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Car Phone


Car Payment

car payment

thanks to John Campbell

You have to wonder who thinks of this stuff...


Gee, I had a J. C. Higgins three speed...


You gotta wonder what the bird would do if he got in the air...

Eagle and Goat

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Nordic Countries Curtail Generosity to Migrants

Raasepori, Finland - Europe’s Nordic countries, which have long set the world standard for welcoming refugees from war and persecution, are rapidly scaling back their generosity, slashing benefits and issuing more restrictive asylum policies…

“We are not telling them not to come,” said Jorma Vuorio, the director general of Finland’s Migration Department. “But we are telling them that this is not paradise.”

The changing attitudes are evident to citizens of those countries and the migrants. In the scramble to find housing for the growing number of asylum seekers, Finland has turned to old army barracks, vacant hotels and even places like the sprawling union training center here, with its saunas, pool tables and idyllic lakeside views.

But on an evening late last year, there was plenty of grumbling to be heard here among the refugees. Some asylum seekers said they were bored, too far from stores and unable to make do on the $100 monthly allowance they were each getting in addition to free housing and meals.

“If I had known it would be like this, I would have gone somewhere else,” said Ameer, a 27 year-old Iraqui, who sought out a reporter to complain but did not want to give his last name.

New York Times, Sunday, January 3, 2016



Carry Rules:

IdiotIn RangePretty Girls

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Do-it-yourself CRISPR genome editing kits bring genetic engineering to your kitchen bench


A water Bed in a German furniture store. Note that the sign says NOT to get on the bed, but oh well... the best way to motivate people to do something is to put up a sign saying "Don't........!"

Turn on speakers and watch people trying out the water bed.

1917-1920 The battleship in Union Square, N.Y.

In 1917 the U.S. Navy built a full-size battleship in Union Square, New York. It would stay there for the next three years.

Intended as a recruitment and training center, the ship was commissioned as a normal seagoing ship, under the command of Acting Captain C. F. Pierce, and manned by trainee sailors from Newport Training Station. Internally the ship had a wireless station, full officer's quarters, doctor's quarters and examination rooms to assess the health of potential candidates.

Constructed from wood, the USS Recruit carried two cage masts, a conning tower and a dummy funnel, or smokestack. It had six wooden replicas of 14-inch (360 mm) guns housed in three twin turrets, 10 wooden five-inch (130 mm) anti-torpedo boat guns and two replica one-pound saluting guns, matching the configuration of battleships of the time.

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Rob Mouat


Abby and I have devoted most of the last eleven or twelve years to scanning and preserving hundreds of thousands of pages of old firearms publications, something we had not really intended for our retirement years but that we feel it is a worthwhile project to preserve what is rapidly disappearing. We've had a lot of fun and have met some great people. Some folks are absolutely terrific, generous souls and others are absolute wretches but I guess that is a cross-section of society.

Now is the time to plan the end game while we are both still reasonably healthy and happy. We haven’t decided when we will give this up but we did decide we want it to be tidy about it and to have a plan that will preserve the work we have done over the years. Two people have expressed interest in continuing the business when we decide to slide into obscurity. One thing is fairly certain, while the next people will continue printing and shipping our books, catalogs and manuals… NOBODY WILL PUT THE SAME EFFORT INTO PRESERVING THOUSANDS OF PUBLICATIONS AS WE HAVE DONE.


During the next year we want all of you who have not yet stepped up and lent us material to scan… to get the lead out! We want all your old catalogs and manuals (even good reprints) to scan because we have pretty well run out of things we bought and the prices of material appearing now on auction sites are just too high for us to buy more.

I think you will agree that most old original catalogs are eventually thrown away. Despite how much you treasure your paper, we old guys die and the kids come in and say “ewww, guns” and throw away all that stuff you so diligently collected those many years. Or maybe you thought you would sell them when you are old and gray and need the money. OK go ahead, but let me reassure you, collectors of originals are not going to be satisfied with the $10 reprint we make and our work has in no way depressed the worldwide market for ephemera. So we are not a threat to your retirement package. Our reprints will not make your stuff worth less- look at the prices for originals at Ebay, Ward’s or Gunbroker. Please let us borrow your collection now!

We want all your old catalogs and manuals before either you go or we do! We know you have them, this newsletter goes to over 25,000 people interested in old guns and I know you are hiding things we could preserve… give them up for scanning! We won’t hurt anything. We won’t touch it if it is vulnerable, I promise!


Call or write Abby or Rob (please don’t just send us stuff)

Email Rob Email Abby

Cornell Publications, PO Box 214, Brighton, MI 48116

Arms Heritage Magazine

The Cartridge Hound

Arms Heritage Magazine, in addition to articles about arms themselves, always includes a column called “The Cartridge Hound” that deals with some aspect of cartridge collecting. The following is brief excerpt from an extensive and comprehensive forthcoming article on the early Maynard cartridge series which will detail all known variations of this seminal cartridge.

Maynard’s First Cartridges

The mid 1800’s present perhaps the most intriguing era of arms development. During a brief period of about twenty five years the leap from flintlock to cartridge weapons changed everything. It was the end of the muzzle-loading era and the beginning of breech loading arms. The development of new machinery and the knowledge of its use enabled anyone with a new concept to at least get to the prototype stage.

It soon became obvious that the future of arms lay in the development of the cartridge. The first breech loaders used a version of the old muzzle loading cartridge—paper or gut enveloping a charge of powder and bullet with a separate percussion cap. Various means were devised to minimize leakage of gases at the breech, some more effective than others, but none were perfect. Not only was that a basic weakness, but these primitive cartridges were prone to damage from handling and moisture.

Edward Maynard’s solution was a major step toward the ultimate development of the modern cartridge. By encasing the bullet and charge in a thin-walled tube of brass, he accomplished several objectives:

-Obturation (sealing of the breech against the escape of gases) was excellent as the thin brass tube had a high degree of elasticity.

-The cartridges were rugged and relatively impervious to moisture

-Rate of fire was vastly improved due to easy loading and extraction of the cases

-Cases were reloadable

Although others such as Burnside and Gallagher used similar brass-cased cartridges, Maynard’s cartridges were more popular, simpler to manufacture and easier to use.

Maynard built on the success of his military carbine, originally produced in .50 and .36 calibers to produce a variety of sporting calibers including at least two shotgun sizes.

Considering the fact that Maynard progressed the development of his cartridges through several stages and numerous calibers and adding to that the fact that during the short cycle of production he experimented with different manufacturing techniques, the collector will find that a considerable challenge is presented in build a collection of Maynard’s early cartridges, known by collectors as the “thin rim” series.

Maynard Cartridges

We have assembled what we feel might be a complete checklist of known variations of the thin rim series. It includes the basic calibers and the major manufacturing variations as well as the known experimental types. Going a step further, some of the sporting calibers can be found with original nickel plated cases. All of this creates a collectors delight (or nightmare)

Arms heritage Magazine has just had its fifth year anniversary of publication. It is unquestionably the best bargain in arms literature. A subscription is only $19.00 per year and current subscribers have full access to the first thirty issues at no extra cost—that’s more than 100 well researched articles by the most qualified writers around the world. Don’t like the on-line format? You can easily download and save or print out individual articles or purchase bound, hard copy Annuals for years 1 thru 4 from Cornell, Year Five Annual will be out this Spring. What are you waiting for? Checkout a free sample issue at Arms Heritage Magazine

New Books and Special Thanks

I'll put the new books below this authored books section... For those of you with a library of gun books we want to tell you about the authored books we publish. We now have almost 300 authored books available. Over half are old publications, many from the 19th century that deal with almost every aspect of firearms. These volumes are interesting because they discuss the weapons at the time they were made, an interesting perspective- I'll put a few links below.

This is the link to the books by date of publication LINK (please excuse the couple of gremlins at the top, I'm working on chasing them away).

So, please take a peek at what we have to offer, here are a few of our favorites (these are mainly older ones but there are lots more).

Improved American Rifle 1848 with Ned Roberts Supplement - John H. Chapman

On the Application of Machinery 1855 in the Mfr of Rotating Chambered Breech Fire Arms - Colonel Samuel Colt

The Revolver Management and Use 1858 by Patrick Dove, Edinburgh - Patrick Edward Dove

Handbook for Hythe - The School of Musketry of the British Army 1860 - Hans Busk

American Breech-Loading Small Arms 1872, Gatling Gun, Cartridges - Charles B. Norton

Compound Guns 1874, Many Barrelled Rifle Batteries, Machine Guns, or Mitrailleurs - Capt. J. F. Owen

The Fabrication of Small Arms for the United States Service, 1878 - Brig. Gen. Stephen V. Benet

The Pocket Rifle and Other Stories 1881 - J. T. Trowbridge

Modern American Pistol and Revolver, The 1888 AC Gould - A. C. Gould

Modern American Pistols and Revolvers 1894 AC Gould - A. C. Gould

American Small Arms 1904 - Edward S. Farrow

Guns, Ammunition and Tackle 1904 - A. L. A. Himmelwright

Gun Making in the United States 1888 rev 1907 - Col. Rogers Birnie

Firearms in American History 1600-1800 (published in 1910) - Charles Winthrop Sawyer

Firearms in American History; Volume Two - The Revolver - Charles Winthrop Sawyer

Our Rifles (History of) 1920 - Charles Winthrop Sawyer


You can always see the reprints added during the last six months by clicking on the Recent Additions link to my website. Special thanks to Ron Bigley and Steve Whitley for letting us borrow their wonderful old catalogs and manuals to copy.

Beretta Series a303 Shotgun Manual

Das Grune Buch c1937 (Germany)

H&M Gunsmith Tool Co. c1950 Detroit

Reinhold Manteuffel & Co. 1936 (Germany)

Remington 1990 Gun Catalog

Remington Model 11 & Sports 1970 Field Service Manual

Remington Model 29 1970 Field Service Manual

Remington Model 580, 581, 582- 1970 Gun Owner's Guide

Remington Model 8 & 81 c1970 Field Service Manual

Smith & Wesson 2000 Gun Catalog

Sporting Firearms for Bush and Jungle 1884 (UK)

Springfield Armory Springfield cal .30 M1903, M1903A1, M1903A3 & M1903A4 Operations Manual

Springfield Model 1903 Ordnance Maintenance Manual

The Right to Bear Arms 1900 (UK- Hereditary Rank)

Weapons (Other Than Firearms) 1908

Winchester Model 52B Bolt Action Rifle Operations manual

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Letters from Readers

Dear Rob, re: Iver Johnson c1904 Firearms Catalog. To make a very long story short- I have located a ledger on my Mauser C96 Machine Pistol when it was imported to NY, NY, and sold to Iver Johnson SP Co for resale in the US. Sale date was 1903. My question to you is this: You've got a c1904 Catalog for Iver Johnson Co that contains 35 pages on the reprint (item #1509). Within that catalog, is there a listing for a Mauser C96 Machine Pistol with the cost? If the catalog indeed has that listed, I'll happily buy a reprint catalog in order to keep with my Mauser pistol. Thanks in advance! Sam Vaughn

Dear Sam, Your pistol is not in the 1904 IJ catalog, only IJ handguns. The Mauser Self-Loading Combination Carbine is, however in the Iver Johnson c1907 Gun & Sports Catalog. They don't call it a C96, of course, because that is a designation given later to identify the weapon. They give the rate of fire as six to seven shots a second and the price. Rob Mouat

Dear cornellpubs, Winchester Model 12 Gunsmith Complete Takedown Manual: does this manual contain instructions for entire disassembly, cleaning, lube, reassembly? I recently obtained a 1920 Winchester Model 12 that needs the full treatment. Thanks, - munchncrunch46 (Ebay)

Dear munchncr… It sure does! Rob

Dear cornellpubs, re: Feinwerkbau Modell 65 80 Air Pistol Manual. I am very sorry to waste your time but is there any way you can cancel the order for the feinwerkbau air pistol manual as i thought i was buying the actual pistol. if there is anything you can do i would apreciate it very much. Thanks - elliott274 (Ebay)

Sure elloitt274… we can do that. Abby

Dear cornellpubs,

May I please have one single price (Incl. S&H) for the following ?

Parker c1913 Gun - Flying Ducks Catalog( 290893129436 )

Ithaca 1942 Gun Catalog( 290893129721 )

AH Fox 1926, The Fox Guns( 370791493465 )

Savage 1959, Stevens Fox, Rifles, Shotguns Catalog( 370791493468 )

Harrington & Richardson Arms 1970 Gun Catalog( 290990351511 )

Marlin 1947 Gun (LC Smith) and Rifle Catalog( 370960134577 )

Lefever Arms Co. 1905( 290893130897 )

Thank you; Mike F.- frobe078 (Ebay)

Dear frobe078, Hello - your eBay user ID says you live in NY. It would be $5.00 and sent priority either box or priority envelope. You must buy them and then request a combined invoice. I am not sure how easy that is to do.... so buy them and wait until I can send you a combined invoice. Thanks for your interest and Happy New Year! Abby - cornellpubs

Dear cornellpubs, I was hoping for a generous price discount on each and every single catalog inasmuch a I was about to buy seven, (7) at a time.

Dear Mr. Furness, This is awkward but I am afraid we don't discount sales on Ebay. We pay hefty fees to Ebay (we pay listing fees for many items that rarely sell, but it is hard to tell what will sell or when) and we try to price our catalogs and books at little more then break-even. Abby and I are retired and the project to preserve old gun catalogs is our small contribution to the sport during our "leisure years". Abby says she can give you free shipping but that is really the best we can offer. I do hope you understand and we will understand if you decide to buy nothing. Best wishes for a Happy New Year Rob Mouat

Dear Abby, I have an old Stoegers Catalog and Handbook Catalog No.27.I noticed that you do not have this issue in your catalog. The first four pages are a little frayed on the edges. Do think you can use it? Robert Butchart

Dear Mr. Butchart, Yes please! We don't have that one and would very much like to add the scan to the collection. Please send it to PO Box 214, Brighton, MI 48116. I suggest you insure it for a small amount to make certain the PO pays attention to the shipment. I'll scan it right away and get it back to you. Man I include one or two of our publications with it for you? Best wishes and Happy New Year, Rob and Abby Mouat

Dear Abby and Rob-- Thank you so much for those wonderful Dupont cards. It's one of the most charming hunting images ever produced. It really captures the essence of a snowy night hunt under a full moon. he expressions on those cold, little faces are unforgettable. Thank you again and Happy New Year! Holt

Dear Cornellpubs, Your search feature for WW2 german era doesn't work, I can't seem to be able to find any results for ww2 german era books and manuals, I know i bought the polezei manual, and I know there is the munitions 1940 manual, but I can't even refind them with a search or find other titles. I mean, its a popular category, shoudl be easy to find what you have, not impossible. Bruce Dignan

Dear Bruce, They seem to have got things straightened out at the web host from the outage. Apparently they are experiencing problems associated with the storms we've been having. Anyway they rebooted the system at 3:45pm ET and it seems to be working.

Now, to better deal with your question if it was not related to the website outage, we have a fairly unsophisticated search engine. It really only works for one or two words and those words must match what the file you are looking for has as part of the index or name. So, for example, say you are searching for a "World War II German era weapon", chances are the only word that will catch is "German" because we don't generally identify weapons as WWII.

You best bet is to use the German country selection- on the left side and browse the entries or go to the manuals section (if you want a manual) and look for the maker or weapon identification. Or you can write us and I'll try to help. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) I had already done that, and it don't. I had already done the search for german swiss catalongs, and it didn't even pull up the german polezei reprint from 1943 that I had purchased previously. Maybe you folks ought to reclassify your reprints someway, not just for this ww2 german category, but for other things as well. Anyway, I will try again, but it seems difficult, or having to search through manually for hours at a time to come across something interesting. What also would be interesting to amateur historians is if alot more ww2, even ww1 manuals were copied, including the german ones of course since they are harder to get and in bad shape generally. I've resorted to buying yesterday some beat up original ww2 german manuals of various stuff, actually, some rare stuff so rare folks would be turned into mad dogs to get their hands on, and that feller in Portugal has loads of german ww1 manuals I can't afford at this time. I keep a link to ebay of the 1940 german ammunition book you have, originally I wanted to order several books at a time, but I suppose I will order just the one and figure out later if there is anything else. (Bruce Dignan)

(Dear Rob) joseph vorisek ( the breech loading shotgun- I am looking for info on Iver Johnson shot gun would I buy the volume II g- p ? Please let me know thank you. BRIAN E SWANSON

Dear Brian, Well, not knowing what sort of information you seek or much about your gun I suggest the best thing to do is to get the books written about IJ by itself. We offer two:

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, A Short Illustrated History of

Iver Johnson 1871-1993 Firearms By Wm Goforth

The Breechloading Shotguns 1860 -1940 Set of all 3 Volumes - Vorisek are really meant for people with large collections- they give less information about each make then the individual books. Goforth is the most complete. Rob

(Dear Abby) re: FEEDBACK ITEM #616. I ordered directly from you so I didn't know where to send feedback. Not wishing to do any more investigation I'm putting it here. I received #616 Ronge catalog within three days of my order. It meets all expectations. Good job. Thank you. Dan Donaghy

Dear cornellpubs, Hi would like to purchase 2 of these please for my 1894 model Winchester. Can you tell me please how much they are to the UK please ? Combined shipping cost ? How are they packed? Do you have a website ? Many thanks Stuart (Ebay)

Dear Stuart, I would guess about $15 for shipping. We do combine shipping where we can and that usually saves a bit. If you mention you bought two and would like to combine, Abby can usually help but only after you buy it so we can print and weigh the items. If you Google "Cornellpubs" you should come up with our website (I don't think I am allowed by Ebay to give the whole address). Abby packs them securely (we ship all over the world with few episodes of the POs destroying the package). Thanks for writing, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, re: Iver Johnson 1919 Firearms. Do the contents include the Third Model Safety Hammerless in .38 S&W? - s.marner (Ebay)

Dear smarner… That is not an easy question to answer. I've looked at all the Iver Johnson catalogs (you were asking about IJ, right?) and none of the catalogs or parts manuals through the 50s lists "a Third Model Safety Hammerless" so I assume this was a term applied to the revolver after it became collectible in order to distinguish it from previous models. Fact is the catalogs referred to the weapon as ".38 Safety Hammerless-Five Shot". If you can be more specific I will try to sort it out for you. Cheers, Rob

Hi Abby, Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. And have a wonderful New Year! Pete Rose, Ontario, Canada.

(Dear Abby) I am so sorry to bother you about this. I have ordered several things from you in the past. I recently ordered several catalogs probably last summer. I was in the middle east on a military tour, and my wife must have lost my order or threw it away by accident. I guess it is possible that I never received it, but I probably did. Is there any way that you could check your records and see what my order was and I will pay for a re-order to be shipped again? I also ordered an M16 brochure that I did receive. Sorry again for the trouble. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas. Mark Johnson

Dear Mark, We changed programs in June last year. The only transaction we have for you since then was a #5072 - Colt Armalite AR-15 Color Brochure, on 10/8/15. It was shipped the next day. I have not checked the tracking because it takes a long time if they go that far back and we are about to leave for Christmas dinner with friends. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Thank you your wonderful are ther ANY more like you at HOME ,,,,, THANKS - adalinj1 (Ebay)

Dear cornellpubs, re: Bauer Firearms c1975 .25 Caliber Automatic Flyer, Fraser, Michigan ($3.45). Is this a weapon functional? - nugget2422 (Ebay)


Dear cornellpubs, re: Ideal/Lyman 1953 No. 39 Handbook and Catalog Is there any info on the 35 SL Winchester (Self Loader) Looking for reloading information Thanks Roger – tienkampr (Ebay)

Dear Roger, Winchester introduced the .32SL and .35SL in the Winchester '05 self-loading rifle as a centerfire cartridge version of the Winchester '03 so it looks that by 1953 Ideal had dropped the load information. I checked the 1910 Ideal catalog we sell and it does have the .32.SL info you want. It was also long enough after the advent of smokeless powder that the information applies today. This is what you want: Ideal 1910 Handbook and Catalog No. 20 Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Thanks Rob for the information. Roger – tienkampr (Ebay)

Dear cornellpubs, re: Mauser 1914 & 1934 Model Automatic Pistol Manual. Does this manual include information relating to the humpback model? Also, is it written in english? - 63sprint (Ebay)

Dear 63 spr... I am not familiar with the differences between the models. However, we do a lot of Mauser catalog/manuals and you can search MAUSER RIFLES AND HANDGUNS - ALL CATALOGS (I believe the “humpback” is the common name given to the 1934 model of the pistol and it is the one illustrated in the drawing under the cover in the advertisement picture.) Cheers, Rob

(Dear Abby) re: Marbles 1954 Arms Catalog. I was glad to get this nice reprint. I am surprised at the cost then as to now. A three dollar knife then is now 90 or so the one dollar sheath in now 45 etc. USA made now China. I would still like to know more about the markings to tell how old a knife might be. Thanks Roy Billington

Dear Roy, If you send us some good clear photos of the knife (both sides) and a close-up of the markings, I'll be happy to put them in our newsletter and perhaps someone will tell us more about your knife. Cheers, Rob

Abby, I am looking for a Marcel Donckier catalog trade label or really any additional information over what I have found on the internet and the little gun site in Belgium. Any help or leads appreciated. Already have the Christophe catalog. Rick Hill

Dear Rick, Sorry, if you can't find anything at our website about them, I'm afraid we don't have it. Abby … Readers???

Hi Abby, I received the manual yesterday. Just wanted to say I'm really pleased. Very clear and professional re-print and binding. Thanks! Best, Kevin

(Dear Abby) re: Edw K Tryon, Jr & Co. Guns & Sport Goods 1883 Catalog, Phila, PA. Hello, I am a baseball researcher, and was curious if there any baseball gloves shown in this catalog, or is it just guns? If there are gloves, could you email me an example of the glove page. I would then purchase. Thanks Keith

Dear Keith, There are six or eight pages of baseball equipment in the catalog including a catcher glove. As you can imagine with over 5000 old catalogs reprints we get a lot of requests for "just the page of..." and we do not offer that service unless you buy the whole catalog. Sorry. Baseball gloves appear in loads of other catalogs too, just search for “baseball”. Rob Mouat

Dear cornellpubs, re: Sauer, JP 1971 Shotguns imported by Weatherby w/prices. Is the size of this publication the same size as the original? I noticed in your description that some documents may not be the same size as the original. - taber_ridge (Ebay)

Dear taber.... To be honest I don't remember. We often adjust the size slightly to fit US paper when things were printed abroad or to make easier to read if the type is tiny. The fact is, we reprint over 5000 different old gun catalogs and they tend to blend together for details like that. The important thing is that we are trying to preserve the history in these old publications, not make forgeries of originals. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob), does the breekloaders from 1860 to 1940 list all single shot models made by J. Stevens Arm & Tool Company. I appreciate your help and look forward to your response. Thank you, Lorne Vernon

Dear Lorne, I am reluctant to claim any of our publications list all of any type of firearm. I would think that this might be your best bet: Stevens Arms Company History by Joe Vorisek Other than that I am afraid you would have to consider the individual catalogs we reprint: STEVENS, J ARMS CO. - ALL CATALOGS I'm sorry I can't be more specific. Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, re: Colt 1989 Double Eagle Manual then this is for the colt double eagle 45 acp series 90 is that correct since 1989 is the first year of the series 90 - corvettestud1966-123 (Ebay)

Dear corvett... I am sorry, I can't answer that question. The manual was printed in 1989. You can use your mouse to hover over the picture and enlarge it if that helps. Rob Mouat

Dear cornellpubs, re: IMR 1990 Handloader's Guide for Smokeless Powder (ex-DuPont) Hi. Are 30 herrett and 357 herrett adressed in this book? Thank you - cdric1204 (Ebay)

Dear cdric12... I know nothing about reloading but there is no mention of herrett loads. I assume this is a handgun load, is it a wildcat cartridge? If so you might want to look at the Ackley or Speer wildcat publications we reprint. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Abby) I was born in 1957 and have a collection of 57 Browning guns, mainly A-5 shotguns. So I thought it would be fitting to have a 57 catalog. When I seen your ad I had to have it. Have a Great Holiday Season! Bob Bingham

Hello, my name is Anna Castaldi, I'm from Padova, Italy, and my question is, how long would it takes for the delivery? Do you send the items from the U.S. or from Brighton? Looking forward to hear from you many thanks Anna Castaldi

Dear Anna, Delivery depends on the amount of money paid by the buyer for shipping and which service they choose. It can take from a few days to a month to be delivered in Italy and for cheaper modes of shipment the Italian post seems to lose some packages. We ship from Brighton, Michigan which is in the U.S. Cheers, Rob

Dear cornellpubs, re: Daisy Model 188 Air Pistol c1985 Manual Dear do u have the bb gun or just the manual - blacky011502 (Ebay)

Dear blacky… What do you think of your question after you read the title that says “manual” and the description that says reprint on 20# paper? Rob

Dear cornellpubs, Bauer Firearms c1975 .25 Caliber Automatic Flyer, Fraser, Michigan Hi my friend order one of these guns yesterday and was wondering if I was a novelty gun or do they have to register it. - changaaaa8 (Ebay)

Oh for God’s sake! Read the darn advertisement and then look at the $3.45 price and see what you think! Rob

Hi Abby: Thanks for all of those reloader catalogs -- they've arrived safe and sound, and they're terrific! Your kindness and wonderful service are greatly appreciated, as always. With best wishes for the holidays, Bob Mills

(Dear Abby) us arms co., no. 2 revolver. anything on us arms co. ? ROBBIN SCHURR

Dear Robbin, If you mean the company that operated out of the Colt factory in Hartford until a few years ago, no I don't. If it was a different co, please let me know and I'll look. Cheers, Abby

Hi Abby, I received the two Parker catalogs, in perfect condition, today. As always, very nice! Your new packing is great, too. Cheers! Mark Landskov

Hello Abby - I have received my order and it is not what I was expecting. The reason why I ordered this catalog was due to the fact that I now own a Stevens Diamond #43 Single Shot .22 and I was under the impression that this catalog had a lot to say about this gun. To my surprise, it has very little to say. I would like to know if you have any other catalogs or books that do have more details about this gun. If you do, I would like to return this catalog and purchase the one that would fit my purposes a lot more. Thank you, Christopher McAuliffe

Dear Mr. McAuliffe, You bought a Stevens 1889 Arms & Tool Company Gun Catalog. The Diamond pistol at that time had no model number designation and the catalog was fairly simple without a great deal of information about their products. Stevens made a lot of low cost guns so none of the catalogs they made devoted a great deal of space to discussing any one particular model until well into the 20th century. Also, advertising in general was not very sophisticated until later in the 20th century. Stevens didn't use the designation #43 to distinguish the Diamond model until 1898 when they devoted a small page to it in their catalog. At that time they apparently made several other models using the same action and called them by different numbers. The M43 had a full page devoted to it through 1909 then they combined the three pistols they made on one page. By the late teens the single shot pistols had been dropped. We print to order and we carry no inventory that way we can preserve and offer over 5000 different old gun catalogs so there is no need to return the catalog you have. We do offer a money back guarantee at Ebay so if you would like a refund, please let us know and I'll ask Abby to process that. Meanwhile this is a link to the Stevens catalogs we reprint:


Cheers, Rob Mouat

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves image

This month's winner is:

Hi Abby , I want all my money back , this is not what I ordered , I ordered a paper type manual not something that I download I don't want what you sent me so please reimburse me my money ...Thank you , Charles Anthony Dedecko, Attitude is everything.

Dear Charles, I'm sorry, you ordered a downloadable PDF file of the manual. I know Paypal charged you shipping, I'm trying to get them to stop and would have refunded that anyway. Are you saying you wanted the paper manual, not the one you ordered? Abby Mouat

I don't want the postage I want all my money back , this is not what I ordered at all , and you know it , it's a very small sum of money ,I know ; but I refuse to be ripped of by you .. Charley D Attitude is everything

Dear Charley D, I notice you say "attitude is everything". I suggest you try to improve yours! You apparently got confused and ordered the PDF version of the Winchester Model 12, not the printed version. There are two versions available- printed copy and pdf. Here are the two links:

Winchester Model 12 Gunsmith Complete Takedown Manual
Winchester Model 12 Gunsmith Complete Takedown Manual - PDF DOWNLOAD VERSION

You selected the second or PDF version. If you care to apologize to Abby for using the "ripped off" comment I am sure she will be happy to send you the printed version after you pay for it. Meanwhile, she has refunded your purchase of the pdf version. Please delete it from your computer. By the way "off" is spelled with two "fs". Sincerely, Rob Mouat

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