have taken two steps to respond to these complaints—first we introduced the ability to view the magazine in pdf format as well as the on-line reader version. That step enables readers to print out selected articles or, if desired, the entire magazine. The second thing was to consolidate all of the articles for a given year into an annual printed Compendium.

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine

New Books and Special Thanks

Bill Goforth has a new hardcover book out on Harrington & Richardson. It is by far the most comprehensive volume on the subject and includes extensive identification sections including serial numbers. Get yours today: H&R Arms Company 1871-1986

We also have the pleasure and privilage to reprint Joel Black, Kerry Guerin and Roger G. Michaud's book on Tranter Firearms that is no longer available in the original hardcover version. We print and bind the book with soft covers and it is available now: Tranter Cartridge Firearms- Black, Guerin, Michaud

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to my website. Special thanks to Herb Burkard, Jeff Abenshien, Ed Reynolds, Gordon Anderson, Dennis LaVarenne and Don Neal for letting us borrow their wonderful old catalogs and manuals to copy.

ARMS AND THE MAN (150 issues)

Shooting Facts by Outdoor Life 1941 (10 megs)

* Download our latest flyer of old gun catalogs

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Letters from Readers

Hi Abby, I enjoyed your latest newsletter and followed the links to your downloads page where I took advantage of the many possibilities presented. Which brings me to the point. Over a protracted period of time, I managed to scan in over 150 magazines of "Arms and The Man" dating from 1908 to 1919. Not as professionally as you and Rob could have done them, but the best I could do. Anyway, I can burn them to a DVD and send them to you, if you'd like. Perhaps they could occasionally be used on your downloads page. Let me know. Regards, Ed

Dear Ed, That would be just super! We would love to have them and we will indeed make them free downloads from the newsletter and the website, thanks. Thanks a bunch, Rob

Hi Rob, Just finished burning the DVD. It will be mailed tomorrow. Now if we can just find someone with all of the Shooting and Fishing magazines and the American Sportsman magazines... Regards, Ed

Dear Abby and Rob, I can't begin to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your placement of the Arms & The Man magazine scans in the free downloads section of your web page. My fear was that all of the information they contained would be lost to future generations. Your action and kindness have dispelled that fear. Thank you! Regards, Ed Reynolds

Dear Ed, It is our privilege to offer your hard work to other people. Your scans are the very essence of what we are trying to achieve by scanning and reprinting the old catalogs and manuals. Selling them gives us a chance to pay for buying and processing them, something you did for us with Arms and the Man. I'm glad you understand the importance of preserving our heritage and have worked so hard to contribute. Thanks, Rob

Abby, I am researching the various butt plates available on Remington Model 8 rifles from 1906 to end of production. Reliable material is scarce. Catalogs provide valuable information but are too expensive to buy all of them. Have you considered providing an on-line subscription service that researchers could use to study model variations and options available across the years of catalogs you possess? Tom Brinson

Dear Tom, Yes, I've asked about setting up a subscription service but the advice is that it is both too expensive to create the site and there would be too little interest from collectors to recoup the investment. The best guess is that the site would cost around $30,000 and, if I were lucky, we could sell 100 "memberships" at say $100 each. Not good math! I'm sorry the prospect isn't better but there you have it. Cheers, Abby

Dear Abby, Have received the manuals you sent. Very nice job! the repagination eliminates all the distraction of page turning. Your manuals are very easy to use now. Very nice job, best, Chris

Dear cornellpubs, Kennedy Bros (St. Paul) Hunting & Fishing 1910 Catalog. How many pages are there for the tennis rackets? Can you show me a sample of those pages? Thank you. - jjcourt (Ebay)

jjcou... One page. Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Can you display that page? Thank you. – jjcourt (Ebay)

jjcou... No, I'm sorry, if we started to do that with our 5000 reprints we would spend all our time giving away our work for free. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Any chance you have a mauser 1934 model manual? – oleradop (Ebay)

Dear olera… Sure, try this: Mauser 1914 & 1934 Model Automatic Pistol Manual, Abby

Dear Abby, Service Armament Company 1961 (Bogota, NJ) Reprint: Exactly what I wanted, a beautiful job, I am well Pleased!!!!! Richard Ryther

Abby, I am developing a Wild West pulp fantasy game and I am looking for a publication or publications that will give me a variety of interesting images and descriptions of mid to late 19th century firearms. Each item in the game is represented on a card, and we want the style of the cards to be evocative of an advertisement or catalog entry. We have an artist who will be doing custom artwork in a lithographic block print style for each of the weapons and items, and I would like to give him some solid design references. The game takes place in a fantasy setting, so I am also interested in seeing an interesting variety of makes, models, and variations of different firearms. Your website has an excellent collection of catalogs, and I was wondering if you might be able to recommend a few that might be particularly useful in this regard. Thank you very much for your time and assistance, Benson Green

Dear Benson, At risk of sounding obvious, most 19th century catalogs give one a sense of the weapons sold then. But here are a few catalogs that may give more than others (they are among favorite old catalogs, manuals and books): Cheers, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Hello, I try to find informationes about a german gun-maker ERNST STEIGLEDER from Berlin-Suhl. I have an old drilling mede by him and I cannot find the cartridges for it. The caliber of the driling is: 2 x 28 and 6,3 x 52R. I relly need to find this 6,3 x 52R. The question is if you have info in this book about Ernst Steigleder or you have an old catalog about german ammunition from 1920-1935. Thanks in advance. - tony99-2008

Tony, I doubt the Breechloader books will help you too much because they are really for large collectors looking for brief information- or dealers. We do, however reprint loads of German catalogs including significant ammunition selections. I think your best bet is to look at our website for easier locating of what you seek. German Publications

Hello Abigail Mouat, Hemming Oliver Richard Newton (Hong Kong) has opened a dispute for the payment made on May 25, 2014 indicating that the item they received did not match the original description. Hemming Oliver Richard Newton has requested a $30.95 USD refund:

Hi, frankly speaking the quality of the print and reproduction of the images is just appalling. I am not happy to pay for this, if you want it back , please refund me the full cost inc the postage and add onto it the cost of returning it by air mail. $34.00

Dear Mr. Hemming, I am in receipt of your rather agitated note and, quite frankly, your description of our product as being “appalling” does not help me understand your complaint. I assume you read our statement about quality before you made your purchase and although some of our more rare publications can be pretty poor "quality", the one you bought is really a nice piece, and it was reproduced from a nice original, especially considering it is almost 90 years old. I will paste the quality statement from our website below for your edification.

It is always possible you got the wrong thing or that it was subject to a printing problem of some sort so I would ask you to describe to me what your complaint is in some detail. Regrettably we have had a rash of foreign buyers from Hong Kong and Italy who have learned that we were a soft touch for refunds so I need to establish your complaint has some validity before I consider a refund. Most of those cases requesting a refund used hyperbole similar to yours without any real explanation about the problem. Cheers, Rob Mouat

Dear Rob Yes I did read your statement about quality and the fact that you don’t use photocopiers and that you use the latest digital equipment and software available. And frankly I find it hard to believe as that would include printers that don’t make all the spots on the page or the lines that are the same as my laser printer when it needs a service and the rollers are dirty. Software would include basic Photoshop to remove any spots if they were in the scans, clearly nothing has been touched up. The scans themselves look very poor , if that really was taken from a genuine original and you use the latest equipment I am shocked as it looks like you used a photocopier circa 1980. So whilst I appreciate and have myself also had some experience of fraud from Asia and Italy, I do stand by my request as I don’t think it’s really up to scratch. Too many avoidable printing errors. Appalling is a bit harsh, sorry. Kindest regards Oliver Hemming

Dear Oliver, Upon further examination, you are correct, there are lots of flaws in the publication I sent you. When I received the pdf of that catalog from the Asociación Argentina Coleccionistas de Armas y Municiones I processed it badly, my apologies. I'll redo it and send you a replacement copy. Thank you for taking the time to write back. Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Niedner Rifle Corporation 1936 Catalog I received this "catalog" as you describe it, when in fact it is a collection of 8x11 photocopy sheets not cropped or bound like your listing suggests. Any suggestions? – ebuytex (Ebay)

Dear Peter, Oops, that one must have slipped by uncropped to you, I'll send another AND I'll refund your money for your trouble! But one thing, the print you got, assuming you got the Neidner, was actually a laser print of the original catalog. We print to order and don't use a photocopier. On the other hand most photocopiers today are actually laser printers so that might mislead a casual observer. We print to order each item because we offer over 5000 old gun publications and that is the only way we can do it from a practical sense. Regarding bindings, we usually staple small folded publications like the Neidner as the original was. But for the new one we'll send you, I'll perfect bind it. Hope this one is to your liking and it won't have cost you a penny! Cheers, Abby

Hi Abby, I appreciate your quick response - and the good service! Regards, Peter Hutton

Abby, I know full well that you do not have the time and probably the inclination to help with issues such as I have but when and if you have the time, I would sincerely appreciate any help that you might be able to offer. What I have are 3 1873 Winchesters, 2 each chambered in 38-40, serial number 205xx and 3262xx, and 1 each chambered in 32-20. The rifle chambered in 32-20 does not have a serial number that is legible. The 32-20 rifle has an octagon barrel, one has an octagon barrel and the other 38-40 has a round barrel. All three rifles have barrels measuring 24 1/4 inches measured forward of the action. All three rifles have crescent steel butt plates. At this time, none of these rifles are capable nor safe to attempt to load and fire them. They belong to a good friend of mine who asked me if I could help him resurrect one rifle from the three that would be capable of firing a black powder cast lead bullet.

My problem is that I have nothing to look at as a reference to see just how they are assembled. I could just start disassembling them but that can lead to a very slippery slope without a ladder to climb back out on. I would like to purchase anything that you can help with for whatever the going price is plus postage. I should also say upfront that I do not need this information yesterday. Whenever you have the time would suit me just fine. Take care and stay well. Dave Campbell

Hi Dave, Got it, the guns were made in 1886 and 1890 respectively. I would guess the third one is in the same era and the catalog I am about to suggest should help you for all three. See the attached pdf file for all Winchester serial numbers and years. I recommend the 1890 Winchester catalog to help you here. In those days they had not yet thought of using "exploded" isometric views of gun parts but they did make nice cutaway drawings of the action and included a flat parts plan. With those two things you should be good to go. Here is the link to the Winchester catalogs and I suggest one of the 1890s: WINCHESTER ARMS CO - ALL CATALOGS & SOME TAKEDOWN MANUALS (scroll down). You can buy it online with no risk, the site is encrypted and safe to use. Remember, every time you use your credit card it goes "online" whether at a gas station, restaurant or store, the key is trusting the seller! Cheers, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, hello i had purchased the suomi m31 manual from you alil bit back however it wasnt the correct manual it was for a newer recreation of a semi auto m31 from TNW and not in the actual blueprint assemebly or parts. Im wondering if you could replace that manual with this manual A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms 1943 since it should be the actual original automatic gun with all of the original parts and blueprints of this firearm thank you - wvgunnut304 (Ebay)

Dear wvgunnut... The Basic Manual was written to teach soldiers how to operate guns they might find on the battlefield. It would certainly not include blueprints of the gun's internal mechanism as used to manufacture the weapon. Rob Mouat

Dear cornellpubs, I am searching for a aircrewman's gunnery manual that was written by my deceased father, Robert H. Protz, during World War II. Do you have a copy, or know where I may find one? Your help would be greatly appreciated. - caps937 (Ebay)

Dear caps... I'm sorry, I know of few military manuals that credit the author (at least after WWI) and neither of the air gunner manuals I reprint has that name. Good luck with your search. Rob Mouat

Abby, Received my order today , I'm impressed with the quality of the book . Many thanks for making these old books available. Kevin Brenton, Australia

Dear cornellpubs, The cover sheet of your manual describes it as for the Model 11-48. That is a different shotgun from the Model 11. Perhaps you might want to check it out and re-do your listing. Thanks, Chuck –mmous2k (Ebay)

Chuck, I fixed it, thanks, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Browning c1931 FN Auto 5 Manual would it be possible to buy the original of this manual ? will pay good money for it thank you - clueman1 (Ebay)

Dear cluem... Thanks for your note. We have boxes and boxes of originals in no particular order. One day we will get around to selling them but for now they live in the basement. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, hi, I see the index lists a Daly Regent Diamond shotgun. I am trying to find a book for a circa 1914 Daly Diamond Grade. does this catalog have a few more guns illustrated, or do you have something else that might contain the gun I am looking for? thanks! Gary – gscherbert (Ebay)

Gary, These Schoverling catalogs all show Regent Diamond Quality as well as the others in the line. Cheers, Rob

Abby, As always happy to get my latest newsletter. Sadly there are no images. All are "Xed" out. Can you resend this E-mail? Thank you. GPM

Dear GPM, Sorry about that. Some browsers will filter out photos and I have no idea why. If you ever miss a newsletter or want to look at old ones, they are all available at our website, at least that are all there this morning, I forgot yesterday to upload the new one! Here is the link. Best, Abby

Abby, Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous reply. Whatever you just sent all the photos came through. I like to share the special ones with the boys at work. I have this huge corkboard and post all my favorite photos. Gary

Dear Abby, I always go straight to the Rants and Raves in your newsletter because I enjoy a good laugh. I've never had anything but good service and reliable information from you folks. Regards, Peter Bindon (Australia)

Dear Abby & Rob, As always a great newsletter. I trust that that is not either of you flipping out on the snowmobile. As to the extensive correspondence you posted for your readership to review.... Thank you for reminding me why I prefer forestry, history and firearms to (some, few, live) retail customers and will never, ever, be a sole proprietor again! Also, I am in awe that you manage to use Ebay. Tom C. ps. (I still have my Certificate from MODERN GUN SCHOOL posted)

Dear cornellpubs, Harrington & Richardson Arms c1953 Gun Parts Catalog I'm looking for information on the H&R Shotgun Model 401, Does this publication include any info on this particular shotgun? Thanks Adrian

Dear Adrian, No, it isn't in that edition. However we reprint scores of old H&R catalogs and parts books so it is in some of them depending on the information you are looking for. Each of our publications has an index in the ad that gives the models listed in that publication. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Hi I saw your book for sale about breech loading shotguns. I am looking for information and to date a shot gun that is marked m. A. Saam frankfurt a/m. Does the book go into detail about this maker and include dates for serial numbers? - druevernon (Ebay)

Dear Drueve... No, I'm afraid not. The breechloader series is really made for collectors and dealers who want broad information on lots of names. Rob

Abby, One of the "Rants" mentioned a Manhurin revolver folder. I can't find anythig on Manhurin??. Irv

Dear Irv, We only have two at the moment and I'll paste them below (note the spelling- I always have to double check myself): Cheers, Abby

Abby, It's Manhurin, ordered it. Take Care! Irv

Irv, I'll let them know they spelled the name of their company incorrectly, thanks, Abby

Dear Abby, I hope you are doing fine. You probably being ask that a thousand times but do you sale individual pages of your catalogs listed? Example: Cooey firearms listed in the Levine Brothers 1925-26, is it possible to have a copy of that particular page? Best regards from Canada, Jean Bedard

Jean, Sure, we can do that but it costs a bit extra for the time, say $3.00 more than the price of the catalog. Cheers, Rob

Hey hey hey, I just received your monthly mail and reading it I came accross my post.....and it reminded me to follow up on your answer, memory some times...... So my question is what will be the final cost for that particular page, you wrote $3.00 more than the price of the catalog, you probably don't mean $3.00 plus 13.95$ for one page only! Best regards, Jean

Jean, We don't sell single pages of catalogs we reprint because the time it takes to do that is considerably more than it takes to just print the entire thing. If you want a single page you have to pay for the time to do the work to extract it and separately print, pack and ship it. Hence the extra charge. Also if we sold single pages for say $1 we would spend most days searching for single pages and not produce anything more than several dollars billing which won't pay the bills to run the equipment. Does that explain better what we do? Cheers, Rob

Of course Rob, I was under the impression that Cornell digitalized all the pages in the catalog that you sell, doing so it would have be easy to print a single page from memory. I would have pay $5 for a single page, multiply that by 4 pages at least and you'd have a fair amount of money for the work involved. Thanks anyway, I'll surely order some catalogs in a near future. Best wishes, Jean

Jean, Everything we have is digitized and printing is automated from orders. However it is neither easy nor profitable to print single pages. It is time consuming and usually involves research and careful searches for specific information. It is not something we have any interest in pursuing despite constant requests with offers per page usually averaging $.50 to $1.00. At least your offer was reasonable but not enticing enough for us to do the extra work, sorry. Cheers, Rob

Dear Abby, Always a pleasure. Thank you and Rob for all of your help and contacts in support of my research on the Harwood Hornet. I won't forget! I appreciate you letting me know about the pictures and data on the Harwood Hornet. I look forward to seeing it. Regards, Ed

Dear Abby, I have to return this item as I cannot read French. I thought it was translated into English. Rudi, Boise, Idaho

Hi Rudi, I'm sorry you missed the part of the description that says it is in French, but, of course you can send it back. Post it to Cornell Publ., PO Box 214, Brighton, MI 48116. Best, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, The first 3 years of GARCIA - ALL CATALOGS AND MANUALS (1968, 69, 70) were devoted to Beretta shotguns only. The Garcia Sporting Arms catalog for 1969 (very difficult to find), had a different cover from this one. This catalog was issued in the summer of 1969 to make up for a shortage of 1969 catalogs. This was the first run of 1970 catalogs & was dated 1969-1970 to indicate to the consumer that it pertains to both years. The second run was dated 1970 only (same cover). I believe this listing to be correct. I am a gun catalog collector & have become a bit of an expert but I don't know everything. Case in point: I know nothing of your Garcia fishing tackle catalog. I'm sorry, can't help with that one. Kind regards, Gregory Kozak.

Gregory, Thanks for your help. I've adjusted the dates of the Garcia catalogs we offer. Best, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Hi. Does this manual show how to remove the buttstock ? Many thanks, Simon. – aviationflying (Ebay)

Dear Simon, Yes, it does. Abby

Dear Sir I am very much interested in the purchase of this item.. I have a Lefever double barrel that I am restoring and I am seeking parts breakdown and assembly drawings for it.. The serial number is 25xxx...and I think that it was built in 1893 or 1894... accordingly could you please advise me if this publication will cover my needs... If not.. do you have another publication that might be helpful for my needs... I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION ..!!!... AGKAT1............................. (Ebay)

Dear Agkat... We reprint several old Lefever catalogs including a couple that may help you. Back then, however, companies had not yet thought of using an "exploded" parts view so we do not have that nor did they give detailed written instructions. What they did do was print "cut-away" drawings in their catalogs and I believe the 1892 or 1904-5 reprint we do will do the job for you. One source for serial numbers gives your gun as 1897ish rather than the earlier date you mentioned. A link to that site is on our website. Cheers, Rob Mouat


Dear Ag... Pretty close, Rob

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is a guy named John B. Carey who using the handle "ngbuy006" at Ebay gave us a neutral feedback after he bought a reprint of a 1981 Colt catalog. A neutral feedback is actually a bad thing because it encourages other wackos in the spirit of one-upsmanship to offer worse comments and the problem quickly multiplies. This guy, unable to articulate that he bought a reprint thinking it was an original, struck first and thought second. So, we asked him to retract his feedback and in return we would refund his money:

"Rob, I received your feedback request. While I believe you provide a needed service to the community that is just looking for content, I believe you should not be doing reprints of highly collectible catalogs (this is not a tractor manual that will be used in the shop) in the way you do it.

My experience: Forget that somehow I got on the item and there was no details about the service, I did want a quick catalog for the info and a price list of the day. Then I found out about the ship delay for printing (still because I had no info about that at purchase).. OK all my misfortune... so all OK. Then I get the purchase and there is no price list...OK, I can use this repop for handing folks instead of a genuine pristine real catalog.

So I start looking for a real catalog..... boom, found one for $7.95 and $3 ship. Buy it quickly and inquire if it has a price list. Seller get back to me in less than 1/2 hr and says he has 3 different price lists.

So I get the real 1981 catalog with 3 separate 1981 price lists all in totally mint condition. (also a Colt Gunsafe ad)..... As I compare your repop to the orig. several things pop out. 1)You really don't clean up digitally.. the cover had white marks from scuffs on your orig. In addition, the whole front cover is not showing on your bound catalog (which is also not orig.) The right hand side (about an inch) of the catalog front is not there. 2) The product was made of single page repos of each page ignoring the fact that there were three separate bi-fold pages and your method does not space the facing pages to view as a whole like the orig. 3) The back page of the catalog is inside the bound contents. 4) what is on the back is an ad for your business.... not cool!

So here is what I propose..... I can use this as a "handling" version despite it's flaws.I might even include prints of the price lists and can highlight them as I need. I don't want to send it back but I hope I am providing you some consumer info that can enlighten you to the situation as it is in this case. If I needed a tractor manual that was unobtanium and I didn't care past it's content then OK. This falls far short of representing a Colt Catalog. I don't want to get in a "feedback" war even though I probably will never care if you "dirt me" for bad feedback. So what would you like to do for me in exchange for altering my feedback (which was only meant to bring up the issue of a reprint vs. the real thing when it can be had reasonably.)?"

Dear John, Thanks for your note. I think all the complaints you mentioned in your email are covered pretty clearly in our advertisement for the Colt reprint. We state a delivery date that takes into account 5 days to print and pack the item as well as time for the PO to deliver it. We state in the ad that we don’t make forgeries of the original so the layout is not exactly the same as the original and we explain how reprint may not be "pristine" (The original you bought is a foldout, a different catalog from the same year with a different layout and different front page picture). Finally, there is no price list mentioned in the index. There is no need for you to bother with trying to fix your feedback because I already asked Ebay to remove it for being unfair according to their rules, but I will still refund your money of you want me to, we like happy customers! Cheers, Rob

Dear Rob, All you say is in agreement.... but certainly if only the front cover is considered, a white band around the page that is all black is a travesty when part of the gun shown is not there. That falls far wrong from "not an exact facsimile". Would you like a photographer to do custom printing and cut off half of one of your children when you knew it was there in the orig.? You can manipulate E-bay all you want, but you won't convince me that you are learning anything here unless you start listening and admitting that the product ought to (and can) be better for the price. Send me a corrected reprint addressing all that I have said and I will be a happy customer. I want a reprint, just one I can live with. Don't want a refund, won't pursue this further (not that I could or would).... just trying to get you to understand and improve. Thnx for getting back to me. John

Readers: He went on and on from there but honestly, I am just so sick of nutjobs like this guy, that I am not going to bother cutting and pasting any more of this nonsense. Rob

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and I am adding more all the time.

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