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July 2009 Newsletter
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        In This Issue:

              1. Calls from the Wilds
              2. New Books and Special Thanks to Lenders
              3. Letters from Readers
              4. Rants and Raves
              5. Notes for New Readers
              6. Parts Suppliers
              7. Provenance for Your Gun
              8. Serial Numbers by Year for Your Gun
              9. Original Publications for sale
              10. Old Newsletters

Calls from the Wilds:Calls from the Wilds Image

*Last month I was pretty irked by Billie Bryant with his foul attitude and accusations. I invited you folks to write to him and tell him to leave me alone. Norm L. wrote to remind me that I should not involve other people because with pests like Billie it is just an invitation to more trouble to spread around. I apologize to anyone who might have suffered because of my anguish (but I haven't heard from Billie either- thanks!)


*We've had some wicked storms here in the Midwest this spring. I think it is important to feel compassion for all the folks around the world who suffer at the hands of nature. For all it's beauty the weather can have some really nasty surprises. So please be careful and safe this summer.


*From what I can see of the statistics at the new website everything appears to be going smoothly but please, if you see something out of the ordinary or something doesn't work send me a note about it. The site is just too big to test everything so only you can help with this.


*The email that says: "You have just got a communication from a relative, friend, admirer, worshiper etc" telling you to click on the link, is a HOAX. Looking at my spam folder today (thanks Billie) I see along with the usual prize winnings (I make more money in an hour in my spam folder than I have earned all my life!) and medicine adverts a whole bunch of innocent looking emails telling me to click on a link to get some good wishes. I can't duplicate the exact wording or this newsletter may go directly to your spam box! But if you get one, DON'T click on it! A lot of this type of email has links to very bad sites that will create havoc on your computer with all kinds of bad things. If you believe the message is a real one, go directly to the website of the legitimate host company that the bogus email is imitating and look for a place to put the number that came with the email you got. The worst that can happen then is that you get nothing, but do not click on the link in the email! www.snopes.com will tell you more about this subject.



*Link to past newsletters (click here)


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New Books and Special thanks (see the bottom of this letter for the complete alpha list without accompanying text):

Bob Ambrouse loaned me the Abercrombie & Fitch 1907 Firearms & Sports Catalog along with the Anschutz Rifles 1984 Catalog although I am not certain what one has to do with the other!

Bill Hoffman sent us a huge collection of Newton catalogs some years ago but it was not until this month that I was able to put them all together with the help of Bruce Jennings book: Charles Newton - Father of High Velocity. They are: Newton Arms Co. 1915 1st Edition, Newton Arms Co. 1915 7th Edition, Newton Arms Co. 1915 8th Edition, Newton Arms Co. 1915 9th Edition, Newton Arms Co. 1916 12th Edition, Newton Arms Co. 1917 15th Edition, Charles Newton Rifle Corporation 1921 Catalog, Buffalo Newton Rifle (The) - 1924 Catalog B Supplement... but wait there are more I did before. To see them all go to: NEWTON, CHARLES - ALL CATALOGS

Doug Ellliot and Rudy Prusak loaned us all these B&M catalogs over the years and now they are all available. Belding & Mull 1926 Telescope, Sight and Reloading Catalog, Belding & Mull Sights and Reloading 1943 Catalog (and the 1946 which is identical), Belding & Mull 1949 Sights and Reloading Catalog, Belding & Mull 1953 Reloading Catalog, Belding & Mull 1957 Reloading Catalog. Actually to see them all click here: BELDING AND MULL (reloading, telescopes etc.) - ALL CATALOGS.

Steve Wojtak had a beautiful Manton 1938-1939 Firearms and Ammunition Catalog (Calcutta, India) and I am very pleased to add it to the 1927 Manton Catalog I already do. They are a handsome addition to the Bombay (India) Armoury 1932-33 Season Catalogue I bought and the other two eastern catalogs I do: Shikar (Indian Hunting) Field Guide 1920, Coombes Company Ltd., Rangoon, Burma- Guns, Firearms and Ammunition 1912 Catalog.

The prolific, late Joe Vorisek has added another invaluable guide to shotguns: Breechloading Shotgun Old Parts Chart, and Jim Whisker is expanding his collection with the newly completed: Robbins and Lawrence - A Gunmaker’s History 1828-1865, Gunsmiths and Allied Professions of the Carolinas and Gunsmiths and Allied Professions of Maryland

From our own collection I processed the following:

I hope you like this month's work (which I did slaving over the computer while you were all out cavorting about in joyful play).



*Download our latest flyer of old gun catalogs requires Adobe Reader - which is free- if you don't have it click: Get Adobe Reader

By the way, last year Paypal softened it's previously hard line with respect to firearms and is now much more reasonable. I wrote about it in my July 2007 Newsletter.


Letters from Readers:

Will Graves seeks help with his book:

*Many of us grew up with guns in the house. They were used as a tools to protect the property, as tools to gather food and as toys, in a way, for children to plink and shoot in the woods and field. As children we were taught early on to respect the power of firearms and how to safely enjoy them.  Will Graves is writing a book about the changing mores of gunmanship. He is seeking stories and anecdotes about your childhood and youth experiences with firearms both here and abroad. For example, shooting rats at the dump was a great pastime fifty years ago but just try that today! Will can be reached at Will Graves will.52@comcast.net or visit his website at http://www.wolvesinrussia.com/ or give him a call at  410 -987-7670.


*Gary Turner of Talley Manufacturing makes custom riflescope rings and to expand his line he is looking for blueprints for Winchester model 1885, Remington Rolling Block rifles. If you know where to find them please let him know at talley@talleyrings.com.


Gun Image

*Dear Administration, I send photos. My father the Colonel. He served in Army (in Germany 1947-1959 year). It is a shotgun it has been bought by my father in 1947 year in the sity of Dresden,on east suburb in workshop (Two brothers in the age of 65 years operated workshop). The workshop belonged Reichsjagermeister Hermann Goering. Additions to a theme: weight of a gun -2,7 kgs (6 lbs.).


Under the statement of masters where was the gun is bought, the gun female and could belong Carin von Kantzow, the first wife of Hermann Goering.A shotgun has been handed over for repair of a butt by H.Goering according to record in the book of workshop.Second time My father served in army (Germany 1962-1974 year).In July,1973year,in Dresden,has been made check of a gun (Brand:773).This gun,calibre 16/70.# 2321.   Brand:PT with a crown on top(France.Put up to 1925 year).Brand:Eagle,such form (Germany.Put up to 1928 year).Trunks are made in Saint-Etienne.Assembly probably occured in Suhl.At an end face of a butt there is a round brand: the smith and an anvil,under an anvil the stylized letter"T".Below signature"Suhl". A brand of master(C.A).A possible this brand of master Canne Anson 1900-1920 year or Chapuis Andre 1900-1920 year(place la Laire about Saint-Etienne,the Grand father of actual President of the company "Chapuis-Armes"). Your help in search of the catalogue H.Goering hunt guns.I shall buy a copy of the catalogue. Aleksandr Kubickin, Riga. Latvia.

*Hello Abby, As for the chap from Latvia, I will try and do what I can for him by passing it on to one of my colleagues at Royal Armouries who looks after sporting guns. I think what he is saying is that it is a small shotgun, probably made for a woman who may have been Hermann Goering's wife, bought by his father in Germany after the war during the Russian occupation. We will write to him, whether or not we can answer his question.
 Regards, Peter Smithhurst, Royal Armoury, UK


*Dear Abby, Thank you for the article on David Kirkwood, founder of the Kirkwood Gun Shop, and first president of the “Mass. State Glass Ball Assoc.’

On another issue, I was recently searching for information on a rare target ball, and should have come to you. In mid-February, I paid $21,850 for a one-of-a-kind target ball, the second highest price paid for one of these small glass orbs.

This great aquamarine ball is embossed in all-capital letters, from top to bottom:  “Manufactured by the / Kentucky Glassworks Company / Joseph Griffith & Son’s Sole Agents / Also Dealers in Guns Pistols & Fishing Tackle Louisville / Kentucky.” Much is known of the glassworks, but little is known about Griffith.

I spent a great deal of time searching the Internet for this gun dealer, but ... I was pretty much shot down.
One gun dealer recently said: “Joseph Griffith is a known dealer in Louisville, Ky. who operated from about 1842 to 1874 with this company name.”

But that alleged 1874 closing is too early for a target ball; 1877 is a more likely start for embossed target balls. At one time, said another Internet entry, Joseph Griffith & Son was located on Fifth Street; an ad I couldn’t find is purported to state: “Joseph Griffith & Son of Louisville, Direct Importers and Dealers in Breech and Muzzle Loading Shot Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Gun Material.”

I asked glasshouse researcher David Whitten if he had copies of any advertisements he had come across for the gun firm, but he replied: “I’m sorry; I didn’t make any copies of the ads for Griffith & Son ... or, to be honest, I can’t remember now if there were any true ‘ads’ per se, but more likely they were merely brief one or two-line listings in the business section of the Caron’s City Directories.” Can you or any of your readers offer other help regarding Joseph Griffith’s story? Ralph Finch, rfinch@twmi.rr.com

*Ralph, To be honest, I think I like the idea of the composition balls in the Cruttenden & Card 1883 advertisement above. I hate the thought of children running around on all that broken glass! Abby


*Joe, Your CD with the copy of the text for the Arma de Fogo Partatil arrived - so happy to have it to complete the catalog. Thanks so very much for your time and trouble. My best to you, Abby (Joe Puleo is an editor with Mowbray Publishing- Man at Arms Magazine and the person who sent us a copy of the text for the beautifully illustrated Arma De Fogo Portatil, Historia de 1887

*Abby, I'm glad to help. I think you provide a wonderful service. About 90% of my time is spent editing other people's work so I have a real fetish about making authors produce primary sources. You're making them available is a big help. Maybe I should send you my "I wish I could find it" list

Right now these two are at the top of the list:


Imp. Militar Vda. de Soler. Habana, 1874. 19 cm. 212 pág., 2 lám. plegadas. Algún punto de óxido. Marca de caucho de anterior poseedor. CCPB 87004-8. Militaria. Armas de fuego. Fortificació, armament, balística Libros modernos a partir de 1830 español


Estudio acerca del armamento de la Infantería: Fabricación de fusiles modelo 1871, Sistema Remington, según se ejecuta actualmente en la Fábrica Nacional de Oviedo
By Juan Génova
Published by Revista Científico Militar, 1886

45 pages

According to the WorldCat there are 2 copies of the top one in US libraries. I can't find any reference to the bottom one at all. I could buy the top one for only $375 but I can't afford that when I'm just editing someone else's book. Let me know if you have any ideas where I might look. Joe Puleo


Dear Abby,   Basically I inherited an old .410 shotgun from my grandfather that I am trying to identify. I completely dismantled the piece and have hand finished all the parts and restored the American Walnut (I think) stock. The books you already sent were interesting, especially the one about shotgun making in Belgium, but not conclusive. The one unique marking on my gun seems to be a J with a star above it. I think this is probably representative of Jannsen & Fils but am not sure. I never realised what a can of worms this project would become, but if you think you have any material that could help, I would be grateful. Thanks & kind regards, David Rasko, Australia rasko@ozemail.com.au

Dear Abby: There is a photo of his type of shotgun on page 13 of Vorisek's book "The Flobert Gun."

The "Eiffel Tower" he mentions is called the Perron, and it is the symbol of the City of Liege and represents the city where the proof house is. It is almost always found with the oval with E L G (as on his gun).

The J under the asterisk is the mark of the inspector at the Liege proof house who inspected that particular gun. That mark was used by Mr.Pierre Neuprez starting in 1930. But if his gun is older than 1930 (and it could be), then it would have represented a different inspector.

These guns rarely have the maker's identification on them because they were meant to be sold by various gun dealers who sometimes (but usually not) put their name on the gun. Usually they were made in the "cottage industry" of Liege, i.e., one firm would make the barrel, another the action, another the stock, and then some small firm or even family, would assemble and "finish" the gun. Mike Carrick


Rants & Raves Image


This month's winner is: "My son bought this gun see, and it isn't a BB gun like it says on the advert, it is a catalogue reprint. So I want my son's moneyback, do you know how hard he workd to get the money? Harper.

Geez- Another one! The catalog was $11.95, how hard did he work to get the credit card with which he paid for the catalog? Your money has been refunded to your card. Abby

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS


Notes for New Readers (and useful information for everyone)-

*The purpose of this section is to repeat in every newsletter some of the things I have said in past newsletters. By naming the section "Notes for New Readers", longtime subscribers may simply skip over it and read something new to them.

*I get, on average, about 300 new subscribers each month. Many are folks who signed up. Others are people I automatically signed up when they bought something at an auction site or my website. Of the ones I sign up to get the newsletter normally only six or eight unsubscribe each month, usually because they have a last name the same as a catalog they bought or made the purchase for a friend or relative. I am naturally flattered that so many folks are pleased to hear from me once a month and thank you all for your indulgence.

*SPAM!! Spammers intercept emails using various tools and strip the emails of all the addresses. All it taks is for one addressee on your list to visit the wrong site on the internet and wham all the addresses you mailed to are on a spam list.

But there is something you can do to help fight SPAM. When you forward emails to many individuals use the BCC: space (stands for Blind Carbon Copy) instead of the To: or CC: spaces in your email forwards.

Many address books will only put selected email addresses into the TO: box so go ahead and do that. Hold down your left mouse key, select all with the addressees your cursor and release the left mouse key. Go to Edit, Cut. Then click on BCC:, click Edit and Paste. Finally, put your own email address in the TO: box and press Send. None of the other email addresses will be visible to any of the addressees and they will love you for not contributing to the spread of SPAM! Whoopee!

*Paypal- I don't like Paypal and I don't think they make much of an effort to be less arrogant that they have been in the past, but, I use Paypal to process credit cards because they are cheaper by far than a bank for a small online business, They are reliable and they are secure. No, I don't like many of their policies but they are the least expensive I can find so we have to live with it. I do accept checks if you prefer and I don't wait for them to clear. If you stiff me with a check you go directly to the Rants and Raves column with your full name and address displayed for the world to see. By the way, Paypal has softened (somewhat) it's previously hard line with respect to firearms and is now more reasonable. I wrote about it in my July 2007 Newsletter.

*This is a listing of History books: mostly naval (US & UK) and Civil War history we have in our library that are duplicates. If you would like one (or more) let me know and you can buy them for 50% off the listed price at the website. Just cut and paste the online listing (or write it out) into an email to: abby@cornellpubs.com


*Ebay- The wizards at Ebay decided (just after they laid off a whole bunch of employees and their business is down) that they will no longer allow sellers to advertise that they will accept money orders or checks in payment for purchases made on Ebay. Customers may still pay that way but we cannot advertise the fact. I think the idea is to force people to use Paypal, which is owned by Ebay. Now, to be perfectly honest, I would be much happier if you bought things from my website Cornellpubs.com because that saves me sales commissions to Ebay!

*Hint- If you are using the browser Firefox and have trouble seeing any images on this website, try hitting the refresh button. Meanwhile I will continue trying to figure out how to make my website more compatible with the many different browsers out there.

*INDEXES for Every Catalog I reprint... Every catalog I offer has an index at the right of the page. Listings on Ebay, Gunbroker and Auction Arms also have indexes.

At my website, you will find many gunmaker "master pages" listing all the catalog reprints of one brand. To the right of each "master page" are names of catalogs by merchants who carried that brand of firearms. For example, I reprint over 60 Remington factory gun catalogs but I also reprint over 160 gun catalogs from merchants that sold Remington firearms such as Sears or Abercrombie & Fitch or Spalding. Those are the listings on the right of the page.

Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and I am adding more all the time. Just start with any category link: All Catalogs, 1835-1899, Ammunition or any other and you will find that the capitalized links indicate "master pages". When you select one you will see on the right, the links to the other merchants who sold that brand.

*I Have some nifty tricks for you! If you have trouble reading small type on my website or any other, you can increase the size of the text on the screen by holding down the Control key (that's the one in the lower left of the keyboard with Ctrl on it) and scrolling the wheel on top of your mouse back and forth.


*Whenever I scan a delicate old catalog with its covers hanging by a thread (and not wishing to be the one who detaches someone else's covers), I line up a bunch of paper clamps along the hinge of the book to hold the covers in place and then scan each page. This simple technique works wonders and saves old paper from harm. It also gives you handles to pick up the book!

The picture shows my book scanner. When I use the book scanner, the catalog hangs over the side of the scanner and only needs to be opened 90 degrees. This allows much less stress to be placed on the spine.

So there you have it, a tip that I hope will result in a torrent of eager collectors now willing and eager to let me scan their old gun catalogs... but, please call or write first, don't just send them because I may already have scans of that particular item. I still have hundreds of old catalogs on file that I haven't got to yet.

*More on Indexes: Not all my indexes are alphabetized and can be difficult to search. Until I find time to alphabetize all of them, hit the Control key (on the lower left) and the letter "F" on your keyboard. this will give you a little search box on the bottom of the screen. Start to type in the name of what you want to find on that page and it should be highlighted on the screen (this works with most browsers and on any web page). :-) Abby

*Gun Value & Parts- I get scores of phone calls that start out "I inherited this gun from my grandfather and I just want to know how much it is...", I do not do appraisals, nor do I sell parts. See below for parts suppliers.

*I often use the The Greenhill Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers by John Walter, Greenhill/Stackpole Books 2001 - ISBN 1-85367-392-7 to answer many of the questions I get each week about the origins of gunmakers. Like many all-encompassing works, some of the information may be inaccurate but over-all it contains a wealth of facts, dates and important history of great old companies. Each year you can buy the Standard Catalog of Firearms which lists most guns and their value used at Borders or Barnes & Noble or online at Amazon.

*Why Buy Old Catalogs- originals or reprints? If you want to learn about a gun or gunmaker I applaud you, and am so happy you found my website. History is what I am working so hard to preserve by making old gun catalogs available to collectors and historians. Buy a catalog from a gunmaker of the appropriate year and you will learn a mountain of true facts about your gun- right from the maker's month, so to speak. Never again will you have to rely on hearsay or bluster.

*Research- To help you learn more about the history of gunmakers I have a page of what I call Reference Books on my website. They cover a wide range of information by authors and the page deserves a look. One of the most prolific authors of gun history was the late Joe Vorisek. I am fortunate to be the authorized only source of his gun histories. Joe even has his own webpage of all his histories.

*Browser Usage- Sometimes people mention they cannot follow the links I put in my newsletters, or that the pictures don't show up. Well, sometimes browsers are set to only receive messages in plain text. This is usually because their internet connection is slow and pictures make it even slower. There are settings to allow or disallow HTML language (pictures and links).

Your browser (the program you use to view emails and internet sites) can be set to allow you to click on links to other web pages. The link can either open a new window with the original window disappearing to a small block near the top of the screen or it replaces the current window with the new selection. In the former case to return to the prior window, click the box near the top of the screen. In the latter example click the "back arrow" also at the top of the page (different browsers such as Firefox, Netscape or Internet Explorer use different symbols for the back arrow). For the most part, I use links that replace the newsletter page with the new link. So, to return to the newsletter, you will have to use the back arrow to return to the newsletter.

*Must Read: If you haven't yet done so, please read the About Us link on the website. It explains a lot of things such as why graphics vary in books, why I do this in the first place, errors and mistakes, guarantees, loans and more. Also, if you see something in the Coming Soon page you want, let me know and I'll move it up the list for you.

*If you collect Military Arms please check out the link page I have to Government and Military Publications as well as 75 Manuals of the World's Military Weapons (1945) in A Basic Manual of Military Arms- 1945 as well as the link to Machine Guns.

*Old Newsletters- If you missed a newsletter or want to look up an old one, please go to my website www.cornellpubs.com and look on the top of the first page for a link to old newsletters. You may view them online and in color with pictures. Also, on the subject of newsletters, I send out the newsletter in both HTML and plain text format. This means that if your browser is not set up to view pictures and colors, you automatically get the plain text version. I hope this explains why some of you don't see the pictures referred to in the letters- I know it has caused some confusion. Also, you should upgrade to the latest version of your browser for best results. To learn which version of you have, click the HELP button on the top line of this page and then look for the link that says "About [browser]".

*YOUR ADDRESS- Yes, I am shouting! Each month I get angry phone calls, emails or letters from folks who "ordered the book xxx days ago and STILL DON'T HAVE IT! Usually they don't have it because the registered address at the website where they ordered the book is false (to "protect" their identity) or long outdated. When I point that out, they usually say that I should have double-checked or that their correct address was on their check or some other excuse. Sorry, I print address labels from the website as you typed it in. If your address is wrong the book goes to the wrong address. Please check your address at the website whenever you order something online. Thank you.

*How to pay for things on the internet while using your credit card with some safety... There are two areas of concern when you make the decision to pay online with your credit card. First, you have to make certain the site accepting your credit card is secure. There are two clues to security. One is in the URL or site address found at the top of the browser. Normally the URL begins with http://www etc. but a secure site has a different beginning. It starts with https://www. etc. The "S" means the site is using encryption software and it is pretty safe to send your card information to the company. By the way, do not send your credit card information in an email. Emails are NOT secure!

Of course, the second consideration has to do with what the company does with the information, the company integrity. If the company is located in Nigeria and you are sending money to "the government" to pay taxes on the $2,000,000 you won in their very generous random lottery, well, go ahead, you are a lost cause and I cannot help you. The point is to be careful about companies you never heard of before, don't know where they are located and the website has no telephone number. Caveat emptor, buyer beware. That is one of the reasons I like to pay with Paypal. When you do that you are giving only an email address to the company, not your credit card number.


*Parts suppliers. We get hundreds of calls about parts and some folks who are doing something about supplying parts...

Hello Abby, I am responding to your request for parts source information. For Remington Rolling Block Parts. We are attempting to supply reproduction parts needed to restore or rebuild the majority of models of rolling blocks made from 1867 onward. While this is a work in progress, I believe we are the largest supplier of these obsolete parts in existence. Thanks, Kenn Womack

Joe Salter sells all sorts of things including butt plates, antique guns, collector ammo, air guns, holsters... well, check him out: http://www.joesalter.com/

Phil Stewart sells parts, stocks and grips. He can be found at (740) 398-1941 in Mt. Vernon, OH

The big parts houses for older guns are:

Jack First in Rapid City South Dakota their catalog (three volumes and over 2700 pages of invaluable information including parts diagrams) is available at (605) 343-9544 for $39.95

Gun Parts Corporation (Numrich) Kingston, New York (845) 679-2417. Well established with a good website.

Sarco Inc. Stirling, NJ (908) 647-3800 email info@sarcoinc.com

Dixie Gun Works, Union City, TN (800) 238-6785


Ever wonder who first purchased your gun or rifle or wished you had a certificate of origin? It could increase the value of your gun!

Sammy Baugh, or Eddie Dew or some other celebrity may have been the original buyer. Perhaps the provenance would increase the value of your favorite fowling piece or rifle. Well, now you have a chance to find out for free if the gun was sold by VonLengerke & Detmold or Abercrombie & Fitch, two of the largest and most prestigious gun houses of the 20th century.

If you own a gun by one of dozens of manufacturers write down the serial number and compare it to the serial numbers at the G&H website:

or Contact:
Robert C. Beach, Records Research
Griffin & Howe, Inc.
33 Claremont Road
Bernardsville, NJ 07924
Email: research@griffinhowe.com
Website: www.griffinhowe.com
(scroll down to see all the makes when you get there)


Websites with Serial Numbers and corresponding dates:

John Spangler & Marc Wade operate ArmsCollectors.com!
They offer pages and pages of Serial Numbers to put a year to the following weapons:

| Marlin | Mauser Broomhandle (C-96) | Remington | U.S. Military | Winchester |

| Gun Marks | House Brands | U.S. Inspectors | WWII German Codes And Markings |

also at this great website is a list of handguns and rifles with known serial numbers that qualify as antique,

or: Antique Serial Numbers for lots of Makers (pre 1889 scroll down the page)

or: Doublegunshop.com for:


Original Gun Catalogs and Books for sale:

Last fall I promised to unload some of the twenty or thirty boxes of originals blocking the second bay of my garage! Rather than list them on Ebay, I decided to first put up pages on my website (one page per box of about 70 catalogs each) with a list of catalogs priced at what I paid for them or in many cases much less. If they don't sell to my on-line clients I will then go to Ebay when I get a chance.

Here is the link to Box 4. All other boxes can be accessed at the bottom of the box 4 page. if you would like prior notice of the sales, please sign up for the announcement newsletter. The hundred and fifty or so people who already signed up knew about this sale last week and some of the bargains are already gone. To register for the special newsletter, send an email to the following address and put the word REGISTER in the subject line: eightbore@comcast.net. Many thanks to all of you who signed up! IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED THERE IS NO NEED TO DO SO AGAIN.


Old Newsletters are available online:

If you missed a newsletter or want to look up an old one, please go to my website www.cornellpubs.com and look on the top of the first page for a link to old newsletters. You may view them online and in color with pictures. Also, on the subject of newsletters, I send out the newsletter in both HTML and plain text format. This means that if your browser is not set up to view pictures and colors, you automatically get the plain text version. I hope this explains why some of you don't see the pictures referred to in the letters- I know it has caused some confusion. Also, you should upgrade to the latest version of your browser for best results. To learn which version of you have, click the help button on the top line of this page and then look for the link that says "About [browser]".


New For July:

    Abercrombie & Fitch 1907 Firearms & Sports Catalog  - June 2009
    Anschutz Rifles 1984 Catalog  - June 2009
    Belding & Mull 1926 Telescope, Sight and Reloading Catalog  - June 2009
    Belding & Mull 1949 Sights and Reloading Catalog  - June 2009
    Belding & Mull 1953 Reloading Catalog  - June 2009
    Belding & Mull 1957 Reloading Catalog  - June 2009
    Belding & Mull Sights and Reloading 1943 Catalog  - June 2009
    Belding & Mull Sights and Reloading 1946 Catalog  - June 2009
    Bombay (India) Armoury 1932-33 Season Catalogue  - June 2009
    Breechloading Shotgun Old Parts Chart- Joe Vorisek  - June 2009
    Browning Dealer 1938 Price List and Catalog  - June 2009
    Buffalo Newton Rifle (The) - 1924 Catalog B Supplement  - June 2009
    Charles Newton Rifle Corporation 1921 Catalog  - June 2009
    Curry and Bro., San Francisco 1884 Catalogue  - June 2009
    Early and Modern Firearms Co. Catalog 1958 Studio City, Ca.  - June 2009
    Fox, AH Guns c1936 Catalog  - June 2009
    Godfrey, Charles J. - August 1894 Catalogue  - June 2009
    Gunsmiths and Allied Professions of Maryland  - June 2009
    Gunsmiths and Allied Professions of the Carolinas  - June 2009
    Interarms 1985 Catalog  - June 2009
    Kirkwood Bros. Gun Shop c1920 Catalog  - June 2009
    Lefever Arms 1913 Catalog and Prices  - June 2009
    Manton 1938-1939 Firearms and Ammunition Catalog (Calcutta, India)  - June 2009
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    Von Lengerke & Antoine Catalog 1925  - June 2009
    Weaver Scopes 1958 Catalog  - June 2009

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