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This is How Real Canadians Practice Curling

in their off time...


thanks to Jim Buchanan

This is a voice recording of a guy who witnessed an accident. It is the funniest thing I've heard in months...

Before everyone writes to debunk the tape, read the following:

Snopes says there is some evidence this is true and the man who claimed to be the observer was Michael Childs

thanks to John Campbell


thanks to Jim Buchanan

Tale of Frolicking Fish:

Take a moment to read about the cycle that caused this interesting photo.


Rob Mouat

Tom Rowe & Ed Curtis Reloading Tool Books

Tom Rowe called the other day to let us know he has two books that are ready to ship (even though the ad says pre-publication they are in the warehouse). So, all you tool collectors this is your chance to get your copies. Each is over 300 pages and all in color. Offer is good until May 10.

If you are reading this on a telephone, write to Tom at rowebooks1@gmail.com. Tom says that this limited time offer is basically at his cost, so hurry to buy.

Telephone number is 276-783-8037

Gardening Season is Coming:

And to Really Help You, This Tool Should be Available by Summer!

... A Self Weeding Robot!!!

It is Still Winter Here in Michigan Though:

thanks to John Campbell

Arms Heritage Magazine

Colt Revolvers - from the Feb 2015 issue of Arms Heritage Magazine

Colt Revolvers

article by Robert Swartz


If you are not already a subscriber to Arms Heritage Magazine, you can easily subscribe for a paltry sum of $19 by going to the website, Arms Heritage. Your subscription provides access to all five years of back issues plus those forthcoming over the next year.

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New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to my website. Special thanks to Dick Carleton, Matt Heil for letting us borrow their wonderful old catalogs and manuals to copy.

The above is new from Dick Carleton. Bruette was a wonderful writer and probably the most knowledgeble person I can think of when it comes to most outdoor gun sports. He is also an easy read and the book is beautifully illustrated- if you like water birds, don't miss this one, then read his others below:

Barney's Cannons 1967 Catalog  

Basic Cold Weather Training- 1982 Canadian Military  

Beretta 1965 Galef Flyer  

CVA 1981 Gun Catalog  

Excam c1983 Gun Catalog  

FIE 1979 (Firearms Import & Export) Catalog  

Hercules Powders 1987 Reloaders' Guide  

Iver Johnson 1967 Color Flyer  

Perazzi Guns c1980 Flyer- (Winchester Imported)  

Weatherby 1952 America's Most Powerful Rifle Brochure  

Weatherby 1952 For Sportsmen Who Want the Finest Flyer  

Weaver Scopes 1965 Color Brochure

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Letters from Readers

(Dear Rob) re: Spencer 1866 - Repeating Rifle Co. Catalog. Does this publication include the serial number by manufacture date ranges??? Thanks trojanhorse1972 (Ebay)

Dear Trojan… No, this is a sales catalog similar to what you would get from a car dealer. In other words, the catalog was printed before the guns were made in order to sell them so they had no idea what the numbers would be. Rob Mouat

Hello, my searching skills are not so great on eBay, that said what might you have on the Remington 40-XR? Thanz, Mike collectssguns (Ebay)

Hi Mike, Forgive me but with over 5000 gun reprints I would need to know what you are looking for before I can do any research for you. Sorry to ask but we get tons of requests for "information about..." and to answer I have to know what I am looking for Rem Catalogs, manual, reseller catalogs etc.... Cheers, Rob

Hi, WoW what a fast response! I need to do more research on my part to define what I need and get back with you. Thanx, Mike

Hello, Do u have a copy of Hardee's Rifle Drills ? Thanks. ambassadorcharles2001 (Ebay)

Dear ambassador… No, I am sorry we don't. Rob Mouat

(Dear Abby) Re: Remington Model 12 & 121- c1950 Manual. Does this cover the model 12cs, which is the 22 special? Thank you Tom- ajnn36b (Ebay)

Dear Tom, I don't believe there is a mention of the 12cs in the text or at least with a quick look I don’t see one, so I would say no. Sorry, Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob), RE: SIG 1981 Sturmgewehr PE57 Manual (SG 510) (in English) Can you send me a copy of the page which has exact dimensions and specs for the receiver? because I want to make sure that it has exact dimensions for the receiver, otherwise I am not interested. pitbull799 (Ebay of course)

Dear pitbull799, This is an operational manual not a set of blueprints, sorry. Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Re: Speer 1959 Wildcat Rifle Loads Volume 4, you didn't reply as to how the item is constructed ? 1944jimh

Dear 1944ji… Sorry, we took the weekend off (our anniversary) and didn't answer emails. The answer to your question is no, we gave up on ringed, plastic binders about ten years ago after getting too many complaints. We bind using a Powis, heat activated, cloth tape, open and lay flat binder. It is quite strong, you can pick up the catalog by one page and it won't budge. Cheers, Rob Mouat

Hello, I'm looking at a few of your catalog reprints and have a question about the binding you use. Are these catalogs bound with a spine or bound with a spiral type binding or are they stapled together? Thanks for your time. Dandak (Ebay)

Dear dand… None of above really. We use a Powis Parker thermal spine binder that uses heat activated, adhesive fabric tape for most publications. Others, flyers for example, are not bound, still others, booklets, are folded stapled and trimmed, it all depends on the size and number of pages. Authored books have embossed spies for example- there is no hard and fast rule that covers everything. I should add that we reprint over 6000 different publications from about 1840 to 2000 and almost 3500 of them are on ebay, hence the difficulty giving you an answer that covers everything. Cheers, Rob

Hi Abby, I am thrilled with your shipment that arrived in time for me to read over the weekend. I was especially happy with the Winchester Gunology piece, it's so informative and such a Fantastic resource! The other catalogs are wonderful, as well as the BSA piece (I just left you feedback on GB). Thank you vet much.

I am 73 years old. When I was 13 I was on a small bore junior rifle team that trained in the basement range of the Winchester factory in New Haven Connecticut. I could only afford a $39 Winchester model 69A, but my best shooting buddy's folks were well off and bought him a 52B. I did great with my cheap rifle—but green with envy! A couple months ago I decided to scratch that childhood itch...and now own three model 52s, two of them 52Bs, but none of them came with manuals. The only manual I could find online was a copy of the one produced by the Japanese when they built some "reproduction" Winchester Model 52B Sporters a few years back, but that manual was not right for my rifles, that's why I ordered yours. Your manual for Winchester Model 52B is not a copy of an "original Winchester manual."

I am not suggesting that you are misrepresenting what you offer only that it's confusing and will likely disappoint anyone who orders one unless they have a Japanese built rife that was manufactured long after they shut the Winchester factory and Winchester company down in New Haven. Your version is a copy if the Japanese-made Winchester 52B Sporter. The Japs made (legal) reproductions of the 52B Sporter for several years. It's close, but not quite a clone and has some mechanical differences.

Parts of the Manual you sent are OK but for the original 52B rifles, but sections of the manual are unique only to the Japanese version rifles. For example, in section 15 and 16 where the manual explains removal of the bolt, it only works on Japanese reproductions, so anyone with an authentic Winchester model 52B would never get their bolt out following those instructions. I am all to aware of that flaw and resulting frustrations because it happened to me months before I ordered anything from you! It would be great if you could locate an original 52B Manual and add it to your repertoire. There are tens of thousands of 52Bs still in use so there should be a market!

I'm a happy customer and hesitated to complain at all because I am so pleased with everything else you sent— but felt that I owe it to you to point out the issue. Blessings, Bill

Dear Bill, All I could afford was a used Mossberg 144LS when I was in the gun club in Georgetown, CT in the late 50s so a nice Winchester like yours would have made me envious! Thanks for your help with the 52, I added this to the description: "This manual is a later version toward the end of manufacture of the rifle." I hope that, along with the "modern" picture will clarify the ad a bit more, I'm sorry to have led you astray. Winchester Model 52B Bolt Action Rifle Operations manual

I'll write to a friend in New Hampshire who may have one of the earlier manuals and if so will add that to the collection Abby and I have assembled in our retirement. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Abby) Hello, I would like to order the reference: Ideal 1893 Handbook No. 4 Catalog Please tell me if you will deliver in France and shipping costs thank you in advance cordially Thierry

Dear Thierry, We do ship to France and the website calculates shipping. If the shipping turns out to be inaccurate by a large margin (which is unusual) I refund the difference. If you use the shopping cart and decide to not purchase the item, simply stop the purchase. Cheers, Abby

(Dear Rob) I have recently learned that my Winchester 94 carbine was actually manufactured in 1937. There seems to be confusion as to what record is correct, based on my serial # of 1122975. Please advise if the 1940 catalog will be the correct one for this serial #. Regards, David Spigler

Hi David, Nothing is simple is it? We have two opinions so I'll let you decide. Both are reliable sources as far as we can tell. These are the links to Winchester dates from the upper right of our website.

Winchester Serial Number and Date of Manufacture (PDF)

Winchester Firearms Serial Numbers Website

Sorry I had to confuse the issue, but it is either 1940 or 1941 according to these sources. The pdf file is from Winchester itself so I would lean toward that (1941). Remember, Pearl Harbor wasn't until Dec 7, 1941 so '41 was a regular production year. Cheers, Rob

Hi Rob, According to WACA and the Cody museum, it was 1937. I came across a blog that Brent H. from gunbrokers had joined in and published a list of SNs and mfg dates. I also found the same info at http://winchestercollector.org/dates. Brent had worked extensively with the Cody museum on the Winchester project. I will continue to research the available info further, as this gun and a model 42 dated 1937 have always been in my family, to the best of my knowledge. I do need a takedown manual for the model 94- would item # 1968 be the correct one to order, as well as the 1940 catalog? The 94 is in need of extensive cleaning, as it has been in the basement in Western PA for the past 35 years. Thanks, David Spigler

Hi David, There are many people with opinions in the gun world and, in a way, that is why Abby and I, in our retirement, do what we do. Often our publications clarify information that people wrote that is inaccurate although usually well-intentioned. Anyway, in answer to your question, the Win 94 takedown manual would be for Winchester 94s made before 1964 when they began to use stamped parts instead of milled ones. Good luck, Rob

Hi Rob, The person’s name is Bert H. He is on the gunbroker.com message forum. Ask the Experts Winchester model 1894 facts. low is what he published from the cody museum.

Quote from Bert H: “OK, In an effort to make this information available to all of you who are interested, the table below is presented so that a comparison can be made. The PRSRB and annual production number information was derived from the original Winchester records. The PRSRB column provides the last actual serial number in each year shown.”

Year....PRSRB....Madis....Difference....Annual Prod

1894 ....1674 .... 14759 .... -13085 ......... 1674

1895 ....14222 ....44359 .... -30137 ........ 12,548

1896 ....18571 ....76464 .... -57893 ........ 4,349

1897 ....33108 ....111453... -78345 ........ 14,537

1898 ....53941 ....147684... -93743 ........ 20,833

1899 ....80148 ....183371... -103223 ....... 26,207

1900 ....103932....204427... -100495 ....... 23,784

1901 ....137058....233975... -96917 ........ 33,126

1902 ....168420....273854... -105434 ....... 31,362

1903 ....204565....291506... -86941 ........ 36,145

1904 ....249782....311363... -61581 ........ 45,217

1905 ....291706....337557... -45851 ........ 41,924

1906 ....331895....378878... -46983 ........ 40,189

1907 ....381524....430985... -49461 ........ 49,629

1908 ....429757....474241... -44484 ........ 48,233

1909 ....449102....505831... -56729 ........ 19,345

1910 ....479073....553062... -73989 ........ 29,971

1911 ....534429....599263... -64834 ........ 55,356

1912 ....591281....646114... -54833 ........ 56,852

1913 ....645304....703701... -58397 ........ 54,023

1914 ....722280....756066... -33786 ........ 76,976

1915 ....825186....784052... +41134 ........ 102,906

1916 ....840846....807741... +33105 ........ 15,660

1917 ....873425....821972... +51453 ........ 32,579

1918 ....882032....838175... +43857 ........ 8,607

1919 ....895365....870762... +24603 ........ 13,333

1920 ....926851....880627... +46224 ........ 31,486

1921 ....935778....908318... +27460 ........ 8,927

1922 ....951501....919583... +31918 ........ 15,723

1923 ....964709....938539... +26170 ........ 13,208

1924 ....974121....953198... +20923 ........ 9,412

1925 ....987148....978523... +8625 ......... 13,027

1926 ....997938....997603... +335 ........... 10,790

1927 ....1012753...1027571...-14818 ........ 14,815

1928 ....1038665...1054465...-15800 ........ 25,912

1929 ....1060899...1077097...-16198 ........ 22,234

1930 ....1071420...1081755... -10335 ........ 10,521

1931 ....1079689...1084156... -4467 ......... 8,269

1932 ....1088141...1087836... +305 .......... 8,452

1933 ....1092328...1089271... +3057 ......... 4,187

1934 ....1095364...1091192... +4172 ......... 3,036

1935 ....1099625...1099608... +17 ............ 4,261

1936 ....1118780...1112194... +6586 ......... 19,155

1937 ....1158835...1138781... +20054 ........ 40,055

1938 ....1198405...1169370... +29035 ........ 39,570

1939 ....1216165...1197211... +18954 ........ 17,760

1940 ....1259563...1238584... +20979 ........ 43,398

1941 ....1313301...1287468... +25833 ........ 53,738

1942 ....1343183...1317449... +25734 ........ 29,882

1943 ....1343183...None listed .. ? ............. 0

1944 ....1343196...None listed .. ? ............ 13

1945 ....1352066...None listed .. ? ........... 8,870

Hello, I received the 1961 S&W catalogs. Very nice and well worth the price. Thanks. Brian Jones

Dear Rob, Do you have old instruction manuals from gun and related manufacturers? From around 1900? Jonathan Bernstein

Dear Mr. Bernstein, Yes we have some, such as they were. Manufactures of the day did not offer what we would recognize as a full blown manual but most had something to say about how to operate and care for their guns. Often they published their manuals in their catalogs- Winchester started that as far as I can see. Those not in catalogs are here. Cheers, Rob

hello i was wondering if you had any parts for the old 3 trigger Stevens . i own one and im kinda drawing straws trying to find parts for it. thanks tim – tim.25-9 (Ebay)

Tim, No, we are publishers and have no parts. Try:

Jack First in Rapid City South Dakota their catalog is three volumes and over 2700 pages of invaluable information including parts diagrams - (605) 343-9544

Gun Parts Corporation (Numrich) Kingston, New York (845) 679-2417. Well established with a good website.

Sarco Inc. Stirling, NJ (908) 647-3800 email

Dixie Gun Works, Union City, TN (800) 238-6785

(Dear Rob) Jallas and Cie Catalog: Comments: I'm looking for a French company catalog by the name Jallas and Cie. There is a person on the doublegun forum who said he purchased a reprint of this gun from you but I can't seem to find one on your website. I'm wondering if you know what I'm talking about or have heard of this company. I'm interested in purchasing some of your Darne catalogs and this catalog is supposed to have information about the Darne's in it to. Thanks, Matt Buckley

Dear Mr. Buckley, I promised I would put your question in our newsletter. Mike Carrick the well known arms expert wrote the following: "…concerning Mr. Buckley’s note below, obviously I’m not near my library (he was on the road, ed), but I have this reference in my database someone might want to check:pg 56, E. Jallas & Co.; proof mark IS over R in diamond. Chromed Barrels, in The Double Gun Journal, Vol. 26, Issue 1, Spring 2015." Rob

Dear Rob, A propos of this letter (below) in your recent online message, I wrote the piece in the Doublegun and Single Shot Journal that is mentioned. E. Jallas acquired the rights to the sliding breech shotgun created by, and named after, the son of the originator of the sliding breech. The young man, killed in WWI was Francisque Darne who always used the additional term, "Fils Aine" (Oldest Son). His shotguns are sold as "F. Darne" and must not be confused with those of his father's company that just use the term "Darne". The DGJ article gives full details on how to distinguish between them and adds coverage of the sliding breech gun made by L. Charlin as well.

I do have a copy of the E. Jallas catalogue and believe I got it from you many years ago, but could be mistaken. Unfortunately, I am in the other Washington, rather than home in DC and won't be back until early March. Perhaps you can give the writer my email and I'll try to see if I've got more information, or can make a copy and email my version to him. Best, Tim Carney

Thanks Tim, I’ll do that, Abby

Dear Abby, Ref Feb newsletter: Jallas (& Cie) Fabricants d’armes à Saint-Etienne around 1931 – address 52, cours Fauriel. Inscription on page 225 of the French armaments Who’s Who (Le “Qui est qui” de l’arme en France de 1350 à 1970 – Tome 1) by Jean-Jacques Buigné . Hope this is of some use. Doug Shaw

Rob and Abby, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your publication it's just fantastic and so informative. This note is long overdue, the best to you both. Al Raitano

Dear Abby, Ref the image in the February Newsletter, My old eyes aren't good enough to specifically identify the scabbarded rifle on 'Indian Fighter's saddle, but I can tell you it is NOT a '73 Winchester carbine. The crescent buttplate and barrel length indicate a rifle-- and a carbine would have a barrel-band just behind the front sight. (just wanted to show you I was paying attention!) Don Neal

Subject: Schoverling, Daly & Gales 1912 Guns & Sports Supplies. Comments: I ran a search for Infallible and came up with the catalog in the subject line. What I need to know is if the gun referred to is the Warner Infallible pistol? Thanks. Ed Buffaloe

Hi Ed, I'm sorry, I can't find a thing on the infallible pistols. By the way, when you search for a name as you did, look for the red print under the catalogs name that says "Check Contents". In this case you see the Infallible refers to triggers. Cheers, Rob

Hello, I see you have several publications for Forehand Arms Co. other than catalogs. I am looking for serial numbers of their shotguns.Would it be possible to confirm whether some of these may have that information so I know which ones to order? Items #1304 and #1306 describe having serial numbers in the table of contents.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mike Kauffman

Dear Michael, The first thing you should know is that Forehand serial numbers are, for various reasons, elusive. Joe Vorisek did a great job preparing what he believed is the best information he could put together. The H&A book by Joe deals with later numbers after the companies became more closely aligned (the relationships between several companies located near one another in CT was intermingled for many years and the relationships are difficult to trace... that was Joe Vorisek's specialty as in insurance man in CT). So, if you know about when your gun was made, buy that book, if not buy both. Cheers, Rob

email Rob or Abby


Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is:

(Dear Abby) Re: Randall Made Knives 1967 Catalog . Why not show complete actual pictures? This lone photo does nothing for my interest. jsisld (Ebay, of course).

Well jsis... we publish over 5500 catalogs, manuals and books. We try to make a fair representation of the contents but we just plain didn’t have time to upload all the images you might want when we made the ads some 10 years ago. We advertise about half what we reprint because we don't have time to do more and it is too expensive. Besides if we show everything in a publication why would anyone buy it from us? Best wishes, Abby

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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