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The Double Barrel, 18-shot Pistola con Caricato Revolver


imageThis revolver was manufactured in Italy during the early part of the 20th century, complete with two barrels (the article says three but I see only two) and 18 chambers in 6.35 x 16 mm semi-rimmed caliber (.25 ACP). While rather more bulky than one would want in a pocket handgun, 18 shots would provide a certain feeling of security in back alleys and dark lanes. Read more at Gizmag. This was not the first multi-barrel revolver, LeFaucheux made a pinfire 20 shot revolver sometime in the mid 1800s that was reportedly used during the U.S. Civil War. One is pictured in the Vol 3 Number 5 issue of Arms Heritage, see below.

While you probably can't find a two barrel 18 shot revolver anywhere, how about a double barrel, 18 shot, 9mm automatic?

9mm x 2





How many of the faces can you recognize? I think I got them all but one and it's coming to me! Click the image or the title to open the video. Note the yellow arrow pointing at the box in the lower right corner of the image. If you click that box while the video is playing on your computer, the video will play full screen. When done, press the escape key (Esc) to return to normal.

Thanks to Jim Buchanan

Where Do Old Bumper Cars Go?

Remember the old state fairs with the bumper cars? They had a vertical "tail" with an electrical pickup. The pickup connected with a metal mesh "ceiling" and powered the electric motors that drove the bumper cars, exactly like a streetcar without rails. The idea was to bump into one another and have a ball. Today there would be tort lawyers salivating on the sidelines waiting for neck and back injuries.

Bumper car

Tom Wright of San Diego has recycled some bumper cars into pretty nifty rides. Check them out, click here. Click this link above to see them run.

Finding a woman sobbing that she had locked her keys in her car, a passing soldier assures her that he can help.

She looks on amazed as he removes his trousers, ..... Rolls them into a tight ball and rubs them against the car door.

Magically it opens.......

"That's so clever," the woman gasps. "How did you do it?"

"Easy," replies the man. "These are my khakis".

Thanks to Jim Buchanan

KOHAR with Stars of Armenia- Big Band Jazz


KOHAR with Stars of Armenia Live in Concert on 28 May 2011, Yerevan, Armenia playing a rousing Big Band Jazz song. The music video gets a little confusing about halfway through because while the song stays the same they start using scenes from other parts of the concert. So, you’ll see some singers that appear to be singing but not to this song. It looks like it was a fun and entertaining concert.


thanks to Chris Jones

Russian Pistol Range Game

Several people asked for the link to this fun Russian target game. (If you don't read Cyrillic, just click on some links until it starts)


Thanks to Dick Carleton

Arms Heritage Magazine





Arms Heritage Magazine – A Little History and Background:

Several years ago when it became obvious that Gun Report Magazine was defunct and when offers of assistance or buyout were rejected, it was decided to start a new magazine from scratch. It soon became clear that the startup cost of a print magazine was higher than any of the principals were willing to commit investment, further, it is increasingly obvious that the future is, like it or not, on-line publication.

Many of the former readers of Gun Report and current readers of Man-at-Arms have indicated dissatisfaction with the on-line format. We have taken two steps to respond to these complaints—first we introduced the ability to view the magazine in pdf format as well as the on-line reader version. That step enables readers to print out selected articles or, if desired, the entire magazine. The second thing was to consolidate all of the articles for a given year into an annual Compendium”.

With the help of Cornell Publications we have produced “Annual Compendiums” of our first two years of publication. We have removed all commercial advertising and redundant material and the volumes are now pure articles on arms and related topics. Dick Salzer, Publisher

ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE - Volume 1, All Six Issues print issue

ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE - Volume 2, All Six Issues print issue

ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE - Volume 3, All Six Issues print issue:

Contents index:

  • Number One -
    North and Savage Longarms
    Barrel Making - 15th through 19th Century
    Automatic Priming Systems

  • Number Two -
    Lindner Carbines of the Civil War
    The First Starrs of the Union Arkansas
    That Special Gun
    Bullet Making During the American Revolution

  • Number Three -
    Metropolitan Revolvers
    Who Was William A. Thornton?
    Myron Moses’ Breechloaders
    Paterson Shotguns

  • Number Four -
    Whaling Guns
    Historic Prescott “Navy” Revolvers
    William Schneider and His Airgun Masterpiece

  • Number Five -
    The Colt System of Manufacture in the Percussion Period
    Prescott’s Other Revolvers
    Schenck’s Hair Trigger Conversion  

  • Number Six -
    Shawk and McLanahan Navy Revolvers
    A Rigby Knuckleduster?
    More on the Walker
    A Confederate Colt - the “C.L.Dragoon”

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine online

New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to our website. Special thanks to Tom Castonguay and Bill Foster for lending us catalogs and manuals to reprint.

Akah 1928-29 Sonderliste No. 89 Rudolf Becker (German)

American Antique Guns & Prices 1957- Martin Rywell

ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE - Volume 3, All Six Issues

FN Fusil Et Carabine Systeme Mauser c1930s

FN Rifle & Carbine- Mauser System Manual c1930s

Freeland's 1957 Scope Stands, BSA Rifles and Accessories

Freeland's 1959 Scope Stands, BSA and Accessories

Garand Rifle 1964 7.62 Conversion Report- U.S. Navy

High Standard 1966 Sporting Firearms

Kirkwood 1931 Gun List

Kirkwood 1935 Annual List

Kirkwood 1936 Annual List

Kirkwood 1937 Annual List

Kirkwood 1938 Annual List

Kirkwood 1939 Annual List

Kirkwood 1940 Annual List

Kirkwood 1941 Annual List

Kirkwood 1942 Annual List

Kirkwood 1943 Annual Gun List

Lyman User Guide 1980-Metallic Reloading Products

Military Improvisations During the Russian Campaign 1951

Remington M742 Woodmaster Manual c1959

Smart Style c1958 Real Texan Cap Gun Catalog

Smith & Wesson 1970 Gun Catalog

Smith & Wesson 1972 Rifles Catalog

Soviet Night Operations in WWII; Leavenworth Papers

Weatherby 1977 Vanguard Rifle

Weaver B4 & B6 Scopes Flyer

Weaver Model K Rifle Telescope Ad Flyer

Western Gun Sights 1927 Catalog

WH Davenport 1902 Fire Arms Company Catalog

Winchester 1941 Pocket Catalog

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Letters from Readers

Hi Abby. In my possession I have 3 small medals / coins from WW2. They are 5/8"in diameter and with the inscriptions:" FLORENCE DELIVERED IN

Image of medals

AUGUST1944 "-" LEGHORN DELIVERED IN 1944 "-" ROME DELIVERED IN MAY'S MONTH 1944 ". They are obviously soldier’s memories of the WW2 battles in Italy. I've asked a few us war museums if they knew who was using these medals / coins - without success. Maybe some of your readers can give me more information. I am willing to donate them to a museum if they have significant importance. I have attached a photo. Best regards from Denmark, Jorgen Pedersen

Dear Jorgen, Thank you for sending the images of the medals from WWII. I agree with you that they are special and should be preserved in a museum. I will put the pictures in my next newsletter and ask for suggestions about which museum should have them. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me and hope our readers will have the perfect answer to the problem. I would be interested to learn the history and circumstances behind the coins. Best wishes, Abby

Readers: Do you recognize these medals? Are you aware of the circumstances of the issue? Do you have a suggestion about a museum that might be interested in displaying them?

Hi Abby, Good info on retrieving EXIF GPS info from cell phone photos (April 2014 Newsletter). Many stand-alone cameras also record GPS info. There is a way to erase all EXIF info from digital photos. It's done with computer programs designed specifically to do this. I use FileMind QuickFix - CNET Download.com

It's a free program that can be downloaded on the internet. If I post a photo and there is GPS or other info I don't want disseminated, I scrub the EXIF data before uploading it. I thought your viewers might want to know this. As always, I enjoy your newsletters, and appreciate your fine service. Best, John Marshall

Greetings Abby, RE (April 2014 Newsletter): Mr. Lance Long's question regards (Stevens Safety Arms Co). In my 71+ years I have never had the opportunity to come across a product manufactured by (Stevens Safety Arms Co). I believe Mr. Long is referring to a little known company (Whitney Safety Arms Co) of Florence, South Carolina manufactured for a brief period of time, 1887 to 1895.

The Whitney Safety Arms Co had no connection with the heirs of the Eli Whitney family of New Haven. Joe Vorisek in his (Breechloading Shotguns 1860-1940 Vol. III R-Z ) Briefly mentions this somewhat unusual shotgun regards the (pistol grip safety tension lever). It simply never caught on with the public and was more expensive to manufacture.

I have never seen any mention in print regards this item except for Mr. Vorisek. Even L. D. Satterlee made no mention of it in his (Catalogue of Firearms for the Collector - 1927). Best regards, Roger Dennis Kurowski

Hi, I'm looking for information on the .22-20 Harwood Hornet. It is my understanding that some info appeared in an 1893 Ideal circular, also in an 1894 Ideal publication (Ideal c1894 Mfg. Co. Handbook of Useful Information No. 5?). The only other reference I've heard of was in a 1895 Fishing and Shooting magazine. Do you have any of these items in your huge inventory that have info on the .22-20 Harwood Hornet. Regards, Ed (Ebay)

Ed, Sort of looking for a needle in a... I checked the 1894, 1900, 06, 10 and 15 Ideal catalogs and a quick look didn't make a hornet jump out at me, sorry. We print a load of old ammunition catalogs so perhaps some research at our website might turn up something. Abby

Dear Abby, I received my order and love it. Can I search for other old manuals at your site? Give me the link again, thanks, Robert Finch

Dear Bob, Sure, our website is this link. On the left you will see links to: All 4000+ Old Gun Catalog Reprints All 600+ Old Gun Manual Reprints. The link to the "all 600 manuals" lists them by alpha order but I think the best way to look for old manuals that we have indexed is by using the top link to the catalog reprints. Manuals among them are identified by the word manual and the organization for this section is a bit better than the manuals section. Best, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Bauer Firearms c1975 .25 Caliber Automatic Flyer, Fraser, Michigan: Is it the full gun ? - news.nase (Ebay)

Dear news.nase… I don't understand the question. You do realize that this is a reprint of the advertising flyer, not an automatic pistol for $3.45, don't you?

Dear cornellpubs, Can you tell me if the George F. Cake 1963-64 Catalog of Law Enforcement Equipment No. 30-S catalog lists either Matsuyama's yawara stick (should be under billies and batons) or the manual for the yawara stick? Thanks. – lorififigeorge (Ebay)

Dear lorifi... Yes it does, Abby

Abby, thanks. Will be ordering. George – lorififigeorge

Thank you, Abby.....great products.....Hector (Miami)

Hi, Does modern technology allow you to lose those writing marks on the front left of the cover of BSA c1911 (Birmingham Small Arms) Air Gun Catalog? Any other markings or issues on any of the other pages? Thanks. - tko848 (Ebay)

Dear tko... The simple answer is yes, I could remove the writing and no there is no handwriting inside. BUT, this booklet is over 100 years old and shows the scuffing and handling of its age. Now, all these things can be removed with Photoshop but we don't do that because we do not want to be accused of forging original publications. We reprint to order 5000 old gun catalogs to historians and collectors for informational purposes and don't promise to use the same paper, ink, size or binding of the original. So, I guess my question to you is how can I help you? Rob Mouat (no reply)

Hi. I have bought reprints from you before. I am looking for catalog reprints from about 1901 that sold shotgun shells marked "Leader." particularly new, primed, unloaded paper hulls. Please let me know if you have any reprints that could help me. Thanks. P.S. I have a 1948 Stoeger Catalog. Would you like to copy it? If yes, do you still trade free reprint/s in exchange for a customer sending you an original catalog for copying? Joe

Dear Joe, Thanks for your note. I have all the Stoeger catalogs through about 1980 but have not done them all yet because they really don't sell very well and it takes quite a lot of time to process each one. Regarding your search for shells, I get so many requests like yours I am afraid I would have to ask you to look through our catalog lists online and select a few I can check for you. I just plain don't have time to do that sort of research without some help and specific requests. Best, Abby (no reply)

Hi,Abby--- I just found a very nice Malcolm scope catalog which you don't yet list. It's in a 3 1/2 by 6 inch format. There is no date to be found, but it was accompanied by six letters from Malcolm Co. to a H. A. Winans in Ohio, all dated in the summer of 1897. I would be happy to lend it to you for copying if you need it. Don in Alaska

Dear Don, Yes please! How very kind of you to think of us again. You were one of the very first people to lend us a catalog (the old Peabody) when we first started and here you are again, thanks. Don't forget that if you want any of our catalogs in exchange when we send your back, just ask... please! Thanks again, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Is there information on 38-55 – lxialn (Ebay) (Speer 1959 Reloading Manual No. 3 for Commercial Cartridges)

Dear ixia… What information would you like?

Dear cornellpubs, On reloading 38-55 ammo, I need a book that has that cal. in it. Some old books do. - lxialn

Dear lxian... OK, first, I am not a reloader and know little about old ammunition so I need a lot of information to do research. The Speer catalog doesn't seem to be the place to look because it seems to have only .38 spl.. Next, I assume the .38 55 is a rifle cartridge because of the load, is that right? Next what era is it... 1980, 1880 1920, black powder etc? Finally, we reprint dozens of old gun reloading manuals and catalogs so it might be useful for you to look at all of them and pick out some that might have the information you need, then I can check. Here is a link to all of them. Rob Mouat (we didn’t sell him anything though- old Ideal catalogs have the information he wanted)

Dear cornellpubs, Thank you - lxialn

Dear cornellpubs, In the early to mid 70's these catalogs had advertisement for Track Knives by Ithacagun, usually on the last or next to last page. Can you check the 74, 75. 76, 77, 78 catalogs for Track Knives. I would like to purchase years the ads were in the catalogs. I have a couple of those years already, but am out of town and not sure which. Thanks a bunch. John - montanajohn1950

John, We are just back from Easter holiday and I am looking at your note. The '74 has "Ithaca Finishing Tools", 13 of them, the '75 calls them Track knives, '76, folding Track knife, '77 on-nada. Cheers, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, The 76 catalog mentions Track knives, but doesn't list all the models available, they say look at the Ithacagun Accessories Catalog to see all the knives available. So, what I am looking for is the 76, 77, and 78 Accessories catalogs. Not sure you have those? - montanajohn1950

Montana... We do. Here is the link: ITHACA GUNS - ALL CATALOGS Rob Actually, I don't know if the ones I sent you are accessories or not. You can probably tell better. The first message Abby sent told which one has the 12 or 13 displayed. Rob (never heard back from him)

Dear cornellpubs, I was wondering if any of your printed information shows any mention of any Krico 350 series ( possibly 350,351,352,354, etc.) 22 wmr if it does please let me know as I'm trying to find more info on a gun left to me and I would be interested in purchasing it. thanks in advance - pit_viper_ssi (Ebay)

Dear pit_viper_ssi, A quick look at the '65 Stoeger shows they carried a Krico bolt rifle "Comanche" in .222 rem, .222 rem mag, .243 Win. No model number listed. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Thanks for the quick response, the rifle I have is a krico 22 WMR model 350(very similar to a 320 series but the stock is different and is magnum), 5 shot (4 in clip 1 in chamber) bolt action, European Monte Carlo walnut stock with Schnabel forend(the tip is black), and has checkering on the stock, and has white spacers between the butt plate the grip plate, hooded front sight, flip up rear, and double-set triggers. From what little I can find it is possible the it was imported by Beeman. I have seen a 320 series in there late 70's catalogues. I even emailed Krico and they said it was made in 1978 and is a 350 series no other information available, was the exact response I got. This is a very good quality rifle that I would like to know more about thanks for any help you can provide. Keith - pit_viper_ssi

Keith, I don't think the rifle pictured in the '65 Stoeger is yours although they refer to the double set trigger being available for an extra $10. Yours seems to be a deluxe model. I would bet your rifle came through Stoeger. Stoeger 1965 - The Shooter's Bible #56 Gun Catalog, Rob (no sale)

Ljungman c1958 Automatgevar M42B Swedish Semi-Auto: Hi, I was wondering if this book goes over disassembling the action from the stock. Instead of just field stripping. Thank you in advance! –Corey (Gunbroker)

Corey, The bolt assembly is pictured taken apart. More than that I don't know what you are looking for so that is the best I can answer- presumably the action disassembly shows the connection to the stock. Abby

Abby, Then i don't think it shows what i need. Thanks. Corey

Corey, Good decision, I wouldn't buy it then, it does cost $11.95. Abby

Hello, Are these manuals folded and stapled - also is the back cover printed with date, etc - as in the original? Thank you, - marcodelat (Ebay) Colt 1985 AR-15 Model SP1 "Sporter" Rifle Manual

Dear marcad... When you say "these manuals" I am not sure whether you are talking about the specific AR-15 you forwarded or some of the other 5000 old catalogs and manuals we reprint so I will answer generally. If the size is listed as 8.5" x 6" most are folded and stapled. If the size is 8.5" x 11" most are bound. However we DO NOT make forgeries of the originals so you cannot expect the same inks and paper or even exact size. It would be impossible for offer what we do for the prices we charge and then to exactly duplicate the originals. Abby

(Dear Abby) With my last order you enclosed a list with related literature .it got destroyed by exident please sand a new one thanks . alla.

Dear Alla, You don't give your last name or address so I can't send you a hard copy but here is a link to our online catalog which you can download to your computer for reference (you could also print it if you like). Best, Abby

Hello, Need plans to manufacture a lost forend for a 1896 sidelock James Woodward 20 gauge. Thank You! Sam Funteas

Dear Sam, We are publishers. We reprint old gun catalogs. If you would like to buy an old Woodward catalog to see what the forend looks like (maybe) we can help but plans, no, I don't think so. Cheers. Rob

(Dear Abby) Just wondering, I have an original Pacific Gun Sight Co. Catalogue 1943. Is it worth anything. Regards, Ken Kennedy

Ken, Realistically no, but then people can pay outlandish prices for things when they are offered for auction on Ebay. I've seen things I wouldn't pay $10 for go for $50. I paid $27 for the 1941 Pacific we offer as a reprint but you never know. Best, Abby

(Dear Abby) I just received my order, and I noticed that the above item #3776 had "orange spots"?? on pages 4,5,6,7,8??? Is that the way they all are, or did I get a bad one? Thanks so much as always!!! Mark Johnson

Dear Mark, Sorry about the orange marks. They were in the original and when we tried to remove them the text or underlying image was removed so we decided it was best to leave them. Cheers, Abby

Good Evening, I received my order today and it is not what I expected. I was looking for information on the history of the Erma company and not so much on the individual firearms that were produced by this company. Would it be possible to return the booklet I received for a refund? Thank you for your time and trouble and I look forward to your reply. William Baumbeck Gun Broker Auction # 406668492

Dear Mr. Baumbech, Please return the 1985 Erma Werks Gun Catalog reprint you bought to PO Box 214, Brighton, MI 48114. Please include a note requesting a refund of $16.95. In accord with our guarantee, when we receive it, we will refund your purchase price. Sincerely, Rob Mouat (I thought that was what the index with each item was for... to avoid that sort of mistake)

Dear Abby, Can you resend that little Russian ‘Makorv’ shooting game in another newsletter or? I seem to have lost it and though simple, it was different and kind of fun. Thanks, David

Hi David, Certainly. All back newsletters ate available at the website and the one you want is February. Cheers, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Nichols Stallion .45 Cap Gun Manual. do you mind letting me know if the manual has instructions regarding taking the gun apart and repairing things? Thanks for your time. – offtowin (Ebay)

Dear offtowin, No, this is an operations manual. It tells you to send it back to the factory for reconditioning. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Thank you. Amazing this gun back then cost around $3, on top of that they charged next to nothing to recondition it. – offtowin

Dear offtowin, Well, that is true but then a top secretary earned $3500 a year and a new attorney about $5500! Rob

Hi Abby: I just picked up an unusual gun case (see attached photos) which is marked William Read & Sons. If this type of case appears in one of your old Read catalogs, I'd sure like to buy a copy. Thanks! Bob Mills

Hi Bob. Here you go: Here you go: Read, William 1900 Gun Catalog, Boston, Massachusetts Read, William and Sons 1902 Gun Catalog (Boston, MA) , Best, Abby

Hi Abby: I just placed an order. Thanks so much for your help! -Bob

(Readers: Now, that is the way it is supposed to work! Abby)

(Dear Abby) Do you have data on engraved Colts shipped to Folsom Arms of N.Y. NY in 1909. Which arms dealer did they ship to in El Paso, Tx.? Jerry D. Churchman

Dear Jerry, We've had many requests over the years for sales information about companies that have long gone out of business and sad to say we don't have any information about their records other than Abercrombie & Fitch. Rob Mouat

Provenance for your gun: If you own a gun made between 1901 and 1976 you may be able to research the original purchaser through the records on file at Griffin & Howe for Abercrombie & Fitch and Von Lengerke and Detmold - Click Here for more information and a list of available makes.

Dear Abby, A short illustrated history of the Harrington & Richardson Arms Company. Comments: Thanks for sending the above named book. I ordered it in hopes of identifying an old H&R revolver my wife inherited from her father. Interestingly, the one she has is an almost exact duplicate of the lower picture on the cover. That one appears to be a six-shot, while hers is a 5-shot. As far as I can tell from numerous blog posts on the Firearms Forum, what we have is a black powder only gun, so I have no intentions of trying to shoot it. Anyway, I'm going to have to study the book a little more closely to see if I can make a positive identification of my wife's revolver. Interesting book; thanks again. John Holmes

Dear John, I certainly hope Joe's book works for you. Don't forget we also publish many H&R catalogs from all eras- after you identify your weapon you can buy the catalog that goes with it. Here is the link: HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS - ALL CATALOGS Cheers, Rob Mouat

Dear Rob, First thing I have been happy with the publications you have sent me. Thanks. I have read your disclamer above (the form at the website-ed), I have checked out your publications but maybe I have missed something. I am trying to find out any information about a 16 ga shotgun, Huntmaster No 65, slide action/pump, sold by Spiegel Catalogue, I don't know what year and there is no serial number to be seen. I know you are busy but you never know when something may "hit the ole memory ". Also how do I get on your reference for firearm appraiser? Thank you again, William E. Sterner

Dear William, I don't have an answer for you about the Huntmaster. There is some discussion about the model at online forums. Try Google.com: "huntmaster speigle" and see what they say. Regarding your question about appraisals, are you looking for an appraiser or do you want to be recognized as one at our website? If the latter, send me a note about yourself and your qualifications. If you want an appraiser: For Firearm Appraisals: email Mike Rich (Mike is an independent contractor, he has no affiliation with Cornell Publications. He will get back to you -- please do not call Cornell Publications for appraisals. For an idea of value try the Standard Catalog of Firearms from Gun Digest or the Blue Book of Firearms Values. Both are available at Amazon or Ebay.) Cheers, Rob Mouat

Dear Abby, In the last new letter you had a picture of your backyard. Would you happen to have a copy of your barn plans? Would you be willing to sell a copy? Cheers, Dean

Back YardDear Dean, Thanks for your note. The barn was built before we bought the property supposedly by a crew of Canadians hired by the previous owner. When we moved in I had the movers install a wood shop on the second floor with lots of heavy equipment. Sometime later I was standing on the bottom of the barn and casually noticed that the second floor of the barn didn't seem to be supported by anything but the siding. I backed outside nervously and later close inspection confirmed that the thing was built so badly and so ineptly that I am surprised it withstood the weight of the equipment upstairs (no offence to proper Canadian builders intended!). I immediately built a stick wall under the rim joists to hold it up and made other improvements to make the thing safe. So, although I am flattered you like the design of our 20' x 30' barn I wouldn't recommend you build one just like it. However any competent builder should be able to knock one up for you using the picture. Best, Rob Mouat

Abby, Newsletter Comments: Despite my best efforts, image do not appear when I view your newsletter in my email. So I click on the link provided - "* If for any reason this letter does not display properly, you can view the newsletter on our website." However that link takes me to the "BACK ISSUES OF OUR FREE NEWSLETTER" and does not show the current newsletter. Just my experience. Thanks, Dan

Dear Dan, I'm so sorry, I forgot to upload the file to the website. Here it is. Thanks for letting me know, Best, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Speer 1966 Reloading Manual No. 7- IS THE 22-250 IN THIS BOOK? MIN. AND MAX. LOADS? AND FACTORY LOADS? - 304cole (Ebay)

Dear 304... I am not a reloader but I can tell you there is load information for the .22-250 for four bullet weights with eight different powders for each, and three loads for each powder and weight combination for a total of 96 different loads for the cartridge. Abby (he didn’t order the book so I guess he just wanted to know if the book had the information!)

(Dear Abby) do you have any jeffery cats from 1904 back into the 1890 s lew wagner

Dear Lew, These are the Jeffery catalogs we reprint. You can find them under "J" at the website: JEFFERY, WJ - UK - ALL CATALOGS Rob Mouat

Dear cornellpubs, I still have not received my item. if you don't stock it, don't list it. - brettxc430 (Ebay)

Dear Mr. Regan, You've bought from us before and I am sorry this order seems to have gone missing. Given the time that has elapsed since we shipped the catalog to you I guess we can assume it is lost. Several of our shipments to Australia have been lost this year. Bad luck I guess. I'll send you a replacement.

For your information, we stock nothing and never have. We can offer over 5000 titles because we print to order and don't maintain a warehouse full of perishable merchandise. However, it does take a few days for us to record, print, collate, pack and ship each order. Cheers, Abby

(Dear Abby) Rigby 1924 Sporting Rifles Catalog: Comments: Hello, would you sell me a PDF of this catalog? It would save me postage to the UK of $24 which seems a bit crazy! Many thanks, Alex.

Dear Alex, Thank you for your note. We don't have our files in pdf format because, when we tried pdfs, copies instantly appeared on Ebay, something we would prefer not to happen. But shipping is $8 to UK, not $24. I don't know where you found the $24 figure, perhaps Ebay for International Priority? I do hope this helps. Cheers, Rob (nada)


Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is a clown who calls himself relicfilter on Ebay. He bought a 1903 Bannerman catalog from us and went berserk when he discovered that the word "tomahawk" in the index referred to a "Navy Battle Ax, Tomahawk Pattern" and not a Native American Tomahawk:

Dear relicfilter, I see your Ebay request for a refund and, of course, in keeping with our policy I am happy to do that but something bothers me. While I can understand you not needing the book if you were looking for American Indian Tomahawks and found only Tomahawk style Battle Axes (Bannerman never sold the former, only the latter) I don’t understand where you say you received and “unbound photocopy” and find that quite disturbing. Nothing we sell the size of a Bannerman is “unbound” and although we do offer some items reprinted from old photocopies, that Bannerman is reprinted from an original.

Normally we refund the purchase price of items and tell the customer to keep the “offending” item for free, but in this case I am concerned enough to see what you got that so differs from what we regularly produce, would you please return the Bannerman to Cornell Publications, PO Box 214, Brighton, MI 48116? Rob Mouat

"(Dear Rob) 1) Your description said this item contains "tomahawk battle axes". It does not. There is only a single mention of the word "tomahawk pattern", (not an actual tomahawk) in your entire publication when referring to the description of (pg 42 No 52) of your photocopy which says NAVY BRITISH AX" not tomahawk. By claiming there are tomahawk battle axes (plural) in your description you are greatly exaggerating in 2 respects. First there is only ONE item that even has that word tomahawk in the description but not the title. And there are No tomahawks in the catalog,

2) There was no mention of this reprint being photocopied rather than published by a publisher like the 1927 Bannerman catalog is. You made a homemade binding but never mentioned that either. I could have overlooked that if you had not lied a bout the tomahawks.

"Actually if you look at the 1927 Bannerman catalog there is an Indian pipe tomahawk so what you said Bannersman catalogs never had them that is not true. When referring to the lack of binding on your item I am comparing it to the professional binding & publishing of the 1927 reprint. Yes you tricked me by not mentioning what type of binding it was. Good one.

"Asking me to return it so you can see what you sent me? is rather disingenuous to say the least. You mean you don't know what you sent me? lol I will let ebay decide thru the Buyers Protection Program how this gets resolved. You just want to play more games. - relicfilter

Dear Mark, I already told you I’ll give you your money back, no need to accuse me of playing games or lying! Our advertisement specifically states that unwanted items be returned at your expense. However, now that you have acknowledged you did get a bound copy, my concern is answered. Abby will refund your money and you need not return the Bannerman. Keep it for free with our compliments. We did not go out of our way to specifically deceive you or anyone else about tomahawks and we certainly did not intend to enrage you the way we apparently did. Furthermore, as I told you, we don’t photocopy anything and the binding process we use (the thermal binding machine costs $5000 and we have three of them) is simply the best we can find for processing individually printed to order items numbering in the thousands. In fact most of what we reprint is available nowhere else on earth so you don’t have a lot of options.

Have a good day. Oh yes, the 1927 “pipe tomahawk” Bannerman sold was long ago exposed as a fake (I don’t know that for a fact, I just said it!). Cheers, Rob Mouat

"(Dear Rob) Oh yes, I know the pipe tomahawk in the 1927 catalog was a fake ace, although Bannerman did not know or acknowledge that in it. Half the non-gun items in all the Bannerman catalogs are fakes/misidentified! The point is you said something that was not true in your description in order to attract more customers. The 1927 catalog still said “Indian tomahawk with pipe” now didn’t it. Studying the fake tomahawks can be as important as studying the originals to serious collectors so as to avoid them. I appreciate the refund. (Mark, relicfilter-Ebay)

Dear Mark, Thanks, I'll change the description so the hordes of tomahawk enthusiasts out there are not in any way misled by Abby’s helpful descriptions of the Bannerman catalog content. Really, she just arbitrarily picked the word off the page and didn’t nefariously plot, some ten years ago when she wrote it, to deceive you or anyone else. We actually have more business than we want and have no need to inveigle people like you to buy our products especially when some people, like you, absolutely explode over silly little things… lied, disingenuous, tricked! Was that sort of language necessary, “Ace”? Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Theres that attitude again. Yes, that language was necessary since you can’t admit your at fault. Enjoy your feedback—ace. (Mark, relicfilter-Ebay)

This turkey gave us a negative at Ebay but the folks at Ebay were good enough to remove it given the exchange we had.

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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