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and there are consequences...

Mom also said not to steal and to stand up for your buddies...


Hunting Season just ended...


Our town recently rejected a millage increase to pay for road improvements...


9,000 Fallen Soldiers Etched into the Sand on Normandy Beach to Commemorate Peace Day on September 25, 2013

special thanks to Jim Buchanan and Dick Carleton for their email forwards

Rob Mouat

New Way to Watch TV

Many of us recall the early days of TV when we huddled close to a tiny box giggling to the antics of Sid Caesar or Mickey Mouse. Well, no longer. Now we spend 20 minutes of each hour assaulted with commercials assuring us short service in the ER for our brain tumor or listening to some relentlessly sincere voice warning us about an erection lasting longer than four hours. No comment. A couple of years ago Abby and I felt so worn out with all the commercials we found another way to watch TV.

We’ve never been very interested in sitcoms or the more blood-spattered weekly doctor/cop/crime shows and we’ve been disappointed that some shows with a continuing theme suddenly disappeared. We now watch TV through Netflix, either with an internet connection or with disks. In fact, if it weren’t for sports, we wouldn’t need cable TV at all.

Netflix can be received on your TV through your cable internet (or, I suppose, dish setup) WIFI thing. You then need a TV that is internet ready or a box like ROKU or a DVD player set for receiving the WIFI signal- ask one of the kids at Best Buy.

So, what we did was to look on Netflix for shows that have had a good run and have a reputation for good writing and acting. Some shows in this group such as The Good Wife are still running; others have been cancelled but there are a lot of them.

We pick a series, start with the pilot show and watch all episodes one after another, one or two a night (sometimes even three if we binge on TV). Given our age we remember what happened last night better than if we watched one a week and all in all it is more satisfying.

There are literally scores of series available and thousands of old movies. For shows that are still running, we wait for the season to end and then watch the whole year. Naturally, everyone’s taste in entertainment is different but some of the better written TV shows are below- take your pick.

British Shows:

Downton Abbey

The Dutchess of Duke Street

Doc Martin

Foyles War

Top Gear (early shows are best)

The Grand (gets a bit edgy)

Bramwell (also gets edgy)

US Shows:

The Good Wife

House of Cards

The Guardian


and dozens more... recent and old

Racy and lurid but entertaining:

The Sopranos (rated R+!)

Boardwalk Empire (rated R+!)

Arms Heritage Magazine

What better gift to a sportsman?

VOLUME 1, all six issues, printed in color and bound as one

VOLUME 2, all six issues, printed in color and bound as one

Arms Heritage Magazine attempts to cover all aspects of historical arms. Remember, subscriptions are only $19 per year and all back issues are always available to current subscribers. Just go to the Arms Heritage website for details

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine

New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to my website. Special thanks to Paul Breakey for letting us borrow their wonderful old catalogs and manuals to copy.

Anschutz Model 54 Match Instruction Manual c1963

Arisaka c1943 Japanese Rifle Manual (US Text)

Automatic Rifle 1930 "ZH" Mod. 29 Veper II-Ceskoslovanska Zbrojovka Manual

Beeman 1985 Air Guns Catalog

Bianchi International 1988 Holster and Access Catalog

Breda No. 68 Voorschrift M1873 Revolver 1936 (Holland)

Browning 1942 Heavy Machine Gun M1917- Mechanism Made Easy

Cetme c1981 Amel Special Purpose Assault Machinegun Manual

Chartered Industries 1984 Ultimax 100 Machine Gun Manual, Singapore

Chauchat 1918 (U.S.) Drill-Combat-Mechanism Manual

Chauchat 1918 Model 1915 (U.S.) Mechanical Notes

Colt 1983 Parts and Accessories Catalog

Das neue 1869 K.K. Osterr Hinterladungs-Gewehr System Werndl

Die Machinepistole 40 Beschreibung und Handhabung

Enfield/Webley .455 Revolver 1937 - British Small Arms Training

Fusil Ametrallador ZB30 (Spanish- Automatic Rifle)

Gymnastik und Bajonettfechten 1860 (German Manual)

Harrington & Richardson 5.56mm Rifle T223 and Rifle Bipod Manual

Harrington & Richardson Arms 1906 Revolvers & Shot Guns Catalog

Harrington & Richardson Arms 1908 Catalog

Interarms 1991 Gun Catalog

Kimber 1986 Gun Catalog

La Ametralladora Ligera Solothurn c1932 M-S2-200 Short Manual (in Spanish)

La Ametralladora Solothurn c1932 M-S2-200 Manual (in Spanish)

La Ametralladora Solothurn c1932 M-S2-200 Tripod Manual (in Spanish)

La Ametralladora Solothurn Ligera c1932 M-S2-200 Packing Manual (in Spanish)

Leitfaden Gezogene Geschütze 1861

Madsen Modelo Argentino 1926 Nomenclatura

Mauser M71 1878 Manual (German)

Mossberg 1985c Law Enforcement & Military Catalog

Navy Arms 1980 Gun Catalog

Navy Arms 1988 Gun Catalog

Navy Arms 1989 Gun Catalog

Navy Arms 1990 Gun Catalog

Navy Arms 1994 Gun Catalog

NRA Journal, July 1951 (Bisley Camp, Woking, Surrey, UK)

Osterreichische Infanteriegewehre 1857

Reparatur Instruktion fur das Infanterie Gewehr M69 1885

Ross 1907 Handbook Mks. I Rifle, II Rifle, III (Backsight) Handbook

Russian Stetchkin 1960 9mm APS Automatic Pistol Manual (in Russian)

SIG 2003 P210 Catalog

Springfield Armory c1985 Gun Catalog

Springfield Armory c1987 Gun Catalog

Sturmgewehr St-G-57 MG Manual 1968 Schweizerische Armee

Sturmgewehr StG-57 MG Parts Catalog, 1990 Schweizerische Armee

T52E3 1957 Light Machine Gun Notes on Dev. (U.S. Ord Dept)

The Royal Small Arms Factory (History-1977)

Valmet c2000 Gun Catalog

Vesely 1942 v-42 and v-41 Submachine Gun (UK)

VICKERS MACHINE GUNS (about 20 of them)

Vickers-Berthier Modele 1924-25 Manuel (in French)

Vickers-Colt 1917 M1915 Machine Gun & Tripod Handbook

Villar Perosa Machine Gun 1916 Manual (Italian Text)

Williams 1968- How to Convert Military Rifles 5th ed

Winchester 1958 Lightweight Military Rifle cal .224

Winchester-Lee c1895 Straight Pull Rifle (Civilian) Manual

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Letters from Readers

Dear Rob, Remington 1899 Arms Catalog Hello, Could you please tell me that that part in the catalogue that says bicycle, is it the "Remington Special"? Thank you – corbettclassics (Ebay)

Dear Corb… Yes it is. Rob

Hi Rob, Thank you for that. Trying to find out if it's a "RACING" model or not. A guy has had one listed on eBay for months and it's going nowhere. I thought it might be a racing one and trying to find info. Does it state that it is a racing special model or anything like that? Or was it just a Special that was used for outdoor stuff? Thanks again and please let me know so I know to go further or not .. Best, Bill

Bill, Sorry, I got it out once and don't remember the model. Just don’t have time for repeat searches/research, try after Xmas. Have too many similar requests, Rob

Dear Rob, I'm Looking for a original/repro manual for a Winchester 1892 if you have one available please let me know Thank you Brandon - brandonobrien97045 (Ebay)

Dear Bran… Before about 1920 Winchester included manuals in each of its catalogs for most guns it made- parts diagrams, cutaways and instructions. Your best bet is to go to our website cornellpubs.com, use the link at the top right to establish the year your gun was made by the serial number, then buy the correct catalog for that year (assuming it was before 1920). Cheers, Rob Mouat

Dear Abby, You're one of my number one sources in building up a primary reference archives! Alex

Dear Abby, You wouldn't happen to have an old ad, or instructions, on "how to load single shot caps into Nichols Stallion .45" ?? I've bought a few of your awesome catalogs, but I'm looking for 1 specific "dealer sheet". I have a "custom MIB Nichols .45 Stallion, w bullets& single shots. There was no instructions on how to load the caps tho. Have a good guess & want to try one cap out, for old times sake. Do you have a dealer sheet, or instructions on how to correctly load shell w the cap?? Also, do u know of ANY manufacturing co. , who still makes single shots & all the diff caps for all the variety of loads??Thank you, Cheri

Dear Cheri, No, we don't - sorry, Abby but try toyguntown

Dear Abby, Vickers Machine Gun, .303 Manual 1944 Does this manual show how to assemble a vickers ? thank-you - mercman0_7 (Ebay)

Dear merc, from the ad…


• Vickers .300 Machine Gun 1944

• London, England

• Fully Illustrated

• General Description

• Mechanism

• Stripping

• Servicing the Gun, Repairs and Adjustments

• Sights

• Tripod Mounting

• Firing the Gun

• Kinds of Fire

• Firing the Gun

• Immediate action for stoppages

• Useful Notes

• Water Consumption

Dear Abby, The books arrived today, Nov 25th. I'm very pleased and I'm sure you are going to receive some more orders from my shooting buddy's. I know I'll be perusing the titles myself and probably place another order with you. I'm particularly pleased with the 1958 edition of the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. I may have some publications you may be interested in, I'll look through some of my old books and probably call you folks when and if I have something that may be of interest.......Thanks....Chuck Green....Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Abby it is always a pleasure to indulge myself with the great product you offer me and my fellow firearm collectors. Gary

Dear Abby Hi! Can U help me? I looking for original documents (pdf/scanned images) with instructions/scheme with all part sizes (barrel, frame, cylinder etc.) of Smith & Wesson .38 DA 4th Model Revolver and Smith & Wesson .38 DA 3rd Model Revolver. Do U have any original docs? Thanks in advance. – eskdirkdagger (Ebay)

Dear esk... No, catalogs at that time had drawings of parts not exploded parts views. Some were cutaway drawings but none had dimensions. Perhaps you can find patent drawings somewhere. Or you could poke around at our website cornellpubs.com to see what else you can find. Rob Mouat

Thx Rob. But maybe U have anything from official (digital) materials (or from any licensed experts) abt 3rd and 4th Model of S&W DA Revolver (not only dimensions)? For example something official fix guides, manuals which specify when worn parts must be disposed of. I found some Russian books abt 3rd model (M. Epihin 1882 and 1888 books), but there are not so many information in it. And nothing abt 4th Model. Thanks in advance.

Dear Esk... Possibly we have something about that model. The problem is this is our busy time of the year and we get hundreds of requests for research about specific model guns. I regret we just don't have the time to do that for you right now. If you can't go to the website to do your own research please contact us after February next year. Sorry, Rob

Dear Abby, Browning 1935 FN Automatic Shotgun (A-5) Manual The manual is nicely printed but not for the year 1935. The photos on the cover and in the manual show a cross-bolt safety and the cross-bolt safety was first introduced in 1952. The Browning A5 built in 1935 incorporated a safety located in the front of the trigger guard. Do you have a reproduction of the actual 1935 A5 manual? John- ah1gip (Ebay)

John, Probably. We have a couple of supposedly A5 early manuals. The cover picture is my fault, I made the cover and was apparently wrong about the year of the image. I was told the manual inside was 1935. I would like to straighten out the dates of my manuals for that gun and if you are knowledgeable and want to help, I'll make you copies of the ones I have if you will verify the dates I use. Please contact me at abby@cornellpubs.com and we can work out the details (I'm not looking for money, just help). Abby Does anyone else want to help with this? I didn’t hear back from John. I like to date catalogs and manuals correctly but sometimes need help with the dates because I am, believe it or not, not familiar with every model and year of every gun ever made! Abby

Dear Abby, I want to sale a gun. My gun is an N.R.Davis and Sons, two barrels in paralel, gauge 16. It is in a good state of consevation. I have no more information about because it comes from States by a friend . I have no idea the price but if your order interest myself we can do a deal. Thank you for your answer. Mário Labath Mesquita

Mario, Generally, NR Davis shotguns are not very valuable. They are worth less than $1000 and value depends on condition. This book can help you identify which model you have and how much it is worth: http://www.amazon.com/2013-Standard-Catalog-Firearms-Collectors/dp/1440229538. Your best place to sell your gun is gunbroker.com. Use many pictures in the advertisement for the gun. Good luck, Rob

Dear Abby, Thanks so much for your personal attention. The books arrived on Friday. One copy is for a friend of ours who asked us to look for a replacement copy for an original that was deteriorating. The other is for my husband. He had requested it as a birthday present, so it was here in time for that, which is today! Thank you again for your help. I hope you and yours enjoy a happy Thanksgiving, with many blessings for which you are grateful. Warmest regards, Jane

Dear cornellpubs, Hello Again, I found (and bought) a relic of a Peabody Martini at the Tulsa Arms Show 2 weeks ago. I believe the receiver and action and sights are salvageable. I have worked on standard British Martini-Henry rifles but never a Peabody. Would this or another of your books provide detailed information on disassembly and parts? Regards, Oren

Oren, Three of the Peaboby catalogs also have cutaway drawings of the internal parts (exploded parts views didn't come into general use until after WWII) which should help. All should be listed on Ebay but if not they are at our website cornellpubs. com under Peabody. They are: c1873, 1870 and 1865, Rob

Rob, Thank you very much, I will check them on your website. Would you have anything showing cut-aways of a Remington-Beal percussion revolver? Oren

Oren, Probably not. You can check the Remingtons at the website and if you see one that you think might have it, let me know and I'll check for you. Rob

Dear Abby, Tradewinds 1967 Husqvarna-Mauser No. 20 Gun Catalog (Tacoma WA), I'm looking for the 1968 version of this Husqvarna Catalog. Let me know if you have it available. Thanks - dht37 (Ebay)

Dear dht… Sorry, no we don't as yet. Perhaps in the future. Abby

Dear Abby, Iver Johnson c1907 Gun & Sports Catalog. which one of these copies do I need to buy. I own a "champion" single barrel 12 ga. shotgun with "Iver Johnson's arms & cylcle works fitchburg, mass USA CHAMPION SERIAL NUMBER C23333 WITH A 30" BARREL. & TOP BREECH WITH EJECTOR. PLAIN STOCK ANY IDEA WHICH CATALOG I NEED? - horseman7226 (Ebay)

Dear Horseman, No, I am not aware of any listing of serial numbers for Champions shotguns. The Wm Goforth book might help: Iver Johnson 1871-1993 Firearms. If not at Ebay will be listed at our website. Abby


Dear Horse... Sure we could do that. But, I have to warn you that it would be much more expensive for you to pay us to do all the research and then to extract the appropriate pages than if you just bought the catalogs. Please let me know what you want to do. Cheers, Rob Mouat

Hello Abby, In the November newsletter, Tom Salzer inquired about an E. Kettner 16 ga. SxS shotgun. Eduard Kettner was a gunmaker in Suhl, Germany. The firm relocated to the Koln area after WWII and remains in business, primarily as a retailer of sporting goods. Its my understanding that the firm no longer manufactures guns but, for many years has had guns built by others and private labelled for sale with the Eduard Kettner name stamped on them. Mr. Salzer may want to contact Eduard Kettner, GmbH and provide photos of his gun showing all proof and other markings and request their help in identifying the model and year of manufacture. The German Gun Collectors Association (www.germanguns.com) may also be able to help. All the best, Gerard

Dear Abby, Tom Salzer had questions about an E. Kettner 16ga shotgun. Advise him to check out the German gun section on the doublegunshop.com bulletin board. Several very knowledgeable people should be able to help him. Also, happy with my recent order of the Stories of War DVD set. Cheers, Jeff

Abby--- It's nice to know you remember me--- it's been a while since I sent you the Peabody/Martini catalog to be copied. You guys seem to have built a fantastic business since that time, largely, I believe, due to your personal touch with customers and the sporting/collecting public in general. Don

Readers- Don was one of the first two or three people to send us a catalog to copy some ten years ago. Thanks again Don!

Dear Abby, Thank YOU for having publications to sate my curiosity/needs re some products. George

Hi cornellpubs, I'm an editor and working on an article about a Jeffery double rifle and the related cartridge. Please check if this repringt contrains Jeffery No. 3 model (double rifle) chambered for 475 no. 2 and the cartridge .475 no. 2 itself. Would be great if I can get a feedback from you. Best regards, Steve, Germany

Dear Steve, It does. Cheers, Abby (I guess that answered the question, never heard back from him)

Dear cornellpubs, Walther PP and PPK 1956 Manual. Did you Ship my Item yet ? I purchased my item on Sunday, it is now 5 days later and there is no indication that you have shipped my item. Leon – leonartdeal (Ebay)

Leon, It was shipped today and if you go to Ebay you can get tracking information. You ordered it Sunday evening, today is Thursday, four days later. I'm sorry, but it takes us time to be notified by Ebay, enter the information, print, collate, bind, pack and ship each item of the over 5000 we reprint (we print to order and maintain no inventory). There are only two of us and I regret to say we just are not Amazon with same day service and, if you.ve been watching 60 MInutes, we have no drones. Also, if you look at the ad, we say it can take up to two weeks to get you purchase. I apologize for not meeting your expectations, Rob

Dear Abby, No problem, you sound like a wonderful, thoughtful person. Take care, I will be back. Cheers, John.

Dear Abby, Hi, I have several of your fine reprints, do you offer a place to tour or area for people to visit your location? Can reprints be picked up at your location? Thanks for your help, Ken.

Dear Ken, How flattering for you to think we have a big operation! But, in truth, there are just two of us and we don't have a professional office, just a home office. In fact, we don't "stock" anything, we print to order. That way we can offer thousands of items at reasonable prices without a warehouse, forklifts and illegal aliens running all over. So, in answer to your question, no, we don't have facilities you can visit despite how much we would love to be able to. Cheers, Abby

Abby, Thanks for replying, you publish very nice material that is valuable to collectors. Thanks, Ken.

Dear Abby, There are several of your publications that I would like to purchase but I do not use PayPal. Can I send a check? Ernie

Dear Ernie, We try to do only online business but we can take checks. For us to calculate shipping and give you an amount, please tell me what you want and where you live. I'll then write back with the amount to send. When you send the check, please include the list of what you want and your address. I know that sounds like a lot of extra work which is why we like to transact business online! Thanks, Rob

Hello! Do you know if any of your Hopkins & Allen publications concerning the Safety Police Revolvers show any schematics of the internal parts, namely the .22 caliber Safety Police Revolver? Thank you! Ron (Ebay)

Dear Ron, I assume by schematic you are looking for an exploded or isometric view of the internal parts. That method didn't come into general use until after WWII, long after the co went out of business. The best I can offer is Carder's- Hopkins & Allen Safety Police Revolvers - Carder. It has cutaway patent drawings and instructions for the various Safety revolvers made by HA. It is available from us on Ebay or at our website cornellpubs.com. Rob

Dear Abby, Gun Making in the United States 1888 rev 1907. Could you tell me if there is any info in this book on Lefever shotguns and/or early shotgun making in general? Thank you Shane – msleeshane (Ebay)

Shane, I don't believe, looking at the index, that it has anything about shotguns. For Lefever I would suggest Uncle Dan Lefever by Elliott. If we don't have them on Ebay they are at our website. We also publish a lot of old Lefever catalogs and other books about shotguns. Rob

Hello Abby, TNX for the update…. I am a Collector, and I am looking for a 1913, or so, LAFuertes Passenger Pigeon Advertising piece….. If you have or locate one, I am a Buyer….TNX. Best…. Best Regards, Eddie Woodin

- Readers?

Dear Abby, the '33 A & F catalong helped me immensely with my research of "the Wonder Trap.". Let me know if you have a 1930, 1931 and/or 1932 Abercrombie & Fitch Catalog or any other of those years which advertise the Wonder or Miracle Traps. I'll see if I can locate them on the website but I know all items contained in catalogs don't come up in the "search." Thanks, Kenny Ray

Kenny, Helping customers with searches like yours is very hard for me because this is the busiest time of the year for our business and I just don't have a lot of time to search catalogs. I also get requests all the time for everything from specific model guns to plumb bobs, bird calls and decoys. I can tell you the 1930 AF doesn't have wonder traps but but does have a lot of other traps identified by stock numbers, perhaps they sold the trap and didn't identify the maker. I don't have a 31 or 32 AF. The VonLengerke (read about them on the website) were related to AF at that time but don't have 31 or 32 either.

Now, lots of companies sold traps. If you want me to help you, you are going to have to go through all the Pre-war catalogs (select on the left 1900-1945) and look for mass merchants catalogs for 1931 and 32 (30 if you want). Look at the index, see if they list traps (use "control F" on your keyboard to search for the word "trap" in the index- the search box appears in the lower left of your screen). If it comes up, write the name and year of the catalog on a piece of paper. Then look at the contents section of the catalog. If they sell shotguns and accessories, they may sell traps and it may just not be in the index... write it down.

Next, send me the list. It should be fairly short at this point because of the depression and I'll look to see if I can help you... best I can do. Abby

Hi Abby how have you been? I havnt bought any books in a while but i am in search of a spacial book,i know it's not a gun book but i am hoping you have one or know were i can get one as im looking for it as a present for a person who lost there in a fire and it was given to her buy her late mother the bok is called,Complete Works of Lewis Carroll,it has Alice Adventures through the looking glass,Sylvia & Bruno, Sylvia & Bruno Concluded,The hunting of the Snark,Phantasmagoria,Short Stories, Essays, Games, Puzzles, Problem Acroutics, Miscellaneous writings. It was last published in 1976 in paperback it has well over 1000 pages. Thank you very much for your help, sincerely Ken

Ken, When looking for books like that I use addall, then look for the used books link at the top. It is a special website that searches all the used book sites. That book has been reprinted for decades and there are thousands of used copies available for $0.99 and up. Good hunting, Abby

Dear Abby, Fred Allen c1920 Sportsmen's (Bird Calls) Catalog-Monmouth, Illinois. Request additional info. on availability? Thank you!!! – lacqui (Ebay)

Dear lacqui, Our reprints are always available, we print to order. We do several for bird calls. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, I noticed you have several 1960's marlin catalogs for sale, I would be interested in buying them, if you could sell them for 6.00 each and lower your shipping costs I would buy any marlin catalogs from the 60's that you have. – dickybirded (Ebay)

Dear dicky… No, I'm sorry, color catalogs are just too expensive to print, collate, bind, address and ship for that price. Cheers, Rob

Dear Cornellpubs, Colt 1948 Fire Arms .45 auto to .22 auto Conversion Manuals. Your description states the repro manual is printed on 8-1/2x5" paper. What actually came was 8-1/2 by 11" paper, separate sheets stapled together. I expected from your description it was an actual reproduction of the manual, which was a single sheet of 8-1/2x10, folded in half, so that each page was 5" in width and 8-1/2" high. So, what I got isn't what you described, as follows: "4 pages, about 8 1/2" x 5". New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper with no cover as original. Fully Illustrated." I mean, if you repro'd it from an original, wouldn't you have seen how the original was actually sized and printed? Not happy. – cdamckeon (Ebay)

Dear cdamck, You are right, when we originally processed this item, in 2005, we described it as “about” 8 1/2 “ x 5”. We had planned to fold it but then someone, way back when, complained that it was folded, so we stopped (you can please some of the people some all of the time…). So, I just now changed the description to 8 ½” x 11” and the customer can fold it or trim off a half inch if they desire. It is not possible for us to reprint 5000 old gun catalogs and manuals in precisely the same manner or size or materials or binding etc. as originals… and then sell them for $3.45 like the one you bought. Not knowing what else to do, I refunded your money. Please keep the one we sent you with our compliments. I am sorry to have made you unhappy. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Hello, Russian PSM 1979 5.45mm Self-Loading Pistol Manual. Just an enquiry if you offer this Manual in the correct Russian size - normally 165mm tall by 105mm wide? best regards, Phil - way1440 (Ebay)

Dear Phil, We don't necessarily print to original size or use original papers or colors of papers or bind necessarily in exactly the same manner as originals. In other words we don't make exact replicas of originals. We reprint over 5000 old gun catalogs and we print and bind to order. To make forgeries of originals would cost a fortune for each one, sorry. Rob

Abby, (Reference to November 2013 newsletter- MASSIVE RECOIL- Video) The SSK .905 appears to be about the same size as the French 25mm anti-tank guns of WWII. The French mounted this weapon on a 2 wheeled, 4 point carriage & provided a hydropneumatic recoil system. Even the British .55 Boys rifle had a pneumatic piston to reduce the felt recoil. I had a Mk1 Boys -- it was not tooo bad for recoil -- but I do not hate myself enough to want to shoot the SSK. Tom Castonguay

Dear Abby: I'm trying to identify the year the Chamberlin "Miracle Trap" was introduced. I have an advertisement in 1932. The trap was patented in 1930. I am also looking for the date for the introduction of the Remington "Wonder Trap). Reportedly it was about 1948. I have an ad from 1950. Do you have any booklets or brochures with pictures and selling prices of these trap in 1930-32 and 1948-50? Thank you, Kenny Ray

Kenny, We reprint thousands of catalogs and I don't really know where to look for the Chamberlin (Chamberlain?). If you select a few titles, I'll see if it is in them. The Rem '48 Ammunition Catalog has three clay throwers- no Wonder..., the Remington 1948 Ammunition and Guns Catalog has a whole page including the "Wonder" and "Wonder De Luxe Outfit". Cheers, Abby


Rants and Raves

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This month's winner is:

I'm not going to put anything specific here because it is the Christmas season and I don't want to single anyone out as being difficult. Suffice to say the above questions are what I deal with every day and those are just a few of the emails from last month requesting "information" on everything you can imagine. Sometimes I think I should have been a reference librarian! Abby

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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3. Use caution when visiting websites. Just because a site has appeared in the #1 position in Google doesn't mean it's a reputable organization. Web developers are savvy and are not only skilled at forcing a high ranking position in the search engines, but also at coding things to get what they want from those who visit their webpage.

4. If you get an email from someone you don't know, DO NOT OPEN IT. If you get an email from someone you know and the subject line is strange or inconsistent with something that you might normally receive from this person, DO NOT OPEN IT. And the most important - if you get an attachment from anyone with an extension of ".exe" - DO NOT OPEN IT! (.exe is an executable program, and once you double click on it, it will run some kind of program on your computer, usually designed to completely wipe out your hard drive, or something equally malicious.)

5. If you're interested in "cleaning up" your computer to remove possible spamware and malware, you can download programs like Spybot and Ad-Aware. I personally use both of these. Also, use caution when clicking advertisements - remember, these are ADS! They WANT you to click their ad and purchase their product and it's not always something "good for you".

* Paypal - I don't like Paypal any more than most people and I don't think they make much of an effort to be less arrogant than they have been in the past, but, I use Paypal to process credit cards because they were cheaper by far than a bank when I started the business and it would cost a fortune to change the code for each page on the website to a new processor.

* INDEXES for Every Catalog I reprint... Every catalog I offer has an index at the right of the page. Listings on Ebay, Gunbroker and Auction Arms also have indexes.

At my website, you will find many gunmaker "master pages" listing all the catalog reprints of one brand. To the right of each "master page" are names of catalogs by merchants who carried that brand of firearms. For example, I reprint over 60 Remington factory gun catalogs but I also reprint over 160 gun catalogs from merchants that sold Remington firearms such as Sears or Abercrombie & Fitch or Spalding. Those are the listings on the right of the page.

Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and I am adding more all the time.

* If you have trouble reading small type on my website or any other, you can increase the size of the text on the screen by holding down the Control key (that's the one in the lower left of the keyboard with Ctrl on it) and scrolling the wheel on top of your mouse back and forth.

copy clips image

* Whenever I scan a delicate old catalog with its covers hanging by a thread (and not wishing to be the one who detaches someone else's covers), I line up a bunch of paper clamps along the hinge of the book to hold the covers in place and then scan each page. This simple technique works wonders and saves old paper from harm. It also gives you handles to pick up the book!

The picture shows my book scanner. When I use the book scanner, the catalog hangs over the side of the scanner and only needs to be opened 90 degrees. This allows much less stress to be placed on the spine.

So there you have it, a tip that I hope will result in a torrent of eager collectors now willing and eager to let me scan their old gun catalogs... but, please call or write first, don't just send them because I may already have scans of that particular item. I still have hundreds of old catalogs on file that I haven't got to yet.

* Why Buy Old Catalogs- originals or reprints? If you want to learn about a gun or gunmaker I applaud you, and am so happy you found my website. History is what I am working so hard to preserve by making old gun catalogs available to collectors and historians. Buy a catalog from a gunmaker of the appropriate year and you will learn a mountain of true facts about your gun- right from the maker's month, so to speak. Never again will you have to rely on hearsay or bluster.

*Research- To help you learn more about the history of gunmakers I have a page of what I call Reference Books on my website. They cover a wide range of information by authors and the page deserves a look.

* How to pay for things on the internet while using your credit card with some safety... There are two areas of concern when you make the decision to pay online with your credit card. First, you have to make certain the site accepting your credit card is secure. There are two clues to security. One is in the URL or site address found at the top of the browser. Normally the URL begins with http://www etc. but a secure site has a different beginning. It starts with https://www. etc. The "S" means the site is using encryption software and it is pretty safe to send your card information to the company. By the way, do not send your credit card information in an email. Emails are NOT secure!

Many folks call me to give me an order over the telephone because they "don't like to use their credit cards on the internet". Well, every time you use your credit card at stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants and, of course, while browsing, the transaction is recorded on the internet! Small shops like ours carefully enter the information at a website belonging to a financial clearing house. Others, like Costco and Walmart are connected directly but they all go on the net.

Of course, the second consideration has to do with what the company does with the information, the company integrity. Be careful about companies you never heard of before, don't know where they are located and the website has no telephone number. That is one of the reasons I like to pay with Paypal. When you do that you are giving only an email address to the company, not your credit card number (Paypal holds that information for itself only).

What can you do to help make your credit cards safe? Know with whom you are dealing and what is happening when you hand over your card. Does a nervous and suspicious looking waiter disappear into the back room with your card? Hmmm. Does the gambling website where you are about to enter your card have no address, country or telephone number? Hmmm.

Gun Model & Makers, Parts Suppliers and Appraisers

Maker/Model - Cross Reference Link:

House Brand, Model Number, Original Manufacturer, Original Model


Mike Rich, owner of I HAVE THIS OLD GUN, has been involved in firearms restoration and appraisal since 1962.  Although Mike specializes in appraising Early American “Doubles,” side-by-side shotguns and rare rifles, he also does firearm appraisals for most American made guns.  These appraisals are frequently used to establish value for insurance, estate sales and/or resolutions and for owner’s wanting to know “what’s it worth?”  Whether one gun or an arsenal, send Mike an email to get started. Prices for a written appraisal begins as low as $35.00.

We get hundreds of calls about parts.

Some folks are doing something about supplying parts...

Spare parts, accessories and original bayonets as well as complete original examples for all models of Ross Rifles- Barry DeLong or 423-472-1972.

Remington Rolling Block Parts. Ssupplies reproduction parts needed to restore or rebuild the majority of models of rolling blocks made from 1867 onward. Kenn Womack

Peter Dyson & Son Ltd. Co. of Yorkshire, England. Parts and reproduction parts for antique arms. Leather products, Damascus barrels and tubes, miniatures, used guns, air guns, reloading tools and more.

Trapdoors Galore Email Address: 3240 W. Arby Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89118.   Phone No.  702-361-5322  Everything For The Trapdoors + Free Research On S/N's for the Trapdoor & Krag's

Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply "Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply has a page titled Guns & Guitars. On it, one will find some hard-to-find screws used by different gun manufacturers. Also included are a few Weaver style scope screws. In addition, upon request, we will search for hard-to-find screws used in guns. We stock an extensive range of slotted oval head wood screws in a black oxide finish, and others. David Naven"

Joe Salter sells all sorts of things including butt plates, antique guns, collector ammo, air guns, holsters... well, check him out: Joe Salter

Classic Firearms and Parts- a gun parts company that primarily supplies used original parts for firearms that have been discontinued for many years. Call Scott (603) 731-4866 Classic Firearms, 43 Carpenter Road, Chichester, NH 03258 email Scott

Phil Stewart sells parts, stocks and grips. He can be found at (740) 398-1941 in Mt. Vernon, OH.

Bob's Gun Parts Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 501-767-2750

The Rifle Shoppe

The big parts houses for older guns are:

Jack First in Rapid City South Dakota their catalog is three volumes and over 2700 pages of invaluable information including parts diagrams - (605) 343-9544

Gun Parts Corporation (Numrich) Kingston, New York (845) 679-2417. Well established with a good website.

Sarco Inc. Stirling, NJ (908) 647-3800 email

Dixie Gun Works, Union City, TN (800) 238-6785

Free Downloads

Provenance for Your Gun

Ever wonder who first purchased your gun or rifle or wished you had a certificate of origin? It could increase the value of your gun!

If you own a gun by one of dozens of manufacturers write down the serial number and compare it to the serial numbers at the Griffin & Howe website: They have records from Abercrombie & Fitch as well as the Von Lengerke companies.

Robert C. Beach,
Records Research
Griffin & Howe, Inc.
33 Claremont Road
Bernardsville, NJ 07924
Bob's Email

Website: Griffin& Howe (scroll down to see all the makes when you get there)

Serial Numbers and Corresponding Dates:

Gun sellers often give themselves a lot of latitude when claiming the provenance of weapons they sell. Age or factory modifications to the base model can add considerably to the value of any gun. The question repeatedly is- The Truth! Having a Serial Number from the gun in question can often lead you to the year it was manufactured and then to a catalog we reprint. This can be useful in determining how the factory intended to make guns... models, styles, calibers, engraving, checkering and options available.

To help you on your search I have put together a page on my website with links to websites and sources that offer serial numbers and years of manufacture: