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Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill is what I guess they call an internet sensation but I have to admit what he does is really sensational... and I bet it hurts too (see the end of the video)


Wee Day Out | Danny MacAskill | Red Bull TV

Is Everyone on the Same Bus Now?

Fashionable But Not Too Rugged

Great New Outdoor Vehicle for the Disabled

I hope disabled vets have a chance to use these

What is your Job?

Cute Story About Hungry Ducks at Work

An interesting look at a duck farm in South Africa that has a very special purpose that you never would have imagined. Duck farmer Denzel Metthys manages over 1,000 Indian runner ducks who are used as a natural form of pest control on the Vergenoegd Winery. Each day the “Quack Squad” parades in front of the farm house on their way to the fields where they eat their fill of snails helping to keep the vineyard healthy.

Rob Mouat

Upcoming Holidays and Our Plans and...

Our New Website!

This fall is extremely busy for us. We are with family for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays so the house will be packed and we won't have as much time for business as usual.

Also, and this is a big one, all the search engines, Google, Yahoo and the rest have changed their algorithms so much that our poor old website just doesn't register anymore. That means we need a new website and we have started the process. I'll bet however, that it will take a bunch of our time this fall so I want to ask a favor... would you please order Christmas presents of our catalogs early so we can get them out in a timely manner? (Order right away or we can't get to them til after Thanksgiving)

Last month I gave you a pretty big list October 2016 Newsletter of publications that would appeal to shooters, historians and collectors, this month I want to mention a few more plus a few for non-shooters:

These are some really strange weapons, worth a gander:

Anyone would get a kick out of what they were selling as "gaming equipment":

The 1932 WUM catalog is from just before Hitler took power in Germany. Besides a huge selection of most everything you can think of including bicycles and motorcycles it has all sorts of sporting equipment and has text in English, Spanish, French and German:

I've mentioned these before but you really have to read their indexes. This company had some really wild ideas about how to stop things like bank robberies- they wanted to release gas in the bank to incapacitate everyone, customers included. You really must read these, they are priceless:

Arizona Highway 1958 was a short lived publication with some great yarns and art by Lea Franklin McCarty, a fun read:

Andy Palmer was a restauranteur and impresario from Dearborn, MI. His eatery was festooned with old guns and paintings. Patrons came from all over to hear stories and see the sights, I don't know about the food but his publications are great fun, full of hyperbole and self promotion:

Another fun publication for a good chuckle is the Mexican publication giving the rules for their mounted police:

Finally, this informative and charming booklet is for your fishing friends:

For an earlier catalog you can't beat the ALFA. This German catalog in four languages (including English) sell everything available in 1911. At over 700 pages it gives hours of study and fun.

__________So, Buy Something Already!______________


More on our exploration of how to control violence in this country:

Rob, I really don't like to be negative about anything, but - - you cannot keep firearms away from the criminal element, pass as many un-Constitutional laws as you wish, but by definition a criminal does NOT obey your laws, Constitutional or un-Constitutional.  Check the crimes committed by those using guns in England, France, Germany and all the other countries in Europe.  Even the Asian  countries that you can find data have gun crimes, Australia can be included in those countries with strict anti gun laws that continue to have gun crimes.  Don't even bother checking in Africa, the town next door is apt to drop by some night and slaughter you and your friends and neighbors. 

There is no way you are going to keep criminals from accessing firearms and using them on their enemies.  While doing that they do not care if they happen to kill the target's neighbor, wife or kids, it just doesn't matter.  The term going postal denotes that the postal system has a very poor disciplinary system to the point a postal employee feels they have no recourse other than to shoot the offending party, but then any large organization in the world has the same problem.

Then you have the religious nuts, when the loony can justify in their own little pea brain that killing anyone not subscribing to their own views is correct you will never, that's NEVER, be able to stop them from using firearms to accomplish their goals of killing their competition.  Of course that's something that has occurred since history has been recorded.

So welcome back to the real world Rob, you will never be able to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of those who would harm you.  On the up side, the more people who carry legally obtained firearms does cut down on the number of victims of random violence.  I recall reading of a madman in England a number of years ago who went loony tunes with a machete and killed, as I recall, 13 or 14 people, 3 of them British policemen who were "trained" to cope with armed criminals.  He injured another 20+ people before someone found a gun and shot the SOB.  That's why a good number of the bobbies now carry firearms.  I can honestly say that during my 17 year career as a Pennsylvania State Policeman I never had any problem with anyone carrying a legally purchased firearm, the only problems were with those criminals who did not respect the rights of other members of society.  But then they were criminals so they did not have the moral values that a normal person would have.

The only person you put at risk with laws outlawing the average person bearing arms is because they will try to obey even the stupidest un-Constitutional laws the politicians will pass and then they are at risk of losing their lives.

I am now over 70 and I carry a gun with me everywhere, that is the only way I can even begin to protect myself, my wife also carries for the same reason. Mike Cunningham. Tpr.(ret), PSP

Dear Mike, I too, am over 70 and while I don't think more laws will help us it does concern me that we have such a large number of gun related crimes in this country, especially when compared to other "civilized" countries. Personally, I think we need more police to patrol the urban neighborhoods but I'm not sure how to do it, I certainly would not like that job. There has to be an answer and I am sorry one has to be armed to feel safe. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY for 5 years almost 70 years ago and wandered around by myself at 5 or 6 (walking our little dog) perfectly happily and safely. I wouldn't let my children out the door today, even in a "nice" neighborhood. That is wrong in any society.

As a policemen can you shed some light on how to solve the problem? Oh, and honestly, I'm not at all sure given the increased incident of road rage that arming lightly trained civilians in the general population is the solution. Police go through extensive firearms and behavior training; civilians get 6 or 8 hours of casual training and virtually no shooting experience (in Michigan). What do you think?

I appreciate you writing. I started this discourse because we are all gun owners, supporters of the 2nd Amendment and can talk about the problem without interference from naysayers. Let's see if we can work out a solution. Rob


Hello Guys, I too was concerned by the number of people killed each year with guns. Until The FBI did a study of who those people who were killed. The FBI study reviled that over 60% of those people had prior arrest records of at least aggravated assault! Which tells me some of those people needed it! William Chapman

Dear William, Wow, really! Where did you find the study? I think that is something people should know. Thanks for writing, Rob

Hello Rob, Check out, (gunfacts.info). This year 72% of criminals were killed by other criminals! The taxpayer could use more of that! William Chapman

Dear William, I did check it out and I am pleased that Gun Facts tells you where they get their information. I looked for the facts you mentioned and I see that Gun Facts states this: "63% of victims had criminal histories and 73% of that group knew their assailant (twice as often as victims without criminal histories)."

They give their source as: Firearm-related Injury Incidents in 1999 – Annual Report, San Francisco Department of Public Health and San Francisco Injury Center, February 2002


Rob, I read your newsletter and its Reference to ' Gun Violence ' commentaries. No one mentioned the prevalence of moronic, and sub-Moronic TV & Film Criminal Gun Related Violence constantly peddled even on early morning Hollywood Movies &TV Programs, showing various sub-varieties of uneducated morons cheating each other selling drugs etc. and settling their differences with Mac-10's and AK-47's as standard street weapons of normal usage amongst the mélange of moronic elements that have been allowed free entry to this country since the advent of that great facilitator LBJ, and his descent into opening this country up to the least qualified and adaptive elements from the more violent & ignorant parts of the world. Harry

Dear Harry, I certainly agree that the violence you see on almost every TV program is gratuitous and frankly horrifying. I cannot see how it could fail to influence young people. I might include the daytime shows that feature a "moderator" interviewing stupid people revealing the most disgusting and lurid details of their lives. And, we haven't even touched on the video games that inure violence into impressionable minds. Good taste seems to have been supplanted by exploiting the Bill of Rights. Cheers, Rob

Arms Heritage Magazine

This article about the ASAC appeared in the October 2016 issue of Arms Heritage Magazine- another reason not to miss even one issue...


The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ARMS COLLECTORS was founded in 1953 to promote the preservation, study, and sharing of information on collectable firearms, edged weapons and accoutrements. Meetings are held twice annually where members gather to share their interests, collections and present scholarly papers on subjects of interest. Meeting locations vary and are hosted by local members who arrange tours of local museums, historical sites and other venues of interest.

The Society offers funded scholarships each year to students doing research on topics related to our collecting interests. Also, publishing grants to assist authors who are writing and publishing works of interest to the collecting fraternity may be awarded. In addition, the Society publishes a Bulletin after each meeting containing the papers presented by members (and sometimes guests) at that meeting. Copies of these papers are at the website and hard copy versions are distributed to museums and libraries.

Because meetings are open only to members and guests, displays at meetings are significantly more comprehensive than those usually seen at gun shows. Members, wives, husbands or significant others attend the social portions of our gatherings and programs are usually established for those special attendees.

Membership is limited to 250 men and women and is by invitation only. This restriction limits the Society to serious collectors or historians who are usually sought out by current members. If you feel that you might benefit from and contribute to this organization, please contact Frank Graves or Michael Carrick, they can put you in contact with a member in your area for further discussion.

A New Source of Arms Lore Becomes Available In the more than sixty years of its existence, literally hundreds of papers have been presented at Society meetings and subsequently published in the Bulletin of the Society. Until now that Bulletin was distributed to members, museums and libraries, although individual copies could be purchased by the public.

In keeping with current and evolving technology and in fulfillment of the Society's goal of promulgating arms research and in stimulating interest in the field of arms collecting, most of the articles and papers have been scanned and are currently available to all on the website.

The remaining issues are in process of being scanned and all will be available shortly. As the reader looks down the list of authors, he or she will note many familiar names of yore, names of persons who have passed through the Society over the years or who are currently members.

This simple link to the website will take interested readers to the world of information and subjects archived in these Bulletins.

ASAC Website


If you are not already a subscriber to Arms Heritage Magazine, you can easily subscribe for a paltry sum of $19 by going to the website, Arms Heritage. Your subscription provides access to all five years of back issues plus those forthcoming over the next year.

We have produced “Annual Compendiums”- bound, printed copies, of our first five years of publication. We removed all commercial advertising and redundant material and the volumes are now pure articles on arms and related topics. They are available here: Annual Compendiums

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine

New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to our website. Special thanks to Ross from Down Under, Jake Phillips, Joel Black and Roger Kline for letting us borrow their wonderful old catalogs and manuals to copy.

Army & Navy 1907 Coop Society- Guns & Ammo Section - London, UK

Browning M1918A2, W/E Rifle cal .30 Automatic Maintenance Manual TM-9-1005-208-12  

Colt c1928 Super .38 & Super Match Automatic Pistol Manual  

Colt M1902 .38 Automatic Pistol Manual  

Colt M1902 .38 Military Model Automatic Pistol Manual  

Colt M1902 .38 Pocket Model Automatic Pistol Manual  

Colt M1902 .38 Sporting Model Automatic Pistol Manual  

Colt M1903 .32 & M1908 .380 Pocket Automatic Pistols Manual  

Jeffery's 1912-13 Guns, Rifles & Accessories  

M-14 & M 7.62mm National Match, Op and Org Maint TM 9-1005-223-12P  

M-14 & M-14A1 WE & M2 7.62mm Tech & Oper. Manual TM 9-1005-223-10  

M1911A1 (National Match) Pistol Cal .45 Auto Ops & Maint TM 91005-211-12P  

M1911A1 Pistol, Cal .45 Auto Support & Depot Maint TM 9-1005-211-35  

M1911A1, Pistol, Cal .45, Auto, Hip & Shoulder Holster Ops & Maint TM 9-1005-211-12  

Rigby 1932 John & Co. (Gunmakers), Ltd., London - Double Rifles  

Stoeger 1938 Arms & Ammunition Catalog No. 30  

TM 9-1005-206-14P-1 (1985) - S&W .38 & Ruger .38 M108 Manual  

Webley & Scott 1940, April - Shotguns  

Webley 1906 Model Automatic Pistol 6.5mm & .32 cal Manual

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Dear Abby, Thank you. You offer a valuable service to those of us collecting old firearms. Diane.

Dear Abby, The flyer arrived this afternoon in excellent condition and, as promised, I have left favorable feedback for you. thank you very much, it has been a pleasure! Jack Ledford.

Dear Abby, Thank You very much, book arrived in perfect condition. I am very impressed with your service and quality.Great to deal with you look forward to doing business with you again. Great to have someone that takes pride in their products. Thank You, Harold King

(Dear Abby) Speer 1959 Reloading Manual No. 3 for Commercial Cartridges Do you reprint the Speer #2 Manual too? Fennhuck (Ebay)

Dear fen… We do the Wildcat No. 2, is that the one you want? Rob

(Dear Abby, I live in Switzerland, but do not speak german. So my payment was hazardous at least. Please keep things in english, even for foreign countries. Frank Leutenegger

Dear Frank, We write all our advertisements in English. Perhaps Ebay and Papal translate them to the language of the country where they make them available? Cheers, Abby

Dear Abby and Rob, The full-page article in the The Single Shot Exchange, about Cornell on page 11 by Brian Doan is very nice publicity. By coincidence, I have a mention about your fine company on page 25, where I tell the readers about a P. Powell & Son gun that I was able to identify from your selection of P. Powell catalogs. The editor inserted reference about your advert on page 37. Mike Carrick

(Dear Abby) Noske c1938 Telescope Flyer, Price: $3.45 - Does this brochure mention Noske's "Hunter" line of scopes? Trying to figure out when they started that line. I see no mention in earlier material. Thanks? 123robert0_11 (Ebay)

Dear 123 r… Yes, but c1938 means about 1938. Do you want to buy a Noske c1938 Telescope Flyer or are you just looking for information? It only costs $3.45. Rob

(Dear Abby) Weatherby 1953 Fine Firearms Catalog - How much would a set of catalogs that covers these years including shipping to Iowa cost? Cs32651 (Ebay)

Dear cs32… I'm not sure which or all of the Weatherby's you are talking about. We reprint 46 different year? Abby (didn’t hear back!)

(Dear Abby) send me some adds to purchase on kingfisher bamboo fiy rods 1930s -40s (jay harvey) not bait casters or ocean sea rods. Dave Jacobs

Dear Dave, I’m not quite sure what you are asking for. Do you want me to go through all our hundreds of catalogs looking for Kingfisher bamboo fiy (sic) rods? I don’t know what jay harvey has to do with your question and I know nothing about rods. Perhaps the Abercrombie catalogs are your best bet. Otherwise I need some direction. Are you prepared to buy the reprints if we find the rods or are you expecting “just the page featuring” which we do not do. I look forward to hearing from you. Abby

Dear Rob, Winchester M-67 For Shot Only, I can't find a listing anywhere. I have one. I want a catalog showing it. They also made a M-61 "For Shot Only" I am a returning customer. Thanks Ken

Ken, Do you mean this version - in September 1937, "a smoothbore version intended for short-range varmint control was introduced, chambered for .22 Short, .22 Long, .22 Long Rifle, or .22 Long Rifle shot cartridges interchangeably. Other than the absence of rifling, it was largely similar to the standard model"? The 1937 Winchester catalog doesn't list the smoothbore version, sorry. Rob

Hello Rob, It's very nice of you to respond with this information, however the "smoothbore" is not what I'm looking for as it is an "aftermarket" item...I don't know who produced the smoothbore. I was in the gun business for over 50 years so what I'm about to show you was probably made by Winchester around 1939 -1944?, and for a very short time. This model 67 has beaded sight like a shotgun and inside measurements at muzzle is about .275, 22 LR, no rifling. By the way, I've traded catalogs with Abby before and ran across a few more...I will send you a list. Many Thanks, Ken

Hi Ken, Knowing the years helps a lot. The 1939 Big Catalog (our #3252) offers a "G6720R-Smooth bore barrel" with description. Also in the Jan 1940 (our #3828), 1941 (our #1583), 1946 (our #2290), not in 1948 catalog. Cheers, Rob

sir, do you have a copy of the 1909 remington catalog for sale? thank you, jim

Hi Jim, we have 1902, 06, 08, 10. 11, 12, 15 etc but not ’09 Sorry, Rob

(Dear Abby) Do you have an Owners Manual for a Winchester Model 12 Featherweight? Thanks, Wilton Townsend

Dear Wilton, We have this one which, although not strictly an owner's manual is about as complete as you might want: Winchester Model 12 Featherweight Complete Takedown Manual Cheers, Abby

Dear Abby, Bear 1979 Archery Catalog, I was happy to see that I could obtain this 1979 catalog. It just so happens that I have the three original paintings of the turkeys in this issue. I am sending this issue to the DNR officer who appears in the magazine where they are releasing turkeys. Perhaps I should have purchased more catalog's. Len

Dear Rob, Bren 1944 & Browning .303 MGs Mk I Straddle Mount. Can you tell me if this book gives the parts and dimensions of the saddle so I could build one if I wanted too? Anthonycelt55

Dear Anthonycelt55, Interesting question. The diagrams, although explicit and reasonably easy to follow are not dimensioned. The parts are made primarily of flat steel and round stock. You would need to be able to bend, weld and tap but other than that it is pretty straight forward. The seat could be fabricated from plywood and, again, is pretty straight forward. I think it could be done without dimensions but, of course, it would be easier if you could find a mount from which to get the dimensions. You might ask the Military Museum in Auburn. Ind if they have one. I seem to remember one mounted on a British vehicle. Just a thought. Rob

(Dear Rob) Awesome! Thank you for the information! And I might just buy the book from you anyways! Anthonycelt55

Hello, I'm looking for a drawings, component, assembly, etc. for a stevens favorite model 1915 .32 cal. rifle. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks Tim

Tim, Stevens Favorites were made for many years and, I don't believe changed much at all. At the time the best you could ask for is a component flat diagram and perhaps a few words on assembly in their catalogs (we have them in many years) but a detailed assembly instruction manual wasn't available. Parts were common to these Favorite models: 17, 20 and 27. Stevens 1924 Component Parts Catalog we reprint shows all 17 parts and the screws associated. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Abby) i have afox syerlingworth double barrel the barrel is bad stock cut up but triger mech and breach is good i'm looking for a barrel or sell what i have let me know if you can help thanks Tom

Readers? You can contact Tim through Ebay. His ebay name is “mann2no”

Dear Abby, I get a big kick out of reading what the "customers" have to say. I don't understand how you have time to answer them, and think that many of them don't deserve answers - note English, spelling and manners. Keep up the good work, and bless you for your efforts and patience (and Rob too). Dan

Dear Rob, I Buy stuff on ebay and have to use Paypal. When i checkout on Paypal it gives me an option to click on change options and have the payment taken from my Visa Credit card but the order is still processed by Paypal. When Paypal was made mandatory checkout years ago i was able to find a knowledgeable person at Ebay who explained why Paypal wanted to take payment from bank account rather than using credit card. My NRA Visa account with Bank of America gives a 2% rebate on my Visa charges. When signed in to Paypal i get that option. I assume everybody has that option.. Keep up the good work!!! Dan Hess

Dear Dan, Thanks for writing. Nobody really like Paypal but they are the lesser expensive way for us. Rob

Dear Rob, I appreciate the refund for this product, was it just listed wrong as having 6 pages? I ordered it for a guy that I work with who was having problems with assemble of one he bought that was in pieces. When I saw that it had six pages to the manual I thought the additional pages might have had some info that would have helped. Neal Ivanchan

Hi Neal, Looking at the file I see the youth I had doing them at that time took the "double pages"- the exploded diagram and the instructions for removing the stock, to be 2 pages each because they appeared that way in the original So the answer is you have the whole thing, just poorly described. I'll change the description to be clearer. Sorry for the confusion. Rob

email Rob or Abby


Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winners are:

(Dear Abby) Do you have a Fred Allen "dead duck board" & information with approx. size and cost would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU Mary USA lacqui (Ebay)

Dear Mary, Sorry, your request brings no memory of such an article in our publications. On the other hand we may have such a thing listed in some catalog that I am unfamiliar with- we offer over 5000 publications. Best, Abby

(Dear Abby) I am not happy with my purchase but must leave positive feedback to get my money back. doesn't seem fair to me or to others looking to but this product. I suggest you agree to return my money with no feedback. No feedback is better than bad feedback. Densti-okotjw (Ebay)

Dear Mr. Stine, I'm sorry to hear you are dissatisfied your order. Would you please be kind enough to tell me what the problem is? If it is something we did, a misprint or damage by the post office we would be pleased to fix it. If it is the content, well there is not much we can do to change that other than refund your money. Also, is it both publications you bought or just one you dislike? Once I know I'll ask Abby to refund your money right away. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Your material contains the same info in the Bowning Hi Power manual which I just purchased. The drawing are on line. I do not need or want a calendar, or a list of your publications. Mostly it infuriates me to says I need to post positive feedback to get my money returned. Not ethical and you know it. What is shown on Ebay makes one think you are getting a manual and not xeroxed pages hand fitted into a binder. Anything I have just stated not true? densti-okotjw (Ebay)

Dear Mr. Stine, I asked Abby to refund both your purchases with the postage and you may keep the things you bought with our compliments. I am very sorry to make you so angry, we don't mean to do that, our sole purpose is to preserve this old material. Everything we offer is printed, not Xeroxed and even the binder strips, as described in the advertisement at Ebay, cost a fortune. I apologize if you were unhappy. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) I thank you. Please remove the statement about No Refund without Positive Feedback. I believe it does you more harm than good. Maybe the non positive feedback's because what you are supplying is not worth positive feedback. Denny Stine

Dear Mr. Stine, You know, you're right. I'll make certain no listing of ours contains the words "No Refund without Positive Feedback". Thanks for the advice. Sincerely, Rob Mouat

(Readers- nowhere in any of our ebay ads does the copy read “No Refund without Positive Feedback”, ebay would not allow such a statement but I am glad Mr. Stine doesn’t know that.)

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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At the Cornellpubs website, you will find many gunmaker "master pages" listing all the catalog reprints of one brand. To the right of each "master page" are names of catalogs by merchants who carried that brand of firearms. For example, we reprint over 60 Remington factory gun catalogs but we also reprint over 160 gun catalogs from merchants that sold Remington firearms such as Sears or Abercrombie & Fitch or Spalding. Those are the listings on the right of the page.

Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course we would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and we are adding more all the time.

Many folks call me to give us an order over the telephone because they "don't like to use their credit cards on the internet". Well, every time you use your credit card at stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants or anywhere else, the transaction is recorded on the internet! The key is to trust the company to whom you are giving the information.

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