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Beany's Drive Thru - Long Beach, Ca - 1952-53Beany's Burgers

Ray Kroc?A burger was 20 cents and many people in Long Beach spoke English! Some people have thought the fellow with the tie walking up to get a burger was Ray Croc, the fellow who brought us a McDonalds store, well, everywhere, uh, thanks Ray!

Today you couldn't even call it Beany's burgers for fear of offending a class of people (remember Beaner's Coffee, now Biggby?) and a lawsuit from a group of eager to interfere, you know, those helpful people who would claim you put hamburger in the bean burgers. Quel dommage!

Beany's Burgers Video

thanks to John Campbell

You think you have gripes about traffic?


thanks to The Week magazine

Showdown at Home Depot

It was a hot, dusty day on the streets of Rochester Hills, MI, the sort of day that chokes you so you can't breath and your trusty plastic water bottle is long empty. Flies buzzed and the vultures made lazy circles in the sky.

Inside Home Depot the perps stealthily slid a power drill under Biff’s winter coat… It was the coat that was to give him away at the checkout counter where ever-alert Tatania Duva-Rodriguez, 46, stood surveying each customer with a practiced eye. Tatania saw the two nervously buying a single screw and thought “who buys just one screw, surely two guys would need more than just one screw, wouldn’t they?”

As Tatania pondered the screw anomaly her attention was drawn to the winter coat. She looked down at her bare arms and again at the perps and the winter coat. In a flash she unmasked the truth and yelled “hey you”! The perps ran, Tatania in hot pursuit.

The perps were in their truck and Tatania, realizing her bust was pulling away from her, slowed to a stop. Her head swimming with indecision and the truck beginning to accelerate, her hours of decision training at the CCP class kicked in and she reached for her hip. Drawing her favorite automatic she took careful aim and fired… flattening the tire of the getaway vehicle.

Dazed by her success the cops came and after she breathlessly told them what happened they arrested her! They got the perps a few days later too, not much gets past the Rochester Police! Tatania pled no contest to reckless discharge of a firearm and is awaiting sentencing.

Proofread your messages!

A guy sends a text to his next-door neighbor:

"Bob, I'm sorry. I've been riddled with guilt and I have to confess: I have been helping myself to your wife when you're not around, probably more than you. I know it's no excuse but I don't get it at home. I can't live with the guilt any longer. I hope you'll accept my sincerest apology. It won't happen again."

Feeling outrage and betrayal, Bob grabs his gun, goes into the bedroom, and without a word, shoots his wife.

Moments later the guy gets a second text: "I really should proofread! That should have been "wifi"."

Just in case you were uncertain about your next move...

thanks to Phil Rogers

Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

This is a fun site that plays the No. 1 Song of any date!


Thanks to Jim Buchanan

Bisley Arms Fair, Brookwood, Surrey, England

Jim Buchanan's nice ride to the fair!


  • Glass takes one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times!
  • Gold is the only metal that doesn't rust, even if it's buried in the ground for thousands of years.
  • Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end.
  • If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. When a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off.
  • Zero is the only number that cannot be represented by Roman numerals.
  • Kites were used in the American Civil War to deliver letters and newspapers.
  • The song, Auld Lang Syne, is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking country in the world to bring in the New Year.
  • Drinking water after eating reduces the acid in your mouth by 61 percent.
  • Peanut oil is used for cooking in submarines because it doesn't smoke unless it's heated above 450F.
  • The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.
  • Nine out of every 10 living things live in the ocean.
  • The banana cannot reproduce itself. It can be propagated only by the hand of man.
  • Airports at higher altitudes require a longer airstrip due to lower air density.
  • The University of Alaska spans four time zones.
  • The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself.
  • In ancient Greece , tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted.
  • Warner Communications paid 28 million for the copyright to the song Happy Birthday.
  • Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.
  • A comet's tail always point away from the sun.
  • Caffeine increases the power of aspirin and other painkillers, that is why it is found in some medicines.
  • The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armor raised their visors to reveal their identity.
  • If you get into the bottom of a well or a tall chimney and look up, you can see stars, even in the middle of the day.
  • When a person dies, hearing is the last sense to go. The first sense lost is sight.
  • In ancient times strangers shook hands to show that they were unarmed.
  • Strawberries are the only fruits whose seeds grow on the outside.
  • Avocados have the highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams.
  • The moon moves about two inches away from the Earth each year.
  • The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust.
  • Due to earth's gravity it is impossible for mountains to be higher than 15,000 meters.
  • Mickey Mouse is known as "Topolino" in Italy.
  • Soldiers do not march in step when going across bridges because they could set up a vibration which could be sufficient to knock the bridge down.
  • Everything weighs one percent less at the equator.
  • For every extra kilogram carried on a space flight, 530 kg of excess fuel are needed at lift-off.
  • The letter J does not appear anywhere on the periodic table of the elements.
Thanks to Ron Carleton who does not vouch for the facts!

Wild Sweden Video

(as in wilderness)

thanks to Dick Carlton

Rob Mouat

These make great Christmas gifts and we can include a card from you (but we don't gift wrap). Please don't forget the ship-to name and address.

BANNERMAN - NEW YORK - ALL CATALOGS are fascinating reading for any armament buff, they contain everything you can think of. Abercrombie & Fitch Firearms & Sports 1910 Catalogs sold all things from prepared food to automobile outfitting. The 1929 Tryon catalogs sold tableware to sporting goods and Great Western Gun Works 1897- Retail Sport Goods and Guns sold to homesteaders across the country. Two of my favorites, although not really in keeping with the season, are these: Evans Gaming Co. 1909-1910 Cheating Equipment (Illinois) and Federal Gas Protection Laboratories 1934 (read what these people were suggesting to protect the banks from robbers)

1904-1941 catalogs available. A&F was an elite sporting goods dealer offering a wide range of European and domestic firearms and the fines accessories. The 1910 is huge and the 1935 has a nice selection of British shotguns.
1926-1970 catalogs available. Stoeger was a preeminent seller of Foreign and Domestic Arms and Accessories, known as “The Only Exclusive Gun House in America”. Stoeger is the got to source for the most weapons made in the U.S. and for many foreign firearms. They were over 300 pages by 1936 and over 500 by 1939. A wonderful resource.
1888-1966 catalogs available. Bannerman was an international arms dealer and one of the first companies to sell war surplus to the public. The catalogs were treasure chests of war materials for collectors for over a century, good reading too. My favorites are the 1903, 1927 and 1955 (a lot of pages were repeated from decade to decade)'
1888-1907 catalogs available. The Godfrey company sold a wide selection of rifles, shotguns and handguns at low prices but they also sold top names like Parker, Greener and LeFever.
1883-1893 catalogs available. Meacham sold a wide selection of rifles, shotguns and handguns at low prices. My favorites are the pure gun catalogs from 1883 and 1884 with beautiful renderings of handguns that "won the west". By 1893 they were so civilized they sold Hendley lawn mowers and tennis goods!
EC MEACHAM - ALL CATALOGS (St. Louis, Missouri)
1883-1958 catalogs available.  Tryon was a large mercantile business selling roughly in competition with Sear Roebuck
1950-1970 catalogs available. FIE sold high end imported Rifles and Shotguns and Handguns. FIE started out with Mauser, Sako, Star, Astra and AYA in 1950 but 20 years later they sold many imported weapons, knives and ammunition.
1884-1941 catalogs available. The Folsom history goes back to 1849 and was associated with some of the biggest gun makers of its era. Read the history at the Folsom page. In 1884 they sold every gun from Pieper and Parker to Flobert and Eureka, knives, pistols, fret saws and the Eclipse parer and corer. 50 years later in 1941 on the eve of WWII they still sold all sorts of sporting goods.
1871-1897 catalogs available. Great Western supplied guns and equipment to the American West during the turbulent era of the gunfighter/cowboy. I can imagine tattered copies of these catalogs in saddle bags across the continent.
1928-1993 catalogs available. The Parker company has been the pre-eminent British shooting supplier for almost a century. They sold every shooting supply you can think of as well as SMLEs and Webley revolvers and pistols.
1904-1949 catalogs available. Jeffery outfitted innumerable African and Indian safaris as well as gentlemen shooters in the UK. Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, reloading, air guns, Cordite, you name it.
1905-1964 catalogs available. Marbles was the leading sight, knife and accessory maker for over a half century. Everyone knows Marbles.
1931-1975 catalogs available. Pacific sold sights and reloading equipment as well as firearms by mail order the country.
1892-1930 catalogs available. SD&G had a history starting in 1865 (read the fascinating history). They sold Daly guns and imported and domestic arms and accessories.
1890-1940 catalogs available. The VL&D and VL&A brothers have a story worth reading too. They were competitors Abercrombie with stores in New York and Chicago for the high end business of selling sporting goods and firearms. 50 years of gun and sporting history.
VON LENGERKE (Detmold & Antoine) – NY and Chicago - ALL CATALOGS

Federal Gas Protection Laboratories 1934

Evans Gaming Co. 1909-1910 Cheating Equipment (Illinois)

Arizona Highway 1958 Gunslingers of the Old West

J & E Stevens 1924 Cap Pistols, Mechanical Banks, Toys Etc.

Cap Pistols for different generations

Arms Heritage Magazine


Arms Heritage Magazine is in the process of publishing a series of articles on some of the lesser known weapons of the Civil War. To date there have been articles on hand grenades, signaling devices, calcium floodlights and the Winans steam gun. The following is an excerpt from an article that will appear in our April 2016 issue. A subscription to the magazine can be acquired for only $19 and will provide access to those articles as well as over 100 other previously published article and will include the next six issues. Just go to the ARMS HERITAGE WEBSITE and join up...

Early Military Rockets

The use of rockets for various purposes goes back to the invention of gunpowder. Whether for pyrotechnic display or for military applications, examples of usage can be found throughout history. Once the explosive nature of gunpowder was developed and understood, means of utilizing and controlling it’s power were quickly developed.

The Congreve

(“the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air….)

From the earliest versions up through the Congreve rockets of the 18th and 19th centuries, the powering charge used a long stabilizing stick to control direction. Typically the head of the rocket contained a propulsion grain which, at the end of its burn, would ignite a bursting charge. In some cases, a payload of projectiles would scatter upon that burst. These rockets were notoriously inaccurate and were generally ineffective. The standard launching device was basically an inclined ladder-like frame with its angle only slightly adjustable to control range and without any real ability to adjust for lateral direction.


Launching the Congreve Rocket - the effectiveness of these weapons was probably more psychological than lethal.

The Hale

Like many military innovations that were honed during the Civil War, rockets took a step in the direction of effective weaponry. The Hale was developed by a British engineer, William Hale, who realized that the key to accuracy and stability was to impart a spinning motion to the projectile, much like a rifle bullet. The initial design used slightly canted ejection ports at the base rear of the projectile which naturally imparted the essential spin.

Hale RocketReports vary, some indicate that rockets performed well and others stated that they flew helter-skelter around the ground when they exited out of their tubes and were a menace to men and horses. When one looks at the design, it is likely that both versions were true. The base of the rocket had four orifices. The center one was the main propelling charge. The other three were arranged at 120 degrees around the main orifice and were slightly angled. The purpose of these was to impart a spinning motion to the projectile, insuring stability during flight. This spinning motion had to take effect during the short travel of the rocket before it left the tube. If it worked, all was well and the rocket would fly true. If insufficient spin was imparted, the rocket would tumble with disastrous results to those nearby.


What a great Christmas present idea for a good friend or relative!

Subscriptions are still dirt-cheap, only $19 per year, and can be instantly obtained by checking in at the Arms Heritage website. Bound paper copies of the each of the first four years of the magazine (with all advertising and redundant information removed) are available from Cornell Publications by clicking below.

Cornell Publications Years One through Four (print copies)

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine online!

Letters from Readers

Hi Abby, I am based here in the UK and have noticed that you are advertising copied historical sales brochures for the above shotguns. I have had an initial look at the front cover for the brochure you have, reference to their guns sold from their London premises which details a sidelock Monte Carlo B pigeon gun. I should like to buy a copy of that brochure. However, I need to be sure that additional text in the other pages which I cannot see is what I am looking for. Therefore, can you possibly give me an overview of what is contained in those other pages and also confirm whether pictures etc. are in colour before I purchase a brochure? I have a W C Scott sidelock which I believe is a Monte Carlo B gun which was sold from the their premises at 78 Shafesbury Ave in London in approx 1896/7 and hence I am trying to find as much supporting information about the gun as possible. Regards, Kevin.

Kevin, Thanks for your note. We reprint over 5000 old gun catalogs and get scores of questions each week similar to yours. I cannot read, interpret and rewrite the details of specific guns to see if they have what you need (usually followed by another question). If the gun is listed you may assume it is discussed in the advertisement for it. Abby and I offer these catalogs to preserve the history for future generations and do the best we can. Oh, yes, we show a picture of the inside of the catalog. If it is black and white, that is what is inside. Few catalogs in the 19th century were in colour. Cheers, Rob

Hi Rob, Many thanks for your reply, apologies if my questions were a little naive ! However, I forgot to ask the most important one, what is the Cost ! Regards, Kevin.

Kevin, Not certain which Webley you are looking at, we do quite a few. The price is on each page and if you click buy it will take you to a page that calculates shipping based on where you live and the size (weight) of the purchase. Rob

“Dear Cornell” DO any of your repros of Bannerman's catalogues contain photos of the exterior of the 501 Bway building or the staircase and banister on the first floor? I am looking for photos of architectural details of the interior of the structure, especially cutouts in the ceilings and floors that had previously been created when Anthony's photo gallery occupied the the bldg. (The cut-outs were used to allow sunlight to come through from the skylights on the roof, for the purpose of taking photos of customers.) Richard Sloan

Richard, I looked through all the Bannerman catalogs in some detail and I don't think any of the catalogs will show you enough detail to be useful. However, the '27 does show the stairs and possibly a "cutout" but I can't be sure. Sorry I can't be more help. You might contact Neil Caplan who was affiliated with efforts to preserve the island. Rob

Richard, I also recall seeing a family history booklet published by the Bannerman Island Trust headed by Mr. Caplan that has many illustrations. I don't think I have a copy and Jane Bannerman, the last of her generation died a few years ago. Perhaps Neil Caplan has a copy. ...Abby thinks she may know where a copy is in our house (good luck!) and will look. Thanks for the order. It is an interesting book. Cheers, Rob

Thanx, Rob. Based on your info, I’ve ordered the 1927 catalogue on the hunch that it shows a cutout, and that it does, after all, show the stairs. For $24 + s/h, it’s not a bad investment. I have found that Bannerman Family Papers are at the NY Historical Soc., and that they have a few photos and negatives of the 501 building. I’ll try to get over there (w/an appointment) in a week or two, to check them out. I look fwd to the ‘27 catalogue.

SOrry to do this, Rob, but after getting your good note, I just ordered the ‘27 catalogue via paypal. However, I then realized that the other day my friend sent me a scan of a page from his repro of a catalogue (I dunno the date of it) that I told you about, showing a photo of the staircase. I looked at it again and see that the ceiling shows a cutout – prob. the very photo you described, which you said “possibly” showed a cutout. I have concluded that it must have been from the ‘27 catalogue. (See attachment.) So I wish to cancel my order. I have notified paypal (at least I have attempted to ) of the desire to cancel. Sorry if I caused you any inconvenience. Richard

Richard, It's OK, we spend a lot of time researching things for people that comes to no avail. Rob

Abby, I am in the process of completing an assigned article on the new KA-BAR EK44 Ek Model 4 knife (see emails below) for S.W.A.T. magazine www.swatmag.com . I came across your site while doing an internet search and thought it would be great to include your reprint of EK, JOHN Your Silent Partner c1965 Fightin Knives (Item number 3492) along with you contact info, if you would be willing to provide a copy for use in the article. Thank you. Sincerely, Eugene Nielsen, Contributing Staff S.W.A.T.

Gene, The EK should be on the way to you, Cheers, Abby

Rob & Abby, Well, this is a bit awkward since over 9 months has passed, but in reviewing the catalogs in great detail this weekend I found another one that was missing from the order: the Holland & Holland 1904. I apologize for not catching this when I first the reviewed the purchase back when it arrived—I found my original checklist, and I must have noticed it was missing because I did not check it, but I must have forgot to mention it when I emailed you. If you believe too much time has passed to honor my request, then I respect that. I should have brought this to your attention immediately. One reason for the confusion might be that also in the order was Holland & Holland 1900 (which seems to be the same as the H&H catalog reprinted by George Hoyem in “British Sporting Guns & Rifles, Vol.1”—he calls it “ca.1904” there). However your H&H 1900 (matching Hoyem’s “1904”) has 85 pages, while your H&H 1904 catalog lists as having 64 pages. Please let me know if you can accommodate by sending the missing catalog (H&H 1904). If not, I will purchase it from you. Thank you, Jeff

Jeff, We've been away, sorry for the delay. There is some confusion about the H&H 1904/1900 catalogs. Ours are the same catalog and I thought we discussed this at the time you ordered but perhaps not. Anyway, they are the same and that is why we didn't send you both. Over the years there has been some spirited argument by "experts" we have sold to about the actual date. Some claim Hoyem is wrong and others defend other dates. I don't know who is right so have none nothing to date to resolve the issue because I don't know the answer. Sorry for the confusion. Cheers, Rob cc:Abby

Dear cornellpubs, checks in the web!!! send soon and thanks for the great opportunity you have given the owners of these old machines. We have had one for over twenty years and this was the first and only publication on the line of machines the company ,BAIR, made. Thanks!!! Dan L.

Hello Abby, 1950's BSA Rifles. Can you tell me how many different flyers you have for the Hunter Regent Viscount Imperial & Emperor Rifles? I hope you mail to the UK Regards Mike Pink

Hi Mike, Just the 1957 mentions those in the BSA line. On the other hand the rifles might have been sold by other mass merchants. The BSA page at our website lists other companies that sold BSAs on the right. If you want to pick out a couple of likely candidates, I'll have a look for you. Cheers, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Hi would you happen to have a Russian DP28 manual; in english? This is a light machine gun with large round magazine on top. Thanks S.D. Head - n2trophies (Ebay)

Dear Mr. Head, Sorry, we don't. Rob - Readers???

(Dear Abby) iver Johnson 12 gauge shotgun. Comments: I believe this gun is older than 1890. Serial number is 25406.I need any books you may have. I really need a parts manual. joseph s. Lay

Dear Mr. Lay, We are away from the office right now but here is the link to IJ catalogs, manuals and books we reprint. Please note that each has an index of contents- Here is an link to all the serial numbers we have some records about- Joe Vorisek's book or the Goforth book may also have serial numbers and parts diagrams (see the first link). Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Hello, Do you have any original commercial luger manuals printed in the USA that has Hans Tauscher's name in the manual for sale? - kramerco61890 (Ebay)

Dear kramerco61890, No, I'm sorry, we only sell reprints through Ebay... too many fees! Cheers, Rob

Hi Abby, Received book today. First thing that I noticed was that it was printed in Hartford, CT by Case, Lockwood, & Brainard in 1896. The Brainard is a relative!! Book is very interesting and well done. Thanks, Tory

Dear cornellpubs, Hubley 1959 Toy Cap Gun & Holster Sets Catalog Does this catalog have very much info on the Hubley Flip Special Riflemans gun? This would be the reason for my purchase. Thanks! - 1955rj (Ebay)

Dear 1955rj... I don't really know how to answer that or how much of “very much” is enough. There is an ad for the gun with a description and picture. We reprint a lot of Hubley catalogs from 1925-1971. Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, FN 7.62mm FAL (Light Infantry Rifle - LAR) Catalog why 5 days to ship this? - yamahaman4321 (Ebay)

Dear yama... We print to order, that way we can offer 5000 old gun publications. We say 5 days because we are sick of people asking where their purchase is as soon as they send in payment. We used to spend all day just answering them. Anyway we are usually able to get out purchases within a day or two. However, we have family coming for next week and will not be working so if you want something you better order it by morning or it will take a full 5+ days to ship. Cheers, Rob

G'day Rob, Sorry about that, I asked the question on the item and I thought it would of listed the item for the question, it seems not. The manual I was asking about is the, DWM Ammunitions 1935 catalogue, I noticed there is also a DWM Ammunitions 1937 too, are these the same catalogue listing the same ammunition, with possibly more ammunition listed in the 1937 catalogue, like a revised and edited listing of new ammunition since 1935? Cheers, Adrian – bulvwyf

Dear Adrian, Yes, I suppose there might be new listings in addition to the ones they had in the earlier catalog along with the old ones… I think… R

Hello Rob, Have not received my package. Udo

Dear Udo, The delay is not unusual for Germany. I guess that customs sees a booklet about guns and flags it for greater consideration. I have had packages held for a month before delivery in Germany. So, if your local Post Office has not yet received it, my opinion is that it is being held between Customs and your Post Office. We will just have to wait for further developments. We do know the package is in Germany, delivered there by the United States Post Office. We will have to be patient. I bet you will have the package by the time we return from holiday on the 19th. Cheers, Rob

Hello Rob, I just came back from the post office: There is no package for me and no information at all. So please let me know what to do. Can you let me know which parcel service is involved (German Parcel Service, UPS, Hermes, DPD, UPS) ? Regards and thankis Udo

Dear Udo, Please take this link to your post office or print the this email and take it to your post office. I cannot reship anything until an investigation takes place and we learn what happened to the package. This sort of thing happens frequently with shipments to Germany. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

Hello Rob, Thiss no package, what should we do? Udo

Hello Rob, good news: This morning I got the info that the package is at the customs office and I'll go there tomorrow to pay for and collect it. Thanks for your help and best regards to the US. Udo

Dear Abby, I received my catalogues today and I finally was able to identify a model of shotgun I have owned for 20 years(other than Birmingham proofs, no makers name.) keep up the great service and speedy mail-outs, the information always amazes. John Tweedie, New Zealand.

Dear cornellpubs, Tonlini Giuseppe Armi c1969 Gun Catalog Hi there, do you see any Italian stilettos in here for sale? Is there any chance I could see the page, if there are some for sale in here? Thanks! - gbautto1935 (Ebay)

Dear gbautto1935, There is a page of pocket knives- "coltelli vari" including a couple that appear to be automatic knives. Please don't ask for "just that page" - it costs more to do that than to print the whole catalog. Rob – cornellpubs

Dear cornellpubs I won't. I'll want buy it. But any chance for like an cell phone pic of the ones that look like automatic? - gbautto1935 (Ebay)

Dear cornellpubs- Does this 1972 Smith & Wesson Rifle catalog have only the sporting rifles made for S&W by Husqvarna; the models A, B, C, D, &E? I was looking for a catalog that has just those S&W Husqvarna rifles, no handguns, holsters, handcuffs, etc. I think the 1970 S&W sporting rifle catalog is that way, but I wasn't sure about 1972. Thanks. - torinoguy68 (Ebay)

Dear - torinoguy68, Each catalog we publish has in index. Looking at the index it would appear the catalog has only rifles. Rob

Dear cornellpubs, AR7 and 7s Explorer Survival Rifle by Charter Arms Manual Are you selling the ar-7 survival rifle or the manual? - guyl-wate (Ebay)

Dear guyl-wate, The Manual. The rifle would cost slightly more than $3.45! Rob – cornellpubs

Hello, I'm from Australia and trying to find a little information on a .22 Long calibre Forehand & Wadsworth ammunition box. I understand these were only made 1871-73 or so. I see the Forehand Arms book by J VORISEK has a chapter on ammunition but I don't wish to take a punt and buy it from you, if the information I'm after isn't in there. Can you tell me precisely what info this book contains on 9rimfire) ammunition made by Forehand & Wadsworth (as that is what is marked on the label). Thanking you, Gerard Dutton

Gerard, As you can imagine with over 5000 old firearms publications, we get scores of detailed questions each week, usually asking "what information" such and such has about this and that. Well, I'm afraid the only way we can do that sort of research for free is to know exactly what the searcher needs to know. Cheers, Rob

Hello, has it there in the catalog fisher homer on 1880 item n 274, a page on the model shotgun Colt 1878 ?.Cordialy , Philippe DAUXERRE

Dear Mr. Dauxerre, No, the Fisher catalog does not have the Colt shotgun. I believe the best choice for you is the GRUBB catalog which has 2 pages of Colt shotguns. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

Dear ROB A last question, there is a photo du shotgun in the catalog ?

Dear Mr. Dauxerre, No, there is a not very detailed drawing of the gun. Rob

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is:

"George Dukas gave us five, count 'em FIVE negative feedbacks at Ebay for no apparent reason. He accompanied each negative with the following comment: "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF". I would bet he meant to imply something other than the failing grade following "D" on a report card. When we asked him why, this is the exchange we had"



Dear Mr. Dukas,

I was shocked this morning when I saw you gave me five negative feedbacks. I haven’t had a negative feedback in six years and over 12,000 positive feedbacks in the same time.

Is there something wrong with your order? Did I do something to offend you? If I did, I certainly didn’t mean to and I apologize. Abby and I work hard in our retirement to preserve these old gun catalogs and negatives hurt our sales terribly. If you didn’t like what we sent, what can I do to fix this and regain your respect?

Best wishes,
Rob Mouat



"Dear cornellpubs," I Ordered 5 Items & Paid For Them On Oct. 4-2015 . Todays Date Is Oct. 25-2015 !!! I Have Not Received My Items As Of Today!!!!!!! That's What Is Wrong!! -georgedukas



Dear Mr. Dukas,

We shipped your order on October 6 by the USPS. I guess we can assume the esteemed post office has by now lost it or possibly ground it into confetti. This sometimes happens but we can fix it. I’ll reprint your order today and ship it again tomorrow. This time I’ll send it by Priority Mail with tracking so we can have some assurance it will arrive.

You can see from our feedback at Ebay that we are very reliable so when you get the package on (we hope) Wednesday, and assuming you are satisfied with it, may I send you revision requests to remove the five negative feedbacks you gave Abby and me? We would greatly appreciate that courtesy if you will agree.

Best wishes,

Rob Mouat



Dear Mr. Dukas,

The Post Office is finally indicating you received the package I sent last Sunday. I am very sorry they lost the first one and took so long to deliver the second despite the premium postage they charged, but I am sure you can agree I had no control over the quality of their service. That being the case I am anxious to have the five negative feedbacks at Ebay removed. Would you please agree to revise them to positive if I send you the prescribed Ebay requests to do so?

Rob Mouat


10/31/15 "Dear cornellpubs," YES I Received The Package On The 30. Yes All Looks Good. Thanks! George -georgedukas



Dear Mr. Dukas,

Thank you for revising the feedback on the five items for which you gave us five negative feedbacks. In future it would be simpler and in keeping with Ebay policy if you simply mentioned to the seller that there was a problem. Your five negatives cost us, as near as we can figure, about $550 in sales for the two weeks or so it took to fix your problem. I am certain you will agree that is too bad and not a necessary punishment for the post office inefficiency.

Best wishes,

Rob Mouat


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Popup Blockers on your computer may block some links in this newsletter from opening. Many people set their browsers to block popups. This popup blocker may make it impossible to see some of the links in this newsletter because the link may ask the program to open in a new window (popup). If you experience this and want to suspend the popup blocker in Firefox go to Tools/Options/Content and click the popup box. in Internet Explorer go to Tools and then Popup Blocker (about in the middle).

* Tired of SPAM? Virginia Carter (our website guru from Carolina Web Creations) says:

1. Never use your main email address when signing up for stuff online. (ie: forums, purchases, etc.) There are many free email services out there (Google, Yahoo, Juno, etc.) where you can create an email address for your online activity and help control spam.

2. Use forwards cautiously - Use BCC (look for the link to open it near your address bar). Cut and paste the addresses you want to send to into BCC and this hides them from hackers and harvesters... helps control spam!

3. Use caution when visiting websites. Just visiting a webpage can infect your computer. Not all No.1 listed sites on Google are safe!

4. If you get an email from someone you don't know, DO NOT OPEN IT. And the most important - if you get an attachment from anyone with an extension of ".exe" - DO NOT OPEN IT! (.exe is an executable program, and once you double click on it, it will run some kind of program on your computer, usually designed to hurt your computer, possibly ruin it!)

5. If you're interested in "cleaning up" your computer to remove possible spamware and malware, you can download free programs like Spybot and Ad-Aware.

At the Cornellpubs website, you will find many gunmaker "master pages" listing all the catalog reprints of one brand. To the right of each "master page" are names of catalogs by merchants who carried that brand of firearms. For example, I reprint over 60 Remington factory gun catalogs but I also reprint over 160 gun catalogs from merchants that sold Remington firearms such as Sears or Abercrombie & Fitch or Spalding. Those are the listings on the right of the page.

Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and I am adding more all the time.

* You can increase the size of the text on the screen by holding down the Control key (that's the one in the lower left of the keyboard with Ctrl on it) and scrolling the wheel on top of your mouse back and forth.

copy clips image

* Whenever I scan a delicate old catalog I use my book scanner. The catalog hangs over the side of the scanner and only needs to be opened 90 degrees. This puts much less stress on the spine.

So there you have it, a tip that I hope will result in a torrent of eager collectors now willing to let me scan their old gun catalogs... but, please call or write first, don't just send them because I may already have scans of that particular item. I still have hundreds of old catalogs on file that I haven't got to yet.

* How to pay for things on the internet while using your credit card with some safety... You have to make certain the site accepting your credit card is secure. Normally the site URL begins with http: etc. but a secure site has a different beginning. It starts with https:. etc. The "S" means the site is using encryption software and it is pretty safe to send your card information to the company if you trust the company! By the way, do not send your credit card information in an email. Emails are NOT secure!

Many folks call me to give me an order over the telephone because they "don't like to use their credit cards on the internet". Well, every time you use your credit card at stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants or anywhere else, the transaction is recorded on the internet! Do you trust the company you are giving the info to?

Gun Model & Makers, Parts Suppliers and Appraisers

Maker/Model - Cross Reference Link:

House Brand, Model Number, Original Manufacturer, Original Model


email William E Sterner Bill is certified by the American Gunsmithing Institute as an appraiser. His website for Black Shepherd Firearms Appraisal


Mike Rich, owner of I HAVE THIS OLD GUN. Send Mike an email to get started. Prices for a written appraisal begins as low as $35.00.

We get hundreds of calls about parts.

Some folks selling parts for old guns...

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