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The Contact-Us Form on website was broken for a month from Feb 20-March 20. For those of you who tried to send a message to us and didn't hear back, we weren't being rude, just ignorant of the problem. We are sorry.

This Picture from Ron Carleton sums up this (past?) winter pretty nicely:

Ice Fishing

Some Photos Contain GPS Information!

Youths often post all sorts of pictures on social media sites and for all sorts of reasons (we've all heard about "sexting photos"). What they may not realize when they post the pics is that if the photo was taken with a smart-phone it is likely the photo contains GPS information about the exact location of where the image was made. While in some cases that information is useless or not very interesting, in other situations it could be a serious problem. Watch this video to see what we mean (click here).

GPS Image

Having A Bad Day!


More Iowa State University Images (pdf. download 7mb - click here)

Thanks to Dick Carleton

Our Back Yard

Back Yard

If you overlook the Christmas Tree (embarrassingly marooned in a sea of, as yet, unmelted snow and ice) you will notice behind the barn our tiller, which we abandoned in December when we got the tractor stuck in the snow while trying to get firewood (all those tarps are still frozen to the ground where we stored our split wood). You can see the vegetable garden still covered with a foot of snow in some places where the peas were to be planted next week.

(Photo date April 3, 2014)

Now this is my kind of dog (on the right)!dogs

What happens next? Click here.

Thanks to Coopers Dogpatch

U. S. Army Center of Military History

(not open to the public)



The army has a terrific collection of weapons, artifacts and art stored at Fort Belvoir in Virginia about a half hour south of Washington where a museum is planned to be built beginning this year. The website buzzfeed has put together a nice webpage showing some of the secrets stored at the fort. Click here.

Thanks to Jeff Steidle at Regress Press (Auto Catalog reprints)

Felix Baumgartner at Mach 1


Austrian skydiver and daredevil Felix Baumgartner jumped from 128,100 feet above the Earth’s surface on October 14th, 2012. Seven GoPro cameras recorded the jump and GoPro released this incredible footage, showing from a new perspective of what it was like from Baumgartner's point of view.

Felix Baumgartner became the first skydiver ever to go faster than the speed of sound! A 30-second excerpt from this video aired during Super Bowl 2014. (Click here)

Rob Mouat


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Wolves as Saviors of the Environment?

wolvesIn the January 2014 newsletter Ted Lyon and Will Graves new book The Real Wolf: The Science, Politics, and Economics of Co-Existing with Wolves in Modern Times argues for wolf management. Lyons and co-author Will Graves assert that the American public has been deceived by wildlife advocacy groups about the true state of wolves in the wild and their impact on the environment.

This video "Yellowstone Wolves" presents a different perspective on the re-introduction of wolves to modern America. (click here)

Arms Heritage Magazine

The Japanese Balloon Attack

Shortly after Jimmy Doolittle led the first bombing attack on Tokyo in April of 1942, the Japanese became desperate to formulate some means of retaliation on the continent of North America, even a token effort would boost morale among citizens. Numerous ideas were formulated and considered. One was that bombers balloonmight make one-way suicidal bombing runs to the West Coast, but it was abandoned because there were no airfields close enough to launch such an attack. Another idea launched small aircraft from submarines just off the coast. At least one such flight was made resulting in a forest fire near Mt. Emily, Oregon in September of 1942.

The idea of bomb-bearing drifting balloons had been used as early as 1848 during the Italian War of Independence as a means of attack against Venice when no suitable position could be found for siege guns. Hot air balloons carrying thirty pound bombs were drifted over the city and detonated by time fuses. At least one dropped into St. Marks square. The practice was abandoned when an unexpected shift in wind direction drove a balloon back over the besiegers.

The Japanese started experimenting with military balloons in the 1930's along with several other revolutionary concepts. The I-Go was a wire-controlled, unmanned tank to be deployed against enemy entrenchments, the Ro-Go was a rocket propelled weapon and the Fu-Go was the balloon program. The word "Go", in Japanese, roughly translates to "number", "I"," Ro" and "Fu" are letters in the alphabet). Fu is also the first letter in the word "Fusen" meaning "Balloon", hence the name of the program.

Although it is unlikely that even the most optimistic members of the Japanese high command expected A balloon attack to make a difference in the war, it did appeal for two reasons:

-Japanese moral was at a low point and the ability to demonstrate an attack on mainland United States, no matter how feeble, would fuel the propaganda machine.

-The high command erroneously felt that they could cause panic in the United States because these "silent killers" would flood the skies. In fact, almost no one in the U.S. ever became aware of the threat, in spite of Japanese broadcasts from various counties that claimed massive casualties.

The balloons themselves were technological marvels and their cost was substantial. In order to have a chance of reaching the United States from their launch point on mainland Japan, the balloon's altitude had to be carefully regulated to stay within the Jet Stream currents. Since a flight from Japan to the United States was expected to, ideally, take about 5 days, an altitude regulating system had to be devised since the balloon's buoyancy would vary significantly between darkness and sunlight.

Each balloon was a 32.81 foot diameter sphere, made of multiple layers of paper and ultimately lacquered for moisture protection. A suspension curtain attached to the sphere held 19 shroud lines, each 49.2 feet long from which was suspended the ordnance and altitude control device. Ordnance consisted of two thermite incendiary bombs and one 15 kg. anti-personnel bomb.

The altitude control device was both simple and sophisticated, meaning it involved periodic dropping of sandbags by an extremely expensive and complex set of sensors.

In the period from November 1944 and April 1945, a total of 9300 of these balloons were launched from 21 different launch sites along the East Coast of the island of Honshu. A total of 285 reported incidents are recorded with landings in Alaska and 17 other states, Canada, Hawaii and even two in Mexico. The only U. S. casualty occurred when the Reverend Archie Mitchell and his family went on an outing to the Gearhart Mountains in Oregon. One of the children discovered the device and as the others gathered to examine it, the bomb exploded killing Mrs. Mitchell and five children. In another incident near Bella Bella, British Columbia, two children were killed when they found a bomb. It would turn out that these were the only American and Canadian civilians killed on the North American mainland during the war.

Arms Heritage Magazine

Arms Heritage Magazine covers a wide range of arms-related topics. This article on the Japanese balloon attack is a companion piece to an article in the forthcoming (June) issue on the home guard in Canada and their weapons and accoutrements.

Arms Heritage Magazine, in conjunction with Cornell Publications, is planning to offer a series of monographs on in-depth arms topics. Watch for an announcement on when and what may be offered. Subscriptions to the on-line magazine are available at the AH website (click here), for only $19 per year. All back issues (now 19 in number) remain available to current subscribers and bound, printed copies of years one and two are available below.

Printed Annual Volumes (click here)

Check in online at Arms Heritage Magazine

New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to my website. Special thanks to Steve Brunner and Tom Castonguay for letting us borrow their wonderful old catalogs, books and manuals to copy.

Ben Pearson 1942 Archery Catalog

Besa Machine Gun 1931-41 Instructions for Armorers 8mm & 15mm

Browning 1942 M1919A4 MG Illustrated Parts List (UK)

Browning 1954 M37 Tank MG Maint Manual TM 9-2012

Browning 1961 MG 1919A1 (Brit: L3A3) Technical Handbook (UK)

Browning 1964 MG 1919A1 (Brit: L3A3-L3A4) Tech Handbook (UK)

Browning 1965 M1919 L3A3 & L3A4 Illus. Parts List (UK)

Browning 1969 M1919A4 M37 Tech Manual TM 9-1005-212-25

Browning c1939 Automatic Rifle BAR Mechanism and Use (UK)

BSA 1955 Medium Action Rifle Flyer

BSA 1955 Single 12 Shotgun Flyer

Colt 1942 MG38BT Tank Machine Gun Manual Supl.

Daisy 1965 CO2-200 Flyer

Eriksen 1927 Machine Gun (Norway) Evaluation Notes (UK)

Finnish 1933 LS 26-32 Machine Rifle Manual

FN 1962 MAG L7A1 Machine Rifle Tech Handbook (UK)

FN 1979 LMG MINIMI-XM 249 cal 5.56 MT1-MIN-02-En

Heckler & Koch c1970 HK21 (Fabrica de Barca M968) MG Manual

Hefah (V) 1943 Machine Gun Mk.I Preliminary Report (UK)

Hughes 1966 Heligun EX17 Machine Gun Proposal for US Govt.

Johnson 1944 LMG- Le Modele 1944 Fusil-Mitrailleur

Laird-Menteyne c1913 Degaille Machine Gun Manual (Fr-UK)

Ljungman c1958 Automatgevar M42B Swedish Semi-Auto Rifle

Ljungman c1960 Ag M42 Semi-Auto Rifle Manual by IGAB Sweden

Lyman 1980 Cast Bullet Handbook 3rd Edition

M73 and M219 1972 MG Armorers Manual TM 9-1005-233-24

M73 and M219 1974 MG Operators Manual TM 9-1005-233-10

M85 1984 .50 Caliber Fixed MG Operators Manual TM 9-1005-231-10

M85 1985 .50 Caliber Fixed MG Armorers Man. TM 9-1005-231-24&P

Mendoza 1948 Fusil Ametrallador Rifle & Grenade Manual

Perino Model 1908 Machine Gun Manual (Ital. & UK)

PKM 1979 Machine Gun Operators Manual

Remington c1890 Arms and Ammunition

Remington M121 Fieldmaster Manual

Schwarzlose M24 Mitrailleuse Lourde Manuel (Machine Gun)

SIG MG710 3 Machine Gun Brochure

SIG MG710 Machine Gun Manual

SIG MG710-3 Machine Gun Flyer

St. Etienne 1916 M1907 Machine Gun Manual

Stoeger 1946 - The Shooter's Bible #37 Gun Catalog

Trust Eibarres S.A. 1958 Eibar, Spain Gun Catalog

Weatherby 1973 Fine Firearms Catalog No. 18

Letters from Readers

Dear cornellpubs, I have a Winchester model 1897 Pump shotgun from 1906. What catalogs or literature do you have that you can re-print for it? Thank you. – stihlhomelite (Ebay)

Dear Stihl… We reprint 20 Winchester Catalogs between 1896 and 1910 and all of them would have your shotgun. Oddly, Winchester seems not to have printed a catalog between October 1905 (#72) and January 1907 (#73) so a 1906 is out, from us at least. Cheers, Rob

Greetings Abby, Items- Lawrence and Myres (3) arrived today, and I am very pleased with the quality and also with your service. Further orders to follow, Regards, Doug

Dear Abby, During WW2 the Stoeger Gun Catalog company printed periodic supplements to their gun catalog. They were called: "Special Arms Bulletin". Do you have any copies of them and can you make reprints? Thanks in advance. Mike Muncy

Mike, I don't think we have any of the supplements. We have processed some of the wartime Stoegers: I also have #33 1941, #34 1942, #35 1944, #36 1945 originals sitting on my desk (as you can see above I've processed the 1939, 1941 and 1944 already). If you need any of the ones i've not yet done, I can do that and then sell you either the original or a copy, just let me know. Best, Abby (Mike sent us a picture of the 1943 Stoeger, also a # 34, so they must have reprinted the 1942 #34 for the next year.)

NOTE: We have most Stoeger originals from 1939 on, so if you want a particular year and don’t see it on our list of available reprints, let me know and I will add it. We also have duplicates of many years and are willing to sell the originals.

Dear Abby Good morning. I have no idea what is going on with my order. The tracking info showed the wrong address and I never received my order. Please let me know what is going on. Thank you. - debra7582 (Ebay)

Dear debra… The package was mailed to the address you left at Paypal, (I assume you got the tracking information showing that address). I have no idea how the PO works. The package had an electronic label (that allows it to get tracking) so the PO should sort it out shortly. Right now there isn't much we can do but wait for them to finish delivery. If there anything else I can do for you please let me know. Cheers, Rob Mouat

Rob, No worries. it should get here. Thanks for the update. It went to Sebastapol, which is near here to San Jose, which is about 90 miles away. It will get here maybe by pony express. thanks, Gordon - debra7582 (Ebay)

Abby, The Sharps catalog came today and I'm very pleased. Thanks a bunch and shoot sharp's the word, Mike

Abby, Thanks for the (shipping) notice, Abby! Always impressed by your wonderful professional service. Steve Whitley

Hi Abby, I just wanted to thank you for the (enlarged) full-size reprinted pages. I greatly appreciate the extra effort. Kindest regards, Jeff Fraser

Dear cornellpubs, Not so very long ago, you mentioned my inquiry ref. HICKS percussion caps as produced by Winchester or Remington/UMC. Here is what this is all about: I am working on a book on the Am Flask & Cap Co. There will be a chapter coving HICKS caps. HICKS was a major stockholder om AmF&CC. In 1899, The rights to make Hicks caps was sold to Winchester and UMC. I have managed to collect about 50 different cap cans beaing the HICKS / AmFCC name. I would like to find from you, what is the latest catalog that you have that mentions HICKS caps. I would like to purchase these most recent catalogs that mention HICKS caps. If you have any post 1899 UMC/REMINGTON or Win castalogs that picture HIcks cap cans, I would also like to get copies of them. At present, I have no way of identifying the dates of any post 1899 cans that I find. This includes both sporting & military cap cans. Now you can see from where I am coming & I look forward to your response. There's no rush. Bob C – bluegoldlacrosse (Ebay)

Dear Bob C., Thanks for your note. The sort of research you are asking for really doesn't belong on Ebay and they can get prickly about questions not related to a specific item. I think you would be much better served to base your enquiry from our website where we can do investigations (time permitting) for customers. Check in at cornellpubs and we will see what we can do for you. Also, for research of this type we need to know who and where you are. We do not do anonymous free research. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

Dear cornellpubs, In this catalog (1988) or your other catalogs for 1989 and 1990, Does the listing for the Hawken Ithaca Navy state that it is made in the USA? I'm looking for the last catalog issued stating such. I have the 1982 edition which states that it does and the 1991 edition that does not. Thank you. - usa95959 (Ebay)

Dear usa95… The 1988 does not state made in USA. Abby (I love doing free research)

Abby, I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what year the following manual you offer was from? Marlin Models 39A and 39M Lever Action Rifle Operations manual. I am looking for something from the late 40's to early 50's. Dave

Dave, It is undated but for all the manuals we list without dates one must assume they are from the last 40 years or so. Abby

Abby, Order has arrived safe and sound. Excellent Plus ...... Very pleased. Hope I can recommend your process to others. J Mac

Dear J Mac. Thanks, I hope you can too. Abby

Abby, I HOPE this is a question you can answer, and not a dumb question. I would like to buy one or 2 or 3 Remington catalogs that show or feature the No. 2 rolling block. Please recommend the best choices of catalogs. I am guessing they will be in the 1880's, but you will know best. Thank you Art DeKalb.

Hi Art, Not dumb at all, good to hear from you. Actually, any of the 1880 catalogs feature the No2 except the specialty ones like the Rem-Lee one. Hope this helps (the 1887 version seems to have more variations of the models). Best, Abby - I checked these for you to make sure:

Abby, A pleasure to again have the opportunity to do business with you. I have included Cornell Publications in the acknowledgement section of our book---these historic catalogs are a GREAT resource for research! Steve Whitley

Hi Rob, every thing worked out great, decent repop, gives me all i need and then some, left you A+ feed back, And now for the COMPLAINT!!! just kidding, kinda funny, on pg.151 for the 133 gr. bullet there is a Typo. for the powder i use a lot of, IMR 4227 it reads 42275, no big deal to me! some one shy on common sense and i see a lot of that now a day's might get upset. O well, Any how I'll not bother you any unless i need something again. Thanks a bunch! And you take care. Larry

Abby, Here you are again, making hard to find information available and affordable! Bruce

Abby, Tryon catalog arrived OK. As usual, your quality is first class! Leaving positive feedback. Mike

Greetings from Florida, this is NOT the original MK760 SMG c1980 Catalog. I know because I have the rifle and book. I was hoping you hade a better copy than the one I have. You don't the parts list or the bread down of the gun. You are missing multiple pages and the pages that you have copy are so bleached out that you can't see any serial numbers or any detail of the gun. This is what the book is for. I do not leave negative feedback, but I will not purchase from your site again. I do not pay good money for junk! – trapperlkld (Ebay)

Dear Trapper, Thank you for your note. Actually, what you bought is a catalog or flyer describing the weapon, not a manual. There are no parts numbers in the catalog and no pages describing the operation of the gun as you would find in a manual. The purpose of this four page flyer, which is complete as published, was to sell the gun, it is an advertising piece. Also, I have never seen a manual or a catalog that contains serial numbers because both would have been printed before the guns were made. I'm sorry to have disappointed you. Would you like your money back? Best wishes, Rob Mouat (At least he didn’t bomb us with a negative so I guess we dodged that bullet)

Dear cornellpubs, Is there any loading Data in this book on .357 133 Gr. SWC Bullet #358480? thank you very much. - nuckelhead2013 (Ebay)

Dear nuckle... No, for that you need the next edition: Lyman 1973 Cast Bullet Handbook 2nd Edition. Cheers, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Does the Daisy M880 Power Line Manual manual cover dis-assembly or repair like replacing parts? - tm3911 (Ebay)

Dear tm… No, it says not to try to take it apart because it is difficult to reassemble- send it to the factory. Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Springfield Rifle Musket Model 1866, Decription and Rules for. Look for anything about .50-70 cal. trapdoor conversion. Thanks. - gerry0491 (Ebay)

Dear gerryo... It is for the .50/70 but I don't know about the rest. On the other hand it costs $7.95 and we'll give you your money back if you don't like it. Abby

Hi Abby, GOT the replacement and it is PERFECT... I do like the RED spine binding better too! Thanx! DAN ToyTent.com

Hello Abby. I am David of San Antonio TX I have ordered before and written to you about needing a stock number identifier. This is NOT a complaint email tho I sense you get more than your share. The book I WANTED was Musket School .... I clicked on the picture and ordered Modern Systems of.... Somehow the web site switched to Modern Systems of..... The second book is fine and I will just reorder with more care . I suspect a glitch on the web site or a step where it is easy to error. In fact a web site review may be in order as I at least have a hard time using it. I also suggest that all negative notes be rewritten in a positive frame such as “We deal in BOOKS so if an appraisal is wanted please contact………” “We only carry reprinted books listed. If you don’t see your book try.. (Abes books?) I say these things to be helpful not to critics. I once sold heavily on Ebay and when things started going wrong I studied the system until I found a fix. Have a nice day, Kind regards, David

Dear David, Thank you for your note. Regarding stock numbers, we actually do have them and they appear next to the price on the webpage featuring the item and again in the shopping cart when you check out (next to the item name). We don’t emphasize stock numbers however, because we discovered that people have trouble handling numbers and find themselves confused when they try to associate them with a book or catalog title. This results in transpositions and other things that folks then blame us for. We find it is more efficient to use titles and dates.

When you say you wanted the book: “Musket School”, I assume you are referring to Handbook for Hythe - The School of Musketry of the British Army 1860 but you ordered Rifled Infantry Arms - 1855 (UK-abridged). Is that correct? I’ve tried my best, but I can’t seem to find any way the two are connected with misplaced links at the website. But, if you can give me any direction to find such a glitch I would be most grateful.

Ours is a complex website with a lot to offer and I confess that it may have unknown problems; although I must say I am surprised by how few have come to light considering that I was a complete novice when I designed the way it work. On the other hand, I cannot think of a fundamental way to make it work better. But we keep trying to find ways to make it easier and welcome any specific suggestions with good cheer!

About the “negative notes” on the website, well yes, they are in bold, red type and yes, to a gentleman customer they are rather blunt, but they are necessary. You would be astonished at the number of people who ignore polite notes and who write or telephone, sometimes drunk in the middle of the night, asking us for new or used guns, gun parts or prices or want to know if we are the Forehand Gun Company that went out of business a century ago. Those rude notes we offer have discouraged at least some of those people. Still, I welcome any advice you may offer about how to club dolts in the head politely. Cheers, Rob Mouat

Abby, I received the book today and want to thank you very much. The graphics and printing is outstanding. again thank you ------Joe Chamberlain

Cornellpubs, Not especially fast service! PayPal payment went out on 3/5. Shipment takes place on 3/11, 6 days later. Bob Tavernier

Bob, Each email we send you, including the one you got on the 6th in response to your purchase, tells you that it takes a few days to Record, Print, Collate, Bind, Pack and Ship individually selected items from our list of over 5000 rare publications. You ordered Thursday night and we took the weekend off and shipped Tuesday so, in reality, your "6 days" was really only three days and that is pretty good, don't you think? At least it is pretty good considering that most things we offer are not available anywhere else in the world. Check out the book section at Walmart. Cheers, Rob Mouat

Hi Abby, Quite some time ago in one of your (newsletters) there were some old photos post 1900 of civil war veterans of both sides meeting each other dressed in their original issued uniforms. If still available could you please forward a link to this event, it did create great interest amongst the shooting fraternity here in the UK when received. Many thanks and regards. Richard

Richard, All old newsletters are always available at our website. Search for the word "civil" using "control F" on your keyboard. February 2012

Dear cornellpubs, I apologize my feed back was for a hardback edition. ur edition did have the sr4756 loads I was looking for. yours was what I needed by the time I realized it I had already left feedback again my most sincere apologies DewRag1100.

Hi derag... Not to worry, in fact I'm kind of flattered that you think I actually wrote the 1970 Speer Reloading Catalog and left out important information... even if it is 45 years old! Abby

Abby, Do you also have Marlin rifle specific schematics? Looking for a Model 97 exploded view. Bob

Bob, This might help: Numrich Gun Parts Corporation has parts diagrams online. You can also use a Model 39 for a Model '97 diagram as the internal parts are nearly identical. Cheers, Abby

Dear Dick Salzer at Arms Heritage Magazine, I want to record a strong "YEAH!" on James Kelly's article on metallurgy in the latest issue of Arms Heritage Magazine! Gogan's book has long been my "go-to" reference on the subject (in fact, I had a good discussion only last Thursday with a budding blacksmith on properties of the various steels, quoting heavily therefrom), but Kelly adds a lot of additional information, with surprisingly little duplication - especially on the early alloys and the intriguing effects of "contaminants" in their ore sources, and modern efforts to reproduce them.

I would like to see this article offered as a stand-alone booklet (Abby, Rob???) to set on my library shelf alongside Gogan. Something like the "Monographs" offered with the OLD (1939 - 42) OGCA "Gun Report", of which my original complete file is now in the Archives of the American Single Shot Rifle Association. Any more to come???

You are really doing as fine job with AH, and Cornellpub's archival annual sets - sans ads - are good, permanent shelf reference material, too. Keep it up! Doug

Dear Doug, We are working with Dick at Arms Heritage Magazine to make some of their fine articles available as stand-alone publications through our website. Thanks for the idea and stay tuned! Rob

Dear Abby, I received the Instruction Papers that I ordered for my Mossberg 200D , but it did not contain the “parts list” that was shown on the web site. I thought that would be included. Please check. Thanks, Rich

Rich, I'm not sure what you are looking for with the Mossberg 200 manual we sent you. It should have been printed 2 sides and have photos but no parts pics. This is the advert from the website. Am I missing something? Rob

Howdy Abby, Have you ever printed anything on the Shotgun made by the Stevens Safety Arms Co.? They were only in business a few years and made about 1000 special Shotguns with a unique Safety lever behind the trigger. - yes I own one. Thanks, Lance Long

Lance, Doesn't come to mind, I don't think I've ever heard of them. Cheers, Abby… Readers?

Dear cornellpubs, Sir, I am looking for a cheap copy of a manual including breakdown and parts list. I want to build my own ak 47 with parts. is this the manual for me, and do you have a manual specifically for the ak 47? Let me know. Trent - nobodyisbidding

Dear Trent, The manual you looked at has pretty poor pictures so for your purposes I would select the one below. I just added it so it isn't on Ebay yet but you can get it at the website. Rob Mouat

AK-47 - U.S. Army 1969 Training Handbook- Operations and Maint.

Hi abby, nice catalog, but I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the reproduced photographs. most are very difficult to discern any detail. even some of the writing is tough to read. I understand you copy from old catalog, but other items I have received from you had better quality. thanks. Gary

Dear Gary, Not everything we reprint is perfect because we cannot fix what is already a poor copy. On the other hand we don't want to ditch a valuable link with history simply because it isn't fit for Architectural Digest. This is why we put a disclaimer with every Ebay advert along with a careful description of each publication. Sorry, Abby

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is:

"Dear cornellpubs, Um the thing is that my brother took my visa card without me noticing and bought this item. He taught that this was a set. I don't want to pay for something which I didn't want to buy in the first place........sorry for any inconvenience. - 2014mtgorge (Ebay)"

Dear 2014mtgorge, Ebay does not make this easy. We have already printed, packed and shipped the paid-for item. So, we have paid for the making and postage of the item to Malta as well as the Ebay fees. I sent you a note through Ebay to cancel the transaction. I don't know it that will work. Meanwhile, perhaps you can tell me how your brother missed the large type in the advert for the Daisy 1967 BB, Pellet, Play Guns & Access Catalog that says (in two places):

1. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced. Note to youngsters: This is a catalog reprint not a crate of guns for $11.95!!

2. PLEASE NOTE: These Daisy catalogs are color laser REPRINTED from original scans with the permission of the Daisy company. These are NOT ACTUAL GUNS for sale. They are pretty good copies and each is bound or folded and stapled at the spine. They are NOT however perfect forgeries of the originals and are sold for the information they contain.

Regards, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, My brother is an idiot and a blockhead. He saw the guns and bought them while I was at school. Plus he saw how I purchased things which is why he knew how to. Look I haven't accessed my account in a while including my google account for like a week and he bought it like 5 days ago. - 2014mtgorge

Oh... Abby

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and I am adding more all the time.

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* Whenever I scan a delicate old catalog I use my book scanner. The catalog hangs over the side of the scanner and only needs to be opened 90 degrees. This puts much less stress on the spine.

So there you have it, a tip that I hope will result in a torrent of eager collectors now willing to let me scan their old gun catalogs... but, please call or write first, don't just send them because I may already have scans of that particular item. I still have hundreds of old catalogs on file that I haven't got to yet.

* How to pay for things on the internet while using your credit card with some safety... You have to make certain the site accepting your credit card is secure. Normally the site URL begins with http: etc. but a secure site has a different beginning. It starts with https:. etc. The "S" means the site is using encryption software and it is pretty safe to send your card information to the company if you trust the company! By the way, do not send your credit card information in an email. Emails are NOT secure!

Many folks call me to give me an order over the telephone because they "don't like to use their credit cards on the internet". Well, every time you use your credit card at stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants or anywhere else, the transaction is recorded on the internet! Do you trust the company you are giving the info to?

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