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33 Children! Waaaa!

Gee, I hope a lot of her offspring were step kids or foster children!

thanks to Jim Buchanan

Movietone News Shorts (U.S. & Britain)

Movietone News Shorts were brief films that came on in theaters before the feature movie. Movietones are available on youtube from the 30s through the 60s when TV news drowned them out. Just go to youtube and enter "movietone" in the search bar.

Pathe News (Great Britain)

(Yes, I know the "e" in Pathe is supposed to have an accent aigu over it but I can't find one that doesn't mess up the tablet view of this newsletter, sorry, please don't write about it.)

For many years every movie goer in Great Britain saw Pathe News before the feature, now youtube has most of the Pathe news- Year in Review shorts (starting in the mid 1930s). Most run under 10 minutes. Just go to youtube, type, for example, "Pathe 1958" in the search bar and you will see the year on the side. Pathe also offers shorts of most notable events through the 60s as separate videos of varying lengths.

A couple of pointers. That little ad box under 1946 in the image can be closed by clicking the "x" in the corner of the box. The symbol that looks like a Luftwaffe aircraft insignia in the lower right corner will expand the picture to full screen size. Don't forget to turn on your sound.

Adoption Requirements

A husband and wife who work for the circus go to an adoption agency. Social workers there raise doubts about their suitability.

The couple produces photos of their 50-foot motor home, which is clean, well-maintained and equipped with a beautiful nursery.

The social workers raise concerns about the education a child would receive while in the couple's care.

"We've arranged for a full-time tutor who will teach the child all the usual subjects along with French, Mandarin, and computer skills."

Then the social workers express concern about a child being raised in a circus environment.

"Our nanny is a certified expert in pediatric care, welfare, and diet," the circus couple explained.

The social workers are finally satisfied. They ask, "What age child are you hoping to adopt?"

"It doesn't really matter, as long the kid fits in the cannon.”

thanks to Dick Carleton

David Bichest of the Winchester Arms Collectors Association is looking for a 1935 Winchester catalog. We don't have one but if you do please send us a note so we can arrange to scan it for David and the members, thanks Rob

Join the Fort Worth, TX Police Department

LOOK DOWN for the video (with the right arrow in the center)

The Beast (old and updated)


Obama's Beast

Trumps's New Beast

Then Again, you could try the Dillon:

A bit tough of the spectators, I suppose.

Rob Mouat

Abraham Lincoln

Although Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican President, easily won election in the Electoral College (with 180 votes against 123 for all other candidates) in November of 1860, he was not the choice of the majority of the American People. Lincoln received less than 40% of the popular vote. The other candidates together received nearly a million votes more than Lincoln.

Lincoln was inaugurated March 4, 1861 and a little over a month later on April 12, the Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard, a West Point Graduate who once fought for the Union in the Mexican War began bombarding Fort Sumter from the Charleston shore batteries. At 2:30 the next afternoon Major Robert Anderson, also a West Point graduate who had fought alongside Beauregard in Mexico, surrendered the fort. No one had been wounded or killed on either side but the Civil War was on.

Arms Heritage Magazine


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Letters from Readers

Hey, I need a WWII era Brit or Canadian Enfield .380 revolver manual for a photo prop for a magazine article I'm writing. I can't tell if your reprint looks enough like an original in terms of size, color of the cover, etc, for this purpose. Any info is helpful. This is one of the cases where I don't need the info as much as the actual old artifact (or something that looks convincingly like the old artifiact). Let me know what you think Rob Reed

Dear Rob, We reprint the following three publications, one of which might help you. Are these the sort of manuals you are after? Cheers, Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Yes, those are the type of manuals I'm looking for. Do the actual physical reprints have that buff/tan cover with the other color stamps? In other words, are the photos of the covers a photo of the actual reprints or the original manual? Rob

Dear Rob, Yes, sure. We could not get away with showing a picture of what we are offering and then not delivering what we pictured. I don't mean to sound rude, that wasn't my intention, we are both suffering the most miserable colds and feel dreadful. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Abby) Re: Mosin-Nagant Rifles M1891, M9130, M27, M38, M39, M44 Manual. I dont understand. Is this a book or just a few pages? What exactly does this manual contain? How many pages? Is it a book? a printout? Please help. bullfrogpc2010 (Ebay)

Dear Bullfro... It is a single piece of paper (2 pages) but is divided into 6 separate paragraphs of text and pictures on each side. The original was folded into a quite small fold-out and came with the guns Century sold. Having said all that I don't think the manual is appropriate for sale on Ebay because I suppose it is too difficult to understand what it is or to explain what content the boxes contain. Therefore, I'm going to ask Abby to remove it from sale. Sorry to be confusing, Rob Mouat

(Dear Abby) Re: Galef's Go Getters 1935 Wholesale Gun Catalog, New York. Does this catalog show the retail price of the Model 69, both the 6901 and the 6902 in 1935? Thank you, James- jmbmc (Ebay)

Dear James, For retail prices you would have to look at a different catalog we reprint such as the Abercrombie 1935. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

Dear Rob, I'm looking for a French company catalog by the name Jallas and Cie. There is a person on the doublegun forum who said he purchased a reprint of this gun from you but I can't seem to find one on your website. I'm wondering if you know what I'm talking about or have heard of this company. I'm interested in purchasing some of your Darne catalogs and this catalog is supposed to have information about the Darne's in it to. Thanks. Matt Buckley

Dear Mr. Buckley, I'm afraid the name doesn't ring a bell with me and using our search bar doesn't seem to help. If the fellow on the forum doesn't respond to your query about the gun I'm afraid the best I can do is to put your question in our newsletter next week and see if someone can offer guidance. Sorry, Rob (Readers?)

(Dear Abby) Re: Austin & Halleck 1997 Muzzleloading Rifle Manual. Does it cover the A&H Flintlock Mountain Rifle. Ulp8 (Ebay)

Dear ulp8, No, the rifle has a bolt not a lock. See the picture. Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Re: Remington Model 742 Woodmaster Manual c1959. I'm looking for an original.

Dear gear… Dear geare81, I'm glad you told me, this is a reprint. some people don't read the advert then blame us! Happy New Year, Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Well your description says that yours are scans from an original in good shape. I m looking for an original and i wasn t sure if you could help me or not I m just looking for one to frame with my guns price tag or if I can get a close clone of a original so it doesn t look like a piece of printer paper in a frame were I m putting it in a double pane frame. Geare81 (Ebay)

Dear gear… Well gosh, what you are asking is pretty subjective. We do use a printer and it is on white paper that is heavier than the original. I'll tell you what, we only charge $2 for the reprint and if you don't like it we give you your money back so why don't you go ahead and buy one? One thing though, please don't express disappointment if you don't like it by giving us less than a positive feedback. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) Re: Webley 1956 Mark IV Revolver Maintenance Instructions. Could you please confirm that this publication is for the Mk IV .38 caliber revolver. Many thanks. Go-moo1 (Ebay)

Dear go-moo1, Yes. If you look at the image with the advert, the cover confirms the contents. Rob Mouat

Hi...Carlton here in California...Say, regarding the catalog linked above...If you would be so kind...Would there be a page in it for the Remington No. 3 Model 1875...that looks like the framed print in the attached photo?...I’m trying to determine if the printed item in the photo, which I just got, is a page removed from a catalog or if it’s an advertising broadside poster...Thanks, Kindly –Carlton www.SportsAntiques.com

Dear Carleton, Check this out: Remington 1876 Handgun and Rifle Flyer , Rob

Rob....Thanks for sending that....boy that’s not good news...I gave $175.00 for it....dang!...-Carlton

(Dear Abby) Stoeger manuals and reloading digest manuals from the fifties to seventies Comments: Where can I sell them ? Jim Bausch

Dear Jim, Try one of the auction sites like GunsAmerica - Buy Guns and Sell Guns Online or Auction Arms or, of course, Ebay

Dear Abby, Subject: Wibley Automatic Pistol Manual. Does either of these manuals show complete disassembly of the Wibley automatic pistol? Webley Automatic Pistol (long and short barrel) Manual Item #4342: $7.95, Webley & Scott 1916 Automatic Pistol Admiralty Manual Item #1045: $14.95. Thank you for your time and consideration. Ron Zimmerman Sr

Dear Mr. Zimmerman, All these manuals show in greater or less detail the dismantling of the Webley pistols. I would buy all of them, have the set and they should cover everything. If that isn't in the budget the last one- #2237 as it is probably the best compromise (look at the pics with the adverts):

Webley 1906 Model Automatic Pistol 6.5mm & .32 cal Manual #3208

Webley & Scott 1916 Automatic Pistol Admiralty Manual #1045

Webley & Scott c1918 Automatic .38 Pistols #2341

Webley Automatic Pistol (long and short barrel) Manual #4342

Webley & Scott 1940 Automatic Pistols Catalog #2237

Cheers, Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Thank you for your prompt reply. The Wibley manuals do not appear to have the complete disassembly, just the normal “field stripping” for cleaning. Regards, Ron Z.

Dear Mr. Zimmerman, They are not gunsmith manuals if that is what you mean. Other than that the pistols are pretty simple. Rob

(Dear Abby) I'm trying to find any ads for a Clayton & Lambert 3-burner stove. They may have been in Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs between 1924 and 1936. I will buy the catalog for the ad. I realize this isn't a gun but I'm running out of sources. Thanks, Reese Williams

Dear Mr. Williams, I looked in all the A&F catalogs from the period you mentioned but don't see a stove by that name. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

Thank you, Abby and Rob, for the great service you provide. I'm in the process of writing an article on the Chauchat machine rifle, and this manual should prove to be an invaluable reference. All the best to you and yours for the holidays and for the New Year! John

(Dear Abby) HELP! I need to find a mag spring for this pistol. Do you have any idea where I can look? (I tried Wolff, my go-to for springs, but no luck there). Also, if you could do anything to get it here before the estimated Jan 7 to Jan 13 dates, I'd sure appreciate it! Merry Christmas and a Happy (and Prosperous) New Year to you and your family, Bil aka: James Sidwell

I'm sorry Mr. Sidwell, we don't sell parts or guns, we are publishers only. Try Jack First in Rapid City, Gun Parts Corp (Numrich), Sarco in NJ or Dixie Gun Woks in TN. Good luck, Abby

(Dear Abby) Hi I'm trying to figure out what year and exactly what I have its union fire arms I have no info just it was bought in 1915? Serial # is there any help please. William Seaman

Dear Mr. Seaman, Well, it sounds like you have a Union Firearms 12 ga shotgun sold after 1915, but you know that. I have no information about serial numbers for Union (if they used one) but we do a couple of catalogs from the company. They probably identify your gun (I'd look at the 1912). I'll paste them below. You don't mention if your gun is a double, single, hammer or hammerless, pump etc so it is hard to identify more information. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday. Abby

• Union Fire Arms 1906 Catalog

• Union Fire Arms 1907 Catalog

• Union Fire Arms 1912 Shot Gun Catalog

(Dear Abby) Sorry it is a pump shot gun im just trying to see if its worth anything really it needs work I mean if a die hard collector wants it its in decent shape but needs a little work. William

Dear William, Try the Std Catalog of Firearms a your bookstore. They offer valuations of old guns. Abby

December 20, 2016, Dear Mr. Roberts, Now there are two of us that are very unhappy! We were up to our eyeballs trying to get out last minute Christmas orders for other people when you called in such anguish and distress over your $6 order. Abby stopped her work, opened all the programs necessary to find your order- print documents, shipping confirmation, associated emails and tracking information. As you will see from the USPS confirmation below, the shipment was delivered to you three days ago. Good day, Rob Mouat


ISSAQUAH, WA, 98027 December 17, 2016 15:24:00 Delivered, In/At Mailbox

ISSAQUAH, WA, 98027 December 17, 2016 11:14:00 Out for Delivery

ISSAQUAH, WA, 98027 December 17, 2016 11:04:00 Sorting Complete

ISSAQUAH, WA, 98027 December 17, 2016 08:12:00 Arrived at Post Office

REDMOND, WA, 98052 December 16, 2016 22:45:00 Arrived at USPS Destination Facility

(Dear Abby) RE: 1876 winchester working drawings or blue prints. sirs, do you have and or know of where I can purchase the working drawings or blue prints for the internal parts of a 1876 Winchester? particular of interest is the dimensions for the toggle links. Thanks dave ferrante

Dave, No, I'm sorry, I don't. But if you find a source make certain you specify the year of your weapon. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) What would the shipping charge to Canada be for a 8 page manual. Craig

Craig, Thanks for your question. There are two answers really, one is that the shopping cart calculates shipping. If you don't like it don't complete the sale. If that is inconvenient, the other answer is much more complicated because we would need to know which item you are referring to... some have cover stock covers, some don't, some are folded and have 4 pages per sheet of paper etc. Cheers. Rob

(Dear Rob) This order for #657 - Service Armament Company, somehow got messed up was only desiring to order 1, but in process of trying to figure out your process, 2 got ordered, then thru PayPal which I did not want. Plus, the shipping is a bit out of line. At this point, would simply like to cancel the order. Chris Mefferd

Dear Chris, We print to order and the order for two catalogs has been printed and packed. I'll open the package, throw away one copy and ship you the other. I'll ask Abby to refund the extra catalog and the extra postage ($17.95 + $4.50 postage refund- our current program for shipping isn't very good and will be fixed next month I hope). I am sorry this was confusing. Cheers, Rob Mouat

(Dear Rob) Good morning, I am looking to find out what year my Jeffery's catalog is? I believe 1933 but I would like confirmation, Thank you, Rob PS I have pic to send.

Rob, The best suggestion I have is to look at ours and see if the covers are similar. As you can see from our c1932 and c1934 we are unsure ourselves about the exact year. If the cover of yours is different we would like to scan it for or collection if you would agree. JEFFERY, WJ - UK - ALL CATALOGS Cheers, Rob

Hey Abby, Got the LC Smith catalog today. Really nice! Very happy with it. Merry Christmas! Charles in Europe

hi abby, i ordered a Remington 1889 Magazine Gun Manual (SKU 1819) on 11/29 and have received it. i was thinking that this manual would have information on my Model 1889 remington 2 barrel side by side 12 ga shotgun. unfortunately it does not! i must ask how to proceed with a return. and if you know of any other publication that would fit my model, i would appreciate letting me know. thank you. craig warmuth

Hi Craig, Forgive me, but in order to make our publication more clear, please tell me how you were misled to believe this publication has to do with double barrel shotguns? Here is a link to the ad and pictures so you can better see how to help me correct the information I provide for customers: Remington Model 1889 Magazine Gun Manual Thanks for your help, Abby

Hi Abby, I have still not received my parcel? The tracking number you gave me only gives me details in the US, how do I track the parcel in South Africa. Lance Luffingham.

Dear Lance, Below please find the tracking to Chicago USA where it departed the US. USPS shipping to SA only goes as far as the arrival at the Chicago Airport. We have no idea what happens to the parcel once it arrives in SA although recently about 30% of our mail there goes missing. Mail to certain Middle East countries, most of Africa, Russia, Greece and Italy is also unreliable. Mail to these countries can also take a very long time, up to two months, longer when a holiday falls during the shipping time and perhaps while customs decides whether a 100 year old firearms catalog presents a direct threat to the safety of the country. Why don’t we see what the New Year brings? Let me know if you have not got it by the second week of January. Cheers, Rob Mouat

(Dear Abby) do you have any manuals or brochures on old trap/clay throwers? Bluebeck321 (Ebay)

Dear bluebe... We probably have dozens of them. Von Lenerke, Abercrombie, Hudson, Godfrey and many other merchants carried them. They also appear in catalogs from around the world that we carry. If you can be much more specific about the years you are interested in and tell me you want to buy the catalogs if I find them, I can do some research for you. We are super busy this time of year and I really need some help to guide me before I try to answer such a broad question. Cheers, Abby Mouat

(Dear Abby) Looking for anything from Routledge Manufacturing Company for the "MO-SKEET-O" trap, Mossberg "Targo" traps, Black Products Company who manufactured the "Skeeter Trap" Anything regarding companies who made traps for the mini clay targets. Anything that might cover some of the earlier traps from Remington, Western, Empire, etc. from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's Hope this helps…

Dear blue… I’ll take a look for you, Abby

Dear blue... The problem for us is that we get scores of requests like yours for everything from fishing lures to dog whistles. All of the items appear in many of our catalogs but often people are looking for a specific brand (they don't usually tell us until after we have done the research though) or "I just was curious, thanks". In your case I bet we have over 150 catalogs with various traps (skeet type, not leg- loads of those too) and at ebay it is impossible for me to give you a list because of the ebay limitations. Also, ebay severely limits the type of search you can conduct of our catalogs unlike, say, our website. Finally, I just have no idea how much money you want to invest in this search or where to begin for you. We start in the 1870s and go up from there. Cheers, Rob Mouat, Cornellpubs.

(Dear Abby) Thank you very much for your effort and info. Yes, I am looking for manuals or brochures that would have come with the traps. Thanks again, wishing you Happy Holidays

I found some but guess what???? NADA

(Dear Rob) Can you tell me are there fishing lures in this catalog? Fred Arbogast lures? Thanks, Kevin

Dear Kevin, We have loads of catalog reprints including better Tryon ones with color pics of lures. However, I am unaware of any old catalogs that list the names of lure makers. This is a pretty common question and I've looked before. Tryon did sell Paw Paw "baits" which were large lures of a sort. Rob

Dear Abby: My order has arrived and I could not be happier. All five catalogs are simply great. I look forward to ordering others. Thanks again. Sincerely , Will

(Dear Abby) RE:Von Lengerke & Antoin Catalog. Hi Can you tell me if this catalog has a Heiser holster and belt I think the item number might be G 1345. I want to make sure it's in there before I buy the catalog. Thank you!I recently purchased a holster and belt that would have been in the catalog from 1900 to 1940. I just want to make sure it's in there before I purchase a catalog. I've seen some online that show a table of contents but I never see holsters? Can you help? Stacy Decker

Stacy, No, I'm sorry, trying to match up pictures in old catalogs is just something we cannot do and without a picture it is impossible. Best wishes, Rob Mouat

(Dear Abby) RE: Savage 1899 Rifle. Hi folks: I'm looking for written information relating to maintaining, servicing, and adjusting the rotary magazine of the Savage Model 1899 (or '99) rifle. I don't see anything listed when I type in the keywords. Any help possible would be appreciated! John Seim

John, The Savage 1900 Arms Company Catalog has a cutaway of the action and a page describing the magazine- loading and operation etc. But they published nothing at the time the gun was made like what is available for modern guns (fewer lawyers in those days) Cheers, Abby

(Dear Abby) Re: Colt 1972 AR-15 Model SP1 "Sporter" Rifle Manual. Hi is this a front and back illustration or is it the multiple page book manual? Thanks Darrell

Dear Darrell, It is 17 pages, here is the description from the advertisement: Colt 1972 AR-15 Model SP1 Sporter Rifle Manual, 17 pages, about 6" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. Ebay sometimes messes up the description if you are looking at the ads on a phone or tablet... sorry about that. Cheers, Abby

(Dear Abby) Lyman rear sight w/slide (Thompson)1927~1928A1: Item # 4910 . Lyman rear leaf sight ,with slide . Would item# 4910 have instructions on how to use it ? What Range , what the numbers mean on the rear leaf sight in distance ?

Fred, I don't know, but I doubt it. We don't have any more of those which is why the price was $0.0 waiting for me to delete it which I have done. Anyway, that book is less an instruction manual than a machinist dimensions book. You can buy them online and probably get free shipping from Amazon or similar (that is why we don't carry it any longer, people used to see it here and buy it there and we just can't compete. Sorry, Rob

email Rob or Abby


Rants and Raves

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We have updated the Rants and Raves at the website so if you haven't seen it recently, take a look: Rants and Raves

This month's winner is:

Sir, I have a note beside my Luger Owner's Manual That something is amiss in this transaction. What is the problem? All you are doing is wasting time.. Please contact me and tell me what is going on !! I paid for this manual in a timely manner. I expect the same from you !! Thank you, grandpa-Bill

Dear Bill, Below is the tracking on the three items you purchased on Friday evening. I wrote to you on Saturday that they were shipped and I REFUNDED $7.00 of your postage money because they were shipped together. You were sent tracking information as a combined shipment. Any further problems with these let me help and Merry Holiday Season to you. Abby

Sir, There are days (usually Mondays) when I can be a real Horse's Rear. Please pardon my ill manners. I was raised better than that. I do beg your pardon ! Regretfully, grand pa - the rude one-Bill P.S. Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf

Well, thanks Bill, I needed that! Abby

To see pages of Rants and Raves, and my replies, go to: RAVES and RANTS

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Using the merchant links, you can identify a catalog from just about any year that displays the Remington line and by looking at the individual page indexes you can figure out what models were made in what year without spending a dime. Of course we would be happy to sell you those catalogs too! Most major gunmakers have a "master page" and we are adding more all the time.

Many folks call me to give us an order over the telephone because they "don't like to use their credit cards on the internet". Well, every time you use your credit card at stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants or anywhere else, the transaction is recorded on the internet! The key is to trust the company to whom you are giving the information.

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