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18 Computer Tricks/Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Thank God this cycle of political attack ads on TV has ground to an abrupt halt. I sure am sick of robo calls and seeing black and white images of grimacing opponents accompanied by mortuary voices and low Wagnerian music. We hope they all lost... both sides!



Bruce MacKinnon’s war memorial cartoon touches hearts worldwide

Bruce MacKinnon

The cartoon suggests the coming to life of the bronze soldiers that sit atop a Canadian War Memorial. One soldier is bent over, supporting Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s body, the soldier murdered in an apparent terrorist attack at Parliament Hill, Ottowa on October 22, 2014. Others are reaching down as if to help, while still others stare stoically forward.

His feet, complete with Argyll and Sutherland Highland socks and white spats, are the only part of the young soldier showing. “That’s the part that touched me – the feet,” said Ian Thompson, associate publisher of The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia. (And) I guess it’s the notion of those folks in the statue coming to the aid of that young soldier. It is a powerful depiction of how these are not just soldiers from the past but they are of present and, sadly, the future,” he said.

Thanks to Jim Buchanan

"One click to the left..."




Lockheed Says Its Fusion Reactor

Could Power Airplanes

Lockheed Martin is working on a compact fusion reactor that could be small enough to provide a power source for aircraft, and it could be ready to fly in 10 years or less, the company said on Wednesday. "Our compact fusion concept imagecombines several alternative magnetic confinement approaches, taking the best parts of each, and offers a 90-percent size reduction over previous concepts," said Tom McGuire, compact fusion lead for the Skunk Works' Revolutionary Technology Programs. "The smaller size will allow us to design, build and test the CFR in less than a year." After completing several of these design-build-test cycles, the team anticipates being able to produce a prototype in five years. That first prototype should be small enough to fit on the back of a truck, and could provide enough power for a city of 100,000 people, the company said. A C-5 cargo aircraft powered by the reactor could fly for about a year powered by "just a few bottles of gasoline," the company said. The company says that technology will be available "within the next decade."

The compact reactor is housed in a magnetic bottle that can handle extremely hot temperatures, reaching hundreds of millions of degrees. By containing the reaction, the technology is then able to release it in a controlled fashion. The heat energy created by the compact fusion reactor will drive turbine generators, by replacing the combustion chambers with simple heat exchangers. In turn, the turbines will then generate electricity or propulsive power for a number of applications. "Unlimited range, unlimited endurance -- that's what nuclear fission can do for an airplane," said McGuire. "We think we have a very robust strategy … in 20 years, we have clean power for the world."

Thanks to: Av web Flash
World's Premier Independent Aviation News Service

This is one of those odd things that eludes description:


Glass Beach

ImageIn the early 20th century, Fort Bragg residents threw their household garbage over cliffs owned by the Union Lumber Company onto what is now Glass Beach, discarding glass, appliances, and even vehicles. Locals referred to it as "The Dumps." Fires were lit to reduce the size of the trash pile.

The California State Water Resources Control Board and city leaders closed the area in 1967. Various cleanup programs were undertaken through the years to correct the damage. Over the next several decades the pounding waves cleaned the beach, by breaking down everything but glass and pottery and tumbling those into the small, smooth, colored pieces that cover Glass Beach.

There are three Glass Beach sites in Fort Bragg where trash was dumped into ocean between 1906 and 1967. Glass Beach Site Two and Three (1943-1949) are located at the end of the path that begins on the corner of Elm Street and Glass Beach Drive. These sites are accessible by foot and by a short climb down the cliffs surrounding the beach. Site One (1906-1943) is located south of Sites Two and Three and can only be accessed by water because there is no trespassing on the cliffs above the cove.

Thanks to Wikipedia

Quick as two shakes of a lamb's tail this Lambo...

Police Lamboiamge


Lamborghini Gallardo è morto

Rob Mouat


The Story of British Handloading Cartridge Tools, 2nd Edition

by David Baker

coverThe first edition was published in 2003 as a card-covered, A4 flexi-bound first foray into self-publishing, with 182 pages in an edition of 500 copies. Over the years, it sold steadily until sold out. Demand continued so, first of all, I sold the imperfect copies, then the working copy, next the prototype printed on the home computer and, finally, the printer’s proofs. Then it emerged that copies were trading on the second-hand market at double their original price. At this point, a friend, who had taken a few books on a sale-or-return basis, gave them back to me, so I was able to sell the last few at the inflated price. Other publishers do remainders of the last few, and I sold mine at a premium price!

“Cartridge Tools” has come to be regarded as the standard work on the subject and is regularly cited by Holt’s Auctioneers in their catalogues. All this convinced me that there was a need for a new edition, especially as the skills learned improving drawings for The British Shotgun, Volume III would enable me to do a far better job.

New material had come to light and the decision was taken to widen slightly the scope of the coverage to include some contemporary advertising. I toyed with the idea of a few colour pages, but was persuaded that all they would add would be extra charges. The resulting new edition retains the original layout of one item per A4 page, illustrated as far as possible with line drawings. Many of these are from the patent or registered design, others derive from contemporary illustrations, while a scattering have been drawn from photographs. The vast majority have been worked on and many totally recreated. The new material amounts to forty three extra entries and, with the addition of appendices, the page count has grown to 245.

In the belief that this is the final and, I hope, definitive edition, a hard back presentation has been chosen, with a sewn binding, reinforced with a glued spine, in the hope that, when well used as a reference, it will not disintegrate. The text is printed on 150 grm Silk FSC Mix Credit (COC-TT-002200) paper and the result is an excellent rendition of the fine detail. It is a joy to handle. Significantly, one of the very first commercial copies has gone to Holt’s – their expert saying: “We would be lost without it”.

The new edition costs £38 (about $61 plus about $28 shipping to the US), little more than the second-hand copies were fetching and less than the price of many very ordinary loading tools. It was printed in Aberystwyth in West Wales and bound there by the artisan binder, who also creates the leather bound copies of all my books with which I indulge myself. I am proud of the product that my wife, Lynne, The Cambrian Press, Alan Blair Bookbinders and I have produced.

email: David Baker




Winchester Library - Gun Catalog Reference

Complete Set - 10 Volumes

Copies of Winchester Catalogs by the Winchester Company from 1865 (Henry's Repeating Rifle) to 1910. All 10 Hard Cover Volumes in wood case, all in good condition. $1200 including free shipping in the US. (We will not sell individual volumes and break up this complete set)

Abby Mouat

Winchester Catalog Books

Arms Heritage Magazine

AH Article

From Arms Heritage Volume 3, 2013

Cornell Publications prints “Annual Compendiums” of our first three years of publication. We have removed all commercial advertising and redundant material and the volumes are now pure articles on arms and related topics.

Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine

New Books and Special Thanks

You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to my website. Special thanks to Heinrick Kohlmann, Bob Mills and Paul Breakey and especially Ton Hartink for letting us borrow their wonderful old catalogs and manuals to copy.

Buhag Jagdgewehre c1956 der Suhler Handwerksarbeit

Buhag Jagdgewehre c1959 der Suhler Handwerksarbeit

Buhag Jagdgewehre c1965 der Suhler Handwerksarbeit

Carl Gustaf c1960 63, 63E, 63S Biathlon Rifle Flyer Collection

Colt 1967 Rifles, Shotguns Handguns

Colt 1969 Handguns and Long Guns Catalog (Brown)

Colt 1969 Handguns and Long Guns Catalog (Green)

Colt 1972 Waffen seit 1836 Helmut Hofmann Mellrichstadt

Colt 1981 Python Manual

Colt 1983 Gold Cup National Match MK IVSeries 80 Manual

Colt 1986 King Cobra Manual

Colt 1987 Firearms Catalog

Colt 1988-89 Firearms Catalog

Colt 1989 Double Eagle Manual

Colt 1990 Python Manual

Colt 1992 Firearms Catalog

Colt 1994 Anaconda DA Revolver

Colt 1995 .22 Pistol and Target Model

Colt 1995 Firearms Catalog

Colt 1995 Retail Prices and Custom Shop Buyer's Guide

Colt 1996c Collector's Edition Catalog

Colt 1997 Double Action Revolvers Manual

DWM 1963 Jagdbuchsen-Patronen Ballistische Leistungen Katalog

DWM 1971 Jagdbuchsen Patronen Ballistische Leistungen Katalog

Holland & Holland 1935 Gun and Rifle Catalog

Merkel 1988 Suhler Jagdwaffen- Doppelflinten Katalog

Simson 1956 Jagdgewehre Katalog

Simson 1974 Suhl Bockdoppelflinte Modell 100EJ (JAGD) Flyer

Suhl 1955 VEB Jagdwaffen Katalog

Suhl 1956c VEB Ernst Thalmann Werk Flyer

Suhl 1957c VEB Ernst Thalmann Werk Repeating Rifles for Hunting Flyer

Suhl 1959c VEB Ernst Thalmann Werk Luftgewehr Modell 111-56 Flyer

Suhl 1973c Bockgewehr Bedienungsanleitung- Ernst Thalmann Handbuchanual

Suhler 1972c Jagdwaffen Katalog

Weber u Tschudi optimiert c1917 Gewehre Katalog

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Letters from Readers

A reader is looking for "The School of the Krag" c1901
by Captain William De V Foulke

Does anyone have a copy I can borrow to scan?

Dear Abby, It has been some time since you heard of me. I promised you a scan of a catalogue of Webley-Lebeau Courally years ago when I could find it in my mess. I finally found it last week and the file is underway to you through Wetransfer. It is a somewhat used copy and the owner (a Dutch gunmaker named Visser who used to do business with the firm) wrote in it and eventually folded it in four and used it to prop up a table or something. The date I put on the file (1903) is an estimate. It may very well be 1904 but 1903 is the last medal mentioned on one of the first pages. Anyway, I hope that you can use it. As an extra a small catalogue of one of Liege's best gunmakers A Cordy & Fils. He was reputed to be so demanding of his workmen that no one stayed for long. I have no date for that one but I guess the 1920/30 timeframe. Probably 1929/30/32. Would you send me the William Bland c 1897 catalog (London)? I would appreciate that as I am currently writing an article about a local punt gunner that used a Bland punt gun and I hope that a picture of one is in it. I know that he used a Bland and I have no idea what it looked like. Best regards, Jan Paul

Thanks, Jan Paul, Your Bland is on its way and I really appreciate the images you sent. I’ll process them directly. Cheers, Abby

Dear Abby, I shipped the catalogs to you yesterday. The post office says you should get it on Friday. Bob

Bob sent us a whole batch of wonderful old catalogs, see them soon!

Hi, i live in the UK, would you be willing to supply the above publication (Revolver Shooting in War - UK 1916)? and if so what would be the cost with shipping ? Regards Gordon

Dear Mr. Healey, We sell and ship worldwide. If you click either link below you will go to the item you requested. Simply click Add to Cart and follow the directions. Revolver Shooting in War (UK) 1916 Cheers, Abby

Dear Abby, Lyman 1957 Ammunition Reloading Handbook- 41st ed Does this handbook have reloading data for the .303 Savage? Thanks, Rudy

Dear Rudy, Yes it has the .303 Savage reload info. Abby

Dear Abby, Details about item: Peabody - Martini Rifles c1873- Providence Tool Co; How much, if any, information does this have on the Turkish contract Peabody-Martini rifles? – truittandson (Ebay)

Dear truitt… I am reasonably sure it doesn't address that purchase. At least I can't imagine why it would. It is a sales catalog like one you would get at a Chevy dealer not a history book. Rob

Thank you Abby:) May I ask where you acquired these Providence Tool Co. flyers from? I am really curious. Kind regards, Alpie

Gosh Alpie, I really don't remember, that was 10 years and 5000 catalogs ago? One of the Peabody catalogs came from a fellow in Anchorage though. Abby

Hahah thank you:)) One last question: Do you have a nautical books/documents collection?

Alpie, My husband has a private collection of naval history books he is thinking about selling, but none we reproduce in a manner similar to the catalogs we sell. Abby

Dear Abby, This was found yesterday among my late uncle Mike's personal shooting effects/collection in an envelope marked 'only surviving copy'. Not sure how Mike could be certain of that but perhaps it at least points to its extreme rarity. I am sorting out his various shooting things on behalf of his widow so any help you could provide would be most welcome as to value etc. Is this something which would be reprintable for onward sale via your good selves? Sincerely and many thanks, Kieran Whelan (UK)

Dear Mr. Whelan, Thanks for your note. It is very hard to guess what something like that would sell for, it depends on finding someone who really wants that specific make of gun. I have this one offered for sale: Gibbs, George 1894 Gun Catalog - Bristol, UK but have sold very few over the years. If I were you I would offer it for sale on Ebay UK and see what happens. If you get a couple of people who want it you might get a pretty penny or not. On the other hand, I am anxious to preserve all old gun catalogs and would love to have scans of your Uncle's Gibbs. If you would be kind enough to do that for me I would be grateful. I only need scans of around 600k (a little higher quality than the image you sent) and I can make a copy from them. I use wetransfer.com to send files like that. Cheers, Abby

Dear Abby, H&R MEDALIST model 41 .22 LR rifle owners manual. I need information on dis-assembly for maintenance. Can't find any information any where and if you have to refer me please do. Tom

Dear Tom, Doesn't look as if we do. Here is a link to what we have on H&R: HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS - ALL CATALOGS & Manuals. Abby

Hi it's Terry Robertson. I recently bought a C1A1 manual. I thought the pictures are very hard To see like no detail blotchy. Sorry but when it comes to these Manuals we need very clear detail .

Hi Terry, Gosh, I'm sorry, I'll refund your money. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about the copy. The scans were done by the owner of the manual in Canada and he died so what I have is all there is. I use it because I've never seen another and it is better than nothing. Just keep the copy and I hope it does you some good. Cheers, Abby

Dear Abby, Sorry Abby I didn't mean for u to Refund I just wanted to know why They were like that I feel bad now. Terry

It's OK Terry, we do that because some Ebayers are really crazy and will leave bad feedback for the slightest reason and it is better for us to just refund the money. It wouldn't be fair to nice people to only refund to the nasty ones! Cheers, Abby

Dear Abby, I just recieved your pakkage and I'm very, VERY dissapointed!!! It's just a cheap print instead of a reprinted manual. It's not even the right size, it's HALF the size..... I would like to get my money back, that means including the very expensive shipping cost. Hope to hear from you, With Kind Regards, Roland Verbruggen, Belgium

Dear Mr. Verbruggen, Thank you for your note. I have refunded your entire payment. Please read the statement that accompanies every one of our Ebay advertisements regarding quality, size, paper, ink etc. Rob and I are retired and project is to preserve old firearms catalogs and manuals for future generations. We offer over 5000 such publications and each is individually printed and bound. It would be impossible to reproduce each of them in the exact size, with the correct paper and colors etc. of the originals. On the other hand, we understand that some discerning collectors may be disappointed or even very, very disappointed so we happily refund payments to disappointed customers. Best Wishes, Abby

Dear, Abby, hello, i just received the manuals. They are pretty good.... If i could make a suggestion: (AS IM A PRINTER) i would change your ads to COLOR COPIED instead of printed..... ALSO these manuals to my knowledge were never this big.... i think half the size... (Im happy though) as its better than NOT having it at all. Scott

Dear Scott, Please read the statement that accompanies every one of our Ebay advertisements regarding quality, size, paper, ink etc. I might add that we used to print that manual twice the size but someone complained that it was too big and should be half size to fit in the box with the pistol, so… Abby

Dear cornellpubs, I am looking to find info about rod model # 332955. Could you let me know if it is listed in this catalog? ................ If so, I'll want to buy it ..........Thx, Mitch - mmil6601 (Ebay)

Dear Mitch, There are no rods starting with the number 3 on the price page. Rob

Abby, No print to order, If you don't have it please CANCEL . Frank Bird

Dear Frank, As indicated in several places in our ads, everything we do is printed to order, that way we can offer 5000 titles. Anyway, I am SORRY, it is already printed and in the mail. Abby

Dear Abby, Vorisek H&R Arms Co book. Do you have any copies for sale? If so, how much are they? Thanks, Dick Littlefield.

Hi Dick, Sure, we reprint all Joe's books and give a royalty to his widow. Here is a list: VORISEK - ARMS MANUFACTURER HISTORIES Abby

Dear Abby, Do you have the Arms and the man magazine copies for sale, looked at your Oct Announcents new stuff and saw a couple i would like to buy in physical form i dont like to just read stuff on the machine. Let me know and i will make the order, thanks DJ

Hi Don, I like paper copies myself. If you want any of the Arms and the Man series, I can print them for you for $13.95 each. Cheers, Abby

Hello Abby, Your reprints came in today, earlier as expected. The quality is not so good as I expected. On the example of the Georg Roth catalog one can discuss possible improvements. We in Europe use as a paper standard a size which we call A4. This is standard since at least 1922. The dimension differs to your Letter format very much. Width to Length: A4 210 × 297, Letter 216 × 279. And so you had to reduce the original size of the images (landscape format) to fit the shorter length. The result was that the images of the shown cartridge cases are no longer in their original size but shorter (and thinner). This makes it impossible to compare empty cases only by placing them aside the printed image. Could be improved for your European market. I think this would not cost much money to get European paper. Printers mostly can be used in both sizes (A4 and Letter). Heinrich

Dear Heinrich, Thank you for your note. I'm sorry you are disappointed with the reprint I sent you and I do understand why you complained. However I can explain what we do, why we do it and why we cannot change.

Our project is to preserve old firearms and related catalogs before they are all gone, so far we have processed over 5000 different publications. Just two of us do this in our retirement. We acquire, scan, edit, save then offer to sell all the items we scan in order to pay the cost of adding new ones. When we sell them we record, select, spool, print, collate, bind, cut, pack and ship each different order. There are literally thousands of different sizes, papers and orientations of paper involved so the best we can do is offer more or less standard sizes. It would be impossible to use different sized papers than those we already use because we spool over a hundred different publications to two different printers at a time. And even if we did use European size paper for European customers buying European origin catalogs we would still face criticism for not using the "correct paper" or binding or cover stock or the ink color would be slightly off or something else would be wrong... it is endless really. Read some of the letters on the right hand side of this list for an idea of what we deal with: rants-and-raves

Anyway, we do the best we can to offer a glimpse of things that would otherwise be unavailable to collectors. We try hard to please but we are not always successful and for that I am sorry. By the way, I see the shopping cart over-charged you for shipping and I have refunded $30 to you. Please read this link to our website regarding quality Conditions of Reprints Cheers, Abby

Hello Abby, Thank you or the quick response and the detailed explanation „why not“. Your reasons can be understood and the enormous amount of different sizes makes it necessary to reduce the toil of reprinting. Most important is the content of such a catalog, and only second the correct dimensions. Normally I would agree with this. But there is a BUT! This special Roth catalog is more or less one of the very few original sources of metallic case made by Georg Roth company. A reference so to say. And there are many collectors of cartridges worldwide who collect these specifically made GR-cases. It is important for them to have a correct pattern to compare their find, probably got at a show. So I still propose to take this into nearer consideration. On the other hand, we collectors should be glad that there exists a kind of “Fort Knox” where old catalogs might have a chance to survive the normal short life of paper. So please continue. On this occasion I would like to put a new catalog into the basket, free for your utilization. I found this attached Weber&Tschudi catalog (seems to be from 1917) in an old library, bought and copied it. The dimensions (!) are: 158mm high and ~120mm wide. There are some personal pencil notes which could be deleted using a graphic tool. I am sure you can manage this. Thank you for your refund. All the best, Heinrich

Dear Heinrich, I will make you a special copy to the exact size of the original Roth as a way to say thank you. Abby

Dear Abby, There is a tracking number; however it also says that the carrier does not have it yet. - higbees2000 (Ebay)

Dear higbees2000, We drop off mail in boxes/bins at our post office - where they scan the information. Sometimes that information does not show up in the main USPS tracking system until later. Other times mail goes right on a truck to Detroit to sort and load and that takes a day or so. Anyway, I have no control over the USPS but they are usually pretty good - fair to middling at least. My best, Abby

Dear Abby, Hello, you are what i call a first class seller. thanks so much i enjoy these reprints. lot of information from the past. Larry

Dear cornellpubs, Savage 1932 Component Parts Catalog, is the 1921 and 1928 listed as 2 separate views or are they combined into 1? - mcscheck2000 (Ebay)

Dear mcsche... They appear on different pages. Abby

Hi Abby, I really enjoyed the last batch of books I purchased from you, and looking forward to these ones. Thanks for the great fast service! Regards, Derek

Hi again,hey I thought you were going to send the replacement catalogue that I wanted,well so far,nothing,is that still the deal?Just want to get it sorted within the time allowed for refunds/feedback etc. thankyou, Russell (New Zealand)

Russell, I sent you a copy of the proper Gevelot when we last exchanged emails. If you don't have it I guess we can assume it was lost. I'll send another today. I noticed in your email to me that you mention "time allowed for refunds/feedback". I refunded your purchase back when I first heard from you so I trust that is not a problem. Also, given that this transaction cost you nothing and I am now out of pocket for three shipments to the other side of the world, I would hope you would give me nothing but the highest feedback on Ebay. Cheers, Abby

Abby, Well I guess ill have to wait and see,but as of yet I havent received what I ordered,I still want one,if you want me to pay that’s fine.As for the feedback,im still waiting to see if anything arrives,as for costing me nothing,well its caused frustration and annoyance.If nothing arrives ill put that in the feedback,but as you’ve sent one on then theres nothing to worry about thankyou Russell

Russell, How very gracious of you. Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Ideal No. 38 Hand Book 1951 Ammunition & Reloading Can you tell me if the Ideal mold # 308329 is listed in this book? And does it have a picture and bullet weight of this mold number? If so I want to buy your book as I am looking for data on this mold number. Thank you. - rcat08 (Ebay)

Dear rcat08, I asked a friend who is an expert on tools. This is what he said: Rob: The answer is, yes. See pp. 68, where it is listed as #311329 - the first three digits are "size-to" diameters, and the "fashion" in sizing varies over time from actual groove diameter to 0.003" over, but it is the same mould. This pretty well matches the 172-gr. standard military bullet in profile, but is a tad heavier. More info is provided in the 1973 Second Edition Lyman "Cast Bullet Handbook", p. 211, which you also carry. Doug

Dear cornellpubs, I am looking for data on the specific mould # 308329 only I don't want information on the 311329 as I already have this information. Does the Lyman book have this specific mould # listed? If so do you have one and how much does it sell for? - rcat08

(I don’t remember how this turned out and didn’t save the email- Abby)

Dear Abby, "Reloading for the Short 10ga. By John Shanafelt" Comments: If you have a reprint of this, I can't fid it??? Help lease. Thanks----don

John, No, I'm sorry I don't. Best wishes, Abby (Readers?)

Dear cornellpubs, book arrived in good shape and clearly printed, but, i was wondering if the even numbered pages were supposed to be printed upside down. - modred88 (Ebay)

Dear modre… Oh, goodness no. I must have flipped the switch the wrong way! I'll do you another right now and I am sorry for the flub. Abby (see how nice and polite some people can be?)

Dear cornellpubs, Shakespeare Archery 1966 Catalog #371145965893. Do you have the original 1966 version of this catalog for sale? these are just copies / reprints correct? Thanks, CaseyW

Dear Casey, No, the owner of the original is in Australia. Abby

Abby, I love your new/old publications! So much great information about old fire arms and accessories. My favorite so far is the Unertl scope catalog from 1956. Their scopes were not marked with the model name. The chart in the catalog made it possible to positively identify my old scope. I just ordered their earlier catalog (which has fewer pages) just to see the difference. Thanks! Tom.

Abby, Anything on the 44 evans... Thanks Brad

Brad, Yes, the Evans was sold by several retailers of the period (1870s), ammo for it was available and it was discussed in a couple of books of the period as well as being listed in collector guides of the early 1900s (printed then). You can see all these by entering the single word "evans" in the search box then click "check contents" button (in red). Cheers, Rob

Hi I'm looking for the Evans 44 repeating rifle...Lever action..only about 10000 made

Brad, If you do the search for Evans as I described, and pick out the catalogs you think likely, I'll check them for the 44 for you. I need you to do the legwork because we get so many requests of this type. Abby

Abby, Please sign me up Skip

Skip, Do you mean the newsletter? If so here is the link: NEWSLETTER If not, let us know what you are thinking about. Rob

Thanks, Skip

Hi, Carl Gustaf (Sweden) 1973 Gun Catalog I noticed that there is an error in your advertisement. Under the heading Contents on the second line you have VVF and it should be FFV. Just passing that along to you. I have bought a number of items from you in the past and have always been very pleased. You do a wonderful job of filling a great need regarding the history of our firearms. Please keep up the great work. Dayle, Spearfish, SD

Thanks Dayle, I appreciate the help. I changed the listing at the website and it will filter down to the auction sites as we relist them. Cheers, Abby

Dear cornellpubs, Is this the only Case knife catalog you have in print. - crazycase52

Dear crazyc... At the moment yes. We do have some more somewhere but we haven't got to them yet. When we do they will first be available at our website and eventually on Ebay. Cheers, Rob

James, I put your question in our newsletter last month and got the answer below. We may be able to help you from there, let me know. Cheers, Rob

Hello Abby: Revonoc was a trade name for the Iver Johnson Champion shotgun made in the early 1900s. The hardware distributor was Richards & Conover of Kansas City. The Champion was a single-barrel shotgun. Your correspondent has a pump gun, so maybe Richards & Conover had some other maker for the pumps. The owner should compare his shotgun to mass-produced shotguns of the era to see which it matches most closely. One other source suggests it was a trade name for HSB, Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett. By the way, Revonoc is Conover spelled backwards. I guess Sdrahcir & Revonoc didn’t look so good on the barrel.

I thank Ed Reynolds and you for making the run of Arms and the Man magazine available. I guess you know it was one of the predecessors to The American Rifleman. The first in their history was The Rifle: May1885–June1888; Shooting and Fishing: July 5, 1888–Dec 6, 1906; Arms & The Man: Dec 13, 1906–May 15, 1923, and then the American Rifleman as of June 1, 1923.

I have all of the above magazines, except a few years of Arms and the Man. So, with your offer of a free download, I can complete the entire run from 1885 to today. Thank you for all that you do for us gun collectors. Mike Carrick

Hi im over in the uk I have bought of you before do you have any info on the Winchester 101 made in japan and the nikko shadow 7 both made in the nikko factory japan best regards Dave Nixon

Hi Dave, I believe the 101 was made before 1983 but I'm not sure about the Nikko, what do you know about it? Anyway, the 101 at least is listed in the index of the pre 83 catalogs (I don't know the exact dates of mfr): Winchester Cheers, Abby

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Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is:

"you sold me a book that had no information that everyone didn't know alredy, you sold me a catalog that doent have serial number or other information either then you told me to do reserch on the net and tell you more about my gun. You are supposed to tell em aboutit not me telling you! so now i've wasted $22 dollars and I don't know any more then I knew befroe and you say you cant help me. you wont be in buisness long with an attitude like that and you are crooked too. Reggie Johnson"

Dear Reggie, You called and asked for a book that would give you "information" about Iver Johnson. You didn't want to spend the money to buy the Goforth or Vorisek Iver Johnson books and said you would find information "on the internet". Then you ordered an Iver catalog from us at Ebay apparently to get the date of manufacture from the serial number on your revolver.

Catalogs never have serial number information because they were almost always designed and printed before the guns were ever made. Besides, you have to know what model you own to find any "information". Often serial numbers were duplicated by the same manufacturer on different models. So you called back annoyed because the "information" you found was unsatisfactory and blamed me. Then you demanded that I identify your revolver, without a picture, on the telephone... oh heck, just let me answer you with an allegory:

"An old man, his donkey and a boy and were going to town.

The boy rode on the donkey and the old man walked.

As they went along they passed some people who remarked "What a shame the old man is walking and the boy is riding."

The old man thought maybe the critics were right, so they changed positions.

Later they passed some people who remarked "What a shame, he makes that little boy walk."

So the old man then decided they'd both walk!

Soon they passed some more people who remarked "They're really stupid to walk when they have a decent donkey to ride."

So, they both rode the donkey.

Then they passed some people who shamed them by saying "How awful to put such a load on a poor donkey?"

The old man figured they were probably right, so he decided they would carry the donkey.

As they crossed the bridge, they lost their grip on the animal and he fell into the river and drowned.

The moral of the story?

The old man tried to please everyone and he had to kiss his ass goodbye!"

Cheers, Rob

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At the Cornellpubs website, you will find many gunmaker "master pages" listing all the catalog reprints of one brand. To the right of each "master page" are names of catalogs by merchants who carried that brand of firearms. For example, I reprint over 60 Remington factory gun catalogs but I also reprint over 160 gun catalogs from merchants that sold Remington firearms such as Sears or Abercrombie & Fitch or Spalding. Those are the listings on the right of the page.

Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course I would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and I am adding more all the time.

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So there you have it, a tip that I hope will result in a torrent of eager collectors now willing to let me scan their old gun catalogs... but, please call or write first, don't just send them because I may already have scans of that particular item. I still have hundreds of old catalogs on file that I haven't got to yet.

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