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They Sold Trigger!

Apparently the Roy Rogers Museum in Branson, MO was running at a deficit and Roy's son, Roy Jr., following his dad's instructions, sold the whole shebang triggerat a Christie's auction. The life-size shooting gallery sold for $27,500, two limited edition BB guns in their original boxes along with numerous photos of Roy, Dale, Gabby, and Pat sold for $3,750. Bullet, his dog, went for $35,000 and Trigger sold for over a quarter million. Follow the link above for all the results and pictures... end of an era, I suppose.


Aviation Video Clips


From WWI to fairly recently, these short clips embrace a century of air progress. The first clip shows, toward the end, a group of pilots mugging for the camera. One of them appears to be wearing a black armband, something unusual for wartime officers in uniform. Perhaps it is a blue armband indicating a wounded soldier?


Audi Piloted Driving (Spousal Assist!)

Government Releases Confessed Terrorist

The U.S. Navy last month announced it has released a senior Al Qaeda terrorist despite his admissions of numerous documented acts of violence directed against U.S. citizens and service personnel.

The man had been questioned aboard a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea. One interrogating officer remarked that he showed no remorse for his bloody past. However, in a humanitarian gesture, the terrorist released from custody. He was given $50 and a white 1962 Ford Fairlane automobile prior to disembarking from the ship.


1936 Fairbanks Morse M32D Hit or Miss Engine (description)

Watch the Video

hit or miss







I know you guys saw it right away, no fooling you, right? You saw he wasn't wearing eye and ear protection, don't try to fool me!

Thanks to Jim Buchanan

Samsung Advertisement

In these days of endless hospital and drug advertisements on TV we can only wish we had such compelling and amusing diversions as this one.


Thanks to Dick Carleton and Jim Buchanan for the email forwards!

Just ask Gram and Gramps...

The national TV "news" last night disclosed a startling medical study revealing child in breathless words that something like one in five youths suffers from ADHD. Encouraged by teachers and physicians, many of these kids are eagerly fed psychostimulant drugs like ritalin and adderol- "kidspeed". The numbers of children are staggering and cause for concern. Researchers therefore, studied the situation and their conclusions were interesting. They revealed, for example, in so many words, that if parents of small children disciplined them a bit more they might not act badly later. Of course the study used words like "parental pre-school intervention" and other precious jargon but the net finding shouldn't surprise any grandparent.


Rob Mouat

Serious Car Wrecks... and any one of us

I want to talk about the 2.2 million people who are injured in auto crashes each year. Why are so many hurt and why don't we think more about them while we drive? We are talking about a lot of people, some 66 million over the last 20 years. That amounts to something like a fifth of the population of the U.S. There is a good chance that a similar tragedy will or has touched each of our families.

After we’ve dismissed perhaps half of the “usual suspects”, drinking, cell phones, weather, dark, animals, another car, mechanical failure we still have a million or so people lying in hospital after an accident. What got them there?

Three months ago Abby and I had a near miss that has stayed with me ever since. We were driving on the Mason road, a long stretch of straight, two-lane black-top paralleling I96 here in Michigan on our way to Lansing. I thought the route to be safer and more interesting than the thruway. We were following a woman in a small car of indeterminate make and year. I tend to keep back a long way when following a car at speed, perhaps 150 feet or so, and we were doing about 55 or 60 mph. The speed limit is 55.

I allowed myself to gaze across a broad field at a distant farm. The barns and silos were comfortably silhouetted against the dark blue winter sky and the fields were spotted with snow, beautiful. I idly wondered what the farmer was doing at that moment. Was he working on a giant tractor in the equipment shed or calculating planting needs on his computer. It took only a second or two. My eyes wandered back to the road and, to my horror, the small car in front was now a big car and the brake lights were on. I was still going about 60 mph, or 88 feet a second, and she had stopped maybe 50 feet in front of us.

I’ve been driving for decades and I believe that saved us- years of experience made the reaction a reflex with no thought. The car began a turn to the left (with no indicator signals, of course). There was a steep ditch on the right, without thinking I swerved left and then right. We missed one another by nothing at all and it was over. The car approaching in the other direction was still too far away to matter.

What’s to learn about this story? Well, in my case, I was totally to blame. My momentary inattention almost caused us and the oblivious, non-signaling girl in the car ahead of us, unpardonable pain. Physics and Newton’s laws are inescapable, if you tailgate, or look away for even a second while driving it could kill you.

This is the lesson that escapes so many people. If we are driving along at 80 mph we are travelling about 120 feet a second. Reaction time, assuming we are paying attention, is no better than a half second. So if we are two car lengths behind the guy in front, we are going to hit him or the object in the road if something happens. It's basic math. I think that explains why most of the other million or so people are injured each year. That and the luck of the draw. I know I got away with something I didn't deserve.

Rob Mouat

Brighton, MI

put the phone down

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Arms Heritage Magazine

The Gun Trade at Norwich, Connecticut

When gun collectors gather and talk about the heart of the gun world in the 1800's, Norwich, Connecticut is not usually the place that quickly springs to mind. Most minds jump to Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport or Springfield, depending on their personal collecting bents. However, as this article will show, Norwich was by far the most significant gun manufacturing location and was an incubator for at least two of today's best-known firms-- Smith and Wesson and Winchester.

Although today Norwich is a quaint New England city, a former mill town, struggling with all of the usual problems of the day, it was not always such. Norwich was founded in 1659 on land purchased from the Mohegan Indian Tribe. The first public ship landing dock was established in 1694. By 1832, the city was served by the Norwich and Worcester Railroad, thus providing source of raw material and an outlet to inland locations. During the mid-1800's it was a thriving city, provided with abundant waterpower, at the confluence of the Yantic and Shetucket Rivers, which there combine their waters to form the Thames River, a navigable waterway, making the sheltered port of Norwich with easy access by water to the markets of both New York and Boston-- each only a day's sail distant by steamer.

All of these factors provided a base for manufacturing of all kinds. Thus, the abundance of a skilled labor force and abundant sources of capital made it a natural magnet for entrepreneurs of all types.

Although there had been gunsmiths in the city dating back to before the Revolutionary war, it was Ethan Allen's decision to move his gun making activity from Grafton, Massachusetts in 1842 that really kicked off the succession of firms over the ensuing fifty or sixty year stretch. Although Allen only stayed five years in Norwich before relocating to Worcester in 1847, he had brought Thomas Bacon with him from Grafton.

The Norwich story will be told over a number of future issues of Arms Heritage Magazine. The Bacon story was in a recent issue. Watch for articles on Manhattan, Davenport, Allen and other in future issues. Arms Heritage Magazine is now well into it's third year of publication.

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine

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New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to my website. Special thanks to Ron Gerber for his Winchester collection and Fede Graziano, a staff member of the Argentine Gun and Ammunition Collectors Association who once again has come up with some fascinating catalogs including those from Poland and Hungary... (If you have difficulty working our shopping cart with one of the Polish catalogs, please let me know- it may balk when confronted with the Polish characters in the title. I've tested it but you never know).

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Letters from Readers

Abby Hello, I am very interested in this publication, i collect these sorts of german (and european in general) pre-war "man's-man" documents as a hobby. But i am trying to get a better idea of the cotents. I'd like to read some of the text shown in the photo. Is there any way you could send me a hi-res image of the sample photo, one that's readable? It would be greatly appreciated. eman1887 (Ebay)

Eman, I'm sorry, that image is low resolution and will not enlarge properly. Also, we get too many requests for "Just the page that shows xxx" to be able to accommodate individual page requests. However, our website does allow some enlargement of sample images. Rob

Abby, I have a catalog (that I suspect was copied from the internet) dated 4/02/2011 that has on page 9 about 20 entries down an "O'Brein Guncraft (Model Gun) c1952 9pp" entry. I built a couple of O'Brien's wooden kits and would like to get a catalog. Entering the name in your search function gets me nowhere. Tom

Tom, The catalog from the internet, I suspect, is one of ours downloaded from the website. What you are looking for is: O'Brien Guncraft c1952 Catalog. Abby

Abby Handbook of Cast Bullets by Lyman Corp 1973- is this book bound or loose pages? Thanks, - ygor (Ebay)

Ygor, It is bound. Do you want loose pages? Abby

Abby, Thank you. I received my catalog Tuesday. It helped a ton. Joe.

Abby, I wish to purchase a Repair manual For A Stoeger Luger c1969 Thank You, James O. Himsel (from website)

Jim, All manuals we reprint are listed at the website. Regards, Abby

Abby, Do you offer a manual for the war time (1912 to 1919) Mauser C96 Broomhandle? Your 1924 one is too new. Thanks, - rananderson (Ebay)

Ran, We reprint this one which might be earlier: Mauser c1920 Machine Pistol Handbook (in German) . It should be on Ebay but if not it is at our website. Rob

Dear sir, please can you tell me from what year is the original p220 flyer to see of what year is the pistol of the print. and also i want to know of the themes of the illustration on the back and the other page. best regards and thank you very much, tomas (Argentina)

Tomas, The flyer is undated. Sorry, Abby

dear sir, please if you dont mind i want to know if the sig flier images are sharps and real like the original, because i want to put the print in a good frame to hang it in a wall. i like very much yuor items and i put yuo in my favotite seller list. best tegards and thank you very much. Tomas (Argentina) Ebay

Tomas, I would not want you to be disappointed. I do not think you should buy this reprint. You should wait for an original to appear on Ebay. Best wishes, Abby

Abby, Hello, do you have the 1927 edition of the Fox gun catalog? - grp7099 (Ebay)

Grp, No but we do the company catalogs below, all of which carried the Fox line. If you can't find them in our listings on Ebay, they are available at our website. Abby

Abby, Did I miss the March news letter or was there not one sent? Sure miss it. Thanks Cary Dean Eastvold

Cary, We post over 15,000 newsletters and, on average, 600-800 "bounce" for various reasons- the mailbox is full or some other issue. Sometimes, however, mail servers put our newsletter in a spam folder for you (check that) and you have to tell it not to do that in future. Here is a link to the March one Cheers, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Where on Earth did you found (sic)the word "PISTOLENT" ??? - schutzstaffel-ss (Ebay)

schutzstaffel-ss - Where did I find it? Why, it was right next to the “Schallenshceft Oderkomftnescht XXOO”! Seriously, thanks for pointing out the typo. Abby

Abby, I wanted to get to this sooner . . . but didn't . . . so a belated THANK YOU for the additional book. It's a very nice selection and I appreciate your thoughts behind it. Thanks again, that was very sweet of you to do. Al

Dear cornellpubs, I have a lawrence hatchet sheath, 8b, it will fit a hudson bay hatchet head w/ a small handle! would you look in catolog & see if sheath is listed & to what hatchegt it is for? - jake410 (Ebay)

Jake, Sorry, not in catalog. Abby

Abby, looking for a old reloading manual that would have loads listed for loading a 170 to 180 grain cast bullet for a 35 whelen. I do not want any black powder loads. I was thinking that one of the older lyman or rcbs reloading books might have some thing. If so I would like to buy one. thanks for your time. bill mcquillan

Bill, Several books have that data including Ideals from the 30s-40s but the bible is this one: Ackley, Parker O.- Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders Vol I 1962 Abby

Abby, You have several books/manuals that address the Ithaca Lefever Nitro Special SxS Shotgun. However, I can not determine from your descriptions if they have the information about the firearm that I need... which is an exploded detailed parts section and especially a how to take apert and reassemble the firearm. Could you help? Thanks, Anne

Anne, Exploded parts views didn't come into fashion until after WWII (late 40s) and were late to become common so I don't think I can help you there. Abby

Hi Abby, Keep up the good work! I have bought a nice 1938 Greener GP for my grandson for his birthday... Best Regards, Eoin

Original Ebay Feedback rating (10-March-2013): "Neutral" _ Original comment: THE CATOLOG PRINT IS LIKE A COPY OF A COPY. NOT VERY BLACK AT ALL

Dear Ryan, Oh please! I explained to you that what you bought - Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1948 Catalog (Gun Section)- was identical to the original and was from an original. It was printed just after the war and on cheap paper with gray cheap inks because that was all that was available at the time. If I were to darken it it would be blotchy and unreadable. I REFUNDED YOUR MONEY and you gave me a NEUTRAL FEEDBACK anyway. That is Not Fair! Please agree to reverse that damaging grade that will live with me for an entire year! Tell me if you aren't sure how to do that. Abby

Dear Abby, You are mean-spirited, not your customers. Send me another email and I will fille a complaint against you with EBAY. – Ryan (Ebay)

Note from Ebay:

"ryan has revised your Feedback for Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1948 Catalog (Gun Section) (370608458002)." _ Revised Feedback rating (14-March-2013): Positive_ Revised comment: Fabulous Seller. Unbelievable. Can't wait to Buy Buy More!! Thanks, Ryan!

Hi Abby, I have inherited a Stevens Favorite mod 1915 and have been searching the net for info on my gun. I was hoping you could recommend one or more of your publications to help me gain more knowledge on the 1915 and the other Favorite models and the history of the Stevens Arms Co. Also if you could list them by priority of purchase just in case I need to spread the cost out. I would be happy to call instead as emails fall short sometimes in enough details. Thank you, Gary

Gary, I would start with this history: Stevens Arms Company History by Joe Vorisek. Then based on what you find out you could better select others from this list: STEVENS, J ARMS CO. - ALL CATALOGS Good luck, Abby

Hi, I have received the shipment, but the publication listed below (November 1885) has pages 39 and 40 MISSING. Please advise and let me know what actions to take? #2566 - Winchester 1885 November Arms & Ammo. Regards, Jeff

Jeff, The original was from the Winchester Collection and I am afraid the two pages were missing from that copy. You may return your copy for a refund if you wish. I'll make a note in the advert as I hadn't noticed that before. Best, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, I found one seller who listed in the description that this book Revolvers and Pistols 1983 Moscow (in Russian) contains 432 pages whereas yours says it contains 304 pages only, what is the missing 128 pages (a third of the book?) - hso324 (Ebay)

Hso, Well, I don't know, perhaps there were different versions of the book? I scanned my copy from an original in its entirety. Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Russian Nagant-Tokarev 1975 1895-Revolver & 1933-Pistolsince I don't know the Russian language, so my money's investment will be on the illustrations, the quality looks alright but what about the quantity? how many illustrations are there in this book? 2.how does combined shipping work? take for example, two books? - hso324 (Ebay)

Hso, I didn't count carefully but came up with 96 illustrations. Depending on where you live and what you buy (size matters) we can combine postage... overseas is more expensive. Also when you get it and if you have trouble I may be able to help with some translations. Abby (never heard from him again)

Dear cornellpubs, Can I just download & print this instead of paying you for it? http://www.scribd.com/doc/21565076/Sks-Aks-Ak-47-Owner-s-Manual Shady man, good luck with Karma! – iiimilenkoiii (Ebay)

Dear iii, Be my guest, is it a full moon or just that time of month? Abby


Dear rate, We take pleasure in pleasing all customers and it looks like we failed with you. So, to make things better we are refunding your entire payment and you can keep the catalog with our compliments. We hope this will make you happy. In future, please note the description giving size ("vast" or otherwise) etc. Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Is it possible to just get a section of the book ? I just need the pages on 7mm Remington Magnum. Thanks - beauchamp1962 (Ebay)

Beau, No, I'm sorry we don't sell "just the page that...", mainly because the person usually wants the page for less money than the book and it is more trouble for us to extract and mail a page than the whole thing. Abby

Hi I have a Thalco Plunker 22 short 30322 and need a diagram of how to disassemble it. What I want to know is does the chamber come off. I can't get mine off or open, I have to load bullets by the side lever on the chamber? Thank you for any help you can offer. David

David, I don't have anything to help. If it isn't on the website, I'm afraid we don't have it. Cheers, Abby

Abby, Thanks so much for your reply. I guess what I am asking is in the book Tryon, Edw. K. 1958 Gun Catalog, Philadelphia, PA listed is the Thalco Revolver, would it show the gun broken down. If so I will buy it. Thanks again, David

David, I got out the catalog and went through it carefully for you, but the Thaco is a "Westerner" and just a picture with sales information. Sorry, Abby

Hello Abby, I just received my copy of Bannermans 1966 , 100th Anniversary Catalog. What a fantastic document. Thank you. Bill

I have a question I am hoping will help you possibly direct me to the correct Bannerman Catalogue. I am trying to locate a listing of a Bowen & Rogers Confederate Cased Set of Dual Colt "Style" Revolvers. These two revolvers were in a wooden case and presented from "A. Oliver to Major N.S. Finney AA,GA 1862 (This is engraved on a brass plate on the wooden case). Author Robin Rapley stated in his 1995 booklet that these arms were most likely purchased by Bannerman and sold by them as well. I have attached the page from Rapley's publication for your reference. Thank you in advance for help. Kind Regards, Robert

Dear Robert, Well, a couple of things. We reprint thousands of pages of Banermans so looking through all of them would be a huge task. By the way, I don't think Bannerman had a "store" at the arsenal on their island, it was used for storage only. They had the Broadway, NY store and later one on Long Island. If you can determine what era Bannerman had the guns that might help. Abby

Dear cornellpubs, do you know where i can buy a Greener Harpoon Gun or any other Harpoon Gun thanks monte – mglimited (Ebay)

Monte, No, I'm sorry, I don't. Abby

Dear abby. I am also looking for owners manual or anything else on a 1956 1957 winchester rifle model 94. If you can find me anything on only this item please email mail me. Thankyou

Dear Joe, I'm not quite certain what the "anything else" means but here are links to some of what we have: Abby

Winchester Model 94 Complete Takedown Manual

Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Rifle Operations manual

Winchester 1956 Component Parts Catalog

Winchester 1956 December Firearms Catalog

Winchester 1956 Illustrated Wholesale/Retail Price Catalog

Winchester 1957 Rifles and Shotguns Wholesale-With Retail Prices

Winchester-Western 1957 Ammunition Handbook & Gun Catalog

Simmons Gun Specialties 1956 Catalog

Williams c1956 Shooter's Catalog

Ed Agramonte Guns 1957 Catalog (Yonkers, NY)

Williams 1957-58 Shooters Catalog No. 8 Guns, Sights Reloading etc.

Hi Abby, Your old catalogues are terrific. Regards, Mark

Thanks Abby , books arrived today and as always great. Thanks, John

Hi Abby, I have sent payment for the magazine. Thank you so much for the merchandise! My wife and I are gathering mementos from her father's birth year to celebrate his 50th birthday, and as he is a big Beretta fan, we know he is just going to love this. Thanks Again, Frank

Abby, Could you help me identify a small 6-shot percussion pocket revolver with a 2" barrel. Overall length - 6-1/2" and appears to be a .32 cal. I have photos. Many thanks. Harvey Smith

Harvey, Possibly, but it would really help if it had maker marks on it. You can send the pics and I'll take a look, but it is a long shot because percussion revolvers were made by thousands of people in small quantities, but I'll try. Abby

Abby, Thanks for your prompt response. I couldn't find any maker marks and the finish appears to be a bit rough even though there's some engraving on the cylinder and metal portion of the grip. It could very well be one of those "thousands" made in small quantities you mentioned. Nonetheless, I do appreciate your help. Harvey

Thanks. In doing some research I found that it's a rare early Springfield Arms Co. James Warner's Patent Pocket Model .28 cal., 6-shot Revolver. See attached photo and description/value. Apparently, only about 500 were made. It's in good condition, however, the cylinder does not revolve when the hammer is pulled back. Harvey

Dear cornellpubs, Do you have a Ithaca catalog from 2001 – asdx (Ebay)

Dear asdx, No, we don't do anything newer than about 20 years ago. Try Gunbroker or Auctionarms. Sorry, Abby

Hey Abby, I'm Happy! Got the Folsom catalogue. Good stuff. Then I got your newsletter. Even better stuff! Then I started reading the "Rants and Raves". The morons gave me a headache. I'll stick with the newsletters from now on. Perry Hecker

Abby, Hello again, do you have anything on Antique Belgian guns? Regards, Colin.

Hi Colin, Well, that depends on what you mean by anything and when you feel antique begins. I think the best thing would be to start by entering "Belgian" in the search box at the website. Cheers, Abby

Hi Abby, Ever thought about reproducing gun trade case labels? Jim

Jim, Yes thanks, but I can only do one thing well and my interest is catalogs. Over the years I've had people suggest all sorts of things from plumb bob and whistle advertising to gun boxes and labels but I just can't do it, sorry. Abby

Abby, do you print books to order as well----Fred

Fred, I'm not awfully sure what you are asking. We reprint over 4000 old gun publications and each is printed to order. Please visit our website (link below) to get a better idea of our selections. Does that answer your question? Abby

Abby, no I was asking if you would publish my books I have written 4 books on Japanese swords and one of them has sold out and I am thinking of doing a second edition---Fred

Fred, That would depend on a lot of variables. How many do you want, how many pages, how many in color, what stock to print on, covers, etc. Also how would you market them? We are a relatively small volume printer and so our cost per page is higher than a mass printer in China would charge. If you can give me some more details I can better answer your proposal. We do print and sell books by several authors through our website but in small numbers and all are currently gun related. I doubt we would sell many on Japanese swords through our website but I am happy to talk with you about it. Best, Abby


Hello Abby - Long time, no buy; my past purchases were looking lonely. Love your monthly newsletter, your catalog of catalogs and the service that you provide to the gun enthusiast's community. Thank you. Len

Dear Abby, Just a short note to let you know that I received my copy of the printed version of Arms Heritage magazine and what great job. Beautiful, well done, and very usable. I have an online subscription, but I like having the articles available in print without all the ads, etc. I'm looking forward to future volumes in print from you. Thanks, Ron West

Abby Got my order today. Thanks very much for the nice gesture of the refund and fast shipping, I really appreciate it! Brad

Abby, Catalog on line of inventory, of Frenchi shot guns. I find it more informative, than looking on line. Any brochures or introductory folders on merchandise. Would be Very appreciated . Yours truly, E.J.Bogin.

Edward, Thank you for your note. I am afraid I do not understand what you want. Please tell me how I can help you. Cheers, Abby

Abby Hello! Hope you can help? Looking for a publication that can help me reassemble a Hepburn #3 drop block I purchased totally disassembled. Wondering if you might have a manual that has pictures/diagrams that could help? Really having a problem with only one small part I just can't figure out how it fits to complete the assembly. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Gordon

Gordon, we might have something to help but I don't know off the top of my head. I am afraid it will take some research on your part. May I suggest you go to our website and do some digging around? Cheers, Rob Mouat

Howdy: I recently had a weak moment and bought a raggedy old 12 guage twice bbl'd side by side shotgun, The only identifying names are "HUNTER" Nitro. I was told that this shotgun was manufactured for The H&D Folsom Arms (or Gun) Co. and made for Belknap hardware Co, Louis, Ky. Any info you might have would be very helpful and much appreciated. There is no ser # (that my old eyes can see) and no other writing or inscribing on the gun. It appears to have been cut down to 20 inches on the bbl's. I realize you don't sell any gun parts but I am just curious about this guns provenance. Thanks for any possible info you can provide. Sincerely, Jan

Dear Jan, I wish I knew off the top of my head for you, but I don't. Belknap sold shotguns from 1870 to 1930 (the co still exists) and imported many from Belgium as well as buying them domestically. There is a bit of history about Folsom at the website: http://cornellpubs.com/old-guns/historic-hdfolsom.php Now, you don't mention much about the gun you have... hammer etc but it might be possible to match it against an image in one of the Folsom catalogs but I just don't have time to do that for all the people who request information about their guns particularly with a common name like Hunter. One thing, though, Nitro, of course, implies smokeless powder which would probably place it in the 1900-1925 range when the term became less used. Cheers, Abby

Hello..I received my order and am sorry to say there is a problem. I wanted to frame these 2 flyers for my wall ,however a sticky band was applied to these which I cannot remove. Can you please send me others without this band?..Sorry for the problem....Gary

Gary, I'm not sure what you are talking about, sticky band? Do you perhaps mean that the flyer was bound? If so the binding strip should not be sticky. Let me know a bit more and I'll try to help you. Abby

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is:

Feedback at Ebay is an irritation that just won’t go away. We wish we didn’t have to sell on Ebay and pay the huge fees they collect but we can’t rely just on our website. At Ebay we have over 11,000 feedbacks and all are positive but for a few. Those few, less than positive remarks, probably don’t matter in the greater scheme of things, but they irk us. Last month there were several of them.

  • One guy, David Murray, of Richmond, Surrey, England, who calls himself, appropriately, “dangermouse67” wrote to tell us he didn’t get his purchase so we refunded his money. Then he pompously left the following neutral feedback: “Poor service & item but no hassle refund”. Poor service? We gave him his money back. But wait, he apparently did get the item after all because he says it was “poor”! Well Mr. Murray, poor show to you, old chap!
  • Then there was “mikecarrick1987” of Orillia, Ontario (not our good friend, Mike Carrick of Oregon). He left us a negative feedback after buying a Joe Vorisek’s Savage Arms History. His comment was “Paper was not glossy as advertised and not full color”. Really? Somehow he twisted “glossy soft-cover in full color” into believing the entire book was that way despite the picture showing it isn’t! Actually, we go further in describing the book thusly, “Illustrated with photocopied images (some of the rarest guns are depicted with low quality images”. Naturally, he didn’t contact us to tell us about his acute distress and refused to return our emails pleading for a retraction, so we have to live with his remarks for a year.
  • Finally, we come to a really nasty piece of work, our “rant of the month”. This guy, Tim McDonnell of Medina, New York, “p.o.h.enterprises” on Ebay, left us two negatives for 2 flyers on the AR7 (one was $2.45 and the other $3.45). He never contacted us before leaving negative feedback and after we politely requested a retraction said “supply what you advertise and you can avoid negative feedback like I have power seller.” I pointed out to him that I noticed he had left five negative feedbacks for his last eight purchases and he responded with more venom claiming he wanted to involve the police. I complained to ebay and to my astonishment they actually removed his feedback.

Feedback won’t kill our business, but it sure hurts our pride.

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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1. Never use your real email address when signing up for stuff online. (ie: forums, purchases, etc.) There are many free email services out there (Google, Yahoo, Juno, etc.) where you can create an email address for your online activity. This will help ensure that your public email address is one you don't really care about, and will help keep your personal email address secure.

2. Use forwards cautiously - As much as we all like to entertain our friends with funny emails, cute links, and amazing videos, forwarding these things to your entire address book only add to the problem with email harvesters. While your address book may be clean and free of hackers, you can't guarantee that everyone receiving your forwarded email is as fortunate. Once you have forwarded that email (with all the addresses visible) and the recipient then forwards it to their address book, it's all downhill from there.

3. Use caution when visiting websites. Just because a site has appeared in the #1 position in Google doesn't mean it's a reputable organization. Web developers are savvy and are not only skilled at forcing a high ranking position in the search engines, but also at coding things to get what they want from those who visit their webpage.

4. If you get an email from someone you don't know, DO NOT OPEN IT. If you get an email from someone you know and the subject line is strange or inconsistent with something that you might normally receive from this person, DO NOT OPEN IT. And the most important - if you get an attachment from anyone with an extension of ".exe" - DO NOT OPEN IT! (.exe is an executable program, and once you double click on it, it will run some kind of program on your computer, usually designed to completely wipe out your hard drive, or something equally malicious.)

5. If you're interested in "cleaning up" your computer to remove possible spamware and malware, you can download programs like Spybot and Ad-Aware. I personally use both of these. Also, use caution when clicking advertisements - remember, these are ADS! They WANT you to click their ad and purchase their product and it's not always something "good for you".

* Paypal - I don't like Paypal any more than most people and I don't think they make much of an effort to be less arrogant than they have been in the past, but, I use Paypal to process credit cards because they were cheaper by far than a bank when I started the business and it would cost a fortune to change the code for each page on the website to a new processor.

* INDEXES for Every Catalog I reprint... Every catalog I offer has an index at the right of the page. Listings on Ebay, Gunbroker and Auction Arms also have indexes.

At my website, you will find many gunmaker "master pages" listing all the catalog reprints of one brand. To the right of each "master page" are names of catalogs by merchants who carried that brand of firearms. For example, I reprint over 60 Remington factory gun catalogs but I also reprint over 160 gun catalogs from merchants that sold Remington firearms such as Sears or Abercrombie & Fitch or Spalding. Those are the listings on the right of the page.

Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and I am adding more all the time.

* If you have trouble reading small type on my website or any other, you can increase the size of the text on the screen by holding down the Control key (that's the one in the lower left of the keyboard with Ctrl on it) and scrolling the wheel on top of your mouse back and forth.

copy clips image

* Whenever I scan a delicate old catalog with its covers hanging by a thread (and not wishing to be the one who detaches someone else's covers), I line up a bunch of paper clamps along the hinge of the book to hold the covers in place and then scan each page. This simple technique works wonders and saves old paper from harm. It also gives you handles to pick up the book!

The picture shows my book scanner. When I use the book scanner, the catalog hangs over the side of the scanner and only needs to be opened 90 degrees. This allows much less stress to be placed on the spine.

So there you have it, a tip that I hope will result in a torrent of eager collectors now willing and eager to let me scan their old gun catalogs... but, please call or write first, don't just send them because I may already have scans of that particular item. I still have hundreds of old catalogs on file that I haven't got to yet.

* Why Buy Old Catalogs- originals or reprints? If you want to learn about a gun or gunmaker I applaud you, and am so happy you found my website. History is what I am working so hard to preserve by making old gun catalogs available to collectors and historians. Buy a catalog from a gunmaker of the appropriate year and you will learn a mountain of true facts about your gun- right from the maker's month, so to speak. Never again will you have to rely on hearsay or bluster.

*Research- To help you learn more about the history of gunmakers I have a page of what I call Reference Books on my website. They cover a wide range of information by authors and the page deserves a look.

* How to pay for things on the internet while using your credit card with some safety... There are two areas of concern when you make the decision to pay online with your credit card. First, you have to make certain the site accepting your credit card is secure. There are two clues to security. One is in the URL or site address found at the top of the browser. Normally the URL begins with http://www etc. but a secure site has a different beginning. It starts with https://www. etc. The "S" means the site is using encryption software and it is pretty safe to send your card information to the company. By the way, do not send your credit card information in an email. Emails are NOT secure!

Many folks call me to give me an order over the telephone because they "don't like to use their credit cards on the internet". Well, every time you use your credit card at stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants and, of course, while browsing, the transaction is recorded on the internet! Small shops like ours carefully enter the information at a website belonging to a financial clearing house. Others, like Costco and Walmart are connected directly but they all go on the net.

Of course, the second consideration has to do with what the company does with the information, the company integrity. Be careful about companies you never heard of before, don't know where they are located and the website has no telephone number. That is one of the reasons I like to pay with Paypal. When you do that you are giving only an email address to the company, not your credit card number (Paypal holds that information for itself only).

What can you do to help make your credit cards safe? Know with whom you are dealing and what is happening when you hand over your card. Does a nervous and suspicious looking waiter disappear into the back room with your card? Hmmm. Does the gambling website where you are about to enter your card have no address, country or telephone number? Hmmm.

Parts Suppliers and Appraisers

Mike Rich, owner of I HAVE THIS OLD GUN, has been involved in firearms restoration and appraisal since 1962.  Although Mike specializes in appraising Early American “Doubles,” side-by-side shotguns and rare rifles, he also does firearm appraisals for most American made guns.  These appraisals are frequently used to establish value for insurance, estate sales and/or resolutions and for owner’s wanting to know “what’s it worth?”  Whether one gun or an arsenal, send Mike an email to get started. Prices for a written appraisal begins as low as $35.00.

We get hundreds of calls about parts.

Some folks are doing something about supplying parts...

Spare parts, accessories and original bayonets as well as complete original examples for all models of Ross Rifles- Barry DeLong or 423-472-1972.

Remington Rolling Block Parts. Ssupplies reproduction parts needed to restore or rebuild the majority of models of rolling blocks made from 1867 onward. Kenn Womack

Peter Dyson & Son Ltd. Co. of Yorkshire, England. Parts and reproduction parts for antique arms. Leather products, Damascus barrels and tubes, miniatures, used guns, air guns, reloading tools and more.

Trapdoors Galore Email Address: 3240 W. Arby Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89118.   Phone No.  702-361-5322  Everything For The Trapdoors + Free Research On S/N's for the Trapdoor & Krag's

Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply "Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply has a page titled Guns & Guitars. On it, one will find some hard-to-find screws used by different gun manufacturers. Also included are a few Weaver style scope screws. In addition, upon request, we will search for hard-to-find screws used in guns. We stock an extensive range of slotted oval head wood screws in a black oxide finish, and others. David Naven"

Joe Salter sells all sorts of things including butt plates, antique guns, collector ammo, air guns, holsters... well, check him out: Joe Salter

Classic Firearms and Parts- a gun parts company that primarily supplies used original parts for firearms that have been discontinued for many years. Call Scott (603) 731-4866 Classic Firearms, 43 Carpenter Road, Chichester, NH 03258 email Scott

Phil Stewart sells parts, stocks and grips. He can be found at (740) 398-1941 in Mt. Vernon, OH.

Bob's Gun Parts Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 501-767-2750

The Rifle Shoppe

The big parts houses for older guns are:

Jack First in Rapid City South Dakota their catalog is three volumes and over 2700 pages of invaluable information including parts diagrams - (605) 343-9544

Gun Parts Corporation (Numrich) Kingston, New York (845) 679-2417. Well established with a good website.

Sarco Inc. Stirling, NJ (908) 647-3800 email

Dixie Gun Works, Union City, TN (800) 238-6785

Free Downloads

Provenance for Your Gun

Ever wonder who first purchased your gun or rifle or wished you had a certificate of origin? It could increase the value of your gun!

If you own a gun by one of dozens of manufacturers write down the serial number and compare it to the serial numbers at the Griffin & Howe website: They have records from Abercrombie & Fitch as well as the Von Lengerke companies.

Robert C. Beach,
Records Research
Griffin & Howe, Inc.
33 Claremont Road
Bernardsville, NJ 07924
Bob's Email

Website: Griffin& Howe (scroll down to see all the makes when you get there)

Serial Numbers and Corresponding Dates:

Gun sellers often give themselves a lot of latitude when claiming the provenance of weapons they sell. Age or factory modifications to the base model can add considerably to the value of any gun. The question repeatedly is- The Truth! Having a Serial Number from the gun in question can often lead you to the year it was manufactured and then to a catalog we reprint. This can be useful in determining how the factory intended to make guns... models, styles, calibers, engraving, checkering and options available.

To help you on your search I have put together a page on my website with links to websites and sources that offer serial numbers and years of manufacture: