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Spotted in Fenton, Michigan

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TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm

Capable of making beyond-belief shots

Tracking Point rifle

What It Is

A Precision-Guided Firearm is a comprehensive, purpose-built weapon system. It incorporates the same tracking and fire-control capabilities found in advanced fighter jets. Shooters of any skill level can now shoot better than the best shooters who ever lived.

What It Does

A TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm ensures never-before-seen precision at extreme distances and high target velocities. Here’s how:

  • TriggerLink™ connects the tracking optic with a guided trigger.
  • Tag-and-Shoot™ technology lets you designate an exact target impact point.
  • The tracking system then guides the trigger release.

How You Use It

Prepare for an extraordinary shooting experience beyond belief.

  • Press the tag button to designate an impact point.
  • Align the reticle with the tag.
  • Squeeze and hold the trigger.
  • The Precision-Guided Firearm does the rest.
(Check out the video at their website- click the image above)

Hear the #1 song on the day you were born, graduated, were married or...!

Just fill in the date- no names or anything (it's kind of fun!)

thanks to John Campbell


How do you kill a circus?
Go for the juggler…

Why are New Yorkers so depressed?
Because the light at the end of the tunnel is just New Jersey.

There are two fish in a tank. One turns to the other and says “do you know how to drive this thing?”

Two atoms are walking down the street, one says to the other:
“I think I just lost an electron.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m positive.”

First Passengers on the new New York Subway in 1904


Smuggling Hooch in 1926


Native American Viewing Transcontinental Railroad in Nevada 1868

Last Photograph of the Titanic 1912 (above water)


William Harley and Arthur Davidson (1914)


Hitler inspecting the massive 800mm (about 32") “Schwerer Gustav” railway gun - the largest-caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat (1942)


Testing a bulletproof vest (1923)


thanks to John Campbell

Meet the World's Most Deadly Archer...


(no it's not really a joke, that is just an out-take of the video)

Winchester 1873 survives ambush or...


A Winchester Model 1873 found by park workers in Great Basin National Park, Nevada, in November 2014, is shown in this handout photo provided by U.S. Park Services January 15, 2015. Archaeologists stumbled upon the 132-year old rifle, leaning against a tree while conducting a survey in the park, possibly having been left there more than a century ago.

Grampa's Ipad

Watch it to the end, makes sense to me...

Arms Heritage Magazine

The Mystery of the Nepperhan Revolver

Whence the Name

The waterway, now called the Saw Mill River, was a trickling stream back in early colonial times when it was known as Nepperhan Creek. At 23 miles long, it was the longest tributary of the Hudson River where it discharged into that river near Yonkers, New York. At about 1646, a Dutch lawyer by the name of Adriaen Van Der Donck erected a sawmill near the point of discharge into the Hudson and the stream was re-christened the Saw Mill River.

Since most weapons of the mid-19th century bear the name of their inventor or maker, the Nepperhan firearms are unique in that the maker reached back into Yonkers' history for a name for his product. So don't waste your time researching for a person or patent bearing the name Nepperhan, neither exists. What's more there are no known patents associated with the design.

A Tough Market to Break Into

Starting with the Model 1849 Pocket Model, Colt had established that gun as the standard personal protection revolver. His original patent, issued in 1836 would provide protection until 1853. Other manufacturers, eager to cash in on the opening market potential, flocked to present their own offerings.

The best way to crack the market was to be able to offer a lower price. The manufacture of a Colts frame, trigger guard, backstrap and grips was quite labor intensive. (see Arms Heritage Magazine Volume 3, No. 5). Thomas Bacon was the first to realize that by using a casting for the frame and handle and by using two-piece grips, significant manufacturing savings would result. Thus was born the removable sideplate design. (The Bacon Story is told in our issue, Volume -2, No.6 of this magazine).

The removable sideplate concept was used by other manufacturers such as Manhattan, Hopkins & Allen, all of which evolved from the Bacon design The resulting revolvers may not have exhibited the quality of the Colts but they were rugged and, it could be argued, sturdier than the Colt.

The Nepperhan revolver also used a one piece cast frame and grip but the trigger guard was a separate brass part. Although certain improvements of the Bacon design are to be seen, the frame casting is quite different.


During the course of a production of only about 5000 revolvers were produced, however the company name was changed three times. The address imprint used on the barrel of the first 500 arms is a professionally made stamp, while the marking used on the subsequent batches appear to be much cruder, perhaps applied letter by letter.

NameAdd to that, the fact that the City of Yonkers, New York has no record of the registration of any of the three company names cited above. This leads to intriguing speculation, especially when one considers that the company name carefully avoids the use of any of the principals involved.

Why so many name changes? Were they running from debt or patent infringements? Was there ever such a company? Were these guns made on contract by Manhattan, Hopkins and Allen or some other firm? We may never know.

NameThe Nepperhan is a five shot revolver, produced only in .31 caliber. Barrel lengths varied between 3 1/2 and 6 inches with 4 1/4 inches being the most common. The 6 inch barrel length is quite scarce. All production Nepperhans were made with octagonal barrels. It is reported, however, that a single, round-barrel experimental is known with a puzzling serial number, 30006, but no details are known.

The entire subject will be covered in a forthcoming issue of Arms Heritage Magazine. If you are not already a subscriber, it's only $19 per year. Just go to the website, and follow the prompts. Remember, current subscribers have full access to all back issues, now numbering twenty-four. Hard copy bound and printed annuals of years 1, 2 and 3, without advertising, are available from us at only $39.95 plus shipping. Volume 4 will be available later this year.

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine

New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to my website. Special thanks to Paul Breakey for letting us borrow their wonderful old catalogs and manuals to copy.

BSA 1950 Martini-International .22 Match Rifle Flyer

BSA 1957 Hunting Rifles Flyer  

BSA c1955 BESA Muzzle Brake Flyer  

Buehler 1992 Rifle and Handgun Mounts  

Burris 1978 Rifle Scopes and Mounts  

Burris 1992 Rifle Scopes and Mounts  

Bushmaster 1990 Gun Catalog  

Bushmaster 1991 V1 Gun Catalog  

Bushmaster 1991 V2 Gun Catalog  

Bushmaster 1992 V1 Gun Catalog  

Butler Creek 1996 Gun & Accy Catalog- Belgrade, MT  

Discovering Militaria 1972 (Collecting, Peter Newman, UK)  

M60 W/E Operator's Manual- 1998 TM 9-1005-224-10  

Military Small Arms & Ammo 1899 Revised Extracts-UK  

Naval Gunnery 1850 Theory and Practice (U.S.N.)  

New Methods of Machine Gun Fire 1916 (U.S.I.A.)  

On The Progress of Breech-Loading Small Arms 1875 (UK)  

Ordnance & Gunnery 1867 Prepared for Cadets at the USMA  

Owen Submachine Gun c1943 Instruction Book (UK)  

Swift Training Manual Mk IV Pattern Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 (UK)  

The Brigade of the Gurkhas c1972 History and Tradition  

The Home Counties Brigade c1963 - Its Members and Their Integration  

The Pistol as a Weapon of Defence 1875  

The Royal Scots 1964 The 1st & Royal Regiment of Foot  

Valkyrie Arms 2000 Machine Gun Flyer

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Letters from Readers

Dear Abby & Rob: I have to comment on this issue's Rants & Raves. While they are always fun to read it also saddens me to realize just how illiterate so much of humanity is not to mention, angry and nasty. Not sure how you can keep doing it. So I want to "thank you" for sending the newsletters to me and I appreciate your hard work! I've had similar head-scratching questions or comments from ebayers, too, but my favorite in this issue is the following:

"Smith & Wesson 1900 Revolvers: Is this a real pistol, it seems really cheap to be only 13.95; cowboy989809 (Ebay buyer)"

Cowboy, No, if you read the advertisement you will see that this is a reprint of a 1900 S&W catalog. Abby

You know what? You should of had him send the $13.95 and that you'd have Smith begin his order right away..... Gerry

Hi Gerry, We actually get that sort of question all the time, or just the order for a case of Daisy Air Guns for $14.95. Oddly, most of the Daisy orders come from Canada and Australia and are usually followed by a sheepish letter the next day blaming an over excited child (or too much beer I guess). Cheers, Rob

Dear Abby, you are absolutely marvellous & provide a wonderful service....but due to circs beyond my control pls remove me from your emailing list....may your future be ever bright with appreciation .....james mills

Dear cornellpubs, I need a Hopkins and allen sycmatics on there guns - rita955410 (Ebay)

Dear rita9... By schematic I assume you mean isometric or "exploded" parts view. This technique of displaying were parts fit in a weapon was not commonly used until after WWII (1945) long after the H&A company died. In order to find what you are looking for you will need to locate someone or company that made drawings of the guns much more recently than the company did. I am not aware of any out there but you could try Gun Digest or Numrich. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, hi I ordered this book and it is the wrong one I will ship back tomorrow I ordered another one and I ask about a book on sycmatics of the Hopkins and allen 722 would like a picture of the inside working parts thanks i'm looking for a shell extractor for a 22 thanks rita

Rita, The 1914 H&A Parts catalog has the M722 in it with a flat plan of parts. Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, I notice you offer reprints of the guns sections of Sears catalogs. So far as you know, did Sears ever offer the Thompson submachine gun in any catalogs? If so, which one(s)? Thanks. Charles – railfancwb

Dear Charles, I don't recall any Sears catalog selling Thompsons, they were probably too expensive for the space. They were sold in other catalogs, Abercrombie and Von Lengerke & Antoine, Von Lengerke & Detmold, Iver Johnson (big catalog) to name a few. We sell all of those and the Thompson is in the index (prior to 1934). Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Do you reprint any snap-on tool catalogs from the early years/ ? - spencer*357 (Ebay)

Dear Spenc… No, we do old firearms catalogs. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Received item. Left feedback for you. Thank you for a fast, easy, and pleasant transaction. FYI - I was delighted with this product, as usual. When and if you make a manual for the Browning FN High Power Competition Model, please let me know. Phil. 1: 3, Frank – cornvilletank (Ebay)

Thanks, Abby! You stand tall with your great service to the arms collecting community. Take your time. All the best--Joe

Thanks, Abby! Appreciate you selling me the manual...I was raised in my family's farming/ranching/oil producing business at Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Carried that particular 16 gauge "Model 35" Stevens shotgun for years-acquired it from my father as a teenager. (They were sold by Montgomery-Ward.) Still have several of those old things out at my ranch near Bartlesville...They are one of the most dependable shotguns I've ever used...(Naturally so, as they are an original John Moses Browning patent design.) ;^) Respectfully yours, James "Cousin Jim" Mitchell (Acting Credits- I act out here in California.)

Dear cornellpubs, Gun Barrel and Receiver Codes, Markings and Proof Marks I regards to my purchase of book from your store. You have them advertised as being in full colour but they are all in black and white. I'm very disappointed. Thanks Pierre (Australia)

Dear Pierre, I’m sorry you are disappointed. Actually the color statement refers to the cover unless later the description says the body is in color. Abby and I try to post a picture of the insides so you can see they are B&W. I think all the catalogs you purchased were originally B&W except the Eley inserts so there isn’t much we can do about that and color wouldn’t make a lot of difference anyway. Do you want to return them? Cheers and have a Happy New Year, Rob Mouat

Greetings Mouats, and best wishes for 2015. Thanks for the newsletter. I find it both educational and entertaining. On the educational aspect, I found the reply to the fellow who’s Remington 742 was stolen and the possibility of recovering the number by swapping out the hard drive fascinating. I’ll have to store that away in my memory bank in the event of future need. I goes without saying that the entertainment is mostly provided by the customers and their letters.

Here’s some FYI info in reply to some of their inquiries that might help you with future sales, taking it from the top:

1. A person identified as 54monarch inquired about the Winchester Mod. 94 manual covering his 1970 vintage rifle. It would be very close to doing so. Actually what changed in post-’64 guns was the construction of the internals. The receiver did change from a milled forging to a milled casting, but they were never stamped. A few of the internal parts were stamped, but the overall appearance and function remained the same., in and out. As far as I know the Win. manual was never updated as it was believed unnecessary. The first really significant changes to the design, from a gunsmithing and repair viewpoint, as after WRA Co. was succeeded by USRA Co. which introduced the angle eject feature, rebounding hammer, and the crossbolt safety.

2. Outsidebear (e-bay) asked about a no. 821 Lawrence holster. Unless it’s got Lawrence stamped into the leather I’d make an educated guess that it’s really a Hunter Brand.

3. A fellow named John C. wanted to know the thread pitch and size of a screw for a Win. Mod. 12 shotgun. He might find that information in Brownell’s “The Encyclopedia of Modern Firearms”, a rather pricy book available from that company. It’s a must investment for those in the gunsmithing endeavor.

4. Sofims77 wanted to know about parts for a Sheridan air rifle. I’m pretty sure that they merged with Benjamin air rifles, so that might be a lead she could follow up on.

All the best to you. Craig North

More on the “new” Winchesters:

Rob, hope you meant "cast" when you wrote "stamped". The M94 never had a "stamped" receiver. Can't think of any American sporting rifle with a stamped receiver, ever. (Unless you include the AK 47 "modern sporting rifle"). Regards, and a great 2015. Walt Brunner

Hi Walter, Actually, I think, the truth lies in the middle. The receiver was actually made by a process called sintering where the metal is pressed but not to the point of melting to form the receiver which was then machined, so indeed it was, in a way stamped and then machined. Also some previously machined parts were actually stamped from sheet metal. Thanks for your note. Cheers, Rob

Rob, sintering is compressing powdered metal into dies and heating to below the temperature required to melt the metal, in order to form accurately dimensioned small parts, and avoid machining. Sintered parts have about 80% of the strength of the parent metal in compression, but considerable less in tensile strength. Yes, small parts that could be stamped, or sintered, were included in the redesigned 1964 M94. But not the receiver. Not even during their ill-advised 1964 production revision would Winchester's management have been that stupid. Sintered and stamped are different things. Stamping means forming parts from sheet metal. Cheers, Walt

Walt, That's interesting, thanks for writing. I'm afraid I took a liberty when I compared sintering to stamping and I apologize, I should have been more literal. I'm from Connecticut and my attorney worked for Olin and did a lot of work for them on cases involving firearm failure. I recall a lunch with one of the engineers when we talked about the process used to make the receivers. I must have misunderstood the conversation. In fact, looking at wikipedia they must have it wrong too. This is what they say:

“Upon Olin's retirement, Olin Corporation's new chief executives sought to maximize profitability in its operations, giving corporate preference to its flourishing chemical business and cutting costs on its guns, which were unprofitable and labor-intensive to produce. To that end, Winchester ceased machining both the receiver and many small parts of the Model 94 out of solid steel as of 1964. The new receiver was machined out of sintered steel, the cartridge lifter was made of stamped sheet metal, and hollow roll pins were used in the action instead of solid steel pins. While the rifle's function, safety, and accuracy were not adversely affected, the changes—in particular the sintered receiver, which was as strong as its solid-steel predecessor but which did not respond well to a traditional blued finish—were conspicuous and came as Winchester made even more fundamental changes to its flagship Model 70 rifle. Taken together, the changes were seen as a retreat from quality production across the company's whole range, seriously damaging Winchester's reputation for making quality firearms in the process. In response, many users would use only rifles made before 1964 (pre '64),[7] and Winchester firearms made before 1964 command a markedly higher resale value on the gun market to this day.”

Thanks for the information, Rob

Thanks, Rob: And the loading gate, previously one piece of machined spring steel, now was two stamped pieces riveted together. Makes me wonder who wrote that for Wiki, notorious for having its "facts" written by idiots. It makes absolutely no sense from a production standpoint to machine a receiver from a block of sintered steel; instead of a forging, or flat bar stock, with their stronger grain structures and greater tensile strength. The idea behind pressed powder/sintering technology is to make intricately shaped, but moderately stressed parts without need for machining.

There were quite a few contradicting theories around about the steel used in the "new" M94, based on the fact that it would not accept conventional blueing, but it's the first time I have heard the claim of sintered steel. Walt

Hello, Abby, I sent you two messages via Gun Broker on auction xxxx30994, the first stating I hadn't received the Colt Python Manual and the second stating I found it stapled inside the Colt King Cobra manual, so I now have all the manuals and brochures I ordered. I've posted positive feedback on Gun Broker for all seven auctions and I want to thank you very much for smooth transactions, great reprints and excellent service. Al

Al, I saw your email about the Colt manuals and I must say that stapling them together wasn't right at all, just a mistake. I'll make you a couple of new ones stapled correctly. Sorry for the goof, it was mine, not Abby's. Cheers, Rob (Al wrote back to say he re-stapled the manuals and was all set, thanks Al!)

Dear Abby, Please ship my order of yesterday thru USPS, Ups charges are ridiculous. I very much dislike paypal please stop using them. tom Howard, WTH Gunsmithing. William Howard

Dear Tom, Everything we ship is through the USPS so not to worry about that. As far as Paypal goes everyone dislikes them. We use Paypal because 12 years ago when we made our website they were the only game in town for small businesses doing online sales. Today with over 5000 items each with its own page it will cost a fortune to change from Paypal but we are looking into it! Best, Abby

Thank you Abby. I am curious to learn more about your publishing business. If I were writing a book for a specialized market...would this be something Cornell might handle. Thanks. Jim

Hi Jim, Sorry to be late responding. We print and offer for sale books for several authors, however our service is limited. We can only print in 8.5" x 11" format (in color if required so pictures are nicely reproduced) and only with soft covers the same as our catalogs (most of them anyway), but with embossed spine if the book is thick enough. We can offer little help in laying out the book, we must have a print ready, or nearly so, copy to work from. Finally, our marketing efforts are limited to our website, Ebay, Gunbroker and Auction Arms. We don't pursue mass merchants because everything we do is hand produced and quantities must be limited depending on the length of the work and a couple of other things. We do pay royalties though. What do you have in mind? Best wishes, Abby

Dear Abby, Can you supply me with a reprint of 'Arms and the Man' Vol. LXIV, No. 22 . Dated August 24, 1918 ??? thanx JEFF SLOCUM

Sorry Jeff, these are what we have: Arms and the Man Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Hello: I just received a copy of the Adolf Frank Export Company (ALFA) 1911 Gun Catalog and the Holland and Holland 1900 Gun Catalog (UK). I was very impressed with the quality of the reproductions. I have one main complaint about the HOLLAND & HOLLAND CATALOG. I ordered this catalog on the basis of your description in the listing that the catalog was 85 pages of glossy full color pages. The copy I received was on plain copy paper all in BLACK AND WHITE. Nothing at all reflecting the description in your listing. Based on the information in the parcel I received, I would receive a refund if I am not satisfied. I was disappointed with the catalog. This will not prevent me from purchasing catalogs in the future, just try to be more accurate in your description of the product you are selling. Let me know how you plan to solve this issue. This should be accomplished between you and I at this point. Best Regards, Eric J. Laub

Dear Mr. Laub, The color reference in the description refers to the cover. If the insides are also in color it is noted later in the text. On the other hand, I can easily see why you were mislead because the image attached to the advert showed a color insides. That was a mistake on my part. I use a program to restore old catalogs that sometimes leaves the original yellowing of the catalog inside an image and that is what happened in this case. I fixed it and based on our error I'll ask Abby to refund your purchase price. No need to return the catalog, please keep it with our compliments. I am sorry for misleading you. Cheers, Rob Mouat (it is odd, in twelve years we haven't had this confusion with color and this month we had two or three of them)

Hello Rob: I appreciate your professionalism and integrity and I will give you a very positive feedback on ebay. I will continue to purchase catalogs from your company. As I stated in my email, your catalogs are of excellent quality. Thank you. Best Regards, Eric J. Laub

Dear Abby, I have purchased Ideal Manuals 1-4 from you. You list No. 5 on ebay but not on your website here. Please unblock me from eBay so that I can order No. 5, if you have it. Thanks! Roger

Roger, No 5 is listed at the website. Here is the link: Ideal c1894 Mfg. Co. Handbook of Useful Information No. 5. And this is a link to all the Ideal catalogs we reprint: IDEAL - ALL CATALOGS (New Haven, CT) Cheers, Rob Mouat

Thanks Rob for the links, and I may use them, but you did not say anything about unblocking me from eBay for your site. Roger

Roger, Now that you know where our website is there is no need for you to use Ebay to buy our reprints. Besides, Ebay charges us for each purchase. Because of the expense of dealing with them, we block all buyers who complain about our products (Roger complained we didn’t reprint a catalog to the exact size of the original and we refunded his money). We have discovered that complainers are very likely to leave less than positive feedback or complain again expecting replacements and/or refunds for future purchases, commissions for which are difficult for us to recover from Ebay. I'm sorry for the offense this may cause you. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

Dear cornellpubs, does this book WW Greener 1903 Shot Guns contain information on ww greener shotguns from the beginning to 1903,,i have shotgun with serial ## 13685 that i think is pre -1879..do you think this book might mention info on something like that?? thanks levi6691 - levi6691 (Ebay)

Dear levi66... No that was a catalog that advertised guns the company made in 1903, not a history of the company. For your gun you might try the Greener book: Modern Breech-Loaders, Sporting & Military- 1871 Greener which is pretty comprehensive about their guns of that era. It isn't on Ebay yet but is available at our website under Greener. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, I am collecting all the Fred Bear catalogs but I'm still missing several. I know yours are reprints but I'm thinking it may be worth buying then until the originals become available to buy. If I provide you with the years I need can I order them? Please advise. Can you also confirm that 1949-49 was the first catalog he printed? Rick - carra.309 (Ebay)

Rick, Yes of course you may buy them. They are all for sale at Ebay. If you would like more than one and order them together, please let me know and I can save you a bunch of money on shipping (I'll refund the overage). Cheers, Abby


Dear Travis, We have no "books" on this maker, however Arminius is featured in many catalogs we sell. Enter the word Arminius in the search box to see the catalogs containing weapons by the maker. If the HW3 is a specific model I would need a complete description if you want a merchant catalog with an ad for the gun. Please let us know. Rob

Rob, What about the logo on the side Travis Fowler

Travis, Is the weapon a shotgun, machinegun, cannon, rifle etc. What calibre, action etc. Would you be interested in an ad in a merchant catalog? I need more information before I go on a search for whatever it is you need. You said you wanted a "book". Do you mean manual, history of the maker, history of the gun itself. I just don't know what you want. Rob

Rob, Hw 3 22lr pistol 8 round I found it but it would not pull up a picture of it to find parts

Travis, Ok, you found it but could not open it where? Was it on our website? Did you enter the name in the search bar? If yes, we sell reprnts of catalogs and you cannot open them because we sell them. But you want a schematic of the parts, right? That is what you are trying to find? Do you specifically need a "blow-up" of the parts? You could try the places below for parts and plans:

Jack First in Rapid City South Dakota their catalog is three volumes and over 2700 pages of invaluable information including parts diagrams - (605) 343-9544

Gun Parts Corporation (Numrich) Kingston, New York (845) 679-2417. Well established with a good website.

Sarco Inc. Stirling, NJ (908) 647-3800 email

Dixie Gun Works, Union City, TN (800) 238-6785


Rob- This is like the model I am hunting found it under schematics seen the model and parts listed no pic it hard to guess at it Travis Fowler

Travis, OK, I give up. If you don't tell me exactly what you want or where you found what you are talking about, I can't help you. Sorry, Rob

Dear Abby, H & D Folsom 1926 Arms Company Catalogue No. 23, I am looking for a specific catalog and I think the one i listed in the subject is the one. I only know that page 1 of the catalog I am looking for should depict a No. 60 "Empire" Hammerless shotgun. Is there anyway you could email me that sample page so i can be sure before i purchase the catalog? Thanks for your time and the valuable service you provide ! David

David, Page 1 of the '26 Folsom features a Crescent No 60 Empire shotgun. We can't send out sample pages. Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Winchester 1914 Catalog No.79 Gun Catalog Can you tell me if this catalog has a section on engraving,specifically Model 12 shotguns? - mkj0043 (Ebay)

Dear mkj004… The engraving section is for Win rifles. Rob

Hello- I have bought several catalogs from you and hope that you will have what I am looking for. I would like a detailed, pictured catalog showing Pachmayr pistol grips, my interest is Colt Python and Diamondback grips parts, model #'s, etc. THX for your help- Lee

Hi Lee, Thanks for your note. I don't itemize anything but firearms in our catalogs so if you would like to select some likely candidates by catalog name (not item number) I'll be happy to see if they contain what you want. Best, Abby

Abby : Just received the WUM 1932 (German- Eng, Fr, Sp, & Ger Text) Gun & Sports Catalog .....tremendous resource !!!.....truly WUMderbar !! .....Thanks again for preserving all of this wonderful stuff for us collectors!!......Hector

Dear Abby, I’m always so pleased with the copied vintage cap gun catalogs I purchase from you! They're such high quality. I think you "threw in" a couple of Freebie Pages& I really appreciate them. I think, I have every toy cap gun catalog, you print now!! I have 4 notebooks full of your prints!! Thank you, once again, for such great service & quality, Cheri

Dear cornellpubs, Peabody Martini Rifle c1877 Manual- Providence Tool Co. Does this manual have information on the Turkish Peabody Martini rifle? - truittandson

Dear truitta… I doubt it, that sounds like a special production run and naturally that would not be in a catalogs to sell their wares in the U.S. Rob

Thanks Abby! There are lots of friends we all have we don't see every day, but it's feels good just to visit once in a while just to let em know we still care. Thanks for what you do! There is no one else in the world who does what you do and who obviously enjoys it so much too! Thank you for making the effort to preserve our little corner of history! It makes the world a richer place. Bill Wempe

Dear Abby, Glad to have found your site. My wife bought some publications for my birthday a few years ago, and I purchased these as Christmas presents. There are some other of your publications that I'm looking to purchase, down the line. It would better serve the firearms community if you had more publicity. I read the Hunting and Trapping book when I was a kid, many decades ago, and was delighted to find that you had it. I'm sure that our town library threw out their original copy a long time ago. Robert Carlson

Dear cornellpubs, Hi, about Hartley & Graham c1899 Gun Catalog (New York), I am looking for either a Vom Cleff co knife catalog or a catalog that includes some vom Cleff knives or razors. They were a New York importer from Germany from late 1880's till around 1930. Thanks-Jan - leftylondon (Ebay)

Dear Jan, We reprint over 5000 old gun catalogs but we do not identify each manufacturer of ancillary products so I am afraid unless you know a retailer who sold your cutlery I would not know where to look for them. Cheers, Rob

Hi, not sure who carried them. I have a couple of ads but would like to see more. Do you have just knife catalogs? If you come across any Vom Cleff catalogs or pages, feel free to keep my info and let me know. Thanks-Jan

Jan, We do have knife catalogs but I have no idea how to direct you to them at Ebay. On the other hand our website has a drop down on the left side that directs you all knife catalogs but I don't think I can direct you to the website under ebay rules. Sorry to not be more helpful. Rob

Hi there....I'm from Montréal Canada I would like to order one of your catalogs with documentation about all guns made by JP Clabrough from the beginning till the end in 1937 known by the name of Clabrough & Johnstone.Many thanks to tell me the price with shipping fees ...best regards SERGE BRISEBOIS

Dear Serge, Our catalogs featured guns that the company planned to make in the current year the catalog was printed. They are not a history of the company and they don't have serial numbers because the company had not yet made the weapons and there was no way they could know what was ahead. The best you could do from us is to buy all that catalogs we offer from the company and then try to find a biography of the company. You might get more information from Larry Shelton, Rob

Hi Abby, Attached is a photo of Shoverling, Daly, & Gales gun shop at 302 Broadway NYC circa 1903. I purchased the John P. Moore's sons 1886 reprint catalog from you. Moore's sold out to SD&G in late 1887 and they were located at the same place. I am looking for photos of the shop pre 1888 when Moore's was in business. The 12 story Building was Beautiful and known as the Vincent building, on the corner of Broadway and Duane street, and owned by the Astor family, and later owned by Fordham university in the 1940's. It was demolished in 1961. If you have any info. please advise. Regards, Henry Verri

Hi Henry, Unless you see something at the website you don't have I'm afraid I couldn't help you. We do have that Moore catalog. Try the NY Public Library and ask them who might have the photo you need. Cheers, Abby

Thank you Abby for your support and positive customer relations. I received it and am pleased. R/ Daryl

Abby, Your products are well done and for research indispensable. James Romnes

Dear cornellpubs, do you have a print copy of From Ingot to Target? Cast bullet info is what I am looking for. Thanks, Mike B - mikeb4810 (Ebay)

Hi Mike, No, I don't think we have that one but we do have scores of books on reloading and quite a few that cover casting. Best thing to do would be to look at our website under "reloading" at the drop down list on the left. Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Garcia Fishing Equipment 1969 Catalog. What do you mean by fully illustrated? Is you offering different than the original? You show page 10 right next to the cover so is it not reproduced to emulate the original in size and layout? Regards, ken - fish4kb

Dear Ken, Illustrated means it has pictures of the wares not just words. The original was just about the same size as our reprint may not be identical- we don't claim to make forgeries of originals and the layout is the same. Cheers, Rob

Dear Abby, I just made my first purchase. Please confirm that I did not sign up for paypal. The final payment page indicating how my card is billed seems ambiguous. I sure don't want to end up as a rant. Thanks, Barry

Barry, Abby is out so I'll try to answer your question. We use Paypal as our "bank" mainly because they were the only show in town when we started 12 years ago and now we have over 5000 items, each one tied to a Paypal shopping cart. It would cost a fortune to change to a different cart. When you make a purchase at the website you can use any credit card to pay for the item and Paypal processes the transaction. So, assuming you didn't do anything unexpected the payment should just go through cleanly. It is not required for you to "sign up" with Paypal and I doubt you did anything that would cause that to happen. By the way, we don't like them either but we are stuck with them. I know that doesn't help a lot but it is about all I can tell you. If you think Abby can help a bit better just return this email with a note, Cheers, Rob

Thanks Rob, I've never experienced any online purchase will all that paypal logo everywhere. No, I did't do anything foolish like sign up, but then I still saw all the related logos. I look forward to getting your publications, what a great resource. Cheers yourself, Barry Barnes

Hi Ideal 1950 Hand Book No. 37 - Ammunition & Reloading Can you tell me if there is some reloading data for the 41 long colt caliber in the book ? Thanks - patrugerno1 (Ebay)

Dear patrug... Yes there is some data on the .41 LC. Rob

(Dear Abby) hi dear i have shot gun usa feb 27 1900 & look like new i want to sale. Saeed

Dear Saeed, Good for you. Good luck selling your gun. Of course we don't buy guns, we are publishers. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, H&R Arms Company 1871-1986 by Wm Goforth I need to know how much information this book has about the 317 and 319P Ultra Wildcat rifles. Specifically, serial number ranges for the production of them, years and calibers produced, Production number for each caliber. Barrel markings especially for the Ultragon rifling option that was available for the .223 chambering. Anything else relating to or pertinent to the production of these rifles. I am especially interested in any information as to who did the basket weave checkering on the 317P rifles. Many Thanks - gunguy17 (Ebay)

Dear gung… I'm sorry the books are all individually packaged and that sort of specific information is outside my knowledge area about that specific book. Please try Gun Show Books, they are the publisher/distributor and perhaps they can help you. Abby

Comments Anyone?

email Abby and Rob

Rants and Raves

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This month's winner is:

On 06/10/2014 8:42 AM, Cornell Publications wrote: Hello Robert - many thanks for your purchase - we appreciate your support. This is a very heavy book and will be sent as a large parcel. Regards, Abby

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 Hello, Is there any news on my book? Thank you, Robert Sterzik Calgary, AB

Robert – To tell me now that it was lost over 6 months ago leaves me very few options. I cannot directly refund any moneys after 60 days and any postal information I would have is gone after 30 days. I sent you this book, especially packed for shipment and took it myself to the post office. It has not been returned to me. I ask of you to please search and hunt for this large and beautiful book on the H & Rs. It is really what they call a cocktail table book – or oversized with many colored photos. Sometimes people get things and don’t realize they have them. Abby

Abby, I am extremely displeased with your reply. You may have noticed. I have checked this transaction, and I paid by Paypal, so unfortunately I have no recourse. You knew that, of course. They have since extended their "dispute" period to 180 days, due to the high incidence of fraud by sellers, but our transaction is limited to 45 days ("before November 18"), and my credit card company is of no help. They just refer me back to Paypal. I closed my Paypal account today, and will no longer be paying anyone that way again, ever.

You have no tracking number, of that I am certain. There was certainly no shipment, since I have not had anything go missing in the mail for several years, and have purchased literally hundreds of items in that time span from all over the world, though mostly USA. Not one thing actually sent has failed to arrive. No package from USA to Canada takes 2 months, even with the Christmas rush. That's why I emailed, but again, you know all that.

So Abby, you have successfully defrauded me. Congratulations. Please remove me from your email list, and please know that there is one more person on this Earth who wishes you all the health, happiness and prosperity you deserve. I don't want to hear from you again. Keep your book, if it exists. I do belong to a number of firearms forums and you can look forward to some kind words from me, at every opportunity, regarding your company and successful fraud. You have cost me about $100, so I certainly owe you a few words. Good bye, Robert Sterzik

Dear Sterzik, How Dare You! You ARE absolutely correct, you lost whatever you paid for the damn book because there isn't a chance in Hell that after your rude treatment of my very fair and helpful wife that I would allow a penny to be sent in your direction. On the way back from the market Abby said she felt sorry for you and was going to refund your money. Forget it you can rot for all I care. Learn better manners, Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Please, don't lecture me on manners. After patiently waiting, I asked politely where my book was, and was rudely told to check for it in my home, that there was no tracking information, and that I had waited -- as instructed -- too long. Seriously? My manners? Did I just take your $100 and then call you dishonest? Do not contact me again, ever.

Dear Sterzik, No. You were unnecessarily rude and threatening. I can't tell you the number of people who tell Abby the "book didn't arrive" three months later and then discover it under a pile of discarded beer cans. There is NO tracking from the USPS to Canada at any time with the USPS Standard or Priority Mail, only a shipping number. But never mind we don't need threatening and nasty customers... read the RAVES and RANTS column at our website where you will join your like ilk on the Rants side, of course. And, after your threats to say nasty things about Abby to forums you can count on being featured in my next newsletter which goes to over 20,000 collectors worldwide. Oh and the hundred bucks you think we "made" from you, it cost us $67 so we'll give $33 to the Salvation Army in your name. Cheers, Rob

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and I am adding more all the time.

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So there you have it, a tip that I hope will result in a torrent of eager collectors now willing to let me scan their old gun catalogs... but, please call or write first, don't just send them because I may already have scans of that particular item. I still have hundreds of old catalogs on file that I haven't got to yet.

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